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Volupté* Géraldine Rumeau Head chef WINTER / SPRING 2014

The aperitif Selection of wines by the glass Classical: a glass of champagne Brut (14 cl.) Classical: a glass of champagne rosé (14 cl.) Classical: selected wine of the day by the glass (16 cl.) Collection: a glass of white or red wine (16 cl) (occasionally) A glass of Sauternes of Rousset Peyraguet’s Castle 2003 (14 cl.) A glass of Muscat of the Antoine Aréna Cap Corse 2011 (14 cl.)

21 € 24 € from 12 to 18 € de 25 à 30 € 13 € 12 €

Portos A glass of Churchill dry White Porto 19,5° (10 cl.) A glass of Ramos Pinto Superior Tawny Red Porto 19,5° (10 cl.)

15 € 14 €

Champagnes Bottle 75 cl. Drappier Brut Nature Blanc de Noir Pierre Gimonnet et fils Œnophile Blanc de Blancs Millésimé 2004 Louis Roederer Brut Premier Drappier Brut Nature Rosé Veuve Cliquot Vintage Rich 2002 Ultra Brut Laurent-Perrier brut nature, zéro dosage Jacques Selosse Brut Initial Jacques Selosse Cuvée Exquise Bollinger La Grande Année 2000 puis 2002 « Grand Siècle » par Laurent-Perrier Cuvée

78 € 92 € 110 € 101 € 165 € 160 € 181 € 168 € 355 € 309 €

Sparkling and refreshing to the palate wines Bottle 75 cl. Moscato d’Asti A. Bera 2009, great wine of Pièmont

42 €

Vodka (4 cl.)

Vodka Potocki, 40° (Pologne) Vodka Belvedere, 40° (Pologne) Beluga Noble Russian Vodka, 40°

16 € 25 € 25 €

Net prices 2

Whiskies (4 cl.) Overaged malt Whisky Michel Couvreur, 43° (Écosse) Oak Cross malt Scotch Whisky Compass Box, 43° (Écosse) Redbreast Irish Whiskey, 12 ans d’âge, Pure Pot Still, 40° (Irlande) Hedonism Grain Scotch Whisky, non filtré au froid, 43° (Écosse) Scapa single malt Scotch Whisky, 16 ans d’âge, 40° (Écosse, Îles d’Orkney) The Balvenie New Wood, 17 ans, single malt, Scotch Whisky, 40° (Écosse, Speyside) Hibiki, 17 ans d’âge, Blended Whisky (Japon) Nikka Whisky Pure malt, 17 ans d’âge, 43° (Japon, Hokkaido) Highland Park Island single malt Scotch Whisky, 1990, 55,2° Signatory Vintage (Écosse, Îles d’Orkney) Banff “Closed distilleries”, Highland single malt, Scotch Whisky, 1971, 53,7° (Ecosse, Speyside)

12 € 15 € 12 € 15 € 25 € 25 € 28 € 27 € 30 € 62 €

Cocktails Instant, Gin ou Vodka Tonic (20 cl.), cognac, gin or vodka and tonic 16 € Cocktail 1728 (14 cl.), champagne, campari, martini rouge, jus de framboise 21 € Kir royal to your taste (14 cl.), cassis cream, blackberry, raspberry, wood strawberry, peach 21 € Classic Kir to your taste (14 cl.) 14 € Bloody Mary (14 cl.), tomato juice and vodka, with or without spices 16 € Americano (14 cl.), campari, martini rouge, noilly prat 18 €

Soft drinks The Tomato juice of Alain Milliat, nature or seasoned (33 cl.) The juices and fruit nectars of Alain Milliat (33 cl.) Sodas coca-cola, Schweppes, Perrier (33 cl.)

10 € 10 € 6,50 €

Beer Cellar The Abbey of Leffe Blond beer (33 cl.) The Abbey of Leffe Brown beer 6,5° (33 cl.)

10 € 10 €

The Water bar The ever-classic Evian mineral still water (50 cl et 100 cl.) The traditional sparkling Badoit from Saint-Galmier (50 cl et 100 cl.) The sublime sparkling Châteldon, Puy-de-Dôme (75 cl.)

6,50 € - 8,50 € 6,50 € - 8,50 € 9,50 €

Net prices 3

First Courses


23 €

Supremely fresh tartar of Albacore tuna, hand cut, basil, lemongrass, ginger, seaweed, “fleur de sel” fine sea salt and pepper from Madagascar.


28 €

Carpaccio of scallops from the Seine Bay, Thai broth of the moment and lemon caviar.


26 €

Thin slices of dried beef, rocket greens, candied tomatoes and pickles, parmesan tuile cookie.


24 €

Green tea risotto with salad greens, bite-size squids cooked a la plancha.

Net prices 4

First Courses

Saveurs 1728

29 €

Lobe of duck foie gras, house marinated and cooked, cranberry chutney and pine nuts, country bread toast.

Garden Fresh

18 €

Bouquet of tender salad greens, poivrade artichokes, truffle-flavored vinaigrette with olive oil from Liguria.


25 €

Supremely fresh cuts of fillet of Albacore tuna and fillet of salmon from Scotland certified label rouge, seaweed, lime, fresh fruits, ginger petals and Japanese tradition.

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Tasting Menu on page 10..

Net prices 5

Main Courses


Cushion of Albacore tuna with two peppers, sautéed vegetables.

36 €

La belle

40 €

Golden-browned sole from our coasts, cascade of spinach, candied lemons and flavorful mushrooms.


36 €

Black sea bream grilled a la plancha, poivrade artichokes and shiitake mushrooms, razor clams marinières.


39 €

Côte de cochon ibérique rôtie, grenailles fumées et coulis de cresson.

Prix nets 6

Main Courses

Le Carré 1728

40 €

Rack of lamb from our provinces, marinated and oven-roasted, eggplant and zucchini cannelloni on shortbread with green Szechuan peppers.

Fillet of marinated beef Scandinavian style *****

42 €

Cut in the heart of the finest fillet of beef, marinated 36 hours, served cold, tender salad greens, roasted new potatoes… a burst of flavors!


39 €

Tournedos of Aberdeen Angus beef marinated and pot-roasted, potato Anna and turmeric-candied shallots.

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Tasting Menu on page 10..

Prix nets 7

A selection of the cheeses matured by Philippe Alléosse


15 €

Carles Roquefort, an artisanally made blue cheese.


15 €

Brin d’Amour – “A bit of love” – a sheep’s milk cheese with a soft, natural rind and aromas of herbs from the maquis scrubland.


15 €

Beaufort Chalet d’Alpage, matured 12 months, a pressed cooked cheese with a natural hazelnut flavor.


18 €

Selection of cheeses of the moment.

Prix nets 8

House Desserts Light

12 €

House sorbets and ice creams, crispy black sesame seed cookie.


14 €

Carpaccio of citrus fruits marinated with Thai basil, hibiscus meringue.

The General’s Pear

15 €

Pear poached with saffron, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce with caramelized puffed rice.

Arnaud Larher delicacies Every day, our selection of delicacies of the season created with Arnaud Larher MOF.

14 €

Coffee, tea and fresh herbal tea Coffee, decaffeinated, with a drop of milk. White coffee, cappuccino. Rare teas and fresh herbal teas.

5€ 8€ de 10 à 12 €

Prix nets 9

Tasting Menu 115â‚Ź per person

Choice of two first courses


Choice of two main courses

k Cheese

k Choice of one dessert The price of the starter menu is net, beverages not included. It is limited to 10 guests.


Modernism and Classicism: from 1728 to the future Built on 1728 by Mazin – the architect of the arsenals under Louis XV – the hotel located at number 8 rue d’Anjou reflects the creative classicism of its founder. The construction miraculously survived Baron Haussmann’s 19th century urbanization and became a condominium much later in 1931. It has been remodelled throughout the centuries following the various architectural styles of the times from Louis the XVth to Charles the Xth. The 1728 restaurant is situated in what were the reception rooms of Mazin’s townhouse. The interior’s renovation, carried out in June 2001 aims to reflect and respect the spirit and original style of the place according the original drawings of Contet. The period arms’ room, is in the Venetian style, very popular in the 18th century. The music room is decorated in the style of Louis the XVIth with its original flare. The boiseries of the La Fayette drawing room are now in Washington DC, but the oak parquet à la française is original, as are Mazin’s friezes depicting an allegory of the virtues of fraternity. The Pompadour room has been entirely restored in the Chinese style, much favoured by the Marquise herself. She held court here rue d’Anjou while her «Hôtel d’Evreux» - which, today, serves as the home of the French president (Palais de l’Elysée) - was under construction.The current library occupies the place of the former ladies’ salon, a small room which sadly has lost all trace of its original decoration. The Amateurs cabinet speaks to the heart of learned collectors of beautiful suggestive prints. The small living room upstairs painted in three shades of Gold is a free interpretation of one the favourite themes of this great aesthete and friend of the arts, who gave the Faubourg Saint-Honoré its tonality, still contemporary, where modernism and classicism melt with cultures and talents. Of course, the most influential host remained the General Marquis de Lafayette. Few men lived through history with as much significance, at the rate of the fractals, passions and destinies that affect his time. The spirit and love of Liberty and the liberal breath, but the lightness of the soul as well, radiate in this unique place imagined and restored for your pleasure by Yang Lining, a musician who wan the Grand Prix at the Peking Conservatoire, a master of the classical cithara, the most noble instrument of the ancient and modern China, and her husband Jean-François Chuet, aesthete, collector and mentor of the place. 1728 is a beautiful love story, which recharge from day-to-day its emotional resources in the soul of this place. Check out our new website:, in six languages. But also the website of our endowment for the Hotel Mazin La Fayette 1728: Dedicated to the history of the place and to our collections. 11

... the 1728 is set in the recovered reception rooms of the 18th century mansion where La Fayette lived, a place consecrated to delicacies and sweet meals, where fine arts, paintings, sculpture and music are in accordance to each others...

Opened from Monday to Friday, for lunch and dinner Saturday for tea time and dinner. Closed on Sunday and on some public holidays.

8 rue d’Anjou Paris 8ème



Février 2014

It is advisable to book +33 (0)1 40 17 04 77