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==== ==== Purple has always been the colour of royalty... Follow the link to learn about the amethyst jewellery historical facts. ==== ====

When thinking about giving a special woman a gift she will really enjoy, jewelry is the best advice. But if you're doubtful with this because jewelry is an expensive gift, you will have to think about this since there is one particular gemstone that you can purchase at a reasonable price. This option is to get her an amethyst jewelry set because this will not cost you a lot of money. A typical amethyst set will consist of a pair of earrings and a necklace. At the same time, there are some sets that have a ring or a bracelet. The reason why these come as a set is because each of these pieces has a design that complements or matches one another, for this example, an amethyst stone. Silver or Gold? Commonly, this stone is matched with silver instead of gold. For this, finding an amethyst jewelry which is inlaid in gold is hard to locate. The logic behind why silver is preferred over gold is that the purple hue of the gemstone goes really well with silver. Aside from silver, white gold and platinum are also some options for those who want to have their own jewelry set customized. Cut and Design More often than not, the amethyst stone found in these jewelry sets are being combined with another semi valuable stone such as garnet or peridot. Another idea is to place this gemstone beside pearls because it will really stand out. As for the cut of this precious gem, the usual cut being done is a round cut. The reason for this is because this cut lets the gem show off its purple color. The artistically designed amethyst jewelry sets are usually created in countries such as Africa, Mexico, Thailand and India. Price If you are thinking about giving a gift to a special woman in your life, you can opt for these jewelry sets because they are not very expensive. This is because amethyst is not very hard to find and is very typical. The only exception to this is when the amethyst jewelry you have chosen have been set with diamonds. Throughout the world, amethyst is among the types of quartz that can easily be mined. However, some countries are able to produce a more defined hue of amethyst than other countries. This is why amethysts that have been produce in India have a slight difference from those that have been mined in Thailand. Nevertheless, amethyst jewelry sets are a great gift for the special woman in your life.

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==== ==== Purple has always been the colour of royalty... Follow the link to learn about the amethyst jewellery historical facts. ==== ====

Amethyst Jewelry Set  

Throughout history amethyst or amethyst jewelry has been used to guard people against drunkenness and is believed to be more than helpful in...