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January 11th, 2017

HPE Rapid Prototyping powered by crowdsourcing

HPE Rapid Prototyping powered by crowdsourcing

What is the opportunity for HPE ES?

Generate new and/or incremental application business through all channels. HPE Rapid Prototyping is a launch pad to larger development projects leveraging crowdsourcing capabilities. Unlock cost savings in delivery by combining effort-based and result-based costing/pricing mechanism and maximize productivity with on demand capacity Increase the rate of innovation and shorten time to value, internally and for our clients. Engagements can range from developing applications to creating algorithms. Use HPE Rapid Prototyping to help deliver digital transformation and traditional projects. The digital transformation market is estimated to grow to $392 Billion by 2021 (CAGR of 18.7%).ยน ยนSource: Digital Transformation Market worth 392 Billion USD by 2021; MarketsandMarkets; 2015

Business opportunity/problem we want to address


By 2020, the greatest source of competitive advantage for 30% of organizations will come from the workforce's ability to creatively exploit digital technologies.¹ Digital technologies enhance and extend applications and processes²

To lead in the digital world, organizations must increase the rate of digital innovation and time to value

To innovate in a digital world, a bimodal approach is essential…yet today Mode 2 capabilities are at best scattered³

¹Source: Recipe for Digital Workplace Execution: Transform the Corporate Culture; Gartner; March 2016 ²Source: Market Trends: How Service Providers Can Differentiate for Their Digitization Services; Gartner; October 2015 ³Source: Top Strategic Predictions for 2017 and Beyond: Surviving the Storm Winds of Digital Disruption; Gartner; October 2016

Engage IT service providers with bimodal skill sets/characteristics to support ideation and implementation³

Deliver outcomes in weeks with HPE Rapid Prototyping 1) We take fresh ideas to minimal viable products (MVPs)

2) We develop MVPs in weeks and use MVPs to test feasibility of envisioned products

3) We use a talent pool of one million people to deliver outcomes quickly

4) We give access to the right skills for satisfactory products

5) We mobilize in hours as apposed to weeks or months

6) We deliver costeffective (resultversus effort-based pricing)


Strategic planning assumption: By 2018, 80% of development organizations supporting digital transformations will incorporate collective genius and crowdsourcing into their projects as a regular practice.ยน

ยนSource: IDC FutureScape: Worldwide CIO Agenda 2016 Predictions; IDC; November 2015


HPE Rapid Prototyping makes use of crowdsourcing


We complement our HPE ES capabilities with Topcoder’s crowd Governance Mode 2

New value creation




Think and act like startups

Design Rapid prototyping




Rapid code promotion

Run Scale out

Mode 1



Innovation acceleration for the digital economy

10 weeks challenge


Ability to‌

Means to deliver



Think and act like a startup to come forward with fresh ideas

Think tanks, industry consortiums, innovation centers, etc.

Transform the business and/or extend the current digital platform

Farmbook Business Planner facilitated by the HPE Living Progress Challenge






Customer apps modernization program using HPE Spark and crowdsourcing

Business modeling (BMC) and EA (TOGAF/Zachman) frameworks, etc.

Rapidly prototype and release minimal viable product(s) (MVP)

DevOps; Software-oriented & -defined architectures (SOA; SDA), UML, etc. DevOps; Rapid software delivery, continuous code testing, ALM, etc.

Increase rate of innovation; Validate hypothesis and gain insights for continued development

DevOps; Intelligent orchestration and automation engines, hybrid IT, etc. Scale-out and integrate MVP into Mode 1 including IT4IT, ITIL, etc. run environment

Wireframe challenge for data visualization from Salesforce HPE internal CrowdExchange powered by Salesforce PaaS Customer automation platform using HPE tooling and practices

Unlock greater value from existing investments and create efficiencies



Proof point

Results of first challenge for a Retailer Loyalty application









Final submissions

Price money

United States | Venezuela | South Africa | Indonesia | Thailand Kenya | Philippines | India | Tunisia 7

Thank you! 8

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