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August 18, 2009


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Lindsey Vonn 675 Lionshead Pl Vail, CO 81657 Vonns to make home in Arrabelle at Vail Square when not traveling

As part of a new four-year sponsorship agreement with Vail Resorts, Vonn will live at the Arrabelle at Vail Square, 675 Lionshead Place, in Vail, with husband Thomas Vonn when she’s [See XXXXX, page XX]

By Beth Potter Mountaineer Staff Writer Two-time World Cup Overall champion ski racer Lindsey Vonn is moving “home” to Vail.

Polis hosts health care forum tomorrow



Major U.S. stocks indexes tumbled by the biggest amount in six weeks Monday as investors feared they have been too quick in betting on an economic rebound during the market’s five-month rally. Jitters about China’s economy and lackluster profits at home-improvement retailer Lowe’s Cos. added to concerns from last week that a rebound in the economy is far off. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 186.06, or 2 percent, to 9,135.34. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index fell 24.36, or 2.4 percent, to 979.73. The Nasdaq composite index fell 54.68, or 2.8 percent, to 1,930.84.

Prosecutors say man stole 130M credit card numbers

Federal prosecutors charged a former government informant already in jail Monday with the largest case of credit and debit card data theft ever in the United States. They accused the man of ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT 11:30-3 [See XXXXX, page XX] $


2 adults, 7 Kids 6-12 $2 Kids 3-5 FREE Kids 2 & under


It’s tough to draw lines in the sand in the health care upheaval because the sands keep shifting. But Rep. Jared Polis will be in town Wednesday for a town hall meeting in which he’ll hear, loudly, what some of the voters in his 2nd Congressional District do, or do not want in it. Polis has remained steadfast that any health

Mountaineer Staff Report The adventures of a newspaper publisher continue … Mountaineer publisher Jim Pavelich was merrily passing out papers Sunday, stationed next to a lovely woman who was selling apple strudel, his 5 and 8-year-old daughters helping, when he was approached by a gentleman, a woman and a Vail Code Enforcement Officer. The woman asked him to leave, saying “Panhandling is not allowed,” to which Pavelich responded, “Are you calling me a panhandler?”


Sunday Lunch Buffet

12 adults, $7 Kids 6-12 $2 Kids 3-5


Town hall w/ Polis 4:30 p.m., Singletree Community Center 1010 Berry Creek Road, Edwards care overhaul should include government-run insurance program, as does House Speak Nancy Pelosi. But there go those darned shifting sands, [See XXXXX, page XX]

What 1st amendment? Mountaineer told to leave market

May Palace

Organic Facials page 7

By Randy Wyrick Mountaineer Staff Writer

page 4

“No I am not,” the woman replied, “but you’re not supposed to be here promoting your business.” Pavelich responded that he wasn’t promoting a business, he was handing out free newspapers on a public street in the United States of America, and asked her if she had heard of the constitution and the first amendment. She reiterated that he wasn’t supposed to be there, Pavelich told her to stop bothering him, and she said they’ll speak to the town about it on Monday. A short while later the gentleman returned and gave him his permission to stay, which puzzled Pavelich, because

50 Pizza10

Jeffersonian rhymes with Pepperonian!

% $


Sushi Rolls & Entire Dinner Menu page 4

the man didn’t look like Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson or John Adams. Angela Mueller, Vail Farmer’s Market organizer, didn’t return a couple of phone calls on Monday. We called another newspaper publisher in town, Don Rogers, to get his take on the incident as it applies to the first amendment, but he didn’t call us back either. We don’t know if the incident was an attempted intimidation, a misunderstanding of the first amendment or something altogether different, but there’s one thing we do know for sure: Pavelich will be back next Sunday, exercising his rights.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kerri Young

is back from maternity leave!

926.3157 Hours: 9am-5pm: Wednesday-Friday • 9:30am-2pm: Saturday

Next to the Riverwalk Theater • 34256 Hwy 6 • Edwards


Commissioners agree to Sheriff’s Office back pay Pay-for-training program designed to help keep deputies By Randy Wyrick Mountaineer Staff Writer

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A program to boost pay in the Sheriff’s office will cost Eagle County $139,000 to cover back pay right now, and another $500,000 a year in pay increases starting next year. The pay-for-training program increases the top pay scale to $70,574 for master deputies. The county’s benefit package adds another 50 percent to those salary levels. The program was established in 2006 to help keep deputies once they’re trained. The extra funding stopped when the commissioners froze county salaries. The $139,000 the commissioners agreed to Monday covers back pay for deputies who completed the training in 2007-08, and brings them current through 2009. Right now, there are 20 Sheriff’s office employees involved in the program. Turnover costs $83,550 per position, Jeff Layman, Eagle County Undersheriff told the commissioners Monday. Based on that number, the Sheriff’s office says it would cost the county would be $2.3 million without the retention program, based on current turnover rates and the $83,550 the Sheriff’s office says it costs to replace those people. The program would cost $509,300, and assuming a turnover rate of two positions per year, the cost to the county with the program in place is $182,594, Layman said. It’ll take about five years to get to the master deputy level, Layman said. Layman said they’ll pay for the program, in part, with the $200,000 he says the Sheriff’s office saved in 2008, expanding the inmate work program throughout the county to save money on county staff time. But much of it will be paid for by charging Gypsum more for police protection, $75,000 more in 2009 than the $400,000 Gypsum paid in 2008. After that, it’ll cost Gypsum $100,000 more per year than in 2008. The Sheriff’s office is also keeping a closer eye on overtime, Layman said. The Sheriff’s office is on track to spend $230,000 this year on over time, down from $269,000. That reverses a trend between 2004 and 2007 when overtime went up 50 percent. “What’s the long term benefit, beyond having the best trained officers around?” asked County Commissioner Sara Fisher. “What you get is a better trained officer,” answered Hoy. “If everyone is trained at the high level, it’s a better service to the community.


Calculating turnover This is how the Sheriff’s office calculates the $83,550 it says it costs to replace one person. Soft costs • Recruiting officers salaries, $17,100 • Field Training Officers Salaries, $7,700 • In-house training, $4,100 • Separation costs, $1,500 • Hiring process fees, $5,300 • Trainee’s salary, $12,100 Soft cost subtotal: $47,800 in time for staff already in place Hard costs • Field Training Officer Overtime, $9,100 • Tuition expenses at CMC, $1,600 • Travel expenses at 555 cents per mile, $2,200 • Hourly wage for employee, $9,950 • Specialized training fees, $5,100 • Uniforms and equipment, $7,300 • Testing fees, $500 Hard cost subtotal: $37,750 Total cost of turnover for one position: $83,550 —Source: Eagle County Sheriff’s office When it’s time to leave Deputies leave the Sheriff’s office for most of the same reasons people leave about any job: Pay and benefits, the high cost of living, family issues, said Eagle County Sheriff Joe Hoy. Some deputies leave because they want to move into command positions, not something likely to happen in Eagle County because the number of command positions is limited and none of the people in them are close to retirement, Hoy said “For people going through the skills based program there is no turnover,” Layman said. Between 2003 and 2005, the Sheriff’s office saw an 18 percent turnover rate, Layman said. It dropped to 9.4 percent in 2006 and climbed back to 14 percent last year. Right now, the Sheriff’s office spends $1,000 per year in training for a junior deputy $2,200 per year for a senior deputy, and $1,600 per year for a master deputy. Once they reach master status, it costs $1,200 to maintain their proficiency. “There will always be a need to train law enforcement officers,” said Layman. “A lot of the skills we require are perishable, such as firearms, pursuit and high speed performance driving.”


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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Got Emergency?


Wood burning plant does well in California $30M in federal funding could pay for Vail operation



By Beth Potter Mountaineer Staff Writer If residents worry that a plan to build a wood-burning “gasification” power plant in Vail will pollute the air, they should look to similar plants in California and Europe for answers, promoters say. For example, a biomass plant in Burney, Calif., has operated for 20 years as “an environmentally friendly neighbor,” said Ron Gawer, plant manager. The plant meets all Environmental Protection Agency standards, Gawer said. “You should not be concerned that a biomass plant will be a smoke-belching stinky plant like you might picture,” Gawer said. “We’ve come a long way with emission controls.” Hayden Cary & King Co. paper company in Darien, Conn., has applied for $30 million in federal funding to build a wood-burning plant in Vail. Town officials have sent a letter of support for the plan, and may also offer the company three acres of land near the town’s public works department, which is across Interstate 70 from town parks and the golf course. The plant would burn chipped wood for heat to potentially melt snow on town streets, to heat some water for residents’ homes in town and to generate energy to heat and cool some buildings, according to Andrew King, manager of the potential project. A tourism generator? “What we’re burning is no different than natural gas,” King said. “Wood is super-heated and releases the methane and hydrogen gas.” Vail is a good place to put the plant because it is close to a lot of bark beetle-killed trees which would be the

Vail Mountaineer

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A wood-burning biomass plant in Burney, Calif.

fuel for the plant, King said. It could bring as many as 100 jobs while being built, he said, and 50 jobs on an ongoing basis, including tree cutting operation jobs. And Beaver Creek is the sister city of Lech, Austria, where another biomass plant is located. In fact, King envisions a new plant as a tourism generator as well. “Vail is the perfect venue to educate people. This is managed forestry, sustainable forestry,” King said. “We can showcase the harvesting of the biomass, and the fire mitigation and bring in the technology that is cleaner than California air standards.” The Department of Energy grant decision may be made in January, King said. If built, the plant may some day take the place of hot water boilers currently heating the Arrabelle at Vail Square hotel in Lionshead, the new Mountain Plaza complex near the Vista Bahn chairlift, the Vail hospital, the library and all other public buildings, King said.


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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Paying too much for HEALTH INSURANCE? Monthly Health Insurance Rates




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$127 $163


$195 $460 $248 $245

21 Female 30 Male 30 Female 43 Family of 4 50 Male 50 Female

Final Rates vary by Age & Health Status

Psychological & Educational Evaluations •Do you wonder if your child is learning up to their potential? • Determine reasons for behavior problems, learning difficulties, attention problems, and motivation concerns. Dr. Henry J. Goetze, Licensed Psychologist

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Traer Creek appeals property rights lawsuit Mountaineer Staff Report The developer of Home Depot and Wal-Mart in Avon is appealing a judge’s July ruling about its vested property rights, the town said in a statement. Traer Creek-RP LLC filed a lawsuit against the Town of Avon in early 2008 about the issue. Traer Creek alleged that the town’s vested property rights regulations violated the terms of the 1998 Village at Avon annexation and development agreement. Vested property rights, in general, are the legal rights developers have to build particular buildings and infra-

structure on specific pieces of land Town officials amended Avon’s vested property rights regulations in February. Traer Creek-RP officials have said that any amendments to the already approved Village at Avon plans should be exempt from any new or amended regulations concerning vested property rights. But in early 2008, Traer Creek-RP withdrew an application to amend its plans, according to the town’s statement. As part of the Village at Avon, the developer controls virtually all of the land between the Traer Creek Plaza shopping and Chapel Square to the

west. The company hasn’t built anything since 2004, however. District court judge Frederick Gannett said he dismissed the lawsuit because the court should not impose its views on the residents of Avon before elected officials have the opportunity to do their jobs, according to the town statement on the matter. “It continues to be unfortunate that the Town of Avon must spend taxpayer monies to defend this litigation,” said Mayor Ron Wolfe in the town statement. A Traer Creek representative was not available for comment after business hours on Monday.

XXXX–––––––––––-------------------------------------[FrompageXX] shifting again. President Obama’s Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told a national television audience that government-run insurance isn’t essential. “What’s important is choice and competition,” Sebelius said. Democratic strategist James Carville kicked a little sand himself, saying they should let Republicans “kill” health care. Polis, a Boulder Democrat serving his first term in Congress, will talk about that, along with stuff like cap and trade and a host of other expensive ideas on Wednesday when he gets here. A few things are true about the Health care-GoRound 1. No one’s sure what will be in the final package. 2. Therefore, no one’s sure what it will cost.

Also on Polis’ agenda is a 1 p.m. meeting with Bright Future Foundation for Eagle County, a domestic violence shelter and a Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CCADV) member organization. They’ll meet in the Holy Cross Commissioner’s Conference Room of the Eagle County Building, 500 Broadway Street in Eagle. After that it’s a 3 p.m. Health Care Reform Roundtable, which is invitation only. There he’s expected to discuss health care reform with Eagle County representatives from the small business community and ski industry. Polis’ visit comes at the heels of a recent trip here by Senator Michael Bennet, who hosted a health care town hall on Friday. Missing from the August Town-Hall-OThon is Sen. Mark Udall. The Boulder Democrat isn’t up for election for another five years.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vail Mountaineer

Mike McCurdy “The Drywall Guy”


Fieldhouse on budget, on time WECMRD arena to feature electricity generating bikes By Randy Wyrick Mountaineer Staff Writer “Wait” is an action verb in WECMRD’s Edwards Fieldhouse of Dreams. The waiting area will have human dynamo bikes that will generate electricity to run televisions, along with a few Wii fitness games. No sitting in the fieldhouse waiting area. The $8 million fieldhouse is 40,000 square feet and it’s ahead of schedule and right on budget, said Steve Russell, director of the Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District. “It’s going well and lot of credit to R.A. Nelson,” Russell said. R.A. Nelson won the competitive bidding and is building the recreational facility. Russell said they’re still anticipating early December opening and will offer free activities for a few weeks. They plan to start leagues in Jan. The Youth Foundation will be in the facility to run their programs and help implement WECMRD’s

youth programs. That’ll help because the fieldhouse is within walking distance of five schools and 2,000 students. Two more schools are within a mile and a half. Also, the Edwards Metro District came up with a grant for mini climbing wall for little kids, Russell said. “Around 6:30 p.m., it transitions into adult use,” said Russell. An Eco Build grant for $53,000 to create a photo voltaic array on the south-facing roof. WECMRD applied for another grant from the governor’s office that would double that photo voltaic capacity. ECO Build grants are funded by fines paid into county coffers by homebuilders who don’t meet the county’s green building standards. The fieldhouse has been part of the Freedom Park master plan for more than a decade, since it was finalized by former county commissioners Michael Gallagher, Tom Stone and Johnnette Phillips. WECMRD is going it alone on this project. WECMRD district voters gave a big two thumbs up for the rec district to float bonds to help

pay for the project. The financing package combines $4 million in bond debt with $3 million WECMRD district managed to save up, and another $500,000 in grants WECMRD found. The county commissioners refused to come up with any money for the project. The Eagle County School District also took a pass on participating in the project. If you want to get involved, donors can even buy naming rights. It would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 million and your name would hang on it for at least 20 years, said Russell. The as-yet unnamed fieldhouse will be slightly smaller than the Gypsum Recreation Center and will feature indoor soccer, basketball and volleyball courts, a gymnastics facility, locker rooms and, possibly, weight rooms. It also will be home to an Eagle County Sheriff’s Office substation and a community room. Any number of expansions and upgrades are possible in the future, Russell said.

$3.9M to move Eagle ballfields Lafarge wants to mine gravel, agrees to build new fields By Randy Wyrick Mountaineer Staff Writer A local gravel mining company is willing to pay $3.9 million to move the Eagle ballfields so they can get at the gravel underneath. Lafarge will build the new Eagle Sports Complex closer to the Eagle River, with possible amphitheater seating carved into the hillside. Eagle County owns the land and in exchange for having the ballfields moved, it will take a pass on the mining royalties it would have received from Lafarge. Construction will likely start in the fall of 2010, and the fields should be ready for play in the spring of 2011, said Eagle County Attorney Bryan Treu. When it’s done, the new Eagle Sports Complex could

contain as many as eight baseball fields and eight youth soccer fields. “We believe that Eagle is poised to be a premier regional sports and recreation site,” said Steve Russell, director of the Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District, which manages the Eagle Sports Complex. Local athletic fields are used extensively by locals through the week, Monday through Thursday, Russell said. “That leaves the weekends for these kinds of regional events,” Russell said. The long-term goal is a regional park at the fairgrounds that would connect the ballfields with the fairgrounds, and the whole thing to downtown Eagle. There’s an existing bridge that could be part of the plan, a possible promenade and an automobile access. “Expanding year-round use of the fairgrounds is the longterm goal,” said County Commissioner Jon Stavney.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Supply the Kids!

Help Eagle County school supply students with eveything they need to succeed! Drop off your donations Aug. 18-31 at these locations:

• Big O Tire, Hiway 6, Eagle Vail • Vail Mountaineer, Ruby Building (behind eTown), Riverwalk

• KZYR, Garnett Building, Riverwalk • Vail Daily Building, Eagle Vail • NRC Broadcasting, Christy Sports Building, Avon

Wanna Be Rodeo Royalty? Beaver Creek Rodeo Royalty Tryouts Sunday, October 18 @ 11 am

Queen, Queen Attendant & Princess

Stong riding skills requires • Must be 21 years or less • Many responsibilities • Volunteer opportunities • Be on TV and the radio Contact: LyndsayJo at Puma Paw Ranch phone: 970-625-2786 • email:

Creekside Specials

Russell’s % Appetizers & Wine 20off by the glass at the bar Bridge street’s cozy little steakhouse

For groups of 6 or more please call after 4:30pm Located on your left as you step out of the Covered Bridge For reservations visit • 476-6700

The best deck in town is at the top of Bridge Street

Lunch Specials $ Mon. Street Tacos 7 $ 7 Tues. Baja Shrimp Tacos $ 7 Wed. Turkey Club Wrap $ 8 Thurs. Crab Enchiladas $ Fri. Baja Lobster Tacos 9 476-5847 • Vail • Open lunch & dinner

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Symposium continues ‘Rethink’ series Photographer Drex Brooks captures art, American West theme By Beth Potter Mountaineer Staff Writer The Sand Creek Massacre in southeast Colorado in 1864 killed hundreds of American Indians. Pictures of the now Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site in more modern times are among the many of the recent photographs of Drex Brooks, a social photographer in Utah. Brooks will show some of those photographs and discuss his work at the Sonnenalp Resort of Vail today. “Rethinking the Native American West,” will be a discussion of American Indian art and how that art has captured the American Indian culture. Brooks and John Haworth, director of the National Museum of the American Indian’s George Gustav Heye Center in New York will talk at 5:30 p.m. and costs $25. A reception after the talk will be held at the Claggett/Rey Gallery, 100 E. Meadow Drive. The talk, along with an outdoor mushroom foray and other recent events, is part of the Vail Symposium’s theme this month, said Carrie Marsh, symposium director. “Colorado is the focus this month, and the influence of the American West,” Marsh said.

‘Sweet Medicine’ project Brooks’s work is billed as that which captures the beauty and sadness that characterizes the current position of the American Indian in modern American society. His most recent photography project “Sweet Medicine” shows a collection of old sites throughout the West where massacres happened. He decided to take pictures of other massacre sites after he visited Sand Creek. “Rethink” is the theme of the symposium’s summer events, which include the popular Hot Topics talks, an adventure series and the upcoming film series at Beaver Creek. A short summer film series kicks off on Aug. 26 with “La Belle et La Bette,” a French film from 1946. Following three August films, the Symposium will host the world premiere of “The Edge of Never” on Sept. 16, a big mountain skiing flick that highlights the personal story of Trevor Peterson, who almost lost his life in Chamonix, France, and his son Kye, who returns 10 years later to conquer the mountain. Director William Kerig and Kye Peterson will talk about the movie afterward. Tickets to the event are $15, including the reception. The event will be held at the Vilar Performing Arts Center in Beaver Creek.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vail Mountaineer

Sunday Citizen of the Year nomination Lunch Buffet NEWS

deadline approaches . . .

Every Sunday ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT 11:30-3

12 adults, $7 Kids 6-12 $2 Kids 3-5 FREE Kids 2 & under


Mountaineer Staff Report The clock is ticking and Vail Valley residents have just two more weeks to nominate deserving members of the community for the Vail Valley Foundation’s 2009 Vail Valley Citizen of the Year Award. All nominations are due to the Foundation by August 31 and the award will be presented at the annual Black Diamond Ball, December 4, during the Birds of Prey World Cup Week festivities. “The Vail Valley Citizen of the Year Award is a very prestigious award,” explained Foundation president Ceil Folz. “Since it is an award that was created to honor prominent citizens, we felt compelled to open up the nomination process to the citizens of our valley. We hope that our community will take this opportunity to suggest people who have truly made a difference in this valley over the past year.” Nominations for the Vail Valley Citizen of the Year Award must come from full time residents of Eagle County and may be submitted via fax or email to the Vail Valley Foundation at 949-9265 or All nominations must be received by Aug. 31. The nomination criteria for the Vail Valley Citizen of the Year Award include four qualifications. The individual or individuals must have contributed their time and effort to support and enhance the community programs of the Vail Valley. They must have demonstrated leadership, good will, passion and a tremendous desire to improve the community. They must have significantly contributed to the heritage of the Vail Valley and its future. And finally, they must have been a resident of Eagle County for at least four years. Nominations must include the name and address of the person nominating, the name and address of the nominee, no less than one paragraph and no more than one page describing why the nominee should be selected as Citizen of the Year and why the nominee stands above others in the community in their service and leadership. Nominations should also include efforts


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Sheika Gramshammer, wife of 1997 recipient Pepi Gramshammer, with 2008 recipient Dr. Jack Eck. Photo special to the Mountaineer.

that the nominee has led or key roles played within the valley that benefits the entire community. Following the close of the nomination process, the Vail Valley Foundation selection committee will make their decision with the winner announced by the beginning of October. Past recipients of the Vail Valley Citizen of the Year Award include former President Gerald R. Ford (1996), Pepi Gramshammer (1997), Pete Seibert (1998), Dr. Richard Steadman (1999), Gilbert Giordano (2000), Judy Alexander (2001), Gerald Gallegos (2002), Howard and Cathy Stone (2003), Oscar Tang (2004), Diana Donovan (2005), R.A. “Chupa” Nelson (2006), Erik and Kathy Borgen (2007) and Dr. Jack Eck (2008). The Vail Valley Citizen of the Year Award is a project of the Vail Valley Foundation. For more information on the Foundation, call (970) 949-1999 or visit www.



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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chill $ Out For


Summer is Here

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swiping 130 million accounts on top of 40 million he stole previously. Albert Gonzalez, 28, who lives in Florida, broke his record for identity theft by hacking into retail networks, according to prosecutors, although they say his illicit computer exploits ended when he went to jail on charges stemming from an earlier case. Gonzalez is a one-time informant for the U.S. Secret Service, which he helped hunt hackers, authorities say. The agency later found out that he also had been working with criminals and feeding them information on investigations, even warning off at least one individual, according to authorities. According to the indictment, Gonazalez and his two Russian coconspirators would hack into corporate computer networks and secretly place “malware,” or malicious software, that would allow them backdoor access to the networks later to steal data.

Weapon wielding protestors attend Obama speech



comfort fusion

Riverwalk, 1st & Main Building • Edwards, CO 926.7001

About a dozen people carrying guns, including one with a military-style rifle, milled among protesters outside the convention center where President Barack Obama was giving a speech Monday in Phoenix— the latest incident in which protesters have openly displayed firearms near the president. Gun-rights advocates say they’re exercising their constitutional right to bear arms and protest, while those who argue for more gun control say it could be a disaster waiting to happen. Phoenix police said the gun-toters at Monday’s event, including the man carrying an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle slung over his shoulder, didn’t need permits. No crimes were committed, and no one was arrested. The man with the rifle declined to be identified but told The Arizona Republic that he was carrying the assault weapon because he could. “In Arizona, I still have some freedoms,” he said.

Fed extends consumer lending program through March

The Federal Reserve said Monday it would extend a program intended to help spur more lending at low rates. The program, Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility, TALF, was originally set to expire at the end of the year. Under the program, the Fed allows for low-rate financing for investors to buy securities backed by credit card debt, auto loans, student loans and loans to small businesses. The market for such loans essentially froze up last fall with the eruption of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.


The program has the potential to generate up to $1 trillion in lending, according to the government. But participation has been scant: As of Aug. 12, the value of loans outstanding stood at just $29.6 billion.

Captain accused of accepting bribes in Iraq

A U.S. Army captain has been charged with accepting tens of thousands of dollars in bribes while he was stationed in Iraq to steer more than $500,000 in contracts. The charges were filed Monday against 38-year-old Bryant Williams, of Clarksville, Tenn. An indictment in federal court in Manhattan says Williams accepted the bribes while he was in Baghdad from 2005 to 2006. Williams was released on $50,000 bail after he pleaded not guilty to mail fraud and bribery. Defense attorney David Greenfield says Williams served two tours in Iraq during a 17-year Army career and that his record was unblemished. Authorities released neither the names of the alleged bribers nor the contractors. Authorities say the contracts were for a range of projects, from copiers to construction.

BBB issues warning of bogus online degree programs

The Better Business Bureau warned consumers against paying for online programs offering shortcuts to gaining a high school diplomas or college degree online. “As millions struggle to find a job, earning a diploma or an advanced degree is one way to stand out from the crowd,” the BBB said in a statement. “But some students found out the hard way that the diploma they thought they earned online wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on.” The BBB serving Houston has received 117 complaints from students in more than 40 states who paid for high school diplomas and advanced degrees from Belford High School and Belford University Students were duped into believing Belford High School was accredited school and that more than 99 percent of colleges would accept its diploma and ponied up much as $674 to earn a high school diploma by taking an online test or by qualifying through “life experience.” The BBB says the diplomas are worthless.

Protestors not happy Material Girl’s material

A small group of religious protestors carrying flags and religious paintings marched outside the singe Madonna’s 51st birthday concert Sunday, apparently upset

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California lawmakers rewarded their employees with pay hikes during the first half of the year, an Associated Press review of legislative pay records showed. At least 87 California Assembly staff members received raises totaling more than $430,000 on an annualized basis, even as the state faced a growing budget deficit that led to furloughs and pay cuts for many other government workers and steep reductions in core services. The review of records obtained under the state Legislative Open Records Act found that salary bumps went to three employees in the office of Assembly Speaker Karen Bass, the Los Angeles Democrat who leads the 80-member chamber, and three to staff members of the Democratic caucus she oversees. In the 40-member Senate, nine staffers had a boost in pay, leading to an annualized increase of $152,000.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vail Mountaineer


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Florida population recessing

Madonna performs during her Sticky and Sweet Tour concert at Ullevi stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden, Saturday, Aug. 8, 2009. AP Photo.

that she was performing on the day they mark the Virgin Mary’s ascension to Heaven, The Daily Mail reports. Catholic protestors demonstrated Warsaw’s Bemowo Airport, where the Material Girl performed in front of thousands at for her Sticky & Sweet world tour. Raised Catholic, Madonna has been a follower of the Kabbalah, a mystical offshoot of Judaism, since 1994. Her controversial performances have regularly upset the Catholic Church.

Researchers say Florida’s population has declined for the first time in 63 years and economists are blaming - what else? - the recession. The head of the University of Florida’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research says Monday that the state’s total population dropped by 58,000 in the past year. It’s the first decline since large numbers of military personnel left the state in 1946 after World War II. Bureau director Stan Smith says not as many people are moving to the Sunshine State since its tax revenues have plunged and it has seen jobs leave. Would-be Floridians also are finding themselves stuck in homes that they can’t sell, so they can’t afford the move.

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Nude video of celeb couple hits Internet

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A lawyer for celebrity couple Eric Dane of “Grey’s Anatomy” and teen horror flick star Rebecca Gayheart is threatening to sue anyone who publishes a copy of video featuring his clients and a former Hollywood madam filming each other in the buff, TMZ reports. Marty Singer, who represents the couple, told TMZ the third party in the video Kari Ann Peniche “had no idea” how the film was leaked onto the Internet site Singer told TMZ the tape does not show his clients having sex: “From what I’ve seen it’s a naked tape, not a sex tape. At most it’s three people maybe wanting to have sex.” At one point in the video, TMZ reports, Gayheart can be heard saying she needs to lie down because she’s so high.

In California, what goes up continues to go up

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Not Melo about his money Nuggets star suing business manager

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Carmelo Anthony is suing his former business manager, alleging he misappropriated more than $2 million of the Denver Nuggets star’s assets. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Sacramento, Calif., on Monday, alleges that Anthony’s former business manager, Larry W. Harmon, and employees of Larry Harmon & Associates P.A., breached their fiduciary duties by transferring $1.75 million of Anthony’s money without his knowledge or consent to a company formed by Harmon, most of it in 2008. Another $265,500 was discovered to have been invested in third parties without Anthony’s knowledge or consent between 2005 and 2008, according to the lawsuit, which seeks recovery of the approximately $2 million, plus punitive damages. Anthony is entering the fourth year of a five-year, $80 million contract extension he signed in 2006. —The Associated Press Nuggets star player Carmelo Anthony, left, and LaLa Vezquez arrive at the 9th Annual BET Awards on Sunday, June 28, 2009, in Los Angeles. Carmelo is suing his former business manager for misappropriation of assets. AP Photo.

Olympic champion skier Picabo Street has baby boy

BEST DECK IN VAIL • EUROPEAN PASTRIES 970-476-8899 • Vail Village, 100 E.Meadow Drive

Olympic champion skier Picabo Street has given birth to her second child, a boy. Dax Meyer Street Reeser was born in Birmingham,

Ala. on Aug. 3, the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association announced Saturday. “He’s perfect,” Street said. The American was the super G gold medalist at the 1998 Nagano Olympics. —The Associated Press

Op en Su nd ay s1 0a m No w

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Reports: Raider’s coach fractured assistant’s jaw Tom Cable allegedly punched out Randy Hanson By Dean Blazier Special to the Mountaineer Don’t mess with the Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable or, in the words of Anchorman Ron Burgandy, he might have Jack Johnson and Tom O’Leary waiting for you. Several media outlets reported Monday that Cable punched assistant coach Randy Hanson during training camp on Aug. 6 in Napa, Calif. Hanson reportedly did not want to pursue the matter, but staff at Queen of the Valley Hospital alerted authorities, according to Hanson suffered a fractured jaw, but the Napa Police are considering the matter closed “unless we are re-contacted by the victim, and the victim changes their mind that they want us to follow through and pursue an investigation. At this point we’re not doing anything else with it.” The Raiders did not respond to a call for comment. Hanson could not be reached.

10 Pizza

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable looks deep in thought. He may be contemplating whether he will hit assistant coach Randy Hanson with a left or a right. AP Photo.

US cyclist Tyler Farrar wins Hamburg race


Tyler Farrar of the United States has won the Hamburg Cyclassics race, breaking away in the home stretch to beat Matti Breschel of Denmark and Gerald Ciolek of Germany. Farrar, who rides for the GarminSlipstream team, covered the 134.5 miles in 5 hours, 30 minutes, 38 seconds on Sunday. Several breakaway attempts through-

out the race on the mostly flat course came up short. A multiple crash near the end did not affect any leading riders. Farrar started racing at the age of 13. Earlier this year he won Stage 3 at the Tirreno-Adriatico. He didn’t win any stages at this year’s Tour de France, but he took 2nd in Stage 2 and Stage 11 and 3rd in Stage 10. —The Associated Press

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009



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not traveling. She is on a quest to win five gold medals at the February 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. “Lindsey is truly a hometown girl made good, and we could not be prouder to continue to be by her side on her epic quest to achieve five gold medals in Vancouver,” Rob Katz, Vail Resorts’ chief executive officer, said in a statement. Vonn will promote the Epic Pass, a season pass good at all five of the company’s resorts — Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone and Heavenly in Lake Tahoe, as well as Arapahoe Basin in Colorado that costs $599. She already is scheduled to appear at ski shows and consumer events this fall. “We’re really excited that Lindsey will be coming home,” said Aldo Radamus, executive director of Ski & Snowboard Club Vail, her hometown ski club. “All of the kids look up to her as a model. She is a great champion.” Vonn is scheduled to train on the new early-season snow at Golden Peak the third week of November, Radamus said. Vail Resorts recently got the go-ahead from the U.S. Forest Service to make more early-season snow on Golden Peak. “In between extensive travel … it’s an opportunity for our kids to see her,” Radamus said. “She is the face of American amateur sports around the world for her achievements and for the role model she is.” Vail Mountain is Vonn’s favorite resort. The 24-year-old and her husband currently live in Park City, Utah, but she learned to ski race in Vail. “I am always striving to achieve excellence in everything I do on the snow. I could not be more proud to partner with Vail Resorts because they share the same values as I do,” Vonn said in a statement. “Everyone there is as passionate about the mountains as I am.” The ski racer is considered to be one of the most successful, ever. She competes in the downhill, the Super G, the giant slalom, the slalom and the super combined ski race events and is the


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only American woman to have won two World Cup Overall titles in 2008 and in 2009. Vonn has made the World Cup podium 47 times, the most of any U.S. female, including 22 victories. In the 2009 winter season, she achieved a record nine World Cup wins in a single season. She holds the World Cup Overall and downhill titles (2008 and 2009), the World Cup Super G title (2009) and four World Championships medals: Gold in downhill and Super G (2009) and silver in Downhill and Super G (2007). She also competed in both the 2002 and 2006 Olympic Winter Games. At the 2006 Winter Games in Torino, Italy, she crashed in a training run prior to the downhill event, but went on to compete while injured, finishing in eighth place in the downhill and seventh in the Super G. Vonn’s courageous performance earned her the U.S. Olympic Committee’s “Olympic Spirit” award. Vonn was born in Burnsville, Minn., and she and her family commuted to Vail for training for several years before finally moving there permanently in the late 1990s to further her racing career.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vail Mountaineer


VRD’s LaSportiva 10K at 10,000 results

Div. Overall Name Time Male 19 & Under 1. 12 Tony Ryerson 2. 22 Chris Woods 3. 61 Eric Spry 55:41 4. 95 David Suarez 1:00:27 5. 125 Caleb Krueger 6. 164 Ethan Cotton 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Female 19 & Under 23 Kenzie Grant 35 Amelia Ortiz 50 McKenzie Stevens 54:25 53 Tess Olson 54:50 119 Maddie Stevens 1:03:32 126 Mikhaila Redovian 1:04:03 134 Bridget Moffet 1:05:04 149 Sally Ryerson 1:08:07 173 Kara Redovian 1:13:31 174 Haille Hogfeldt 1:13:34 184 Paige Olson 1:16:13 186 Hailey Hultquist 1:16:35 198 Sydney Idzikowski 1:22:17

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

Male 20 to 29 4 Trevor Johannsen 5 Darren Brungardt 44:33 11 Joel Schwab 46:40 13 Sam Brandt 46:44 17 Erik Nelsestuen 20 Michael Beach 49:24 30 Peter Honek 51:00 31 Garrett Owenbey 51:02 36 Brent Robinson 51:29 40 Zach Przybeckz 51:49 49 Charles Cundiff 54:22 54 Adrian Gomez 54:51 57 Andrew Daily 55:02 65 Marcus McKindra 56:12 66 John LaConte 56:15 67 Adam Gomez 56:18 91 Adam Khawaja 1:00:04 94 Josh Geiger 1:00:17 116 Greg Hunt 1:02:59 118 John Victor 1:03:16 131 Clark Wilkinson 1:05:01 156 Jonathan Zeschin 1:10:07 158 Connor Hay 1:10:13 196 Matt Burton 1:21:53

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Female 20 to 29 28 Kristi Pelz 50:49 55 Michelle Hiland 54:51 80 Tina Helquist 58:23 86 Jane Browness 58:48 93 Tricia Class 106 Liz Turner 1:01:28 107 Sarah Turner 121 Lauren Meehan 127 Susan Cundiff 143 Aryn Schlichting 1:06:24 147 Monica Salazar 1:08:04 160 Rachel Friedman 1:10:37 169 Emily Caveness 1:12:21 183 Adrienne Thomas 188 Rachel Katzmann 202 Mindy Hoffman

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Male 30 to 39 2 Brad Zoller 42:35 8 William Desportes 45:50 10 Troy Brennan 46:38 16 Brian Johnson 47:55 19 Jon Boord 48:58 21 Richard Gregory 49:35 29 David Mendozza 51:00 33 Lance Arnold 51:20 38 Jamie Pieroni 51:32 42 Frank Holmes 52:01 45 Myles Sibley 53:05 46 Stefan Muszala 53:20 51 Trent Mera

46:40 49:41 1:03:56 1:11:23 49:42 51:24



1:00:08 1:01:29 1:03:37 1:04:04

1:15:56 1:17:48 1:23:59


14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38.

56 Thomas Robinson 54:58 60 Andy Sheahen 55:40 63 Chris Sullivan 55:48 72 Nate Beckwith 56:35 74 Thomas Cook 56:55 75 Alex Potente 56:59 76 Thomas Van Cleave 56:59 78 Rich Norton 57:18 83 Mike Shepherd 58:29 84 Clive Egan 58:30 87 Keith Nuber 59:29 90 Kyle Walker 59:56 100 Scott Cary 1:00:47 102 Gary Sakryd 1:01:10 103 Matt Whalen 1:01:25 104 Jonathan Hopkins 1:01:27 105 Gabriel Reynoso 1:01:28 108 Ben Coon 1:01:50 109 Fred Schuth 1:01:54 111 Chester Choctaw 1:02:33 113 Patrick Brown 1:02:35 114 Ryan Murray 1:02:37 138 Donald Daily 1:05:28 178 Scott Baughman 1:14:50 191 Jamie Garrett 1:19:49

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33.

Female 30 to 39 18 Megan Boord 34 Petra Hartmann 51:23 37 Jody Diemar 47 Megan Potente 53:48 48 Amy Reynolds 54:16 58 Lara Large 55:24 59 Mindy McNitt 55:36 70 Katie Jones 56:30 79 Janet Blevins 58:21 81 Nina McVicker 58:24 82 Bean Prowse 58:25 88 Christy Cary 59:45 101 Valarie Blevins 1:01:04 110 Sharon O’Grady 112 Brooke Keystone 1:02:34 129 Julie Peterson 1:04:36 132 Tanya Walker 1:05:02 133 Sarah Goldstein 1:05:02 135 Cathy Bernasek 1:05:09 142 Heather Mock 1:06:24 144 Chaucey Edwards 1:06:57 151 Tiffany Burnette 1:08:55 159 Julie Miles-Colthup 1:10:15 175 Elizabeth Caveness 1:13:35 176 Celynn McClarrinon 1:13:38 179 Kathy Desportes 1:14:56 185 Micki Hultquist 1:16:22 192 Ann Massa 1:21:12 193 Patricia Lauria 1:21:13 197 Wendy Miller 1:21:56 204 Denise Penny 1:27:22 205 Kimberly Sorrell 1:28:17 208 Vivian Haik 1:38:15

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Male 40 to 49 1 Andy Ames 41:21 3 Eric Hermann 6 Dan Nielsen 14 Shawn Scholl 25 Karl Edgerton 50:32 26 Hannes Spaeh 50:36 39 John Arnot 51:33 41 Craig Spoelhof 51:58 43 Ron Wheeler 52:41 44 Matt Johnson 53:03 62 Tom McGonagle 55:42 64 Philip Snyder 56:08 68 Gregory Bannec 56:20 71 John Czarnecki 56:31 73 Mark Devlin 56:54 96 Joe Benvegnu 1:00:31 98 John Kuriger 1:00:38 117 Andrew Demarco 1:03:03 120 Scott Neeb 1:03:34 122 Glen Colthup 1:03:39

Dentistry that fits your lifestyle

The Vail Rec District hosted the La Sportiva 10K at 10,000 feet trail running race on Sunday, here are the results. The final race of the Trail Running Series is the La Sportiva Evergold 10K on Sept. 13. It will traverse from the golf club to Vail Mountain, taking runners nearly all the way to Lionshead via single track trails and then back to the golf club. Registration is available by calling 479-2280.

48:21 51:30


Heather Mock runs in the 2009 10K @ 10,000. Scott McClarrinon photo.

43:26 45:34 47:16

21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33.

124 Dan Dugaw 1:03:55 139 Bill Grimm 145 Shawn Begley 1:07:00 146 Phillip Howe 1:07:36 148 Randy Castle 1:08:06 152 Don Casturo 1:08:57 153 Nick Kemp 1:09:15 171 Matthew Smith 1:12:28 172 Nelson Gimpes 1:13:01 180 Stephen Robertson 1:15:12 181 Scott Burns 1:15:50 199 Jeff O’Hara 1:23:22 203 Carlos Hellmund 1:27:06

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

Female 40 to 49 15 Susan Nuzum 69 Stephenie Scholl 77 Jane Reaves 57:04 97 Robyn Bryant 1:00:37 128 Sue Bardsley 1:04:29 130 Jennifer Kemp 136 Terri Krueger 137 Judy Grotke 1:05:13 140 Traci Case 1:06:14 154 Victoria Knight-Allen 157 Beatrix Howe 1:10:08 167 Jeanmarie Mendesh 170 Helga Adasz 177 Mary Cotton 189 Ellie Depew 190 Christine Grimm 1:19:48 200 Karen Kuriger 1:23:38 Male 50 to 59 7 Kevin Deigham


Tuesday Night

Best Blue Plate Special ce


10 oz. NY Strip Steak

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At the Eagle Diner

328-7304 | Hablamos Español | Payment plans available

0112 West Chambers Avenue, Eagle 328-1919 Mon - Sat 6 am - 9 pm, Sun 7 am - 9 pm


47:18 56:28

1:04:44 1:05:11 1:09:26 1:11:57 1:12:27 1:14:12 1:19:05


2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

9 John Victoria 24 Nick Fickling 50:15 27 Karl Fauland 50:47 32 Paul Olson 51:08 52 Peter Halvorson 54:49 85 David Kelble 58:34 89 Matt Siebert 59:51 115 Joe Courtney 1:02:40 161 Gallo Pinto 1:10:37 182 Randy Allen 1:15:51 194 John Dibattista 1:21:31 195 Andrew Brinkman 1:21:49

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Female 50 to 59 99 Priscilla Courtney 1:00:42 141 Kathryn Stuart 1:06:16 155 Marcela Salazar 1:10:01 162 Dianne Olson 1:10:41 168 Diane Hughes 1:12:20

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Male 60 & Over 92 Jim Mykleby 123 Gary Muhrlre 150 Tom Edwards 1:08:38 163 Marlin Smickley 165 Phil Carter 207 Michael Jaffe

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Female 60 & Over 166 Gail Scoby 187 Bob Tonvestad 1:17:44 201 Pat Tonvestad 1:23:51 206 Joan Miller 1:30:08 209 Ellen Colrick 1:39:00


1:00:05 1:03:50 1:11:19 1:11:30 1:37:51 1:11:53



Vail Mountaineer

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Musicians not known for their common sense ... Thin Crust Pizza w/purchase of any large pizza

• Take it hot • Bake at home Lionshead 476-5232 • Edwards 926-2220

Sew Fantastic Alterations and Home Decor

Well, it wasn’t the most expensive instrument ever to have been left in a New York City taxi ... NEW YORK (AP) — A musician is reunited with his 18th-century violin after he mistakenly left in a New York City cab. City taxi officials say a GPS device in the cab led to the quick return of the instrument to Korean violinist Hanh-Bin on Monday. The violin is valued at around $600,000. The musician had taken a cab from Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts to his Chinatown apartment early Monday morning. He inadvertently left behind the violin and a credit card. In 2001, musician Lynn Harrell left behind a 328-yearold Stradivarius cello worth $4 million. In 1999, cellist Yo-Yo Ma forgot his $2.5 million, 266-year-old cello. Both instruments were eventually returned to their owners.

Marcy D. Tracy

Seamstress/Designer Avon • 688-4868 Cell • 760-746-0419

Great for College! Werks Traveler 22” MSRP $500

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Edwards Riverwalk (Down from Starbucks)

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Will was thrilled to get his haircut at Timberline Barbers in Vail on Monday. Stop in for a quick haircut with Karl at Timberline Barbers and pick up a cigar from their new humidor while your at it.

Announcing our

“Take Care of You” Stimulus Package



One hour massage

Schedule and receive your massage before Aug. 31, 2009 and pay $45 per appointment for the rest of the year until Dec. 15, 2009. Kathy Kosierowski, C.M.T. 331-7570 Laura Silverstein, C.M.T. 390-9039 Offer valid for in-office visit only. Not valid with any other offer.

Covered Bridge Coffee and Loaded Joes brew it up right! Kenny at CBC makes the fresh bean daily at one of the many locally owned and operated coffee houses throughout the Valley. Kenny is located in Vail so, as you walk through the covered bridge, let your sense of smell take over and follow your nose.

24th Annual Casual Classic Bike Ride Saturday, August 22, 2009

Benefiting ECOTrails and the Sonnenalp Foundation Pre-Registration required at (no same day registration accepted)

7-8 am

Check-in at Sonnenalp Hotel with Continental Breakfast Load-up on bus to go to Breckenridge and pedal back 38 miles

OR Ride roundtrip from the hotel and back for a total of 76 miles

11:30 am-2:30 pm

Bully Ranch BBQ Buffet celebration with silent auction, giftbags and prizes. Sonnenalp Resort of Vail


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wherever you are, Prudential is there. Whether you are in Vail, Avon, Lionshead or anywhere else in the Valley, there is a Prudential office nearby with representatives waiting to assist you with anything you need.

Snap Caps now at

328-5566 1143 Capital Street, Eagle

Nightly Dinner Specials under $20 5:30 - 9pm


$ 95 Lunch Special 11am - 4pm Daily Serving Pizza Daily 11am -Close

Bridge Street’s ONLY Late Night Food! 476-5070 • 291 Bridge St.

Vail Mountaineer


Freedom is not free, but the Mountaineer is! Sergeant David Callahan and Sergeant Mike Ferrell read the Mountaineer while they are in town visiting from Camp Robinson in Arkansas. We found them picking up sandwiches at Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli. This week’s signature sandwich is the Hell’s Kitchen with a choice of coleslaw and potato salad and a drink for $5.99.


Vail Mountaineer

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Soap box derby? Remodeling? Alpine Lumber has wood for all of your needs. Call Nick, Rob, Mike, and Mike for more information 328-6255.

Beaver Liquors owner David takes a break to taste a few different wines presented to him by Kenneth, a local area mountain wine rep, and Damon Ornowski a Master Sommilier. Damon is one of 100 Masters in the world and Beaver Liquors was blessed with his presence recently. This is the place to buy your wine.

Kelly has a new guy in her life! He’s Tucker, her 3-month-old Golden Retriever ... isn’t he cute!


Garden Goodies

!L E A

available at our Eagle store

Riverwalk Edwards (across from the theater) 926-5888 321 Broadway Downtown Eagle 328-4888





Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vail Mountaineer


Love that Lion! Cheyenne Summers, Jennifer Ponsa, Jay Matesanz and Justin Bell were all on duty at the Red Lion the other day when Sully appeared with his whippin stick and, after struggling with the staff for what seemed like hours, he managed to get them to pose for this photo. The Red Lion is a must eat while in Vail, and if you time it just right, you might get a chance to sing along with the ever-so-famous Phil Long up on the stage.

Meet Carter Joseph Goulet, born Sunday, July 12 at 12:29 p.m. in the Vail Valley Medical Center. He’s pictured with his proud parents Dave and Emily Goulet, longtime locals who reside in historic Minturn. If you see this beautiful family around in Minturn or in the Valley, give them a big congratulations. Welcome to Earth, Carter, love the Vail Mountaineer.

Whether you want rafting, to learn how to buzz around on a Segway or both, let the experienced team of guides at Sage Outdoor Adventures in Lionshead get you up and active. Located in the Charter Sports building, 476-3700

Your neighborhood barbershop

is finally here!

Riverwalk BARBERSHOP Janice and Jim, Owners


In Riverwalk, Edwards across from Kitchen Collage.

No appointments necessary

Hours M-F 9:30-6, Sat 9:30-1:30, Closed Sun.

• Showcase Dealer • Custom Blinds & Drapes • Manual Motorized

Krista Behr, Owner

Serving Vail Valley Clientele since 1991

328-4331 376-8085


% Off

Bottles of Wine Where Quality isn’t Expensive!

Lunch: TUES - FRI • 11:30a-2:30p Dinner: TUE - SUN • 5:00p-CLOSE Brunch: SAT - SUN • 8:00a-2p Blue Plate Bistro 845-2252 • Avon



Vail Mountaineer

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

$ 99 Sandwich of the week

Hell’s Kitchen

egg salad, bacon, swiss cheese, & cajun sauce

Comes with potato salad or cole slaw & a 16 oz. drink Exp:8/21/09

Mon - Fri: 7am-4pm • Sat - Sun: 8am-4pm Conveniently Located at 150 Cooley Mesa Rd.


Diane (on the left) is the newest member of the hair cutting wizards at Just Cuts in Avon. This is a real salon with super nice ladies who provide excellent hair and tanning services.


% off

All Rack n’ Roll Summer Clothing

2 115 for

Organic Facials

% off

Organic Spray Tans

The Best Spa Prices in the Valley 970-476-3SPA

In Lionshead


• Conventional 30 yr. fixed 4.875% 5.010% APR • FHA-VA refinancing no credit qualifying No pay stubs, W2’s or bank statements • Purchases - 3.5% down/CASH out 85% LTV

“The Locals Choice”

“Still my favorite restaurant in Vail” Gourmet Magazine

Call NOW and ask about FREE or NO Appraisals Ask for the low rate program FHA, VA & Conventional

(970) 328-1728 Unibell Financial, Inc.

Vail • 970.476.0125

Information regarding LMB #100010059 go to

Serving lunch & dinner 7 days a week

94 Market St., Ste. #204, Eagle, CO

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Aries (March 21-April 19): A commitment you cannot fulfill is bothering you. Weaseling out of things is what separates us from the animals. Except the weasel. Taurus (April 20-May 20): A difficult problem comes up today. The short answer is “yes.” The long answer is “no.”Gemini (May 21-June 21): In your world, you are the glue that keeps things moving. Cancer (June 22-July 22): Try a new tact when dating. You’ve been on so many blind dates that you should get a free dog. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22): There are two rules for success you should remember. Rule one -- don’t tell everything you know. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Consider a career as a plagiarist.

Vail Mountaineer

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Sacred cows make the best hamburgers. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): You’ll get some new underwear today. Well, at least it will be new to you. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): You’re too mature if you paint the walls of your apartment for a reason other than getting your deposit back. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): It will occur to you in a dream -- if #2 pencils are the most popular, why are they still #2? Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Step up your schedule of exercise. Instead of buns of steel, you have buns of cinnamon. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): If you tell your boss you were late for work because you had a flat tire, the very next morning you will have a flat tire.

If today is your birthday: Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.




Fill in the blank squares so that each row, each column and each 3-by-3 block contain all of the digits 1 thru 9. If you use logic you can solve the puzzle without guesswork. Need a little help? Use the Hint to identify the next square you should solve. Answers will be posted next day.

For more puzzles visit:


Take the hills out of the ride The ultimate commuter bike, light, efficient and reliable. It looks like a slick city bike - and it is - but so much more than meets the eye. And so is the savvy person riding it.

Twist Freedom Hybrid Cycling Technology

Sale All Giant Bikes





Mostly Sunny

Mostly Sunny

Mostly Sunny

Mostly Sunny

HI 74˚ LOW 40˚

HI 74˚ LOW 41˚

HI 73˚ LOW 42˚

HI 77˚ LOW 44˚

Half the work and twice the fun! Try one out at Bike Valet

$39.00 Bike Tune Special • Road & Mtn Bikes

Bike Valet 476-7770

Located at 520 E. Lionshead Circle • Next to Old Forge Pizza



Vail Mountaineer

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Apartment Store

It’s OFF SEASON and your rental isn’t rented. Who you gonna call?


For Rent

For Rent Mountaineer

For Rent


For only $50 we will publish your rental classified for one month. Call the Andy at 926-6602, or email at, and he’ll help you place your ad. It’s simple and that inexpensive (cheap).

For Rent

For Rent



Why Pay Hundreds to Rent Your Place? Please mention this ad for this special rate.

Wall repairs, remodels, patching, room additions, etc. No job too large or small. Clean, courteous and reliable. Texturing specialist. Affordable pricing. References available from many satified customers.

75K miles. Completely loaded with all the amenities including Bluetooth. Call 303.808.5776

4 Door, 2.4L, 4-Speed Automatic, 22,165 Miles, Stock #6596A $17,991 Emich Volkswagen 888-413-5024 2 Door, 2.0L, Contact for Mileage, 5281 $3,991

Why Pay Hundreds to sell your stuff? Place an ad for just $35/week. Call Andy at 970.926.6602 or Email

an experienced Sales Associate with bookkeeping skills for our Edwards, CO Design Center location. Please send cover letter and resume to Ann Waller, Glenwood Springs Store Manager at: or call 970.928.9422

5 spd, 34K miles. Sunroof and Sound, Pwr Everything! Very Clean! Habla Espanol!

Jeremy 970-566-3214

Specializing in: O utdoor Kitchens Water Features Hard S c apes O utdoor Firepits

• Carpet & Upholstery • Tile & Grout Cleaning • Spot Removal • Pet Odor Treatment • Carpet Protectant

Commercial & Residential Environmentally Safe Products Bonded & Insured 24/7 Emergency Service Se Habla Espanol

King Size Bed Frame from Scandanavian Designs, Dark wood, big four post bed ...real nice. Queen size natural wood bed frame from pottery barn ...also real nice. Call for Prices

POSTION OF PARISH ADMINISTRATOR We are accepting resumes for this full-time position, effective immediately. Interested persons should have a background in administration and finance and be able to manage the fiscal needs of the parishes of St. Clare and St. Mary’s. Please send resumes to: SEARCH COMMITTEE, St. Clare of Assisi Parish, P.O. Box 1390 Edwards 81632. or applications and a Job Description is available at the parish office at Blue with Camper, tow package, 4.7L, 138K, Auto, very clean.

Couch, Dresser and 4 black bar stools

Get all 3 for total Call 970.471.6370

Various sizes, 28”x80” - 36”x80”. 8 with frame, removed from High End remodel. Call 970.333.1671

6 ft. bed with 5th wheel attachment and line-X bedliner. Mega-cab, grey leather/wood grain trim interior, black exterior heated seats, sunroof, navigation/on-star system, 6 disc changer, 5.9L auto, cold air intake system, 4 in. exhaust, chrome brush guard, great condition/well maintained. 90,000 miles.

ST. CLARE OF ASSISI MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHING POSITION OPEN St. Clare School is seeking a full time math/ science teacher for middle school, Grades 5-8. Teacher must be licensed with a math endorsement. Please send resume to:

or call 970-926-8980 x202. ATHLETIC DIRECTOR/ COACH Seeking qualified applicant for part time afterschool position OF athletic director/coach.

Sleeps 2 to 3, 86,000 miles, Runs Well, Located in Eagle Call 970.376.1527

Call 970.3331671

White, gray cloth, 6 disc CD, Satellite radio, power windows/ locks, 12k lb winch, mega cab, 85K miles, new engine with 3yr/75k mile warranty. Less than 500 miles on engine. Call 970.390.6308

Excellent condition, new tires and extra winter wheels and tires, 117K. Seats 7 or makes a queen bed with a breakfast table. Ready for your adventure. Priced below blue book value! Call 970.904.6408

2 Door, 1.0L, 5-Speed Automatic, 16,780 Miles, Stock #P7533 $13,992

4 Door, 2.5L, Manual w/ Premium Package, 85,295 Miles, 8856 $9,991

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Quote of the day

Vail Mountaineer


Buy, Sell, Rent, or Find

926-6602 Large, Bright studio, full kitchen, fireplace, W/D, spacious patio, views, on bus route.

“I am not the editor of a newspaper and shall always try to do right and be good so that God will not make me one.” – Mark Twain

On Red River NW Wichita Falls, TX. 300 acres, all or part, natural springs, wildlife, high bluffs, owner financing.

call 970.376.3204

Large 2Bd, 2Ba end unit overlooking the Eagle River, with Mountain views. Stainless appliances, office area, garage + extra parking space. NS/NP.

4Bd, 2.5Ba, large fenced yard, 2 car garage, huge unfinished basement for storage, W/D hookups, NS, Pets Negotiable, walk to school & town. Call 970.688.1303

Sonnenhalde, 2Bd, 2Ba, WD, FP, 2 Decks, NS. 1 yr Lease $1650/month 2 yr Lease $1550/month

Call 970.376.1833

New 2 bedroom, 2 bath Loft on Broadway, All Appliances, A/C, NS, prefer NP. Large 2Bd, 1Ba lockoff. All appliances, Util Included. NS, prefer NP Call 970.390.0492

Castle Peak Townhomes, 3 Bd, 2.5 Ba, 2 Car garage, Fully Furnished, NS/NP, Utilities not included, Gym Membership included, Long term prefered Call 970.390.2402

Call 970.331.6121 or 626.253.6800

2Bd, 2Ba, new construction loft style condo in Avon across I-70 from Beaver Creek. Spacious 1 car garage + 1 Extra Space. W/D in unit, cats okay. No Smoking, Available Immediately.

andy@ vailmountaineer. com

Available now! 1 bed with private bath in Eagle Ranch condo. Near movie theater, restraunts, Starbucks. Dogs Considered. No lease required, move in for $975 with 6 month or longer lease, or rent the entire 2 Bd, 2Ba condo for

Castle Peak Townhomes, 3Bd, 2.5 Ba, 2 Car Garage, Fully Furnished, NS/NP, Utilities not included, Gym Membership included, Long term preferred Call 970.390.2402

Call Sarah at 970.331.3850 Villas at Brett Ranch, 3 Bd, 3Ba, 1 Car Garage, Unfurnished, NS/NP, Pool & Hot Tub, Heat included in the rent, Long term preferred, On the River with great views

n 4 Door, 2.8L, 5-Speed Auto, 72,981 Miles, 719 $10,991

Call 970.390.2402

Buck Creek, 2Bd, 2Ba, on bus route. Hardwood floors, Your patio is on the lake. NS. 1st, last mon deposit.

4WD, 4 Door, 4.0L, 4-Speed Auto, 87,225 Miles, 5274 $8,991

Remodeled 1 bedroom condo. On the bus route, walk to skiing, rec. center, lake, bike path. Near restraunts and shops.

For Rent Avon Roommate 1 or 2 roommates in 3Bd, 2.5Ba duplex. On free bus route and Nottingham Lake. NS, pets considered $650/mo negotiable + Utilities (couples a bit more) call 970.376.3204

Large 2Bd, 2Ba end unit overlooking the Eagle River, with Mountain views. Stainless appliances, office area, garage + extra parking space. NS/NP.

Call 970.331.6121 or 626.253.6800

Fantastic 1/2 Duplex - A Must see. Unfurnished, 3Bd, 3.5 Ba, Gigantic 2 3/4 Car Garage, 3 Covered Decks, Fenced Yard, W/D, Gas FP, HW Floors, Granite Slab, Stainless Appl., In Floor Gas Heat, Tons of Storage, Directly Across from Park, Vaulted Ceilings, Pets? N/S. Year Lease only. Call 970.949.4886

3 Bd, 3ba very Spacious Wildridge Townhome. 1 car garage. Partially furnished. Avail 7/1, NS/NP

4 Bd, 2.5 Ba Bluff’s Townhome, garage, backs to BLM, Fireplace, W/D, NS, no dogs, new 2005, HALF OFF first month’s rent with one year lease. call 970.390.2045

2 Bd, 2Ba, Furnished, W/D, NS/NP. $1400/month 3 bd, 2.5 Ba, A/C, NS, pets OK with approval, Garage

2Br plus SLEEPING LOFT, 2.5 Ba, 1 car garage, W/D, Furnished, ON Cul-De-Sac, Great Yard, NS, NP. Great Home, Great Quality of Life!

Where’s the SUN? It’s here every morning, but for how long? See page 19 for details

Large 1Bd, 1Ba Lock off, Partially Furnished, Walk-in closet, add’l storage and great views. W/D, DW, private entrance, NS, Pets nego., no fence. Util., Dish, Internet included.

Remodeled 3 Bd, 4 Ba townhome, onsite pool/hot tub, furnished or unfurnished. Pets negotiable as well as 1st, last, and deposit to be paid over a few months. Year lease Req. Call Sam at: 970.477.2990 or 970.331.1519

Call 970.926.2713 4 Door, 1.8L, 5-Speed Automatic, 44,390 Miles, Stock #P5479 $16,593 888-413-5024

Remodeled 2 Bd, 1 Ba, located across from Avon Elem. School. NP, NS, unfurnished New SS Kitchen appliances, 2 assigned parking.

Nice 3BR, 3Ba, Single family home with 3 car garage on 11 acres. Horses allowed. 6-12 month lease. Call 970-390-1898

Call 970-376-2468

Room w/Bath in 2Bd Condo at the Reserve on Eagle River. N/S N/P Pool Call 970.376.3715

Edwards, $600/month, share utilities, first/last. Bus route, washer/dryer. NSNP

call 970.376.0626

2Br, 2Ba condo in The Reserve. W/D, gas fireplace, large closets, lots of storage, deck overlooking the river. Pool club included. Pets?? Yearly lease.

Call 970.333.1671

2 Bd, 2Ba, plus Loft. End unit with Beautiful Mountain views overlooking the Eagle River. W/D, A/C, Granite Countertops, garage, NS/NP.

3 Bd, 2.5 Ba, 1 car garage. Partial or unfurnished. Gym membership included. Short/Long Term Lease. NS/NP.

Dauphinais Real Estate

Call 970.926.5570

Fully Furnished, calm, clean, no drinking, no drugs, parking space, NP. Available Now, month to month.

Mary Von 390-9230.

Call Laura 970.688.0721

Call Marybeth 970.390.3913

Sunridge - Furnished! 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Immediate Occupancy No Pets

FREE HAIRCUTS! With signing of a lease for one room in a fantastic 4BR/3BA condo on the bus route in Homestead. Chill with fun roommates, work out on the indoor climbing wall (or available health club), and walk to all the night life in Edwards. W/D, no pets,

Very Nice 3Bd, 3Ba, Townhomes, Garage, A/C, Views, Granite, FP, Deck, W/D & More. NS/NP. 1st & Deposit $1795/mo w/Lease or ?

4 Bd, 3 Ba, 2 Car Garage, 1/2 duplex, unfurnished, NS/NP. A Must See! 970.343.0163

2 Bed, 2 Bath, Mountain Stream condo, Furnished, on river, NS/NP.

Meadow Village Townhomes. 3 Bd, 3Ba, Remodeled, partially furnished, Gym membership included for 2 persons. NS/NP, Utilities not included. Long term lease preffered.


Call 970.390.2402

Vail Mountaineer

Get your place rented for cheap, and your wallet (or money clip) will thank you.

Rentals througout the valley


Tuesday, August 18, 2009 1 Bd, 1 Ba, apt. available 9/1. NS/NP, year lease, has living room/dining area and kitchenette. Quiet tenant pls. 1st, last & Sec. Call 970.376.2551

Homestead Meadows Condo, 3Bd, 2Ba, Fireplace, W/D, NS/NP, Club Membership included. First, last, $750 deposit.

3 Bed, 3 Bath, Pets Nego. W/ D, next to playground, walking distance to bus stop. 1 Car garage,1st, last, security (Nego.) Available Oct. 1 Call 970.390.9654

Call 970.376.3624 1 Bedroom Apt, W/D, Some Utilities included.

2 rooms at Brett Ranch available in a 3 Bedroom condo Available 7/1, Pool & Hot Tub! First/ Last, Pets Negotiable. Call Eric 970.376.1972

Call 970.343.2276

For Rent Minturn 3 Bd, 2.5 Ba Townhome. 2 Decks, 2 Car Garage. Summer or Year Rental. Unfurnished, NP $2250/month + Utilities or make offer Call Susan 970.926.5363 Call Jeff 970.376.6845

1 Bedroom in 3 Bed mobilehome. 1251 Main St. Please call after 4pm or leave a message

1 Bedroom plus office lockoff. Nice finishes, plenty of parking. Month to month and pets negotiable. Call Laura 970.688.0721

Riverwalk 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 Bath. Washer/dryer, unfurnished, underground parking, 1 pet allowed

Call 970-471-5673

Partially furnished, Avail NOW Call 970.390.3164 3 Bedroom Duplex, Near Eagle River and Park, Fenced Backyard, Fireplace, Garage

Call 970.376.7225

2Bd, 2Ba, W/D, walk-in closet, upper level unit with 2 covered parking spaces. Remaining month of August FREE. 1 month SecDep, NS/NP. Call Debbie 970.390.2798

Studio unit, 1 room with small refrigerator, cook top & sink w/ private entrance. Pets possible, includes utilities. 6-12 month lease.

1 Bd, 1 Ba, NP/NS, Short term or long term lease. 1/3 Utilities and Deposit. Call 970.390.6754 Leave a Message

FREE AUGUST RENT! Large 2Bd, 2 Ba, Condo Available now. W/D, Master with own Private Bath, and Walk-in Closet. 2 assigned covered Parking Spaces. Private Fenced yard & covered Balcony. Some Utilies incl.

For Rent Singletree Duplex, Beautiful views from the great room and Deck! 2014 sqft, 3Bd, 4Ba. Fenced yard with large Laundry. Newly painted, wood/carpet/tile floors Beautiful mature trees. Quiet Neighbors, Single garage w/extra parking spots. Pets Nego. $2350 + Utilities Partially furnished, Avail NOW Call 970.390.3164

1 Bed, 1 Bath NS, NP. Female preferred. Next to hiking trail, ample parking, GREAT PRIVACY.

970.476.9112 or 970.471.5336 Dauphinais Real Estate, Inc.

Prime office space located in the Chapel Square North Building. 7 work stations, 1 corner office, conference room, break/storage area and free underground parking. Fully wired for telephone/data. Call Mike Day 970.949.6000 or Email

Call 970.390.1539

Warehouse Space, several sizes available from 950 - 3158 sq. ft., large overhead doors, 1/2 bath with office space or for storage call 970.376.7225

Avon Center Office with Southwest Views. Call Tracy Bossow 970.688.4843

Beautifully furnished 3Bd, 2Ba condo, located in Vail Convenient, walk to everything, pool, great views. NS, NP. $3,000/month

2BR 2Ba, fireplace, garage. N/S Pets considered pool and hot tub, furnishings optional Call Tracy 970.688.4843

For Rent Commercial Avon Avon Center Office with Southwest Views. $950/month Call Tracy Bossow 970.688.4843

Eagle, across from the Justice Center. 1040 sq ft, 3 separate offices, reception area & conference room. New paint & carpet, ready for your business! Heat included.

Sunny West Vail Studio on bus route. Recently remodeled. Partially furnished. Heat and Electric included. NS/NP. 12 month lease.

2 Bedroom, 1 Bath unfurnished, NS/NP. Location at Chamonix Chalet. NS/NP

Main St., Minturn One desk in real estate office in exchange for greeting occasional customers. No pets. May require references.

Call 970.390.2402

2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Fully Furnished on creek, Adorable Unit 1 Bed, 1 Ba in East Vail. On the river, directly across from bus stop. Great views. NS/NP.

COZY- 2 BR/ LOFT, 1 BA, 5 acres on the Eagle River, Horses Considered, Pets OK, Generous Parking, NS, W/DH/U, GREAT Quality of Life !



Call Channing 970.401.2150 or Email

Call 970-390-1898

Lovely 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath home on the Eagle River. Quiet location, W/D, NS/NP. 1st, last, sec.

Fabulous 5 Bd, 4Ba, Singletree home on the golf course, partially furnished, Hot Tub, NS, Pets Negotiable. 1st and last month required, Deposit can be paid over a few months. Call Sam 970.331.1519

Rustic log Duplex in Lake Creek, no garage, incredible views, Side A, 4Bd, 2Ba. Pets welcome. Call 970.390.7566

Duplex, Beautiful views from the great room and Deck! 2014 sqft, 3Bd, 4Ba. Fenced yard with large Laundry. Newly painted, wood/carpet/ tile floors Beautiful mature trees. Quiet Neighbors, Single garage w/extra parking spots. Pets Nego.


Call Larry 612-817-7414

Elegant Highland Meadows home, 3Bd, 3.5Ba, 2 Car Garage. Fully Furnished TurnKey. Private master suite with jacuzzi, and steam shower. Gourmet kitchen. Beautiful views. 6 or 12 month lease.

3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath Duplex with 2 Car Garage in Chatfield Corners. A/C, NP/NS.

Bargain! 3Bd, 2.5Ba end unit. 1 car garage, unfin. bsmt. Quiet Location near river W/D, Pets OK.

Very Nice, remodeled, contemporary, large (2400sf), 5 Bd, 3Ba, duplex townhome. All appliances, including W/D, fully furnished, gas FP, & single car garage w/ storage. 2 decks and patio with beautiful mountain views! Bus stop right at end of driveway. 4595 Big Horn Rd. unit #3.

Call Jerry 970-827-5328 970-471-6932

Call 970.331.9951 Own Bed/Bath in clean Upper Homestead Townhouse. Cable/Wireless/WD/DW N/S/NP, please. $750/month includes utils. Call Kristin 970.471.0977

andy@ vailmountaineer. com

call 970.376.7225

3 Bd, 2 Ba, Meadow Creek Townhome, Furnished, NS/NP. 2 Car parking close to bus stop. 970.343.0163 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath, Fully Furnished. On bus route, Heat, water, cable included, electricity is extra. NS/NP

Tired of working out of your house? Or are you paying too much rent in Avon or Edwards? Come to warmer quiet stress free Eagle. Commercial, retail, or Office space as low as . Great location on Chambers, just across the street from the court house.

Call 970.390.2402

Brand new large apts, 2Bd, 2Ba, laundry or stackables in unit. Picnic area in back. Must see, NS, Pets Ok w/ approval.

Available 9/1 - Luxury Condo, 1842 SF, 3Bd, 2.5Ba, on Eagle River. Garage, Unfurnished, absolutely no pets, no smokers. 1st, last, $1200 Deposit.

Single Family home on Gore Creek in East Vail, 1300sf, 3Bd, 2Ba, 4316 Streamside Circle. Available 9-1-09

call 970.688.1275

Call 800.864.4408

Call 303.915.4683

Clean 3BR 1.5Ba, Furnished,Util., WiFi, FP, NP, WD, NS, Week, month, Year 970.331.5422

Prime commercial space now available! Excellent rates, great location, easy access, large atrium, lots of parking, fitness center, private ski shuttle, on town bus route.

Open House Nestled against a beautiful hillside and boasting magnificent views, this residence features an open floorplan, 5 Bedrooms, and is steps to world-class skiing and golf.

508 East Arrowhead Drive $1,995,000 Suzi Apple


Colorado Contemporary architecture on the 11th green. Furn. Cust. built, offers exceptional views of NY Mtn, exposed wood beams, 3 Fireplaces, & int. stone wall.


Prudential Colorado Properties

Kathie Cavatio

Sonnenalp Real Estate

Jean Mitchell

970.376.5510 970.331.3236

Charming and Traditional with great space in a great location.

40 Garfield #F $374,500 Susan Matthews


Short Sale pricing for this 3 Bd, 2 Ba low maintenance home w/private fenced yard, HOA maintains front. Custom palstering in 2 bds, slate & ceramic tile w/vaulted ceilings, sky lights, & bright open floor plan

$329,000 Debbie Darrough


3 Bd 3.5Ba w/garage. 2150 sqft newly constructed w/views of the creek. Ski in from vail or walk to the minturn market. High end finishes, custom closets. Priced under market value @ $314/sqft. Brokers welcome.


FSBO call Kristin


Enjoy the wildflower hillside from your private stone patio. 5Bd, 5.5ba Pinions with CCR views.

580E Arrowhead Drive $1,995,000 Suzi Apple


802 Beard Creek Trail. Modern mountain luxury. 5BR, multiple stone verandas, fire pit, large rec room, wine cellar, elevator, & gorgeous views from every room.

802 Beard Creek Trail $4,675,000 Suzi Apple


Sunny 2 story loft! Seller to pay Buyer’s Condo fees for a year! You’ll love walking along the river & enjoying local amenities.

Quartz Building #210 $535,000 Sandra Kelly


Great starter home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, W/D, large yard, low HOA and large storage area. All with sunny south facing deck included.

Priced at only $250,000 Debbie Darrough


5BR masterpiece w/exquisite detailing, unrivaled outdoor living, sumptuous master suite & breathtaking views.

190 Aspen Bluff $5,500,000 Suzi Apple


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2195 Cresta Rd. $9,950,000 Suzi Apple


11,026 sf masterpiece, insp by romantic style found in Italian mtn villages. Stone terraces overlooking Spring Creek, 2 acres of open space, unrivaled outdoor living.

50 Spring Creek $9,500,000 Suzi Apple


Immaculate riverside condo with 2bd/ 2ba + Garage. Get up to 5% off purchase price to use towards down payment + $8000 Tax credit

Villas at Brett Ranch $339,900 Robert Schilling


Four acre horse property w/ irrigation water, adjacent to public land. New 4BR + Office, 3Ba, 3 car garage home with office & satillo tile.

$749,500 Henri Stone


3 Bd, 2 Ba Townhome, Seldom on Market. Great views of mountains off decks of both living room and master. Located right on the golf course. Vaulted Ceilings, garage w/ plenty of storage



Got an open house? Call us and place your information for $20 a weekend

2195 Cresta Rd. Magnificent 7BD ski-in/ ski-out estate. Over 13,700 sq ft, 12 fireplaces, outdoor & indoor waterfalls & stone grotto spa.

$550,000 Teryl Limbocker

Vail Mountaineer


2 Bd + Den, 2 Ba top-floor, corner residence with views of Beaver Creek, and Vail’s Gamecreek Bowl. Remodeled Kitchen and bath, 2 balconies 1 car grg Walk to Gondola, dining, entertainment

Avon Crossing #4-312 $435,000 Michelle Rampelt


Lots of Updates, Combined with the Fabulous Charm of 1908 740 Marion Street $1,050,000 Susan Matthews


186 Brett Trail South. Beautifully furnished new home in 1.04 acres features 4BR suites, a pond and fishing to Lake Creek.

186 Brett Trail South $1,900,000 Suzi Apple


709 Edwards Village Blvd. New 3BR 3Ba SF homes. Featuring Lake Creek views, hardwood floors, stone FPs, & large covered deck.

709 Edwards Village Blvd $695,000 Suzi Apple


This masterpeice sits on the Eagle River and features 4 exquisite bedroom suites, stunning finishes, an expansive covered deck with FP, and dramatic canyon views.

Rainbow Trout Lodge $2,595,000 Suzi Apple


in our Classified Ads

Only $28.80/wk for Photo Real Estate ads Only $35/wk for Classified ads

One of CVC’s finest lots, this exquisite home boasts 6 bd suites, floor-to-ceiling windows, incredible patios, sweeping views, and includes adjacent 1.19-acre lot

81 Elk Run Court $5,000,000 Suzi Apple


Historic And Updated - Five Bedrooms on Large Lot - Bromwell School 130 Gaylord Street $1,875,000 Susan Matthews


137 Main St. Commercial office space w/ wet bar, coffee room, full kitchen, & gorgeous finishes.

137 Main St. $525,000 Suzi Apple


Explosive mtn views, close to town. This well-kept 6BR SF home is 3,700+ sf & situated among aspen & pine. Lg garage & storage. Owners motivated, close 6/22. FHA, VA, & other avail.

MOTIVATED! $329,000 David Whitman


Private 10-acre estate provides an unequal setting for this stunning 5 Bd home. Classic Colorado detailing with polished logs & stone archways exude luxury yet warmth

203 Jouflass Ranch Road $4,250,000 Suzi Apple




Vail Mountaineer


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Blowdry Blowdrying Seminar


per month/unlimited classes

Classes are at 9 am on Tues, Thurs & Sat, and at 6 pm on Tues.

Monday, August 24th • 5-8pm

Bring your tools and we will show you how to style your hair

20% Off

mention this ad for 1 FREE class

NEW hairdryer when you donate yours

Rootz H A I R

Jazzercise of Vail at the Miller Ranch Community Center 970-389-8851


Located in the Annex Building • Avon • 748-6788

Now Accepting Children’s Books At The Green Closet! consignments received ever yday shop often! 214 CAPITOL STREET IN EAGLE Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm Sat & Sun: 11am-4pm

Back to1984the Future Prices


$ 99 8oz.

New York Steak

Shrimp Kabob $1.99 • Teriyaki Chicken $1.99 Mahi Mahi $1.99

While they last! One day only! Tuesday, August 18th ! Doors open at 3:30pm

468-5247 • 347 Blue River Pkwy • Silverthorne