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==== ==== To take steps for better work life balance, check this out...... ==== ==== ID: 878276 Author: Roger Millar Date Published: Dec 12, 2007 Title: Why Work - Life Balance Is Bad For You Summary: I was thinking about the term work/life balance and what it means to me, I came to the conclusion that it is not th... Body: I was thinking about the term work/life balance and what it means to me, I came to the conclusion that it is not the ideal situation. I will tell you why below.Definitions Work - A job you get paid for, your main source of income,Life - Activities outside of work, free timeBalance - Equilibrium, two opposing forces canceling each other out.Q Are the two forces of work and life really balanced?Is the balance defined by time?If so it does not balance at all. In a typical example;Working day including travel 10hrs WORKSleep 8hrsWhich leaves 6hrs for LIFEQ What is your balance?Work hrsLife hrsSleep hrsQ Is the balance defined by activity?If so still no balance, looking at the previous example which had 6hrs for Life, other work activities eat into this time such as household chores, childcare duties, sorting out finances etc, this reduces even further the time spent for life.Q What are the 2 main forces in your life which try to create your equilibrium?Work, life, leisure, sleep, rest, hobbies, family, relationships.There are many types of balances but maybe not the kind you wantQ Would you be happy with any of the balances listed below?Love WORK Hate - WORKHate - LIFE Love - LIFEI will now discuss a new term and an ideal to aspire to. This is not balanced at all and will change your life if you apply it.Q If you were 300 feet up in the air walking a tightrope how important would balance be to you?Q If you were walking in the park would you be more interested in balance or in enjoying the scenery?Q If you enjoyed your WORK and enjoyed your LIFE what balance would you need?When you have found and are doing the job that brings you fulfillment, you are living. The dream, your life becomes your work and your work becomes your life. You don't clock watch or get stressed, you look forward to Mondays as much as Fridays. Because you enjoy your work, you bring more positive energy to it which makes you even more successful and people love being around you.Your old WORK/ LIFE balance now becomes your LIFE'S/ WORK no balance.To create lifes/ work no balance means going through a transition, where we try and identify what it is we want to do and take the necessary steps to put it into practice. This transition creates another in-balance a WORK/WORK imbalance.1) Work Doing your day job that is your main source of income.2) Work - Activities outside of your 9-5 job to progress your new career.Because the work activities have a larger goal, which will create a more fulfilling life, it doesn't seem like work to us and we find the energy and make the time to progress these changes, we feel good that we are taking these steps and are having more control over our lives. Sometimes we want to make the change but find it hard to do for reasons such as Lack of confidence

Lack of direction

Need self-motivatin

Unsure about career

Limiting beliefs

Not sure about the process

Lack of support and guidance

No accountability WORK/LIFE balanceTransition toWORK/ WORK no balanceCreates yourLIFE'S/ WORK no balance(You are now in your ideal flow, fulfilling your purpose happier than you have been before you love all of your life.)Having a resource as a reference combined with someone who can help you achieve your aspirations, will speed up this process and make the journey more enjoyable. When we are going someplace new scary or exciting we feel better having someone tag along with us, these steps are a new adventure find someone to accompany you on the journey.I am interested in helping people find imbalances. The main 2 forces are love and hate. I want a love love imbalance not love hate balance. Look for ways to bring more love and enjoyment into your work and life, and you will be making positive changes.Q List 3 ways you can make your work more fulfilling?Q List 3 ways you can make your life more enjoyable?If you hate your work and or life ask yourself "am I on the wrong path", or do I need to change certain negative characteristics in order to be happy and realize I am moving in the right direction. To obtain a FREE copy of my e-book on coaching click on link below 15min taster sessions are also available worldwide,

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Work life balance and the power of positive thinking  

To take steps for better work life balance, check this out......

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