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==== ==== For a Brilliant Gift Idea, Check this out.... ==== ==== ID: 6206797 Author: David Nivala Date Published: Apr 23, 2011 Title: How to Write a Spy Novel Summary: Don't we all love a good spy novel? Spies have captivated our imagination over the years. The cold war particularly... Body: Don't we all love a good spy novel? Spies have captivated our imagination over the years. The cold war particularly, gave rise to countless great stories. Giving a spy an ounce of credibility will help the reader believe that the story could happen. Our patriotism is easily evoked when we read about them. They lead to discussions on conspiracy theories and countries.Spy novels lend themselves to great scene writing. Some authors create the situation where there is a possibility that the world will be destroyed by the sharing of some information, a nation will be swallowed up by another or our own country will be compromised in some way. The information can be anything from plans of the new submarine, documents purporting inappropriate relationships, government agendas, proposed declaration of war, terrorist activity or almost anything imaginable. Other spy novels concentrate on matters that a more personal in nature. Nevertheless, there are 'good spies' and 'bad spies.' There are counter spies and sleeper spies. The James Bond franchise is most likely the best known one in the English language.Generally, the most interesting spy novels weave fact with fiction. People like to read about conspiracies and other subversive activities. I enjoy reading spy novels because of the suspense that great authors create. Like detective novels the whole picture is not clear to the reader until the last sentence is read. When writing scenes in a spy novel there is often a greater emphasis on what the penalty for failure is.The creation of different scenes is the challenge in spy novels. Every scene will be different as the spy moves around the world and encounters different situations. Counter spy activity adds intrigue and often confusion. The language needs to change at times and the nature of the characters they come into contact will vary. There is great scope for a fertile mind in this type of novel.Make your main character unique. It sets your novel apart. The series of spy novels that I have written has the main character, an extraordinary young woman working for the government. However, the 'evil' forces abduct her and insert a ceramic disc into her head that allows them to read her thoughts. The government people are soon aware of the situation and let her continue in her role. She must learn to control her thoughts and to think about matters in to different way in order to survive.The fun in writing a spy novel is that almost anything is possible. If you have an idea in your mind get to it! Try it, you might write a best-seller and entertain millions of people with that idea that started in your mind. Reading and writing are two great pastimes. I enjoy them both. My works are now available in Kindle and Paperback editions. They can be found through you have any comments, please email me at

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