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WEDNESDAY December 30, 2009

Mountain Lion spotted in Riverwalk


The Year of Luck

New Year’s blue moon

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Schleper’s a lock Vail native has Olympic bid all but wrapped up By Geoff Mintz Mountaineer Staff Writer

“... Everything is coming together now”

Vail local heroine Sarah Schleper – now an unofficial lock to make her fourth Olympic berth in February – had a smoking second run to take fifth overall at the World Cup slalom in Lienz, Austria yesterday. The finish marked Schleper’s best World Cup race since winning the slalom in Lenzerheide, Sweden in 2005 and solidified her comeback from knee injury and brief maternity leave. But even more encouraging then her


— U.S. Ski Team Women’s Tech Coach Trevor Wagner

strong overall finish is Schleper’s recent trend of ripping a huge second run. In Monday’s GS, she improved from 20th in her first run to fifth in her second run – finishing 13th overall. And she had the third fastest second run in Tuesday’s slalom. If Schleper can put together backto-back solid runs, she’ll be back on a World Cup podium – perhaps just in time

to lead the U.S. team as the top technical racer in Vancouver. “I’ve been skiing really well in slalom. This result is more than I could [See SCHLEPER, page 27] RIGHT: Vail native Sarah Schleper reacts in the finish area after placing fifth in the World Cup Slalom race, in Lienz, Austria, yesterday. AP photo.

Rossi Moreau prelim set for this morning

Daytime tubing in Minturn ...


The stock market edged lower Tuesday, breaking a six-day advance as reports on home prices and consumer confidence did little to excite buyers. Major indexes rose modestly in the early going but slipped as the dollar strengthened and tugged on commodities prices. A stronger dollar makes commodities more expensive for foreign buyers. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 1.67, or less than 0.1 percent, to 10,545.41. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index fell 1.58, or 0.1 percent, to 1,126.20. The Nasdaq composite index fell 2.68, or 0.1 percent, to 2,288.40.

Judge to rule whether to grant more time By Randy Wyrick Mountaineer Staff Writer

Systemic failure was ‘totally unacceptable’

President Barack Obama said Tuesday that the intelligence community had bits of information that should have been pieced together that would have triggered “red flags” and possibly prevented the Christmas Day attempted terror attack on a Detroit-bound airliner. “There was a mix of human and sys[See THE UPDATE, pages 20-21]

Claire Fable, 8, holds a tube above her head after enjoying a few runs on the Meadow Mountain tubing hill in Minturn. Meadow Mountain offers daytime tubing beginning at 10 a.m., last ride up is 4 p.m. The park, located just west of Vail at the I-70 Minturn exit, also offers family snowmobile tours at 9 a.m., noon and 3 p.m. Erinn Hoban photo.

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A judge will rule from the bench this morning whether Rossi Moreau’s preliminary hearing will go forward. Moreau is scheduled to be back in court at 9:30 a.m. for a preliminary hearing, when both sides would argue whether there is, or is not enough evidence to send the case to trial. Moreau’s public defenders asked for more time, and prosecutors did not object. Eagle County Judge Katharine Sullivan will rule this morning whether to grant that request. She rejected a similar request two weeks ago during a motions hearing. District Attorney Mark Hurlbert said Moreau will probably not be given the option of pleading guilty to anything less than [See MOREAU, page 27]

Tony G New Year’s FRIEnDS HoLIDAy JAM and


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Vail Mountaineer

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


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The financial benefits to the town of Eagle, the many public infrastructure improvements associated with Eagle River Station and the application’s compliance with the Eagle Area Community Plan have been well presented by Mayor Woodland, Roxie Deane, Mikel Kerst, Kraige Kinney and Stephen Richards in their letter to the editor published in The Vail Mountaineer on December 23, “Why Majority of Eagle Town Board Favors ERS”. What has not been discussed is how the approval of Eagle River Station by the voters impacts the credibility of the Town of Eagle as a place to invest and do business. The Town, through its Eagle Area Community Plan states that the Town wants regional retailing on this property. It also states that there are significant public infrastructure improvements needed to develop this property on the east side of Town. The applicant has worked with the Town over the last three years to ensure that the design and infrastructure commitments addressed the concerns of the Town. This occurred in two steps. The overall land use concept was approved by the Board of Trustees in May of 2007. Based on this concept approval by the Town, the applicant prepared a development plan that includes the physical layout of the development and the off site improvements to the Town’s infrastructure. The applicant and the Town worked in good faith to ensure that this application met the Town of Eagle’s standards for a land use application. In addition to the three plus years of public process, millions of dollars were invested by the applicant in the studies and reports required for the Town’s review procedure. I moved to Eagle County in 1976 to take a job in the Eagle County Development Department. I left a similar job with the City of Fort Collins. During that time

Fort Collins was in the midst of an intense controversy involving approval of a new regional shopping center at the edge of town. Although Fort Collins is much larger that Eagle the issues were identical. The historic downtown merchants feared a loss in business to the new shopping center. Many of them opposed approval and organized an effort to defeat it. The Town Council approved the new shopping center. Today both the “old town” area and the shopping center thrive. Both of these areas along with many new stores and other businesses form one successful town with parks, trails, performing arts facilities and a wide range of public amenities. These public improvements were largely funded by the new shopping area. A vote Yes to support the decision of the Board of Trustees on January 5 sends a message to any potential private investor that the Town’s Master Plan and Public Review Procedure is reliable. This applicant has made an application based public policy direction provided by the Town of Eagle. My company, Knight Planning Services has been engaged by TrinityRED since the projects conception, as planning consultants to the project. We accepted this project enthusiastically, as I believe it is of great benefit to the Town, its residents and Western Colorado. Trust and confidence in the Town of Eagle government is critical to attracting investment. I urge you to vote yes as this is an important vote that goes beyond Eagle River Station. It is a vote establishing confidence that the Town of Eagle is a reliable place to make an investment. Crucial to the success of people and governments is their ability to live up to their word and follow adopted documents. Terrill Knight, Eagle

Letters to the Editor - The Vail Mountaineer accepts letters. To be considered for publication, letters must be concise, timely and relevant to the work at hand.. Subject to approval and editing by the Mountaineer staff, letters that include full name and home town for publication, along with mailing address and phone number for verification, should be submitted via e-mail to: Letters@

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Vail Mountaineer

ERS opponents nix hearing Accusations of town illegally promoting lose steam By Randy Wyrick Mountaineer Staff Writer Eagle River Station opponents decided against a full hearing over what they originally called campaign violations by the town. An Eagle town staffer sent an e-mail announcing that three or more town board members would be at an Dec. 1 Eagle River Station meeting. Eagle River Station is the proposed gathering of parks, condominium residences and retail stores which would be located on 88 acres of land between I-70 and Highway 6 on the east side of Eagle. Voters are set to decided on the project in a special election Jan. 5. “There was some discussion with the complainant’s attorney to make it all go away,” said Ed Sands, Eagle’s town attorney. “It was a very innocent mistake by a secretary who had always been told to do more, not less. She had no idea she was doing anything wrong.” “There was no collusion with the pro-ERS camp,” Sands said. Opponents have been accused of campaign faux pas, as well. In an opposition piece they mailed to Eagle voters, they claimed that donations to their cause are tax deductible, even though they are not a non-profit organization. ERS supporters are asking the IRS and the Colorado Secretary of State to investigate. Eagle voters will decide the retail/residential project’s fate on Jan. 5, and their Silly Season is getting sillier. Some the anti-ERS folks were caught red handed stealing “Vote Yes on ERS” yard signs, Sands said. The ERS people declined to press charges, even though it is against the law to take anything of value, even when it isn’t any more valuable than a political yard sign, Sands said. It’s money that matters Then there are the money squabbles. Developers say Eagle River Station would pour $17.5 million into Eagle’s coffers in one-time fees, $2.5 million in annual sales taxes to Eagle and another $2.5 million to Eagle County.

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An Eagle River Station supporter snapped a photo of an ERS opponent’s car in front of stores in the Glenwood Meadows mall in Glenwood Springs. Supporters say Eagle needs the money and jobs the $340 million project would bring. Opponents say it’s the wrong project at the wrong time. Photo courtesy by Paul Witt.

Despite their mantra of “shop local,” some Eagle residents opposing Eagle River Station keep popping up in Glenwood Springs, shopping at Glenwood Meadows, said Paul Witt, Eagle resident and spokesperson for Eagle River Station. He snapped a picture of an SUV with an anti-ERS sign in the window, parked in front of Bed, Bath and Beyond in Glenwood Springs the day after Christmas. “This is a clear example of the tax leakage Jon Stavney and other Eagle leaders are talking about,” said Paul Witt. “Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, the sales tax Eagle residents generate by shopping at Glenwood Meadows brings much needed benefits to Glenwood Springs.” Eagle River Station will help keep those tax dollars at home, Witt said.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Confidential Compassionate Counseling • Providing psychological services for adults, children and teens. • Licensed in New York & Colorado 28 years experience. Dr. Henry J. Goetze, Psychologist

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Water boarding to water colors Our national leaders outpace the world in mockable moments, like their paradigm shift from water boarding to watercolors. We’ve learned that the Panty Bomber was trained by a couple former Gitmo prisoners who were shipped to an art therapy program in Saudi Arabia. Turns out they didn’t adapt well in their shift from water boarding to water colors, and hitchhiked to Yemen to find work as Al Qaeda trainers, which is a little like Randy joining ACORN as telemarketers, Wyrick only less aggressive. The same nutbag cleric who trained the Panty Bomber might have also been the guy having terrorist phone sex with Major Muslim, before he gunned down 14 people unarmed members of the U.S. Armed Forces in Fort Hood, Texas. A Baptist preacher may tell you you’re going to hell, but he won’t blow up the church to further his point. Water boarding to water colors. It doesn’t seem to be working out all that well. The Panty Bomber, of course, is the Muslim whack job who wanted to blow up an airliner over Detroit, as if Detroit doesn’t have enough problems with the feds seizing control of the auto industry and the rest of the NFL picking on the Lions like a fat kid on his third trip through the dessert line. He would have gotten it done if he hadn’t sweated all over the detonator, shorting it out and a Dutch Stud tried to stomp him through the hole in the dike. Of course, in our Enlightened Age we cannot profile terrorists like the Panty Bomber of Major Muslin, any more than we can profile a drunk staggering out of a bar, getting in his car and driving up the sidewalk. If the cops don’t stop everyone driving on the sidewalk, then they’re profiling and profiling is wrong. And it’s just a coincidence that the Panty Bomber tried to blow up an airliner on Christmas Day, one of the two holiest days on the Christian calendar. No one noticed on Christmas Day that the Panty

Road Scholar

ABS News’ exclusive shots of the Panty Bomber’s panties.

Bomber was on the Can’t-Be-Trusted list. Even Santa checks his list twice. So, if we cannot profile those with terrorist tendencies, maybe we should profile their panties. The Panty Bomber sewed explosives into the crotch of his bikini briefs, which makes one wonder what he thought he was going to do with his 72 virgins. New Uncle Randy Rule: All guy-type male persons must be wearing boxers to get onto an airplane. Bikini brief bombs? What’s next, weaponized suppositories? Thankfully, Homeland Security Heartthrob Janet Incompetano has taken the decisive action of loading passengers up with coffee and coke, then not letting them pee during the last hour of their flight. To keep weaponized suppositories from harming any part of the Body Politic, we must now sit quietly in our seats with our hands in plain view while Janet Incompetano leads us in a rousing round of “If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands.” That will be followed by “B-I-N-G-O.” I feel safer already. Send Uncle Randy your airline safety tips to

Letters to the Editor - The Vail Mountaineer accepts letters. To be considered for publication, letters must be concise, timely and relevant to the work at hand; overly cranky, whining, self-serving, racially offensive, and/or libelous missives will be rejected without further adieu, while caps lock-happy text shouting will be lowercased or dismissed altogether. Subject to approval and editing by the Mountaineer staff, letters that include full name and home town for publication, along with mailing address and phone number for verification, should be submitted via e-mail to:

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Vail Mountaineer


Mountain Lion spotted in Edwards Riverwalk Second report of cougar activity in same day By Dawn Witlin Special to the Mountaineer Edwards Riverwalk businesses were put on alert this week after a security guard and resident spotted a mountain lion in the area, the same before a cougar in Gypsum killed a resident’s dog. Citadel Security and Investigations (CSI) president Justin Hale said a security officer on foot patrol alerted authorities and business owners after he noticed the animal near the bike path on the north side of the parking garage, around 9 p.m. Sunday night. “He noticed a large animal, the animal was running at the time,” Hale said, quoting Security Officer Roger George’s report. “As he spotlighted the area, he noticed that his flashlight must have caused the animal to continue to run. When he went down to look at the area that was running through the property, he noticed there were what appeared to be paw prints.” Officer George then notified the businesses that were still open at the time, along with authorities and Riverwalk management. Heather Coughlin, was working at Main Street Grill Sunday, when George alerted the bar and grill staff of his encounter with the mountain lion. “I definitely had someone cover me and I moved my car closer to the building,” said Coughlin, who ironically lives in Gypsum. “We definitely told everyone that was there that night to be careful, but the security guard had spoken to the Department of Wildlife and they said the chances of us spotting him again were slim to none. I’m just kinda keeping a lookout for it.” Blitz clothing boutique manager Alejandra Aldunate said she’s parking her car closer to her shop and giving her employees a ride to their cars. “The girls were pretty scared when we heard there was a mountain lion running around,” said Aldunate. “Now we’re all on alert.” An e-mail was sent to Riverwalk businesses the following day from Jeffrey Cullotta, the building’s chief engineer, informing them that a mountain lion was spotted in the area. Anna Broach, bartender at Woody’s said the mountain lion has been a hot bar top topic. “We’re definitely telling people to watch out, just in case, because we don’t know how big it is, how young or how old, you never know,” said Broach. “They’re pretty vicious animals … they’re huge and scary and it was out so early at night, that’s scary because people are still out and about.” That morning in Gypsum, a mountain lion attacked and killed “Bubba,” Tara Haymond’s Great Pyrenees, said Dawn Ritts, special projects coordinator for the town. The mountain lion was shot and killed by an Eagle

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CSI: Riverwalk is currently investigating a mountain lion sighting there. Last Sunday, CSI Officer Roger George spotted a mountain lion roaming in the retail/residential area while on patrol. CSI officers are required to take a training class on wildlife because encounters are so common in the areas they service, which includes Rifle, Grand Junction and the Vail Valley. Pictured here is CSI officer Jason Followell.

County Sheriff’s Officer, said Department of Wildlife spokesman Randy Hampton. “It was a young, male lion who appeared to be in relatively poor health, he was very thin, very underweight and that may have been what led to the incident,” said Hampton. “We get situations like this from time to time, where an animal may be injured or may have been separated from it’s mother too young… it may have learned to hunt improperly.” Since the mountain lion attacked such a large animal, Hampton speculates the attack could have caused more harm. “Lions will assess the risk to themselves with prey, a small dog or cat may not pose as much of a threat, in this case this was a large dog, so this animal must have been very malnourished and the situation could have been much worse.” Hampton cautions people to keep their pets in at night and be mindful of their surroundings, as this attack is a rare, but likely situation in all of Colorado. “Colorado has an extensive population of mountain lions,” said Hampton. “Lions can be very nocturnal and most people don’t see them, but they are there.”

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Nebraska can pay its own way, Colo. AG says Suthers, several other Attorney Generals may sue over Nebraska Compromise By Randy Wyrick Mountaineer Staff Writer Colorado has no interest in paying Nebraska’s bills, says Colorado’s Attorney General. John Suthers is joining at least nine other state attorneys general in threatening legal action over what’s being called the Nebraska Compromise. To secure Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson’s support for the Senate healthcare package — and the 60 votes needed to end debate on the bill — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid slipped in a provision in that requires that the federal government absorb the cost of covering any new Nebraska Medicaid. Suthers is crying foul, and says the U.S. Constitution will back him up. He and the other attorney’s general are basing their argument on the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause. “The rest of the nation will be picking up the increases in Nebraska’s Medicaid costs,” said Mark Saccone, Suthers’ spokesman with the Colorado Attorney General’s office. “We have concerns about the constitutionality of that.” The Senate healthcare package raises Medicaid eligibility to anyone making up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level. The Nebraska Compromise gives the Cornhusker State a permanent

exemption from paying the new Medicaid expenses every other state will be forced to shoulder. The other 49 states will be forced to foot Nebraska’s bill. Suthers called it a clear matter of equity between the states. “If that were to be in the final version of the bill, legal action would be a very real possibility,” said Saccone. 50/50 split The feds and states split Medicaid costs 50/50, said state Sen. Al White, who represents Eagle County in the Colorado legislature. With stimulus dollars rolling across the landscape, the feds increased their percentage to percent. But unlike a tattoo, stimulus dollar are not forever. “When those funds go away in 2011, we’ll be faced with going back to a 50/50 split and the increased Medicaid costs that come with it,” White said. White is a member of the legislature’s Joint Budget Committee, and is up to his eyebrows in money messes. They’ve been meeting since Nov. 10, when they learned that the state is still $40 million short in 2009-10 and another $200 million on 2010-11. The 2010 Colorado legislature convenes on Jan. 13.

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, above, is joining several other state attorneys general from around the country who are threatening to sue if the feds try to make the other 49 states pay for increases in Nebraska’s Medicaid costs. That Nebraska Compromise was part of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s compromise to get the 60 votes he needed for the Senate health care reform package, a compromise critics of the bill are now calling an unconstitutional “back room deal.” AP photo.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Medicaid costs could skyrocket Heritage Foundation: Senate health care package could bloat Colorado Medicaid rolls by 70 percent By Randy Wyrick Mountaineer Staff Writer Medicaid numbers across Colorado and the nation would explode under the senate’s health care package, pushing one in five Americans into the plan. Colorado’s Medicaid population would explode by 70 percent — or 285,000 — from 407,160 to 692,160, according to research by the Heritage Foundation. Senators Michael Bennet and Mark Udall, both Democrats, voted for the Senate package on Christmas Eve, despite Bennet’s criticizing of the “back room deals” associated with the bill. Across the country, the average state’s Medicaideligible population would skyrocket by 36.6 percent under the Senate plan. Americans on Medicaid would jump by 15.9 million — from 43.5 million to 59.4 million. Right now, 14.5 percent of the nation is on Medicaid. That would climb to 19.9 percent, one in five Americans. Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter’s support of the plan is being blasted by Republican Scott McInnis, his opponent in the 2010 election. McInnis leads Ritter by eight points in the latest poll. McInnis calls it “harmful for Colorado families and the budget.”


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Colorado taxpayers already pay 50 percent of Medicaid costs, and they’ll pick up the tab for half of the 70 percent increase, McInnis says. Colorado spent $2.9 billion for Medicaid bills in 2007. “There is no question that we need healthcare reform, but this bill will do more harm than its intended good,” McInnis said. “It was forced through by a partisan effort on Christmas Eve and aims to exclude MCINNIS solutions outside of the Democrats’ narrow ideological focus.” McInnis is promoting a State Healthcare Exchange system that will encourage competition and portability among insurers. “It will increase transparency in healthcare costs, not add to the bureaucracy,” McInnis said. The Senate healthcare package is being pushed by Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader. Revenue has plummeted in Nevada, and the state legislature passed a 19 percent tax increase, the largest single-session increase in the state’s history. The Medicaid increases would cost Nevada another $1 billion, according to the Heritage Foundation study. “Apparently, Senator Reid does not believe that tax hike was large enough,” said Geoffrey Lawrence, the Nevada Policy Research Institute’s fiscal policy analyst.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Ever Vail, Timber Ridge open houses tonight Vail Resorts will hold a community open house at 5:30 p.m. the Lodge at Vail tonight to discuss the most current plans for the proposed Ever Vail, currently being reviewed by the town of Vail. Apps and beverages will be served. Free parking will be available in the Vail Village Parking Structure, or $25 valet parking at the Lodge. Discussion items include more public parking, on-site affordable housing, commitment to LEED, bigger and better kids’ programming, the new EverVail gondola, long-term financial Benefits to the town of Vail, new hot beds, and keeping Vail competitive. The first part of the proposed two-part EverVail gondola received forest service approval last week. This came at the heels of the completion of the Cat Alley snowcat- and snowmobile-only access road, which will also allow access to the new EverVail village, assuming the project gets full approval. To get full approval for EverVail, Vail Resorts will also need a Frontage Road realignment OK’d by CDOT, Forest Service approval of the second part of the new gondola, and a final go ahead from the Vail Town Council. “So far, everything seems to be on schedule,” said Kristen Williams, Director of Mountain Public Affairs, in a phone interview with the Vail Mountaineer yesterday. “We’re hoping to get final approval by late summer or early fall of 2010.” The comfortable and usually uncrowded Chair 26 in LionsHead will be replaced by an even more comfortable second half of the EverVail gondola, says Williams, but aside from that, not much will change with the hill. If you’re on the mountain, your only access to EverVail village will be that gondola. But if you’re parked in one of the new 400 underground public parking spaces the village will offer, it will be like taking a ride to your car. “The EverVail parking area will offer the closest walk from car to lift in Vail,” said Williams. Timber Ridge open house Preliminary redevelopment plans for Vail’s Timber Ridge employee housing complex will also be presented tonight during an open house from 5 to 6:30 p.m. in the Vail Town Council Chambers. Full and part-time residents, business owners and potential tenants are encouraged to attend the session. The town has been working with a development team

to build 352 employee housing units on the eastern half of the town-owned property. The town acquired the property in 2003 for $20 million. The developer, Vail Timber Ridge, LLC, of El Paso, Texas, was selected earlier in the year by the Town Council from among 10 submissions following a request for proposal/qualification process. Since then, preliminary designs have been developed and are being shown to the town’s development review boards and the public prior to submission of a complete development application for the five-acre site. The open house, sponsored by the town’s Community Development Department, will be used to collect public comments on topics ranging from bulk, mass and scale of the project to architectural design and character. Participants will include Community Development Director George Ruther and Rick Pylman of Pylman & Associates, Inc., who is serving as the land planning consultant to the developer. Input gained from the open house will be used by the developer’s design team to aid in preparing the development review application submittal to the town. The developer is known in the construction industry for building more than 70,000 residential units across the country, including off-campus student housing near Texas A&M in College Station, Texas. A predevelopment agreement between the developer and the Vail Town Council calls for a one-time payment of $11 million to the town. A long-term ground lease would be used to enable the town to retain ownership of the property. In addition to the open house, upcoming development review meetings will include opportunities for public comment with sessions held in the Town Council Chambers as follows: Jan. 11, 1 p.m., work session with the Planning & Environmental Commission Jan. 19, TBD, update to the Vail Town Council Feb. 8, 1 p.m., final review with the Planning & Environmental Commission Feb. 17, 3 p.m., final review with the Design Review Board March 2, TBD, update to the Vail Town Council Constructed in 1981, Timber Ridge is Vail’s largest employee housing complex, consisting of 198 rental units on just over ten acres. For more information, contact Community Development Director George Ruther at 479-2145.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009



Tanning & Trimming since 1998

3 Tanning Beds Open Mon-Sat, No Appointments Necessary

Next to Starbucks in Avon • 949-8088

New Year’s Eve parties Send your New Year’s Eve party info to New Year’s Eve at Samana, Vail Village

Celebrating Samana’s five-year anniversary by bringing you the Journey of the DJ: ‘70s and ‘80s classics will melt into old school party classics of the ‘90s before exploding into the modern dance era of electronic music including mash-ups, break beats and house music. The first 50 tickets are on sale for $85, then $100 thereafter. Tickets include champagne toast and valid entry into any Samana show for 2010 season. Tickets at

MTHDS at Sandbar, West Vail

Use it as a coaster! Vail Mountaineer 926-6602


Originally based out of Vail, the hip-hop/rock/jam band MTHDS moved to Denver to focus on expanding their audience on the Front Range, but guitarist Johnny Schlepper says, “We know we can always come back to Vail. We love playing here.” Former Sandbar promoter Dick Dime said “The MTHDS combine the fury of punk, the streetwise soul of hip-hop and funk with an over-the-top bombastic roots party groove.” $20 cover. Champagne toast at Midnight.

2 for 1 Drinks 8-10

Hope & Prosperity party at The Left Bank, Vail Village

Join Vail’s The Left Bank in celebrating hope and prosperity in 2010. $169 gets you seven amazing courses intimately prepared by Chef Jean Michel Chelain. First seating is from 6-6:30, second seating from 9 to 9:30 p.m. Limited space is available; reservations are recommended. Located in the Sitzmark Lodge in Vail Village, 476-3696.


Wes Yoakam at The Club, Vail Village


Evergreen Lodge with a special Prime Rib three-course dinner for only $35, plus a free bottle of Champagne with every two entrees. Then join us in the Altitude Club for drinks and dancing with DJ Miles, and ring in the New Year with a free Champagne toast at Midnight. No cover charge! Serving from 10 to 2 a.m. Reservations recommended. 476-7810.

Get your tickets today from 7 to 8 p.m. The Club says, “Wes solo puts out more sound than most threepiece groups. With the twelve-string guitar, loopers, kick drum thing, and the other toys he’s got going up there, it really sounds more like a band than a solo artist. He also has a great rapport with the crowd, and he always knows what they want to hear and how to get them going.” Tickets are $125 and include open bar all night and snacks.

Altitude Billiards and Sports Club

Celebrate New Year’s Eve at the Altitude Café in the

Nevada Lee of caught these party people at last year’s Loaded Joe’s New Year’s Eve Masquarade Ball. is one of the hosts of this year’s event.

New Year’s Eve Masquarade Ball at Loaded Joe’s, Avon

Presented by Vail PM, Van Gogh Vodka and Berentzen Liquor, the Loaded Joe’s New Year’s Eve Masquarade Ball is always a good time. Pre Sale tickets are $20 and can be purchased at either Loaded Joe’s Location or $25 at the door. Masks will be provided that evening. DJ Wild Bill & DJ T-Bone.

The Back Bowl, Eagle

Join The Back Bowl to ring in 2010 with a live D.J.,

Custom Metal Work Includes: • ornamental • architectural • artistic

We can fix it too!

Ask about our metal repairs

949-0961 • 949-8125 41266 Hwy 6 Across from Route 6 Cafe

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ENTERTAINMENT dancing, drink specials and a midnight toast with a variety of complete dinner specials and private lanes available. Free admission, no cover charge!

Scotty Kabel & Friends at Minturn Saloon, Minturn


Celebrate 2010 at one of the Valley’s classic hang-outs with Scotty Kabel & Friends (of Little Hercules and Bonfire Dub). Regular menu, regular prices, great place for family and groups. $10 cover.

Vendetta’s New Years Eve, Vail Village

1st seating, 6-7:30 p.m. Three courses. $60 per person. 2nd seating, 8:30-10 p.m. Four courses. Party favors and wine pairing. Access to both bars all night with live DJ. Call for reservations. 476-5070.

Vail Cascade: Atwater on Gore Creek, Vail

This New Year’s Eve enjoy a dash of the unexpected at Atwater on Gore Creek, located at the Vail Cascade. Chef Adam Votaw’s special New Year’s Eve fine dining menu includes stuffed pork, grilled New York strip


Beaver Creek Village

• Next to bridge & bus stop • Steps away from the lift • Members receive discounts at Rocks Modern Grill and Christy Sports



per person

4 people per locker


steak, salt-crusted halibut, wild mushroom and truffle ravioli and much more. The first seating from 5 – 6:30 p.m. is $95 per adult ($30 for children) for a four-course feast. The second seating, from 8:30 – 10 p.m., features five delectable courses and is priced at $175 per person.

Vail Mountaineer


Heaven and Hell at Rick and Kelly’s, Edwards

The Heaven and Hell New Year’s Bash at Rick and Kelly’s American Bistro offers two levels with open bar all night! $40 pre-sale tickets with live music from The Laughing Bones. Costumes are encouraged. For tickets call 926-3423.

The Rittenhouse Restaurant & Inn, Gypsum

Masquerade Ball at Zacca Za, Avon

Ring in the new year with great food and good times at Zacca Za. Champaign toast at midnight, masks available at the door, tickets and VIP tables available at $25 in advance, $40 at the door.

Schwing in the New Year at Main Street Grill, Edwards

Schwing Daddy and special guests perform original, high-voltage acoustic dance music and punkadelic ‘80s covers. Music from 10 to 1:30 a.m. 2010.

Located in a restored farmhouse on the Eagle River, live music New Year’s Eve with Donnie Velez, acoustic guitarist. No cover charge! Dinner specials include surf & turf, rack of lamb, veal chops and sockeye salmon with great drink specials.

Kids’ Party at Avon Rec Center

The Avon Recreation Center is offering a New Year’s Eve Overnight for children ages 8 through 13. This exciting evening will start at 6:00 p.m. The cost is $200 for one child and $350 for two children. Children will have tons of fun with Foosball, ping pong, ice skating, swimming, water slide, Wii games, etc. Dinner and breakfast will be included.

heaven and


New Year’s Eve Bash

Two levels Five bars $ 40 pre-sale tickets Open bar all night!* Live music with the Laughing Bones Door at 9pm Costumes encouraged

*well drinks, house wine and domestic beer

For tickets call 970.926.3423 or visit



Vail Mountaineer

$ mon tue wed thurs fri

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Daily Tonight’s local music scene Lunch Specials Steve Meyer followed by Compiled by Geoff Mintz

pork sandwiches burgers fish tacos grilled cheese of the day gyro melt 926.4080 riverwalk edwards

Wednesday Community Dinner Program

Wes Yoakam at The Club, Vail Village

“Don’t know if it was the snow or the snow bunnies, but the Good Times Man finally decided to make a commitment of sorts, and, since 1986, has been performing at ‘The Club’, which is THE place to be in Vail,” Meyer says. Music kicks off at 5 p.m. Then, at 10 p.m., “Wes solo puts out more sound than most three-piece groups. With the twelve-string guitar, loopers, kick drum thing, and the other toys he’s got going up there, it really sounds more like a band than a solo artist. He also has a great rapport with the crowd, and he always knows what they want to hear and how to get them going.”

Continue celebrating the joy of the season with the world-renowned Flamenco guitarist and Spanish Gypsy dance master René Heredia. Heredia will perform two shows in the intimate setting of the Café and Bistro at Marketplace on Meadow Drive. Heredia is at the forefront of his craft and is no stranger to Colorado. He has performed at scores of concerts and appearances both public and private. He has performed Alborada Gitana, his own symphony composition and Flamenco suite for guitar and orchestra at Red Rocks Amphitheatre with the Denver Symphony Orchestra. “The guitar playing of René Heredia is in the finest tradition of flamenco, creating a flaming intensity that cannot fail to arouse,” said The Denver Post. Shows begin at 7 and 8:30 p.m.

Loaves and Fishes Cafe

Anyone in the community is welcome to attend

Dinner is provided FREE of charge Dinner is served from 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Loaves and Fishes Cafe located at the Eagle River Presbyterian Church 455 Nottingham Ranch Road | 748-0040

Redefining Success

The Vonn Trapp Children at the Vilar Center, Beaver Creek

Tony G and Friends at Samana, Vail Village


he sky is the limit with your advertising when you have a team like this to guide you. For all your advertising needs contact John, Kim and Mark at the Vail Mountaineer. Call 926-6602.

René Heredia at the Marketplace on Meadow Drive, Vail Village

Jazz musician and local legend Tony Gulizia is and all-around entertainer. He’s getting together with some great other local artists to jam for a great cause – proceeds to benefit local charities. Music will be jazzy, funky and bouncy. DJ Peter Blick returns from San Fran to play along. 8 – 1:45 a.m. $7

The Sound of Music captured the hearts of millions when the film debuted in 1965. Now, nearly 45 years later, The von Trapp’s family legacy is born anew. Meet The von Trapp Children: Sofia, Melanie, Amanda and Justin. They are the great-grandchildren of Captain von Trapp, father of the famous singing family whose true story captivated the world in the musical The Sound of Music. 7:30 p.m. $45 for adults, $35 for kids.

Karaoke with the Sandman at Loaded Joe’s, Avon

Avon’s longest-running karaoke show brings great song selection and state-of-the-art sound & video. Is the music in you? Let it out. $2 Red Stripes 7 p.m. till close and $5 Jager Bombs 8:30 - 10:30 p.m.

Sparkle into the New Year! Riverwalk


Dancing with DJ Miles No Cover Charge, serving from 10 pm-2 am In the Evergreen Lodge • Reservations Recommended • 476-7810


Stop by at your convenience


Hours M-F 9:30-6, Sat 9:30-1:30, Closed Sun.

Walk-ins only • 926-4247 In Riverwalk, Edwards across from Kitchen Collage.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rare New Year’s ‘blue moon’ to ring in 2010 By Alicia Chang The Associated Press Once in a blue moon there is one on New Year’s Eve. Revelers ringing in 2010 will be treated to a so-called blue moon. According to popular definition, a blue moon is the second full moon in a month. But don’t expect it to be blue — the name has nothing to do with the color of our closest celestial neighbor. The New Year’s Eve blue moon will be visible in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America and Africa. For partygoers in Australia and Asia, the full moon does not show up until New Year’s Day, making January a blue moon month for them. However, the Eastern Hemisphere can celebrate with a partial lunar eclipse on New Year’s Eve when part of the moon enters the Earth’s shadow. The eclipse will not be visible in the Americas. A full moon occurred on Dec. 2. It will appear again on Thursday in time for the New Year’s countdown. “If you’re in Times Square, you’ll see the full moon right above you. It’s going to be that brilliant,” said Jack Horkheimer, director emeritus of the Miami Space Transit Planetarium and host of a weekly astronomy TV show. A full moon occurs every 29.5 days, and most years have 12. On average, an extra full moon in a month — a blue moon — occurs every 2.5 years. The last time there was a lunar double take was in May 2007. New Year’s Eve blue moons are rarer, occurring every 19 years. The last time was in 1990; the next one won’t come again until 2028. Blue moons have no astronomical significance, said Greg Laughlin, an astronomer at the University of Cal-

Vail Mountaineer


NEW YEARS EVE at MEZZALUNA serving regular menu

First Seating (5:30 & 6:00)

kids menu available first seating only. Good for 1 1/2 hours

Second seating (7:00 & 7:30) Good for 2 hours

Last seating (9:00 & 9:30)

good for the rest of the evening Live Music with Brendan McKinney to start at 10:30 pm

Next to the Gondola over the skier bridge on the left • Call 477-4410 for reservations

ifornia, Santa Cruz. “’Blue moon’ is just a name in the same sense as a ‘hunter’s moon’ or a ‘harvest moon,’” Laughlin said in an e-mail. The popular definition of blue moon came about after a writer for Sky & Telescope magazine in 1946 misinterpreted the Maine Farmer’s Almanac and labeled a blue moon as the second full moon in a month. In fact, the almanac defined a blue moon as the third full moon in a season with four full moons, not the usual three. Though Sky & Telescope corrected the error decades later, the definition caught on. For purists, however, this New Year’s Eve full moon doesn’t even qualify as a blue moon. It’s just the first full moon of the winter season. In a tongue-in-cheek essay posted on the magazine’s Web site this week, senior contributing editor Kelly Beatty wrote: “If skies are clear when I’m out celebrating, I’ll take a peek at that brilliant orb as it rises over the Boston skyline to see if it’s an icy shade of blue. Or maybe I’ll just howl.”

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Vail Mountaineer

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Skiing East vs. West — Not just ice vs. powder Former East Coast skiers say they have ‘more confidence in all conditions’ By Brett Martel The Associated Press Long before settling amid the soaring peaks of southwestern Colorado, Jen Brill learned to carve turns on blue ice at some of the better known ski resorts in the East. “I remember seeing sheets of ice for hundreds of feet and just trying to hold on,” Brill recalled. No longer does Brill concern herself with what Eastern skiers sometimes refer to with a bit of humor and hyperbole as “bullet proof” ice. At Silverton — the ski area Brill opened with her husband, Aaron, 10 years ago — the only ice she sees is a snow-dusted frozen cascade she sometimes cruises past on her snowboard while in powder up to her waist. Silverton is buried under about 400 inches of natural snowfall each year, so the only question about conditions there each day concerns the depth of snow on hill — belt-high or only knee-deep? The differences between skiing in the East and West are significant and many: altitude, acreage, snow and weather are all different, starkly so at times. Eastern skiers all have stories of fighting through miserable, face-stinging icy winds and generally wetter conditions that are more common at Appalachian elevations (usually between 1,000-4,000 feet) than in the higher, drier climes of the Rockies, where lifts carry skiers well beyond 10,000 feet above sea level. But some of the best competitive skiers the United States has ever produced — World Cup champion and Olympic medalist Bode Miller, for example — grew up carving turns in the Northeast, where skiers learn by necessity at an early age the kind of knee angle and weight transfer required for setting an edge in hardpack or ice. Brill grew up in New York and her parents normally drove north for ski vacations in New England at places like Killington, Vt. If the wind-chill factor dropped close to zero, or if skiers were getting pelted with sleet or freezing rain, she bundled up and got out there anyway. “We drove four hours ... so my parents were like, ‘You’re going skiing no matter what,’ and it made me tougher,” Brill recalled. There are big-mountain experiences to be had in the East at places like Sugarloaf USA in Maine (2,820 vertical feet), where Miller and snowboard cross Olympic gold medalist Seth Wescott trained. Most of the trails in the East are carved out below the tree line and are well defined. Because Eastern ski areas rely heavily on snowmaking, venturing into the trees, even for the best skiers, can be difficult and dangerous much of the year, though certainly possible after a blizzard or later in the season during a good snow year. Snowmaking has made the conditions at larger Eastern resorts like Sunday River in Maine, or Stowe or Sugarbush in Vermont, very dependable. At Sunday River, more than 90 percent of the resort is open for skiing for about four solid months. Although there is

Vail Locals Johnny Lyons and DCD Phillips share notes on a snow pit in Red Lady bowl in Crested Butte during an avalanche class at Crested Butte last week. Jeff Cricco photo.

snowmaking in the West as well, if it’s a bad snow year, skiers may not be able to get to some of the best terrain in open bowls or in the trees, the things that make skiing in the West special. Darcy Liberty, who grew up in Maine and now handles public relations for Sunday River, spent several years living in Colorado, working part of that time at Winter Park. She describes Eastern and Western ski areas as “two different products.” “I don’t consider there to be direct competition between ski areas in the East and out West,” she said. “Every ski area in the world is competing for skiers and snowboarders interested in the sport, but when it comes to daily operations, you’re mostly looking for skiers in a specific radius.” With its 1,900 snow guns, Sunday River was able to open as early as October this season. As snowmaking capacity and grooming techniques have improved over the years, as lifts have become more modern, and as mountains have expanded their trail selections, skiing in the East has become progressively better, from places like Snowshoe, W.Va., to Mont Sainte Anne in Quebec, Canada. Snowmaking also allows Eastern mountains to offer freestyle skiers and snowboarders half pipes and terrain parks as good as anywhere. And certainly, the East has its share of glorious ski days — even a power day here and there. Spring skiing, when the snow really softens up, can be exceptional in the East and last into May in Maine. Both sides of the continent have breathtaking scenery, but with differing contours — softer and more tree-lined in the East, while western ranges like the San

Live Tonight


Doors ope at 8:00pmn



Well Wednesday

3 Pints Bud & Bud Light $ 3 Well Drinks $

New Years tickets available Wed. 7-8pm and Thurs. 3-4pm

At the top of Bridge Street (970) 479-0556

Juans or Tetons inspire awe with their sharply rising rock-faced, above-tree line peaks. Neither side of the country has a monopoly on charming mountain towns, though again, there are differences. Just outside Sunday River sits Bethel, a more than 200-year-old community which “optimizes the cute New England town,” Liberty says. In the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Jackson and North Conway are both renowned for their rustic appeal, stunning views of the famous Presidential Range and proximity to ski areas like Wildcat and Black Mountain. A number of ski towns in the Rockies — such as Crested Butte, Breckenridge or Aspen — were initially founded as mining towns, the legacy of which are main streets lined with impressive Victorian-style facades. Some Western towns like Steamboat, Colo., also have natural hot springs nearby. Still, most of the largest ski areas in North America are out west. Jackson Hole, Wyo., for example, has a new tram on which skiers glide in only nine minutes up 4,000 feet of vertical. From the top, wide open snow-filled bowls await, offering the impression that one could take countless runs, choosing their own ways down each time, without covering the same ground twice. And because the snow is so deep and forgiving, dropping two stories off a rock ledge into a renowned chute known as Corbet’s Couloir is not quite as scary as it looks, though still not advisable for anyone other than an expert. Skiers looking for a more manageable drop from 8to 10-foot cornices into dreamy fields of power can always head for the back bowls of Vail. The moguls are much bigger and, perhaps more importantly, softer, in the West. The Mary Jane section of Winter Park, Colo., is known for moguls sometimes referred to as “VW Beetles.” At Silverton, the snow is so deep that skiers aren’t allowed on the slopes without wearing a homing beacon and a backpack that includes a small shovel and extendable pole called a probe. Silverton staff use a helicopter to plant explosives which clear avalanche dangers, then let skiers willing to pay a little extra ride the helicopter for quick access to areas not served by the mountain’s lone lift. Brill has skied in the East only once in the last decade, to meet an old friend for a day. Yet, as far as learning to ski in the East when she was young, she sees that as a badge of honor. “Skiing back east gave me confidence and comfort in all conditions,” she said. Remembering a day when life attendants in Vermont handed out trash bags for skiers to cover themselves in the rain, she added: “Skiers back east aren’t as picky.” In the end, though, those who truly love snow sports will be happy on slopes in either region. “Learning to ski and snowboard in the East was beneficial to going out West. It made me better at both,” Liberty says. “Once you have those skills down pat, it’s another fun playground.”

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Vonn soldiers on after tough crash, injured arm World Champion and Vail local Lindsey Vonn demonstrated her tenacious spirit once again on the slalom hill. The world’s best speed skier, who during last season’s World Championships had to tape her hand to her pole due to a laceration, took to the hill slightly injured with a bruised left wrist to finish 18th.

 Vonn crashed after her skis locked up going around a gate mid-course in Monday’s giant slalom, suffering a bone bruise to her left arm, which was placed in a splint. Despite the injury, Vonn pushed ahead to maintain her lead in the overall World Cup standings. “All things considered, it was OK,” said Vonn. “I couldn’t really be aggressive and it’s not the way I like to ski but I was able to finish the race and get a result.”

 Coach Wagner said Vonn’s ability to race the day after a crash was impressive. “Lindsey did a great job. For her, it was a mental success being able to go out there after such a bad crash and ski down the first run, feel out the skis and feel out the snow,” Wagner said Vonn was particularly happy to see teammate Schleper do so well in Lienz.

 “It was so awesome to see Sarah race today. She’s been working so hard and is building confidence every week. It’s pretty inspiring to see what she’s doing right now,” Vonn said. The women’s next race is also slalom Vail resident Lindsey Vonn gestures in the finish area after her run in Jan. 3 in Zagreb, Slovenia. the World Cup Slalom race in Lienz, Austria, yesterday. AP photo.

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Winter Driving Tip: Use a tire guage to check tire pressure and make sure tires are in good condition


Vail Mountaineer

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vail Mountaineer



Vail Mountaineer

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


50 all %

Leach taking to the courts in effort to coach Alamo Bowl


Christmas cards, holiday wrap, ornaments & more.

Texas Tech coach Mike Leach is seeking a temporary restraining order that would allow him to coach in the Alamo Bowl on Jan. 2. The motion was filed Tuesday in Lubbock, Texas. An in-chambers hearing was set for 8:30 a.m. Wednesday in the 99th District Court. University officials suspended Leach on Monday while the school investigates a complaint from receiver Adam James and his family. James is the son of former NFL player Craig James, now a television sports analyst for ESPN. A person close to James with direct knowledge of the situation contends the player was twice forced to stand in a small, dark place while the team practiced. The person spoke to The AP on the condition on anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the complaint. The lawyer for Mike Leach says the suspended Texas Tech coach did nothing wrong in how he treated a player with a “mild” concussion, and Leach wants a court’s help to allow him to coach the Alamo Bowl on Jan. 2.

Closing at 3pm 12/31, closed 1/1 M-Th 9-6, Fri 9-5 Sat 10-2, Sun Closed


RIGHT: In this Nov. 29, 2008 file photo, Texas Tech head football coach Mike Leach walks through dry ice smoke before the start of an NCAA college football game against Baylor in Lubbock, Texas. The lawyer for Leach, Mike Liggett, said Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2009, that the suspended coach did nothing wrong in how he treated a player with a “mild” concussion. AP Photo.

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One of the most coveted position player on a free-agent market, slugger Jason Bay and the New York Mets have reached a preliminary agreement, a person familiar with the negotiations told The Associated Press on Tuesday. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because Bay must pass a physical for the deal to be completed. The three-time All-Star is expected to sign a four-year contract for about $65 million. Bay set career highs with 36 home runs and 119 RBIs last season for Boston. The 31-yearold outfielder is a lifetime .280 hitter and has averaged 30 homers and 99 RBIs in his six full seasons in the majors.


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In this May 10, 2009, file photo, Boston Red Sox’s Jason Bay hits an RBI double for the go-ahead run in the eighth inning of a game against the Tampa Bay Rays in Boston. The New York Mets and free agent slugger Jason Bay have reached a deal. A person familiar with the situation told The Associated Press on Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2009, that the sides have a preliminary agreement. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the contract has not yet been finalized. AP Photo

Sergio Garcia to see specialist for hand The Spanish sensation Sergio Garcia will visit a specialist about a hand injury that has prevented him from swinging a club for several weeks. Garcia said Tuesday that he still feels pain in his right hand after not playing for nearly a month. He sprained the wrist during the third round of last month’s Dubai

Blue Plate Bistro

845-2252 • Avon

avon & eagle

World Championship, where Garcia finished seventh. The 29-year-old Garcia won one tournament and earned $2.4 million in prize money this past season. He is hoping to make his 2010 debut at the $3.3 million Abu Dhabi Golf Championship, which runs from Jan. 21-24.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vail Mountaineer


Favre among 8 Vikings to make the pro bowl Broncos send 5 players

Vail’s Only Authentic French Restaurant Serving Vail Since 1970

Come Celebrate Hope & Prosperity in 2010 with The Left Bank Family First Seating 6-6:30 pm Full Regular Menu

Second Seating 9-9:30 pm 7 amazing courses intimatley prepared by Chef Jean Michel Chelain LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE



Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall makes a 5-yard touchdown reception while being defended by Indianapolis Colts safety Tim Jennings during the fourth quarter of an NFL football game in Indianapolis. Just four months ago, Brandon Marshall’s world was one of insubordination, suspension and constant confrontations. Marshall was one of five Broncos to make the 2010 Pro Bowl roster. AP photo.

N h ew A S S h A i R p R m iV e eD Nt !

Brett Favre and Peyton Manning were both selected to play the 2010 Pro Bowl, but both have other plans. Already Pro Bowl regulars, they were selected to this season’s game Tuesday. Favre was among eight Minnesota Vikings who made the NFC team, while Manning was one of six Indianapolis Colts on the AFC squad. It will be Favre’s 11th Pro Bowl and the 10th for Manning. No other quarterbacks have been to 10 all-star games. Favre will be a backup to New Orleans’ Drew Brees, the NFL’s top-rated passer. The other NFC quarterback will be Aaron Rodgers, who replaced Favre in Green Bay last year. Vikings RB Adrian Peterson, the league’s top scorer among non-kickers, will be in the NFC backfield. The other Vikings who made it: wide receiver Sidney Rice, defensive end Jared Allen, guard Steve Hutchinson, defensive tackle Kevin Williams, special teamer Heath Farwell and tackle Bryant McKinnie. The Broncos had five players selected: Strong safety Brian Dawkins, outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil, cornerback Champ Bailey, tackle Ryan Clady, and wide receiver Brandon Marshall. The Pro Bowl has been moved to the previous Sunday at Dolphin Stadium, and no Super Bowl participants will play in the all-star game.


Vail Mountaineer

Wednesday, December 30, 2009



temic failures that contributed to this potential catastrophic breach of security,” Obama said. “Had this critical information been shared, it could have been compiled with other intelligence, and a fuller, clearer picture of the suspect would have emerged,” Obama said in a brief statement to the media. “The warning signs would have triggered red flags, and the suspect would have never been allowed to board that plane for America.” An angered Obama called the shortcomings “totally unacceptable” and told reporters traveling with him on vacation here that he wanted a preliminary report by Thursday on what went wrong on Christmas Day, when the suspect carried explosives onto a flight from Amsterdam despite the fact the suspect had possible ties to al-Qaida.

Beauty and the Budget Director

“Rahm Emanuel once said of Peter R. Orszag, the bespectacled economist who is President Obama’s budget director, ‘He’s made nerdy sexy.’ So perhaps the White House chief of staff won’t be surprised to learn that Mr. Orszag got engaged over lunch on Monday to the ABC News correspondent he began dating six months ago, Bianna Golodryga,” writes Jackie Calmes of The New York Times. “Great news!” Mr. Orszag e-mailed to about 50 friends and fellow budget geeks afterward.” Reached in New York, where Ms. Golodryga is working this week, Mr. Orszag said the wedding will likely be in October, a month that typically is significant to him mainly for being the start of a new fiscal year in the government’s budget calendar, writes Calmes.

Taylor Swift ends 12-week romance

White House advisor Karl Rove and his wife Darby, left, arrive on Capitol Hill in Washington Thursday, Jan. 20, 2005 for President Bush’s inauguration. AP photo.

Roves end 24-year marriage

According to POLITICO, Karl Rove, former senior adviser to President George W. Bush, has been granted a divorce in Texas after 24 years of marriage, family spokeswoman Dana Perino said. “Karl Rove and his wife, Darby, were granted a divorce last week,” said Perino. “The couple came to the decision mutually and amicably, and they maintain a close relationship and a strong friendship. There will be no further comment, and the family requests that its privacy be respected,”” reports POLITICO,”A family friend told POLITICO: “After 24 years of marriage, many of which were spent under incredible stress and strain during the White House years, the Roves came to a mutual decision that they would end the marriage. They did spend Christmas together with their son, and they plan to spend time together in the future. They maintain a strong friendship, and they both feel that that friendship is a source of comfort and inspiration for their friends and family.””

So much for the two Taylors finding love. After three months of dating, country singer Taylor Swift and New Moon star Taylor Lautner have split, according to “Lucky for Lautner, the split won’t inspire angry songs like those written about ex Joe Jonas -- who dumped Swift during a 27-second phone call in 2008,” reports US. “the relationship officially fizzled when Lautner, 17, flew to Nashville for Swift’s birthday party on Dec. 13, a friend of the singer reveals. “They plan to stay friends,” the source says.”


Taco Bell vs. Jenny Craig

Just in time for the post-holiday gorge in front of the TV, Taco Bell is unleashing a weight loss advertisement campaign that is the first to compete with Subway’s Jared Fogle, reports ABC News. “Meet Christine: A woman who lost 54 pounds in two years by choosing the low-fat “Fresco” menu items at Taco Bell in place of her old daily fast food choices,” the report said. “The counterintuitive and controversial pitch that fast food can be good for weight loss won Subway billions of dollars over its competitors in 2000,” reports ABC News. “The before and after footage of Fogle, who lost 245 pounds in a year, boosted Subway’s per store sales growth to seven times the industry average in 2000 and nearly doubled their previous year’s sales, according to “Market Busters: 40 Strategic Moves That Drive Exceptional Business Growth,” published by the Harvard Business School Press.”

Kim Kardashian earlier this year. AP photo.

Kim Kardashian vs. cookie people

Socialite Kim Kardashian is embroiled in a legal battle with a diet cookie manufacturer, after reportedly branding its sweet weight loss treats “unhealthy,”” reports the San Francisco Chronicle. “The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star kicked off the row with bosses at Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet Company, accusing them of falsely claiming she was endorsing their brand.” According to the Chronicle, CEO Matthew Siegal, son of the celebrity doctor behind the weight loss program, countered by filing his own lawsuit in Miami Dade County, Florida, on Tuesday morning, after discovering the star used her blog to claim Dr Siegal’s cookies are unhealthy. Siegal claimed that the attack was a business move by Kardashian, citing her involvement with a rival weight loss company, QuickTrim.

Coffee may cure everything you thought it caused

To judge by recent headlines, coffee could be the latest health-food craze, right up there with broccoli and whole-wheat bread, according to the Wall Street Journal. “This month alone, an analysis in the Archives of

Bathrooms Kitchens Build-outs Remodels Walls Floors Dependable service right here in the Valley Decorative Marble & Tile 401-4600


Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Internal Medicine found that people who drink three to four cups of java a day are 25 percent less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than those who drink fewer than two cups,” reports the Journal. “And a study presented at an American Association for Cancer Research meeting found that men who drink at least six cups a day have a 60% lower risk of developing advanced prostate cancer than those who didn’t drink any.”

Would you like red or white with your Toyota?

“Less than a decade ago, the mere mention of Japan would elicit puzzled looks, if not snorts of derision, from the global wine cognoscenti,” writes Justin McCurry of the Guardian. “The country that gave the world premium sake and award-winning malt whiskies has been infamous for producing the kind of plonk that gives wine a bad name ‑ often blends of cheap imports and even grape juice.” “But wine snobs are being forced to think again with the recent arrival in the US and Europe of labels from Japan made from 100 percent domestically grown grapes,” writes McCurry. “Though it lacks the heritage of the great winemaking countries of Europe, Japan is hoping to emulate New Zealand and quickly prove its enological credentials.”

North Koreans detain not-so-smart American

North Korea acknowledged it has detained an American for illegally entering the reclusive country, news welcomed by relatives of an Arizona missionary who feared they would never hear from him again after he sneaked across the border. Activists say they last saw Robert Park as he slipped across the frozen Tumen River into North Korea on Christmas Day, carrying letters urging the country’s absolute leader to step down and free the hundreds of thousands of people held in political camps. After four days without any word, relatives of the 28-year-old Korean-American said Tuesday they were relieved when the communist country finally announced it had a U.S. citizen in custody — though analysts say

Park’s actions are likely to be seen as hostile to the regime and could draw a long prison sentence. “My fear was that they say they don’t know anything about it and may get rid of him secretly,” Manchul Cho, an uncle of Park, told The Associated Press in California. “Once they recognize it, that’s really good.”

GMAC needs another $3.5 billion

“GMAC Financial Services is close to getting approximately $3.5 billion in additional aid from the U.S. government, on top of $12.5 billion already received since December 2008, according to people familiar with the situation,” The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday. “The announcement, expected within days, will coincide with GMAC taking additional steps to absorb losses related to its mortgage operations, these people said. The cleanup is designed to return the Detroit-based finance company to profitability in the first quarter of 2010, according to one of these people.” GMAC provided numerous financial services, such as insurance and mortgages to the struggling automobile industry, and to General Motors particularly.

It’s a great time to buy a Pontiac

General Motors Co. is offering a $7,000 sales inducement to its dealers for every Saturn and Pontiac vehicle left in inventory as the automaker phases out the two brands, reports the Los Angeles Times. “Assuming the cash is passed on to consumers, the move could result in savings for buyers looking to snap up one of the few remaining unsold Pontiacs and Saturns. But the savings might not be as much as you would think,” according to the report. “To qualify for the incentive, dealers have to put the vehicles in their rental or service fleet before selling them to consumers. That means they technically would be classified as used vehicles when they are sold to the public, though buyers apparently would get a new-car warranty.” —Update stories, unless otherwise cited, appear courtesy The Associated Press

The Ultimate Vail Retreat

1452 Buffehr Creek


rivately gated high atop Buffehr Creek Rd. with phenomenal views, this property boasts over 14,000 square feet of living area with 8 bedrooms & 10 bathrooms. A fully outfitted gourmet kitchen is flanked by 2 bar top seating areas. Other amenities include a master suite with private office, a 14x20 golf simulator, 2nd media room, zen room with 12 person sauna, 3 steam showers, a 16x40 pool & pool bar, an enormous recreation room, and a wine room. This is a developer’s private residence. Details also include custom iron work and wood carvings throughout the home. Green built, the home utilizes poly foam insulation and passive solar heating, along with multiple extraordinary stone heated patios surrounding the house. Attached to the house is a 6-car, 1,800 square foot garage with workshop, a car wash & dog wash. Just outside is a 100 foot long water feature.

O  $12,900,000 GINA DIZON • PRUDENTIAL COLORADO PROPERTIES .GVH. • ..

Vail Mountaineer


New Year’s Eve live music with

Donnie Velez The Rittenhouse Restaurant

Serving Lunch & Dinner • Monday - Saturday 630 Trail Gulch Rd. • Gypsum • 524-1515

Tex-Mex is great hangover food!

Happy Holidays From the staff at

“Best Tex-Mex in Town”

101 Main Street, Minturn, Colorado 970-827-5887 Open Everyday • Bar 4:30pm • Dining Room 5:30pm


Vail Mountaineer

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Plan on drinking and driving tomorrow night? Sign up now for a free funeral Planning to drink and drive this New Year’s? A north Georgia funeral home has a deal for you. Between now and noon Thursday, drivers can visit McGuire, Jennings and Miller Funeral Home in Rome to sign a contract stating they plan to drink or take drugs and then drive on New Year’s Eve. If they die in a wreck that day, the funeral home will give them a free burial. Services included in the package are a casket, grave, limousine and preparation of remains. Funeral home officials say the program is designed to save lives by making partygoers think twice about drinking and driving.

New Year’s Eve is so close and we all need to look our best for this special occasion. Let Vito the tuxedo specialist at the Vail Tux Shop in Eagle-Vail get you outfitted from head to toe with the best the valley has to offer for your big night out. Call Vito at 748-1133.

Shynna turned 8 years old this month! Happy belated birthday Shynna!

Ivy and Kerry are modeling the great purses found at Mommy and Me in Eagle-Vail. Mommy and Me has a great selection of purses and jewelry for mom! Mommy and Me is now located next to P. Furniture.

Mike Deacon of American Family Insurance and his son Dave both have a vested interest in keeping you and your family safe. This is Mike, Dave is on page 26. For all your personal insurance needs be sure to give Mike, Dave, Dave and Spencer a call for a quote or for some advice at 949-4465.

Have You Hugged Your Car Lately?

Serving the vail valley’s favorite pizza, pastas, calzones, subs, salads and more since 1990!

Daily Happy Hour • All Locations avon Vail eagle 949-9900 476-9026 benchmark 337-9900 shopping ctr. eagle crossing shopping ctr. Village center Mall Across from Solaris Open 11a.m. Daily

across from christie lodge open 11a.m. daily

above the bowling alley open 11a.m. daily

Quality without Compromise • Overnight Delivery • Open Saturdays • All Performance Tire Sizes in Stock • Computer 4 Wheel Alignment Service • Brake & Suspension Service

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MIKE GRANT, OWNER OF OFF PISTE SPORTS IN THE SONNENALP SWISS HOUSE has some of the best ski tunes in Vail. Stop by his store and check out the latest and greatest in ski apparel and equipment.

CYNDI GERSHENOFF WITH THE BUDDY WERNER SKI LEAGUE is excited for another ski racing season in Beaver Creek. Buddy Werner Ski League gives local kids the opportunity to learn how to ski race and improve their skiing skills.

Vail Mountaineer


Need an outfit for New Years? Then head over to Valleygirl boutique in Avon. Rachel can help you find the perfect outfit to ring in the new year in style.

Happy New Year at the

FIRST SERVING 5PM-6:30PM Regular Menu SECOND SERVING 9:30PM New Year Menu

Start with: Shrimp Cocktail, Caesar Salad Dinner: Prime Rib of Beef “King Arthur’s Cut” or Surf and Turf a la Lancelot Your way: Alaskan King Crab legs or Lobster Tail Served with: Baked Potatoes w/ sour cream and Bacon Bits Apple Strude a la Mode One Bottle of Taittinger Champagne (per couple)

$15000 per person plus tax and gratuity 476-5828

The staff and management wish you all a very happy & prosperous New Year!

Check Out Her Prices Women’s Cut $35-$45 Men’s Cut $17-$20 Partial foil $85 Full head of foils $115 Retouch $65


Cowboys 845-7077


41199 Hwy 6 Eagle-Vail

Ask for Stephanie Cowboys & Angels stylist over 8 years experience hair dressing


Vail Mountaineer

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Paying Too Much For Your HOA Dues? - Get more for your money and improve

property values.

- We specialize in Association and

Property Management, Real Estate, and Homecare. Inquire today for a free Budget Analysis of your HOA.

O: 970.949.6070 F: 970.949.5565 E:

Don’t get caught with your pants down Happy New Year from possibly the best bartender/ painter/fly fishing guide/surfer in the valley. Sir James Ingram from Bart and Yetis would like to remind all y’all not to drink and drive this New Year’s Eve. Play it safe and ride the bus. After all, it’s free.

We guarantee a royal flush REAL 24 HOUR SERVICE


If it don’t suck then Rocky can fix it. Rocky is the vacman at Aardvac in Eagle-Vail and boy does he know how to fix them vacs and sewing machines.

No Games... No Gimmicks... No Guessing 970.390.7181

TAYLOR AND HER DAD, MICHAEL, were practicing their soccer skills at the WECMRD Field House in Edwards. Taylor and Michael says, “This is quite a facility and we can practice our soccer skills year round.”

New Year’s Eve Gala 1 seating: 5-Course Tasting Menu/Wine Pairings available st

2nd seating: 6-Course Tasting Menu/Wine Pairings 9 liters of Schramsberg blanc du blanc to toast the New Year. Kathy Morrow Live.

Vail Valley’s local Auto Broker

call for reservations/seating is limited In the Gateway Building, Vail Complimentary Valet Parking 479-0175 • Reservations Recommended

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

TONY GORSKI AND DIANE LEWIS from Denver and Washington DC are enjoying the Après ski scene at Pepi’s. Stop by Pepi’s and check out the great sound of Rod Powell after your day on the hill.

50% off

Vail Mountaineer

Douglas Schwartz and his good buddy were out and about painting recently, painting the town red that is. It’s a great time of the year to patronize all your local watering holes like E-Town, just be safe when you do it or you just might end up like these two freaks.

Going Out of Business Sale!

Now located below the Shaggy Ram in the Edwards Commercial Park. Highway 6 to Edwards Village Blvd. 2nd left into Edwards Commercial Park.

Hours 10am-5pm Mon-Sat. 12pm-3pm Sun. Closed New Years Day. 926-1370




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any service over $250.

Hamburger w/ fries or salad or soup Thank you to all of our clients for 10 great years!

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Vail Mountaineer

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Excess Baggage?

We have lightweight, durable and packable bags 569-3650 Your Travel Store

The best hot dogs and Chicago-style sandwiches and subs can only be found at Genos in Avon. Terry knows the deal.

Hours: M-F 10-6 • Sat & Sun 11-5 Edwards Riverwalk (down from Starbucks)

Call in your order and pick it up right before you arrive at the Vail-Eagle Airport.

ew BesstiN ss e n Bu e Year! of tghle Chamber -Ea mmerce of Co

Mon - Fri: 7am-4pm • Sat - Sun: 8am-4pm Conveniently Located at 150 Cooley Mesa Rd.


Mike Deacon of American Family Insurance and his son Dave both have a vested interest in keeping you and your family safe. Dave helps out at the office in Avon when he is around. For all your personal insurance needs be sure to give Mike, Dave, Dave and Spencer a call for a quote or for some advice at 949-4465

Who would have thunk that it could be better? The Saltwater Cowboy in Avon recently reopened its doors with a total facelift and new and improved feel with twice the room, lots of table games and a hot live music venu. Let Ricco the suave show you a great time at the Cowboy in Avon.

Daily Special Production Artwork

TONIGHT 5:30-7:30 p.m. The Lodge at Vail Resorts, Inc. We want to share our updated plans for Ever Vail, the proposed sustainable development in West Lionshead, currently under review by the Town of Vail. We will talk: More public parking; on-site affordable housing; commitment to LEED; bigger and better kids’ programming; new gondola; long-term financial benefits to the Town of Vail; new hot beds; keeping Vail competitive. Appetizers and beverages will be served. Free parking in the Vail Village Parking Structure. $25 valet parking at the Lodge at Vail.

Wednesdays Production Artwork 1/2 lb. Beef Night 8 oz. Sirloin, Tenderloin, or NY Strip w/2 Sides • $1595

~ Double Boot Card Points all this month ~

Eagle Only! 328-7002 1099 Capital St . Eagle Ranch 748-1146 St. Jame Place Beaver Creek .

Production Artwork

Community Open House Please join Vail Resorts

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vail Mountaineer


SCHLEPER–––––––––––------------------------------------------------------------------------------[Frompage1] hope for. I’m so close to the podium,” Schleper said. “In slalom you’re always recovering from mistakes. So, to put a clean run down that was aggressive and fast ... there’s just a lot more involved. When everything lines up, it’s great.” Schleper’s wild hair shot out the back of her helmet as the team veteran raced over the last berm into a technically difficult part of the hill. She charged through the gates, gaining speed, crossing the finish line and setting the pace for the field behind her. “Going into an Olympic year I feel like I’ve worked really hard this summer. These last two years getting back here, my coaches have done such an amazing prep period with us,” said Schleper, whose son Lasse turns two in January. Schleper’s father Buzz, the owner of Buzz’s Boards and Buzz’s ski shop in Vail Village, says the family is planning a trip to Vancouver this February. Of course, nothing is actually official yet; Sarah still needs to qualify through World Cup points. But the Schlepers are feeling optimistic. Women’s Tech Coach Trevor Wagner said Schleper’s success was a matter of putting all the pieces together over a period of time. “Last year she had all the ingredients, but she just didn’t have the mileage with that technique. With last year underneath her belt everything is coming together now,” Wagner said. “We started working on her technique again and building on what we had before, but more modern technique. Now she’s comfortable with it and it’s all coming together.”

Vail native Sarah Schleper clears a gate on her way to placing fifth in the World Cup Slalom race in Lienz, Austria, yesterday. AP photo.

MOREAU–––––––––--------------------------------------------––-------------------------------------[Frompage1] first degree murder. Moreau faces seven other felony charges in connection with the Nov. 7 shooting in the Sandbar in West Vail that left Dr. Gary Kitching dead with three gunshot wounds. Kitching, who lived in

Carbondale, had stopped with his wife to watch the USC-Oregon State football game on the bar’s big screen television. Moreau allegedly injured three others during the shooting spree. Moreau emptied the clip in a 1911 .45

caliber pistol during the shooting spree. Vail police investigators indicate he fired between 10 and 13 shots. So far, prosecutors and Vail Police investigators have collected more than 1,500 pages of documents and 24 CDs,

containing segments ranging from a three hour interview to a 50 second telephone message. All that evidence has been turned over to the Public Defender’s office, along with a list of 171 witnesses.

5/ 1

Your local, fullservice market with the freshest produce and finest quality meats, fish and poultry. Shop locally, support our community and experience excellent service with competitive prices. Howard Tuthill, Owner


lb 99 $


Texas Pink Grapefruit


¢ lb

Bartlett Pears

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1/2 Gallon

Western Family Apple Juice

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3lb Bag Yellow Onion

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Braeburn Large Apples




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Boneless Pork Sirloin Roast

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Asst’d. flavors 10.5-12 oz. Lay’s Regular Potato Chips



59 lb

Boneless Beef Rump Roast

Offer Expires 01/05/10


Vail Mountaineer

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vail Mountaineer



Vail Mountaineer

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vail Mountaineer




Vail Mountaineer

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

$ 2-Topping Pizza


new world contemporary seasonal Riverwalk, 1st & Main Building • Edwards, CO 926.7001

4/ 5 $599/lb. $


SAVE $2.96 on 4 Fresh Jumbo


2/ 3 $

SAVE $2.98 on 2 Fresh 1 lb. bag





SAVE $3.00 ea. Fresh from our deli

SAVE $5.00 lb. USDA Select



SAVE $.60 lb. Fresh Delicious

SAVE $4.98 on 2 Bakery Fresh 8” Pumpkin or Apple









SAVE $3.00 lb.


2/ 7 $


SAVE $2.00 lb. Our Own Homemade Breakfast




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SAVE $4.95 on 4 2 liter Bottles

SAVE $2.00 ea. 24 pk.




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SAVE $2.50 ea. 1.5 qt. Dreyers

2/ 6 $

SAVE SAVE$2.90 $1.20on ea.2 25 oz. Martinellis’ Natural Directions 32 oz.

Village Market in Riverwalk Edwards • 926-1113 Store Hours 6:30 am - 10 pm Open Everyday Open Regular Hours on New Year’s Day specials good from 12/26-12/30


SUPER SALE – Final Discount

Reg. Sale

VEUVE CLICQUOT ‘Yellow Label’ ................. 750 ..............60.00 ......39.99 DOM. CHANDON Brut & Blanc de Noirs ....... 750 ..............23.49 ......16.99 TAITTINGER ‘La Francaise’ ............................ 750 ..............47.99 ......30.99 DOM. CARNEROS Brut 2005 ........................... 750 ..............27.99 ......22.99 DOM PERIGNON .............................................. 750 ..............205.00 ....135.00 MOET & CHANDON Brut Imperial.................. 750 ..............53.00 ......37.99


SUPER SALE – Final Discount

Reg. Sale

JACK DANIELS ................................................ 750 ..............22.99 ......18.99 GLENLIVET 12 YEAR Scotch .......................... 750 ..............39.99 ......29.99 GRAND MARNIER ........................................... 750 ..............37.99 ......29.99 JOSE CUERVO Tradicional ............................... 750 ..............26.50 ......19.99 GREY GOOSE Vodka ........................................ 750 ..............34.59 ......19.99 SAILOR JERRY Rum ........................................ 750 ..............15.99 ......11.99


SUPER SALE – Final Discount

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CORONA & CORONA LT................................. 12 pk btls ....15.25 ......12.49 NEW BELGIUM Fat Tire & Sunshine Wheat.... 12 pk btls ....17.19 ......13.99 SIERRA NEVADA ............................................. 12 pk btls ....16.59 ......13.99 BUD & BUD LT ................................................. Suitcases .....23.79 ......19.99


SUPER SALE – Final Discount

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HESS Monterey Chardonnay...................................................13.99 ......8.99 KENDALL-JACKSON Chardonnay ....................................... 15.49 ......9.99 PETER LEHMANN Shiraz & Clancy’s ..................................18.79 ......14.99 HOUSE WINE Red & White...................................................14.99 ......9.99 HESS COLLECTION Mt. Veeder Cabernet............................55.00 ......39.99 ROSENBLUM Zinfandel Vintners Cuvee...............................12.79 ......8.99 ZACA MESA Z Cuvee ............................................................ 23.59 ......15.99 PENFOLDS Koonunga Hill Shiraz-Cab .................................12.99 ......9.49 CENTURY CELLARS – all varietals 1.5 L ...........................13.49 ......9.49

Riverwalk Wine & Spirits 926-8111

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