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One of most economically important plant in the world is barley grass. In 2007, it ranked fourth in terms of quantity produced (136 million tons) and in area of cultivation (566,000 sq km) according to agriculture authorities.

What is barley grass? In botany, this is classified as a self-pollinating or monoecious grass that goes by the scientific name of Hordeum vulgare. It has fourteen diploid chromosomes and it has been domesticated through the years. This grass has characteristic spike that bear spikelet that can shatter to disperse its seeds inside. Spikelet is in triplets where only the central spikelet is fertile. The barley cultivars that kept this trait became known as the two-row barleys. A single-gene mutation led to the formation of six-row barleys that has both lateral spikelet becoming viable too. A variety that proves useful is the hulless or "naked" barley that was a popular food crop in the olden days which is now re-discovered for other uses.

What is barley grass that it would have such economic importance? Barley is a good source of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages specifically the two-row barley that has less protein content. This implies having more sugar fit for fermentation. This why the tworow barley is preferred when making beers and ales during malting. English and German beers are traditionally being brewed out of two-row barleys. On the other hand, American lager style beers are traditionally brewed by use of six-row barleys. Interestingly, the two-row barley is becoming increasingly used now in making beer. Barley water and barley tea called “mugicha� common in Japan are both prepared by boiling water with barley. Today, large production is necessary to feed the cattle and swine. It is the principal feed in many industrialized nations like the US, Canada and European countries.

Barley has so many vital nutrients that makes it another super food. Barley contains 8 important amino acids. It is claimed to be effective in controlling the sugar level in the blood. Once the grain is dehulled, it still has bran that makes it nutritious. Barley is still widely used as an ingredient or as a food staple in many countries in the Midle East, Europe, and Africa.

What is barley grass? It is important more than one can imagine. Its importance encroaches on its role in the society that means ensuring food on the table, progress of rural production areas and fostering sustainable development.

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What Barley Grass Means People  
What Barley Grass Means People  

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