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matryoshka measuring spoons M-Spoons are based on traditional Russian folk art. By any measure, they’re really cute! But nobody succeeds on charm alone, so we also made them nesting, accurate, easy to clean, and simple to hang. It’s the kitchen accessory you’ll be rushin’ to use! Molded from durable, food-safe ABS plastic, each set of 5 spoons is packaged on a “touch me” peggable card. Design by Winsor Pop, Fred Studio.


matryoshkas made to measure This set of 6 dry-measure cups nests neatly just like traditional Russian matryoshkas. They accurately measure 1⁄4, 1⁄3, 1⁄2, 2⁄3, 3⁄4 and 1 full cup, and they’re built from heavy-duty, food-safe, high-tech plastics. Why not doll up your kitchen with a little Russian folklore? M-Cups are packaged in a full-color printed giftbox. Design by Carl Mitsch, Fred Studio.




matryoshkas for meals or munchies Say goodbye to bland leftover storage and say privet (that’s Russian for hello) to Store-M’s. You get three nesting plastic storage boxes with all the folkloric charm of a matryoshka doll. So na zdarov’ye! (that’s Russian for Enjoy!). Of course Fred has used only food-safe, durable materials and packaged each set in a colorful, recyclable gift box. Design by Winnif Pang.



bake and serve cupcake molds Bake and serve your cupcakes right in these teacup-shaped silicone molds and delight your tea party guests! We’ve included four reusable, food-safe silicone baking cups complete with saucers for a most elegant presentation. TeaCupCakes are 100%-pure silicone and phthalatefree plastic. Colorful giftpacks. Design by Lou Henry, A2 Inc.

NOMSKULLS great minds taste alike Knock ‘em dead with these four stylish silicone skulls. Nomskulls are ready to fill with your favorite grey batter and bake into perfect cupcake craniums. One bite and you’ll be head over heels, because there’s no doubt about it — this skull bone’s connected to the YUM bone! We’ve packed four silicone skull molds in each printed giftbox. Design by Winnif Pang.


robot cupcake molds YumBots are happy to serve mankind. Just fill their cubic heads with cake batter and set your oven to “stun.” In a few nanomoments you’ll have an entire squad of sci-fi cupcakes. Made of high-tech silicone and built to last, each ‘Bot has a rotating head for extra android action. Four ‘Bots in four assorted colors in each appealing display box. Klaatu barada nikto!




cupcakes fit for your little king or queen AristoCakes turn any party into a royal ball! Just add these clever, crown-shaped cupcake bakers to the festivities, and suddenly your little gathering is as cool as a cotillion. Four jewel-toned crowns are made of food-grade silicone and are royally reusable. Colorful giftbox packaging. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.

FOSSILFOOD dig into your dessert

Turn dessert time into an archaeological adventure. Each Fossil Food silicone cupcake baker contains a 3-D “fossil” at the bottom — it’s up to your junior fossilhunter to “unearth” the hidden dino! Can you dig it? You bet! Each set of 4 silicone cupcake molds is packaged in a handsome gift box. Design by Winnif Pang.


PEACEofCAKE make cake, not war

Everybody knows that the world would be a happier place if we made more cake and less war. Since it takes more than cake, Fred’s contributing a portion of the proceeds from this product to organizations dedicated to peaceful resolution of conflict and respect for human rights. We can make a difference, one slice at a time! Peace of Cake is pure food-grade silicone, handsomely packaged in a recycled window box complete with Fred’s recipe for Tye-Dye Cake. Design by Paul Hendrikx.


the best thing since sliced bread… is cake!



Our silicone Cakewich baking pan is shaped like a big hunk of white bread — just bake and slice to make doubledecker sandwich cakes with yummy fillings. Everyone loves a good sandwich, now you can have one for dessert too! Cakewich is molded in super-strong, dishwasher-safe, oven-safe pure silicone and packaged in a colorful printed giftbox. Design by Lou Henry, A2 Inc.

ABC* COOKIES already been chewed


Fred had to devise a devious ploy to ward off thieves — just bake cookies with bite marks built-in and you’re sure to have a few for yourself. It’s Fred’s famous ABC (Already Been Chewed) Cookie Cutters in the classic maimed Gingerbread Men style. Made to the highest culinary standards from luxurious cast aluminum and packed in clear boxes. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.

NINJABREAD MEN they’re cut out for action

These stealthy warriors are set to stage a cookie coup! Cut, bake, decorate…and then watch them disappear! Ninjabread Men are molded from rugged, food-safe ABS plastic and packaged in a clear giftbox. Design by The Monster Factory.

BATTER FINGER a handy little spatula

Have you been caught with your finger in that delicious cake batter again? Next time, don’t gross everyone out — use your BatterFinger instead! It’s a handy silicone spatula that stirs, blends, scrapes, and frosts with ease. Peggable, recyclable clear boxes. Design by Jean Laurent Vie.




PIZZA boss 3000

Don’t you hate it when your coffee cools too fast or your hot tea goes tepid? So why don’t you just Put A Lid On It? This handy silicone topper seals in the heat, sticks like magic, and lifts with ease! Use it on jars and cans too — it’ll confine odors and keep contents fresh. Recyclable, peggable clamshell.

Hop & Pop is three handy helpers in one. He pops off bottle caps with his mouth! He jumps at the chance to unscrew stubborn twist caps with his legs! He loosens lids with his prying eyes! You’ll wonder how you ever got along without him. Clear, recyclable, peggable PET-G boxes.

Real Men™ don’t use wimpy pizza cutters. Show that pizza you mean business with our Pizza Boss 3000. It’ll blast thru pepperoni, extra cheese, even those pesky anchovies. It’s built from tough engineering-grade plastics and the laser-etched stainless blade has a removable shield for easy cleanup. A great “guy gift.” Packaged in a clear display giftbox. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.

keep your stuff hot and fresh



the versatile kitchen amphibian

buzz your way thru your pizza


keepin’ rhythm in the kitchen Mix Stix are classic indispensable beechwood spoons, morphed into drumsticks. So you can rock out when you’re not stirring, paradiddle on the stockpot, give that mixing bowl a rimshot. We’ve packed one solid spoon and one unique slotted spoon on a durable chipboard peggable backing card. Design by Ignacio Pilotto and Jason Amendolara.


function in full bloom Nothing brightens up a work space like fresh flowers. So we took the calla lily, one of nature’s showiest blooms, as the inspiration for our Fill-aLily funnel. It’s soft, flexible, and sleek…once you see how well it works, you’ll be glad you picked it. Individual gift box packaging. Design by Steve Buss.



it’s the toast of Paris

Just stamp your baguette, pop it in le toaster, and suddenly you’re relaxing along the Champs-Élysées. French Toast is parfait — know what I’m Seine? Packed on peggable blisters. Concept by Amy Ansong.


the mighty manhole sink stopper and strainer This manhole-inspired work-horse will stop the water when you need a full sink. A simple twist lines up the drain holes and turns into a highly-efficient strainer. DPW is molded from strong, dishwasher-safe silicone and packaged in a peggable, recyclable clamshell blister. Design by Jason Amendolara and Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.



HOLYTOAST! the visionary bread stamper

Make that boring bread an inspiration by embossing it before you toast! Our easy-to-use Holy Toast stamper always makes a good impression. Peggable clamshell packaging. Design by Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio.


for obsessive chopping + dicing If you are one of those folks for whom things must be “just so”, then this cutting board is for you. The OCD Chef, a 9" x 12" cutting board made of strong, long-wearing beechwood, spells out the most precise measurements in exacting detail. So, don’t’s OK to go a little overboard. And if you want to wash it twenty times after you use it, we won’t tell. Full color, recyclable giftbox. Design by Paul Williamson.


magically sharpen your knives!

It’s the perfect set-up — the mysterious wooden box, the lovely volunteer from the audience, the glint of finely-honed carbon steel...and YOU! Yes, Fred has elevated the boring old knife sharpener into death-defying magic, and you are the star. It’s a Sharp Act, so take a bow! Gift box packaging. Design by Winnif Pang.




Pac-Man® is back, and he’s ready to gobble up your hot pots and pans! Fred’s allsilicone Hot Head is happy to hang out in your kitchen and bring back fond memories of your many misspent hours at the game console. Score! Clear display boxes.

Follow your animal instincts in the kitchen...put on one of these insulating silicone mitts before touching anything hot! Hot Heads are flexible, grippy, strong, safe...and charming. Two styles — Dog and Frog — packed in handsome plastic display boxes.


still cool after all these years

pot-holdin’ critters that can take the heat

EQUAL MEASURE kitchen measurements in a whole new light

View your measurements in a surprising new light. Next time you make brownies, use a tyrannosaur’s brain of flour, or sugar equal to the water in a cumulus cloud the size of the bus. Equal Measure is half measuring cup, half laboratory beaker, and all fun. And don’t worry, we included ounces, milliliters, and cups on the scale too! 2 1⁄2-cup capacity, heat-resistant, dishwashersafe borosilicate glass, individual giftboxes. Research and design by Dr. Harry White.




the appealing non-slip handle grip

You’ve never seen a chimpanzee burn himself on a hot pan, have you? Of course not. That’s because BananaHandle’s heat-resistant silicone construction protects hands, both human and primate. Slide the ripe yellow peel onto any pan handle and you’re fully protected, hands down. Packed in peggable, recyclable clear boxes made from PET-G. Design by Winnif Pang.


sandwich bags with a surprise Whether your favorite brown-bagger is full-grown or pint-size, here’s a way you can add some zing to their lunch break — just pack their meals in Lunch Bugs, the sandwich bags with a supersized creepycrawly printed right on the front. These reusable zip-to-lock storage bags are big enough for a two-handed sandwich or bagels & scream cheese. We’ve packed 24 bags in an attractive dispenser box. Design by Diana Paisis.



keep your motor runnin’ Runnin’ on empty? Well, fill this mug with the hi-test beverage of your choice and watch the gauge climb all the way to the Full mark. No it’s not magic, it’s just awesome heat-sensitive printing! Tank Up is crafted in high-quality porcelain and individually gift-boxed. Design by Carl Mitsch, Fred Studio.




for a knockout cup of coffee! Do you take your morning brew light and sweet, or are you a hard hitting black coffee type? Either way, you’ll get a fistful of your favorite beverage with our smashing Fisticup mug. Sleek ivory highfire ceramic contrasts dramatically with the steely metallic handle. Packaged in a full-color giftbox. Design by J. C. Karich.


send your coffee on an a-maze-ing journey

Life can be confusing, but your path will be clear with our MazeCafé cup and saucer set. Let your coffee drips show you the way as they twist and turn through the molded saucer, reminding you of how far you’ve come and where you must take aim. An a-maze-ing perk for your next coffee break. Individual giftbox packaging. Design by Erdem Selek. TABLE



napkin-style plates for snacks Mom was right — you should always use a plate and a napkin when you eat. But suppose the plate looks just like a napkin, what then? There’s an app for that! Appkins are durable elegant glazed white porcelain with the look of something a little rumpled and disposable — a delicious deception. Two plates in each colorful giftbox. Design by Oded Shorer and Eli Chissick.



MiXeD MeSsaGEs

the do-it-yourself ransom note mug Hijack a mug and make it say whatever you want! This typical white mug comes with a bevy of repositionable letters that look like they’ve been torn from magazines and newspapers. Each durable polymer letter will cling reliably to your mug through multiple washings but can be easily removed when you’re ready to change your tune. So what will your Mixed Messages mug say? We’ll give you 24 hours to figure it out! Colorful giftbox packaging. Design by Diana Paisis.

2-CARAT CUP ooh la latte

Here’s a graceful porcelain cup that adorns you with a sparkling solitaire diamond ring when you pick it up! But wait, it gets even better — we’ve packed the 2-Carat Cup in an elegant oversized jewelry box, so when you present it as a gift, all you see is the ring! A great cup, a terrific gift, a charming social expression — this one’s got it all. White porcelain with gold or platinum glaze and clear sparkling Swarovski crystal, individually boxed with removable wrapper. Design by Yusuke Fujinuma.



STACKED it’s 3 cups in one

Stacked is comfortable in the hand and amusing to the eye. No matter how you grab it, it’s guaranteed to enliven your coffee break. Made from glossy, durable high-fire ceramic, each 12-ounce mug is packed in a colorful gift box. Design by Vice Versa, Italy.


the doubled-up demitasse

Sometimes inspiration appears when you least expect it. For example, even a simple mug can confer a Minor Miracle — after you drink your morning coffee or tea, a vision of The Holy Mother materializes in the bottom of your cup. Take it as a sign — caffeine is GOOD. Don’t you think every day should start with a Minor Miracle? Beautiful giftbox packaging.



We took the classic demitasse and doubled it up. The refill’s built right in! Short Stacked is made from glossy, durable high-fire ceramic and holds 4 fluid ounces. We’ve packed two demitasse cups and two saucers in each colorful gift box. Design by Vice Versa, Italy.

XTRACREAM a familiar creamer, super-sized

We’ve taken one of those tiny cream containers you get at your local diner and super-sized it! Xtra Cream combines a durable, elegant ceramic carafe with a snappy, snap-on silicone lid. So fill ‘er up and pass the sugar. Colorful giftbox packaging. Design by Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio.




a dash of wintery whimsy Here he is, ready to add a dash of wintery whimsy to your table. Salty the Snowman, the jolly, happy soul who’s made of salt and makes dinner come alive with flavor. His silicone carrot nose doubles as the plug and he’s hand-blown from sparkling clear borosilicate glass. Individually gift-boxed.



salt&pants everything you need for a well-dressed table

He dispenses salt from the top of his head and something spicy from his trousers…pepper! Salt & Pants is finished with a matte glaze that passes California’s ultra-strict standards for heavy metals and lead. It’s supplied with two durable silicone stoppers and packed in a colorful protective giftbox. Design by Fred Studio.


a bird in the hand This little Peeper just wants to please. Turn his head to the right — his eyes change from blue to white and his beak dispenses salt. Turn it left — his eyes turn black and of course his beak pours the pepper. Peggable recyclable clear boxes. Design by TJ Suppameteekulwat.


divide and pepper! Salt and pepper have long been natural table companions — now they’re closer than ever. Each half of our Split shaker can be used independently or you can shake them together for a condiment combo. Hidden magnets keep the two halves perfectly aligned. Peggable clear display boxes. Design by Jean Laurent Vie and Fred Studio.


turn on your salt and pepper It’s time to switch out your boring salt and pepper shakers in favor of something a little more electrifying! Turn on the pepper or flick on the’s interactive fun at the mere flip of a Switch! Recyclable clear giftbox packaging. Design by Chetan Sorab.

SALT+POWER charge up the flavor

Energize the flavor at the dinner table with these D-cell replicas. Salt + Power amps up any item on your menu — when they run out of flavor power, just fill ‘em back up and you’re recharged! Each pair of salt and peppers is packed on a handsome peggable blistercard. Design by Antrepo. TABLE




Whether you’re eating solo or jamming with friends, you’ll find your groove with BEAT IT. At one end they’re standard reusable wooden chopsticks; on the other, rockin’ drumsticks. Take a break from eating and add a dramatic drumroll before your last bite, or punctuate that dinner conversation with a solid rimshot. Once again, Fred makes it so easy to play with your food! There are 4 pairs of reusable wood chopsticks in each clear peggable giftbox. Design by Diana Paisis.

Our confidence-building, one-piece Party People Chopsticks make any chopstick user an expert. Choose a color that fits your personality, check out the handy etiquette tips on the back of the base, and dig in. Six assorted colors, all packed together in a reusable foam storage base. Clear boxes.

drumstick chopsticks

always ready for a gathering

PASTASAURUS prehistoric pasta server

Pastasaurus’ ergonomically designed handle and pasta-snaring teeth work together to make it a lean, mean, spaghetti-serving machine. Prehistoric perfection packaged on a peggable blister! Design by Liz Goulet Dubois and Christina Sciullo, Fred Studio.

Table Saw carve the cake, cross-cut the lettuce



Table Saw is the perfect accessory for your kitchen tool belt. Big and toothy, you can show that cake that you really mean business! Packaged on a peggable printed backer card. Design by Winnif Pang.


what more could you wonton?

Good Fortune’s soft silicone construction holds your chopsticks at just the right angle so you won’t have to worry about dropping your eggroll into the hot and sour soup. It’s great for kids just learning how to eat Asian style or for adults who have chopstick “issues”. Clear recyclable peggable giftboxes. Design by Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio.


chopsticks from the tropics Now you can eat like a bird! This fine feathered friend helps hold your chopsticks in just the right position, so your little ones (and you!) can peck away with confidence. TropSticks are made of washable food-grade silicone with reusable plastic chopsticks. Clear peggable recyclable giftboxes. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio. TABLE


BUONA SERVER! serve your spaghetti with a twist

Buona Server is a classic beechwood pasta server with a twist — we’ve padded the handle with a nice helping of silicone spaghetti. Packaged on a colorful, peggable chipboard backer card. Design by Winnif Pang.



These sleek and stylish salad servers are two of a kind — they nestle perfectly together for presentation and storage. InSet is crafted from high-quality stainless steel with a fine brushed finish. Each pair is showcased in a clearlidded gift box. Design by Judith Hoefel.

Oh, Snap! is a really nice 9" x 5" beechwood cheeseboard that comes with a handy stainlesssteel cheese slicer, and it’s all disguised as a giant mousetrap. This one makes us squeak with glee. Individual gift boxes. Design by Sancho Hemelsoen and Jason Amendolara.

a perfect pair of salad servers



finally, someone’s built a cheddar mousetrap

SALTSIDE Out think outside the shaker

Sometimes it’s good to shake up expectations, especially at the dinner table. Take our cool SaltSide Out for example — it defies logic by dispensing salt from the outside! Hand blown borosilicate glass with silicone stopper, individually gift-boxed. Design by Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio.



Generally speaking, cows are more comfy in the barn than at the table, but Calf & Half is a perfect house guest. She’s always in a good mooooooooood, and you will be too when you pour from this playful little pitcher. A gentle reminder of where our cream really comes from. Hand-crafted from double-walled glass and individually gift boxed. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.

Got cream? Half Pint is an artfully blown and molded glass creamer that captures the comforting familiarity of a mini milk carton, just like the ones Mrs. Fontaine used to pass out in the school cafeteria. Simple, elegant, whimsical — it’s a gem de la crème. Individual gift boxes. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.

the udderly irresistible creamer

the mini carton creamer





Babushkups are handy, charming tumblers that can save valuable shelf space by nesting. Bring them to the table and let your guests discover them one by one. It’s folkloric fun with a functional twist. Babushkups hold 8, 10, and 14 ounces. They’re made from strong, dishwasher-safe borosilicate glass and packed in a colorful protective giftbox. Design by Jason Amendolara and Christina Sciullo, Fred Studio.

Is your glass half full or half empty? If you’re like most people, you’re never quite sure. But Fred’s clever 7-ounce glass reminds you that Half Full is where you’ll always find refreshment. This double-wall borosilicate glass is permanently marked “Half Full” and ”Half Empty” and packed in a colorful protective giftbox. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.

a trio of nesting glasses

drink positively

UNZIPPED fun by the bagful



Some things in life are fleeting. We use them once, and then relegate them to the trash. Unzipped is designed to celebrate one of those everyday items we take for granted: the zipper bag. Rendered in fine hand-blown glass, Unzipped is the temporary made contemporary. Handblown durable borosilicate glass, individual giftbox packaging. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.


a clever carafe for bedside or table You could call this carafe-and-glass combo an optical illusion, but that reminds us too much of something tacky from Blackstone the Magician. The French “trompe l’oeil” sounds SO much cooler. Okay, back to the carafe — it looks like a stack of disposable plastic cups, but there’s just one cup sitting on top, and it’s all hand-blown from crystal clear borosilicate glass. Perfect for bed stand, desk, anywhere you need to keep hydrated! H2Eau is securely and beautifully packaged in a printed giftbox. Design by What’s That, Hong Kong.

the bedside babushka carafe Matryoshkas always hold surprises inside, and our hand-blown glass version is no exception — DrinKup is a bedside carafe! Her head is a drinking glass and her body holds just the right amount of water for quenching your midnight thirst. Nostrovya! Colorful giftbox packaging. Design by Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio. TABLE



Bottoms UpShot


The next time you plan to party, make sure you’re well armed. Our Bombs Away shot glasses are made from high-quality, double-walled borosilicate glass with a frosted interior finish. We packed two glasses in a handsome illustrated giftbox. Design by Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio.

Each Bottoms Up shot glass is helpfully labeled “drink” so you know which side to fill. Knock it back and flip it over, and you get a similar-looking, though decidedly different message. This sort of typographic magic is called an “ambigram” — a calligraphic design that manages to squeeze two different readings into the same set of curves. We’ve packed two oversized 4-ounce glasses in each colorful gift box. Design by Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio.

There’s just no better way to get wasted than our 13-ounce Polluted glasses and your favorite brand of poison. Totally intoxicating. We’ve packed two Polluted glasses in each colorful protective giftbox. Polluted is hand-blown from strong, lead-free borosilicate glass. Design by Lou Henry, A2 Inc.

make your next party a real blow-out



drink up, drunk down

pick your poison!


a beer-lover’s wine glass or a wine-lover’s beer glass?

HOPSIDE Down viva la longneck!

Fred likes to glug his beer right from the bottle, but Mrs. Fred is appalled. So Fred went out and did something about it — he created this bottle-in-a-glass as an homage to real men like him. Hopside Down is hand-blown, precisely crafted, and unexpectedly deluxe. Individually gift boxed. Design by Dima Komissarov.

You like sipping wine, but sometimes you’re just more comfortable with a mug in your mitt. Well, this doublewalled do-it-all lets you have it both ways. Winestein is elegant wine stem on the inside, manly beer stein on the outside — it’s a glass for all reasons! Durable borosilicate glass, individually gift-boxed. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.




the ancient art of playing at the table Looking for a little something to keep guests entertained between courses? How about a little origami? Each Origami Napkin is printed with easy-to-follow instructions for turning an everyday serviette into remarkable 3-dimensional decor. Best used before the third glass of wine. 40 napkins per pack, 4 assorted designs. Design by Spinning Hat.



the voodoo doll toothpick holder Make your next party painfully amusing with Ouch!, the voodoo-it-yourself toothpick holder. Perfect for finger food, emergency hexes, and jump-starting the good times. In fashionable gray, packaged in an elegant clear display box. With Ouch, olives will never be boring again! Design by Fred Studio.



WINE MONKEY bring a monkey to dinner

Next time you’re heading to a gala soiree or a neighborhood potluck slip a Wine Monkey onto your bottle of red or white (or even chimpagne) and you‘re covered! Wine Monkey is made from all-American red-heeled socks. Buy two and you can wear them anywhere! Packaged in a colorful, peggable gift box. Design by Hogmalion & Company.




ocean fresh party pix Are you a picky eater? Perfect! These spiky fish picks are the ideal way to take a stab at your snacks. There are 24 shimmering sardine-shaped picks in each pack of Fish Stix, each one fresh, charming, and reusable. No more fishing around for boring toothpicks! Heat-sealed peggable clamshell boxes in the style of a sardine tin. Design by Winnif Pang.




they stab, they spear, they scoop, they schmear One side of our Tooth Piks is a perfect little party fork and the other side a spoon for scooping and spreading. No matter what’s on offer you’ve got it covered! These handy little utensils are washable, reusable, durable, and foodsafe. 24 sparkling white teeth made from compostable bioplastic, packed on a clear peggable blister. Design by Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio.

FINGERFOOD ring around the party

Ever been at a party and wondered how to balance a wine glass, hors d’oeuvres, and pleasant repartee all at the same time? Our handy Fingerfood plate slips onto your finger just like a ring, so now you can hold your snack and glass in the same hand, leaving your other hand free for eating or general gesticulating. One size fits most. 10 reusable plates per peggable pack. Design by Ken Goldman.


nimble thimbles for party nibbles Who needs old-fashioned full-sized utensils? Just slip on one of these finger picks and you’re ready to hit the hors d’oeuvres. Even with a plate in one hand and glass in the other, you’re good to go. Just remember: when the party’s on, it’s better to be a multi-tasker than a juggler! There are 12 assorted color picks in each peggable blisterbox. FingerPickin’ was designed by Rodrigo Alonso.





Cold beer & lime wedges go together like Joanie & Chachi. And that, my friend, is why the CitruSaw rules. It slices the citrus, it opens the bottle. It’s cutting edge hardware for your home bar or beach bag. CitruSaw is a jewel of a tool, packaged in a clear, peggable, recyclable showcase box. Designed by Winnif Pang.

Can’t find your Chianti? Misplaced your Merlot? Don’t fret. Wine Lines are here to save the soiree. Insert the band through the slot and tighten around the stem of your glass. Voila — your Rosé is recognizable! Three themes, by style or assorted. Peggable clamshell packs.

bottle opener with a twist

i.d. tags for your stemware


never lose your beer again



All beers are created equal, or so it seems when you’re trying to find yours at a party. So just stretch a Beer Band around your bottle or can and separate yourself from the pack! Beer Bands are durable, reusable, stretchy molded rings sized to fit bottles, cans... and wrists! We’ve packed 12 bands into every peggable clamshell, perfect for pool parties or just lounging around the old rumpus room. Three series — Personalities, Mine, and Bombed! — choose the one that says it best for YOU. Design by Mary Beth Cryan, Fred Studio.


the stylish way to open your bottles The ‘stache is back! Only this time, it’s not just a fashion statement. It’s also a finely crafted corkscrew and bottle-opener. Because beverage containers are no match for the sheer power of a manly moustache. Handsome giftbox packaging. Design by Steve Buss.


the uncanny bottle opener Here’s a slick widget — an uncanny bottle opener and a shiny piece of pop art, all in the palm of your hand. Fred’s Pop Top opener is BIG on style. Pop Top is packaged in a crystal clear, peggable, recyclable display box. Design by PO: Hong Kong.




Port •a • Pint


Carry this handy all-purpose tool on your belt as you explore the depths of your fridge. The Bottle ‘Biner will rescue you from those tightcapped long-necks and pesky cork-sealed Pinot Noirs, and it’ll scale you to new heights of refreshment. Peggable clam-shell packaging.

When the keg starts flowing, don’t be caught offguard. Pack a Port •A•Pint in your pocket and you’ll be ready to knock one back at a moment’s notice. Our reusable Port •A•Pint comes in its own storage case. Packed in full-color peggable giftboxes.

Why stick with the usual drink stirrers? Branch out with Swizzle Sticks. They’re the natural choice when you want to go out on a limb for your party guests! Five assorted sun-drenched colors unknown in nature, so everyone sticks to their own glass. Twenty-five stirrers in each clear peggable pack. Gather up a bundle today!

bottle-openin’ carabiner



the anytime anywhere beer glass

go out on a limb for your guests


party animals Calling all party animals! Here are the perfect beverage cups to let you express your inner beast! Drinking from these double-coated durable 9 ounce cups turns anybody’s nose into something WILD. Perfectly sized for both kids and adults, each clear box of Pick Your Nose/Party Animals includes 24 cups in 6 assorted animal styles. Design by Carl Mitsch, Fred Studio.


party cups with personality Who knows how to liven up a party? YOU do! Each of these photo-realistic paper cups comes emblazoned with a new nose. When you tip your head to take a drink — voila! — you get an instant nose job, and a chuckle from the crowd. There are twenty-four 12-oz. cups in each pack of Pick Your Nose, evenly divided between male and female proboscises (errr, noses). Packed in a clear box with insert. Design by Luke Boggia and Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio.





happy doobie to you

they’re candles with handles

Time to roll out another birthday? Celebrate in style with our LIT! birthday candles. Eight perfectly rolled candles in each clear plastic peggable pack. Design by Christina Sciullo, Fred Studio.

Light Bites are durable, reusable plastic forks with a special talent — they can hold candles! Stick them right into your cake and you’re good to go. We even included the candles! 12 forks and candles in each peggable giftbox. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.


Friends, Romans, celebrants — are you sick of counting all those passing years the conventional way? Start counting the Roman way! Roman Candles are easy and fun, and doesn’t “L” look a lot better than “50”? We’ve packed 8 silver-trimmed candles in each set (good for ages 1 to 89) along with a crash course in Roman numerology. Clear peggable, recyclable PET-G display boxes. Design by Carl Mitsch, Fred Studio.



CAKECANDELABRA make your party posh

Now here’s something that really takes the cake… our Cake Candelabra is a show stopping, jaw dropping, birthday cake topping. Nine finely-turned candles fit perfectly into the silver-toned base, creating a stunning centerpiece for your cake. You deserve the finer things in life, so celebrate in style! Candles and candle holder are all packed in a colorful giftbox. Design by Winnif Pang. PARTY


FOSSILICED ice for any age

Need to dig up an amusing party accessory? Look no further than Fossiliced — these two assorted dinos will add the perfect Ice Age touch to your modern drinks. Recyclable peggable display boxes. Design by Winnif Pang.





It’s time to kick back and chill and here’s a cool way to do it! Drop one of these groovy guitars into your drink, and give it a stir. Cool Jazz is just the thing for jazzing up your favorite beverage. Clear boxes. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.

What’s cooler than a shot glass made of ice? Just fill the silicone mold with water or your favorite juice, freeze, and then pop out 4 fully-formed frozen shot glasses. Cool Shooters are a great way to add a little nip to your favorite sip! Clear display boxes. Design by Anthony Petrie, Fred Studio.

rock solid!

the fill and chill shot glass mold


unidentified frozen objects It’s an Ice Attack! These UFO- and meteor-shaped ice cubes have popped free of their silicone ice tray in a galaxy far, far away to coldly go where no ice has gone before. Colorful giftbox packaging.

BRAINFREEZE this is your brain on ice

We humans are well known for our highly-evolved sense of humor — as evidenced by Brain Freeze, the ice tray that makes 4 frosty brains. So let’s celebrate our higher powers by raising a glass. Because a brain (not to mention a cocktail) is a terrible thing to waste. Brain Freeze is molded from super-strong, dishwasher-safe pure silicone and packaged in a colorful giftbox. Design by Chris Haines.

COOL BEANS coffee ice makes a cooler brew

Love the chilly goodness of iced coffee, but not the way melted ice waters down the flavor? Your java jolt will keep stronger longer with Cool Beans ice made from real coffee. Molded from superstrong, dishwashersafe, pure silicone and packaged in a colorful printed giftbox. Design by Carl Mitsch, Fred Studio.






Something missing from your drinks? Maybe they just need a little bite. Drop some stone-cold fangs into your Bloody Mary and feel that chill go right down your spine. Cold Blooded is molded from dishwashersafe, pure silicone and packaged in a peggable, recyclable clear giftbox. Design by Christina Sciullo, Fred Studio.

Stressed? We’ve got just the prescription. Drop a Chill Pill in your favorite beverage and repeat as required. Chill Pills provide symptomatic relief of beverage boredom in 9 out 10 patients surveyed. Ask for them by name — don’t accept those generic ice cubes! Packaged in clear, peggable, recyclable giftboxes.

Feeling a little anxious? Some people swear that a good old primal scream is all you need. We have a better idea — release a few of our Ice Screams into your beverage of choice and revel in the relaxation. Each dishwasher-safe silicone tray includes 12 expressionistic renderings of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”. A classic, packaged in clear, peggable, recyclable giftboxes.

add some bite to your beverage



take two and party until morning

put your anxiety on ice

FROZENSMILES not your grandpa’s ice tray

Dentures aren’t just for Grandpa anymore! Freeze up a batch of Frozen Smiles and drop them into any glass — it’s the ice that grins right back at you. They’ll add a little bite to whatever you’re drinking! Frozen Smiles is made from soft, food-safe synthetic rubber and packaged in clear, peggable, recyclable PET-G boxes. Design by Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio.




Ice ahoy!! You get four ocean liners and four frosty icebergs with each Gin & Titonic ice tray. Just add gin, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kate Winslet for a perfect party. This ice tray is molded from soft food-safe synthetic rubber and packaged in peggable recyclable display boxes. Design by Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio.

Is your drink packin’ heat? Well, cool it down with FREEZE! Pop a few rounds of these finely-tooled ice cubes into your beverages and watch things chill. They’re just the thing for fully-loaded drinks! Molded from food-grade silicone and packaged in clear, peggable, recyclable giftboxes. Design by Winnif Pang.

Planning a princess party? Or perhaps you just want to add a little pomp and circumstance to your everyday life. Well, all your drinks will have a fairy tale ending when you serve them up from the Ice Palace! Clear, peggable, recyclable giftboxes. Design by Winnif Pang.

sink one in your drink

pop a cap in your glass

find your inner princess


give your glass a dose of gross

What’s that squirming around in your drink? Ewww! It’s a bug! No, it’s a Chillipede...a freaky, frozen multilegged ice cube. Chillipedes are just the thing to add a clammy bit of ice cold ugh to your mug. Guaranteed to send chills up your little sister’s spine! Packaged in clear, peggable, recyclable giftboxes.





Are you always on the go and feeling all wound up? Maybe it’s time to kick back, relax, and chill. Pour yourself a nice beverage, drop in a ChillBot, and feel your motor unwind. No doubt about it— these mellow fellows are the key to cool times. Clear, peggable, recyclable giftbox packaging. Design by Winnif Pang.

The Moai of Easter Island keep their watch over the Pacific with a cold, stony gaze. Now you can endow your tropical beverages with their mysterious aura and keep them icy cold at the same time. Our Stone Cold silicone ice tray is food-safe, dishwasher-approved, and packaged in a clear peggable, recyclable PET display box.

it’s time to unwind



icy icons from Easter Island

BONE CHILLERS a chilling ice cube tray

Chill your beverages to the bone! Fill and freeze our Bone Chillers tray and you’ll create an icy array of skulls and crossbones that’ll have everyone’s timbers shivering. Drink up, me hearties! Peggable, recyclable display boxes. Design by Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio.


Grade A Large Extra Fancy Ice Eggs Which came first, the chicken or the ice cube? Well, OK — the chicken comes first. You fill the silicone tray with water, freeze, and soon enough you can pop out five icy eggs, ready to chill your favorite drinks. That doesn’t happen in a regular hen house, does it? Hatched is packaged in a clear peggable recyclable giftbox. Design by Winnif Pang.

HAVEAN ICEDAY don’t worry…drink happy

Share a drink and a smile at the same time! There are 7 chances to spread happiness in this hyper-friendly, reusable ice tray. It’s the classic cool symbol that never fails to turn a frown upside down. So...Have an Ice Day! Clear peggable recyclable gift boxes. Design by Rebecca Chitty.





Dahling...everyone knows that ice is a girl’s best friend! Just fill the 100% food-grade flexible Cool Jewels tray with water or any kind of juice, and freeze it. Then pop out the threedimensional ice gems and bling out your beverage! Freeze up a batch for your next party and spread the wealth! Clear peggable display boxes. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.

Stir up some fun and add a cooool touch to your beverages — these extended ice cubes double as handy swizzle sticks. Each food-grade silicone rubber tray makes three skewers. Ice Kabobs come in four groovy assorted colorways and they're packaged in recyclable peggable display boxes.

a dazzling diamond ice cube tray

ICE PRINCESS magic in your glass

This perfectly pink ice tray creates magic wands fit for a fairy princess — sparkly glittery reusable drinking straws with star-shaped ice cubes at the tip! What little girl could resist? Ice Princess is made from 100% pure food-grade silicone with freezer-safe straws, packed in recyclable, peggable clear boxes. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.



everything is more fun on a stick


ice cubes with a built in straw It’s a tropical straw with a frozen twist! Fill the citrus slices with water (add a dash of lemon or lime for some extra zip) and freeze. Citrus Sippers are made from food-safe, freezer-safe, flexible synthetic rubber, packaged in clear recyclable, peggable boxes. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.

CHILLY PEPPERS the ice with spice

Caliente! Nothing cools off your beverages faster than hot peppers! Chilly Peppers are molded from phthalate-free plastics and filled with purified water. We’ve packed 6 peppers in each peggable recyclable clear pillow box. Design by Fred Studio.

Tipsy Toes

add a little kick to your cocktail Tipsy Toes are stylish, freezable ice cubes that won’t dilute your drink and can be used over and over. Put a pair in your punch, or dip your toes into a gin and tonic. Tipsy Toes are food-safe, filled with pure distilled water, and packed six per clear peggable package. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.

COLD BOULDERS stone cold ice cubes

Soft drinks are great, but maybe you prefer something on the rocks? Our reusable, dishwasher-safe graniteinspired Cold Boulders are filled with purified water and will never dilute the vital essence of your beverage. Just freeze ’em, drop ’em in your glass, and rock on! 8 assorted boulders in each clear, recyclable, peggable package.


a hint of winter in your glass You’ll enjoy this ironic pack of reusable snowman ice cubes. You get 6 “lumps of coal” and 3 bright orange “carrots” to bring a frosty chill to all your tropical beverages. Clear, recyclable, peggable giftboxes with fullcolor insert. Design by Jon Yasgur.





Having the right tools is important for any job, even eating dinner. So open up your Chewdriver toolbox and you’ll find everything you need. The three magnetic utensils snap securely into the tool-style handle and can be changed at will. How constructive! Clear, recyclable, peggable display boxes. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois and Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio.

Snack & Stack is sized for kids and grown-ups alike. The silicone handles snap together securely for easy storage and packing, not to mention endless amusement. Perfect for lunch boxes, picnics, your desk drawer or glove box. Each set of three dishwasher-safe utensils is packed in a peggable recyclable clear box. Design by Winnif Pang.

the handy tool for all your fixin’s

take along utensils


mechanize your mealtime These android eating implements are programmed to support your food-consumption mission. Chow Bots are configured with soft silicone for fun, stainless steel for function, and an advanced user interface so you can hold the future in your very own hands! Clear, recyclable, peggable display boxes.




he’s such a bright lad! This bright little guy helps chase away the dark! During the day, he’s a sleepy sentinel on your windowsill. When darkness falls, flip him over on your nightstand and he gives off a warm comforting glow. GloBoy is what everybody needs — a friend that will see you through the dark times! The solar-charged battery powers him for up to 6 hours. Individual colorful gift boxes. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.

LICKETYSPOON the spoon that sticks out!

Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah! It might be a little rude to stick out your tongue, but it’s also irresistible. This stainless steel spoon with soft silicone handle is an icky illusion that will freak out your dinner mates with every bite you take. It’s good, easy-to-clean fun! Lickety Spoon is packaged in a full-color, peggable window box. Design by Kenneth Goldman.





bif! bam! pow! let’s eat!

invite a dino to dinner!

Invite a super-hero to your table and any meal becomes mighty fun. Souper! has posable arms and legs, just like an action figure, so he can soar through the Spaghetti-O’s at warp speed. His bulked-up sonic-sealed body and stainless head are fully food-safe and washable. Clear peggable giftboxes. Design by Carl Mitsch, Fred Studio.

A million years in the making, this pair of prehistoric plate companions are just begging to join you at the table! They’re soft, safe, and ergonomically designed to fit children’s hands. Dinnersaurs are also clinically proven to make table time more fun. Just GRRRRab one and see! You get one Spoonosaurus and one Tricerafork in each peggable plastic display box. Design by Fred Studio.



Airfork One is now ready for take-off! It’s made of sleek stainless steel encased in food-grade, dishwasher-safe silicone — just the thing to bring those mashed potatoes and peas in for a safe landing. It’s high-flying meal-time fun for the little ones. 6.5" long, packed in a recyclable clear peggable PET box. Design by Sibylle Stoeckli/ECAL.

Flop Tops are moppy-haired characters that can’t stand still while you eat. They bob and swish with every spoonful, leaving a trail of giggles every time. And if they manage to get a little sauce in their hair (hey, it could happen), their siliconeand-stainless construction makes them a snap to clean. Dishwasher-safe, kid-size, all fun. One spoon and one fork in each peggable, recyclable, clear box.

for perfect in-flight meals



eat, play, and be merry

Ms foodface dinner meets dress-up

Here’s a way to eat and make a fashion statement at the same time! Go ahead — give Ms Food Face a broccoli bouffant or a mashed potato makeover. But why stop there? Between bites, try out a stylish pair of edible earrings with a teriyaki tiara. It’s deliciously fun! Ms Food Face is 8.5" diameter; crafted from hotel-quality, food-safe, high-fire ceramic; and packaged in a full-color giftbox. Wouldn’t the little girl in you have loved playing with her food like this? Design by Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio.


make faces at the table Here’s a chance for junior to play with his food and exercise his creativity at the same time! So bring on the mashed potatoes and peas...the possibilities are endless! Food Face is mid-size and crafted from hotel-quality, food-safe, high-fire ceramics. It’s individually gift boxed with lots of inspirational (not to mention wacky) food art. Wouldn’t YOU have loved this when you were a kid? Design by Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio.






Are the faces happy or sad? It all depends on how you look at them! Flip them to adjust their attitude and your own as well. We‘ve packaged two bright, retro-inspired 10-ounce Heads Up milk or juice glasses in each flip-flop giftbox. Just remember — always look both ways before you drink! Design by Jason Amendolara and Christina Sciullo, Fred Studio.

Monkeys are a lot like us, aren’t they? It turns out that they like to have fun when they eat, too! Each sturdy set of ChimpSticks is fun to hold, easy to use, and the closest thing you’ll get to being allowed to eat with your hands. The chimp is made from washable, food-grade silicone rubber, and the reusable, removable ABS chopsticks feature little simian hands on the tips. ChimpSticks are packaged in a clear peggable display box. Kids will go ape over them!

Having trouble taming your chopsticks? Just call the Chopstick Kids for help. These soft, washable, foodsafe hinges come with a nice set of melamine chopsticks, or you can use them with your own. And they’re not just for kids either — Fred uses them himself! Assorted Boy and Girl styles, nicely packaged in peggable clear display boxes. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.

flip-it and sip-it juice glasses



monkey around with your meals

Chinese with ease

MEALTIME MASTERPIECE draw and dine placemats

Now you can lunch at the Louvre, even if you’re not in Paris! Mealtime Masterpiece placemats come with a set of marker pens to transform your place setting from blank canvas to prized collectible. There are 48 sheets in each pad, enough to start your own gallery. Design by Diana Paisis, Bitten.


suppersonic, fold-and-fly placemats Talk about in-flight entertainment! Airplane Food placemats include five assorted retro designs, each with a painstakingly designed flight plan. Fifty 15" x 11.5" placemats in all, shrinkwrapped with a colorful cover sheet. Concept by Diana Paisis.




the splish splash cereal bowl Designed like an accident in progress, Spilt Milk will add a splash of fun to your table. It’s made from soft, flexible silicone that’s practically indestructible. So, even if Junior whips it across the room you’ll never need to cry. 6" x 3", perfect for a helping of Cheerios. Individual giftboxes. Design by Laura Strasser and Milia Seyppel.



We’ve combed through the Cretaceous to come up with the perfect tool to keep you well groomed. After all, messy hair is just so Neanderthal! Bone Head is packed like a fossil in a clear peggable, recyclable box.

This delightfully realistic floating koi lights up the second it touches water, glowing brilliantly in a rainbow of hues. Sure, Koi Toy is fun for the tub, but also great in punch bowls, fountains, bird baths, and puddles. Fred plans to float a whole school in his pool the next time he has the neighbors over for sushi and Diet Coke. Packaged in clear, recyclable, peggable plastic clamshells.

don’t look like a caveman!



a glowing goldfish

XYZ BLOCKS the alternative to ABC

Have your alphabet blocks been around the block? A is for Apple, B is for Boring, Z is for ZZZ… Well Fred offers a different perspective on the ABCs of modern life with our beautifully crafted wooden XYZ Blocks. They have all the traditional play value you expect, plus a few chuckles. Traditional ABC blocks just don’t stack up to Fred’s twist on the old classic. XYZ Blocks are packed in a durable wooden storage tray, protected by a clear recyclable plastic box. Christian Northeast created all the amazing illustrations. KIDS


FILL ’ ER UP saving for a full tank

The economy may be tanking, but you don’t have to. Put a few coins aside for a rainy day and watch the gauge inch its way upward. Before you know it, you’ll have a full tank! Fill ’er Up is wrapped in a printed clear sleeve for effective display.


the perfect solution for your shaky short-term memory A tongue-in-cheek tribute to anyone who’s ever scribbled a reminder on their hand or wrist, our To-Do Tattoo kit includes 12 graphic “To Do” forms that you can apply to your body wherever it’s most convenient (or creative) and a skinsafe, washable-ink gel pen. You’ll never again have to make excuses for missing bowling night or your mom’s birthday. Peggable blistercard packaging. Design by Andy Ward.




save for life’s little necessities Times are tough, but you know you should be saving more. Here’s the ideal way to put aside some extra cash for life’s little necessities. Budget Cuts is a big, durable ceramic piggy bank that encourages you to save a dime for your indispensable personal trainer, a quarter for therapy, a buck for parking tickets, and a few cents for retirement. Packaged in a colorful giftbox. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.

Fully functioning gauge measures your savings!

MYTWOCENTS for what it’s worth

Pass along a token of your esteem, or leave behind a handy “tip” that says how you really feel — these twenty aluminum coins will deliver your message memorably. Change is good! My Two Cents are packed on a double sided “coin card” in a peggable clear headerbag. LIFE



instructions included Job interview? Bris? Court appearance? Yes, a necktie is definitely called for, and not a clip-on! No problem, relax, take a deep breath, remember your days in the boy scouts, and study the oh-so-easy knot-tying instructions printed right on Fred’s handy HowTie. 100% silk twill in a Euro-style 3" width. Peggable recyclable clear gift boxes. Design by Dima Komissarov.


the crime scene scarf Create your own crime scene with this extra-long, extra cozy knit scarf. The coppers may question it, but you’ll get off, we guarantee. Fuzz is acrylic with a touch of spandex for extra oomph, it’s just shy of five feet long, and it’s packed all rolled up in a clear drum for handy display. Design by Michelle Kempner.




it’s all about the benjamins

Feeling a little cash poor these days? Not to worry, you can at least look like you’re Loaded with this full-color printed wallet. Satin-lined interior with lots of pockets for all your credit cards. No animals harmed. Individual giftboxes. Design by Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio.

CANDY STASH a super sweet wallet

A sturdy zippered wallet with a purse for your change, a slash for your cash, and slots for your cards. If Willy Wonka had a wallet, it would look just like this. Sweet! Molded from phthalatefree plastics and synthetic leather, Candy Stash is packaged in a clear peggable, recyclable display box. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio. LIFE


EARRING it’s a key ring

Haven’t you heard? There’s a fun new way to keep track of your keys! Each jewel-toned silicone-rubber Ear Ring is pierced with a nickel-plated split ring keyholder. 4 assorted colors, peggable clamshell packs.



Need to pay a toll or feed that hungry parking meter? You’ll never have to go fishing for change again — just stash a few coins in this squishy little fishy. He’ll keep your keys neatly in line too. This handy little keychain is truly the catch of the day! Green and blue assorted, Hooked is packaged in a clear peggable recyclable display box.

Unlock your thirst — carry one of these key-styled bottle openers and never be caught without a cold one again! LucKey is made from extra-thick stainless with a jewelry-quality brushed finish and supplied with a heavy-duty nickelplated split ring. Peggable clamshell packaging. Design by ding 3000.

keep your keys and coins in line



unlock your beverage



unlock your inner chimp Quit monkeying around with all those look-alike keys — pop a perky primate on top! MonKEYS are stretchable durable key covers with personality — you could even give ‘em names. Fred named his Cheeky, Che, Kong, Darwin, Spanky, and Nigel. There are 6 colorful MonKEYS on each peggable clamshell. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.


glow in the dark skullcaps for your keys

FREAKEYS monstrously fun key covers

Remember these wiggly, giggly finger-puppet monsters from your childhood? Fred does and he’s brought them back as handy key covers. FreaKeys come in six colorful styles, all packed together in a clear, recyclable, peggable PET-G box so they can wiggle when you give them a shake! Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.

What waits for you behind the unopened door? Perhaps it’s fate? More likely it’s Rover who needs his walkies. Either way, these glow-in-the-dark key caps are perfect for boneheads who can’t remember which key goes where. Six Skeleton Keys in each peggable clamshell.



MATRYOSH KEYS doll up your keys

SOCK MONKEYS put a sock on it

More than one hundred of years ago, Russian artist make design to store little dolls one inside other. Today Fred think up same clever way to store keys one next to other. Not original but good idea. Two on card.

Slipping on your socks has never been this much fun! We’ve packed two Sock MonKeys on a clear peggable blister.


idolize your keys Who hasn’t occasionally fumbled for their keys? Now you can relax in confidence that the tiki gods will look out for you. We’ve packed the power of TWO Ti-Keys in each peggable pack.



Fear not, humans! Robo Keys have been sent to you from the future to help you identify your primitive terrestrial keys. Two retro robots on each peggable clamshell. Just remember — klaatu barada nikto! Design by Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio.

The next time you’re freezing your bean while trying to remember which key opens your igloo, you’ll be glad that you dressed your keys in these cute little Key Kaps. Two on each peggable clear blister.

back to the future key toppers



keeps keys cozy


mystical magical key caps


stop wrestling with your keys

UniKeys come complete with a twinkle in their eye — little pink and purple embedded rhinestones! We’ve packed two mythical magical key covers in every pack.

Give your keys that same macho, heroic image you strive to achieve for yourself. So pop a LuchaKey onto your fob, crack a cold Dos Equis, and rule, dude. Two heavy-duty key caps per peggable, recyclable clamshell. Design by Christina Sciullo, Fred Studio.



merry merry key fairies

Pick a Key Gnome for your home, and maybe one for your gym locker. Two charmingly enigmatic critters in each peggable package.

knick-knack key caps

Your grandma has tchotchkes, now YOU can have TchotchKeys. Two durable key covers per peggable blisterpack.


fresh-baked key caps

Vanilla for the house in Van Nuys and Chocolate for the ranch in Chile. There are two deliciously scrumptious CooKeys on each peggable card.



MIXMONSTERS groove to the beast

Not all monsters are scary, some just want to help. Mix Monsters were born to serve and protect your iPod® Shuffle. They’re made of space-age, bounce-proof silicone and they stretch for a perfect fit. They come complete with 12 removable eyeball stickers so you can personalize your new monster mate. Two sleeves and twelve eyeball stickers on each peggable clamshell.




silicone case & video stand for iPhone®

Trick out your iPhone® in this totally retro audio cassette cover. Tuned Up! may look like an out-dated mix tape, but its resilient silicone construction offers state-of-the-art protection. Flip over the clear outer case and you have a swell stand to prop your iPhone® up and watch your favorite 80’s videos. Peggable clamshell packaging. Design by Homade.



Cables have a way of proliferating like vines. What better way to tame the mighty technological jungle than with Leaf Keepers? Each leaf-shaped nylon tie tames the tangle, and they do it with a natural outdoor flair. So...turn over a new leaf and get organized! There are 12 cable ties in each clear peggable bag. Design by Lufdesign.

Sometimes it’s fun to bathe in the glow of a simpler time. Give your 4G iPhone® a warm, cozy feel by snuggling it into one of these retro-yet-functional hard-shell cases. Choose from an old-school camera, a totally obsolete game controller, a nerd-approved calculator, or a stylish boomerang-era transistor radio. With Re/Cover you get all the function and twice the fun. Recyclable peggable clamshell packaging. Design by Homade.

deciduous desktop organizers

old-school iPhone® cases




emergency phone stand iPlunge is the perfect solution for your hightech video emergencies— just squish it against the back of your iPod®, iPhone®, or any device with a smooth hard surface, sit back, and smile. No plumbing required! iPlunge is individually boxed in a clear peggable recyclable display box. Design by Homade.


rewind your dangling cords, cables, and wires A cool homage to the old Walkman era (when it was all about the cassette), <<REW is here to wrangle those pesky cords and spool them in style. It’s packed on a handsome peggable blister and comes in pink, red, and blue assorted colorways. Design by Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio.





bigger, better, louder, cooler Sometimes bigger IS better, especially when it comes to sound. That’s why we took a puny pair of earbuds, put them in Fred’s highly technical Way Big machine, and created 500XL — it’s 500 times the size of the original! And how great will these look on your desktop alongside your MP3 player or PC? These speakers include a built-in amp, and they’re powered by either batteries or computer USB (cords included). Stand-up, peggable clamshell packaging really shows them off. Design by Winnif Pang.


a gummed-up stand for your iPod or mobile phone Having bubble gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe is pretty annoying — but if it’s stuck to the bottom of your phone or iPod, well, that could be really cool! iStuck will hold your personal communicator at just the right angle for viewing a video without any sticky mess. It’s sugar-free and recommended by four out of five dentists surveyed. Peggable blistercard packaging. Design by Jason Pang. TECH



squeezable relief for your tough day Don’t take it out on the guy who cut you off on the way into the office or that irritating co-worker… there are better ways to handle stress. Slip on a Stress Beater and squeeeeeze. It has all the hardedged visual appeal of brass knuckles, combined with the stress-reducing properties of a basket of kittens. Now squeeze some more — its submissive soft feel and comforting fingerholes will have you seeing rainbows. Ahhhhh. Peggable clamshell blisters. Design by Donald Corey.

BIRDS ON A WIRE the perfect perch for your pics If desktop clutter is ruffling your feathers, why not perch your favorite photos up above the fray! Birds on a Wire is a flock of eight blackbird clips strung on a 32 inch ”clothesline” — it’s a fun and easy way to display your pics, tickets, memos, and keepsakes. Full-color giftbox packaging. Design by Jorine Oosterhoff.





the scribble and dribble notepad Your business memos not scoring any points? Before you send that page to the recycling bin, why not have a little fun with it? Crumple your notes into a ball and score a goal, serve an ace, or shoot a hole in one. With Fredâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Play More pad the back of each page is printed like a sports ball. There are 48 pages with eight different styles, so no matter what your game you can turn your goofs into glory. Waste less, work less, Play More! Each 8.25" x 11.5" pad is shrink-wrapped. Design by Trapped in Suburbia. 69 DESK


deadly serious sticky notes This 300-page sticky notepad is perfect for poison pen notes, letters of resignation, hit lists, and office todo’s. Murder, Ink comes complete with blood spattered pen, packed in a full-color illustrated peggable giftbox.



Had a few too many last night? No worries. Now you‘ll know exactly what happened While You Were Out Cold. This classic pink notepad will help your “friends” record all the gory details for posterity. You’ll surely want to get back to (or at) them. Each 100-sheet pad is regulation phone-memo size — 5" x 4" — and printed on pink recycled paper. Individually bagged with peggable header. Design by Hogmalion & Company.

Did you just leave a message for one of your friends on a boring old yellow sticky note? Oh, no you di-n’t. Next time, Talk To The Hand…because the hand commands respect! You have 300 chances to get your point across in each pad. High Five! Design by John Nouanesing.

notable events you missed



palm-sized sticky notes


notably crumpled sticky pads For those days when you’re not really feeling bright yellow, smooth, and square, we present Trashed — sticky notes that look like they’ve been around the block and lived to tell the tale. Rumpled, crumpled, crushed, and resurrected, they’re the perfect vehicle for your cryptic reminders, notes to self, and plans for world domination. You get 4 self-stick pads with 100 sheets each, all packed inside a peggable, recyclable clamshell. Design by Björn Rothe.



not just pencils, they‘re…


BORROW MY PEN? pens guaranteed to leave an impression

You know those pens that end up in your pocket or purse promoting Nancy’s House of Insurance? Well the sick minds at Fred have taken it one step too far with this subversive collection of immortal advertising keepsakes. Hand ‘em out to your friends, your parole officer, your boss…when you say “Borrow My Pen?” you’ll ALWAYS make an impression. Eight memorable styles packed on a peggable blistercard. Concept by Tabitha White.



You know, the latest thing. Because regular yellow Number 2’s are so yesterday. The New Black is all black — black graphite, black wood, black paint, black ferrule, black eraser, with ironic white imprints. Twelve assorted pencils in each peggable header-bag. Concept by Tabitha White.


they have your money but you have their pen What’s more annoying than going to the bank to make a deposit and finding the courtesy pen’s been snagged? Now, here’s your chance for a bank pen of your very own, complete with dangling ball chain. Bank Job is equipped with a twisting barrel to extend/retract the tip, and it’s packed in a clear peggable box lined in cash-green flocking. Design by Christina Sciullo, Fred Studio.


spin. relax. repeat. Give our 360° Pen a whirl and you’ll smile like a kid again. These two-tone pens combine shiny chrome-plated metal and tactile rubber-finished plastics. Red and charcoal, by color or assorted. Packed in peggable clear display boxes. The box even has a diecut “try me“ hole so customers can give ‘em a whirl! Design by Jaime Wood.


bon appétit, cubicle captive!

Putting in the overtime and eating at your desk again? Well here are the essential multitasking office tools you’ve been waiting for — a set of ordinary stickpens that does double duty as handy dining utensils. They’re food-safe, reusable and they’ll stand-up to the rigors of your General Tsao’s chicken. So bon appétit, cubicle captive! You get 3 pens, with both original caps and utensil caps, all packaged in a peggable, reusable, “green” zip-bag. Design by zo-loft.




paper clip petals in bloom He loves me, he loves me not. No matter…you’re sure to love our handy Desk Daisy. The petals are colorful paper clips that cling to magnets in the center of each flower. The stems are bendable — simply twist them to create fun flower arrangements. Desk Daisy is an easy way to add a splash of springtime to your desk! We’ve included 30 colorful petal-shaped clips in each box. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred Studio.



the hot buttered desk accessory! This piping hot slice of toast is pretty hard to miss on your desktop, so you’ll always be able to put your fingers on a buttery little self-stick note when you need one. Toasted Notes comes with 5 handy pads in each peggable clamshell and you can refill it with standard 2" x 2" pads.


add character to your inanimate objects


Place some InAnimate stickers on your stapler, decorate your pencil holder, jazz up your morning java, personalize your mouse…then bring on the smiles. Each pack includes LOTS of eyes and mouths, and yes they’re removable! Packaged in crispy clear peggable headerbags. Design by Christina Sciullo, Fred Studio. DESK


the new shape of paperclips and bookmarks Grasp the possibilities...and your papers, too! Iconoclasps are inventive, modern paperclips that elevate your paperwork to artwork. They make groooovy bookmarks, too! Choose from Emoticons, Sign Language, or People — each style comes in two assorted colors, packed in peggable clear headerbags with a sample neatly clipped in place.


fair warning for your co-workers Some days the office is like a tea party, other days it’s a lions’ den. That’s why The Daily Mood is a crucial desk-top accessory! It spells out everyone’s demeanor in no uncertain terms. There are 47 moods to choose from, each with its own smiley along with a snarky definition, fascinating facts, and sample sentences. It’s lo-tech “social networking” fun. Individual peggable giftboxes. Concept by Tabitha White, design by Carl Mitsch, Fred Studio. DESK


UNCAPPED think big!

Here’s an everyday pen cap blown up to ridiculous proportions and rendered in durable, high-fire ceramic. Instead of holding merely one pen, our 8" tall Uncapped allows you to stash ALL your fine writing instruments in a cool style that’s sure to mark you as the resident office hipster. Like all Fred’s ceramic items, it complies with the tough California toxicity standards. Packed in a colorful giftbox. Design by Seventh Sense Studio.

FINGERPRINT a handy bookmark

Are your books all tatty with dog ears? Do you still lose your place when you nod off in the middle of a sentence? Just snap FingerPrint right around your book and point it to the last word you read. It stretches to fit any size book from “Dick and Jane” to “War and Peace”. Use it as a handy book strap too. In green, blue-gray, and orange assorted, FingerPrint is molded from durable silicone rubber, and packed on a billboard card inside a peggable clear headerbag. Design by 25togo.




magical lights to brighten your night This magic lamp will surely brighten your night and your spirits as well. As it gently winks and blinks you’ll fall asleep like a child to happy memories of glowing fireflies, warm summer nights, and lazy vacation days. DreamLights is solar-powered — just leave it in full light to charge. It can be set to automatically switch on in the dark or turn on and off with a simple shake. Each lamp is gift-boxed. To see DreamLights in all its mesmerizing glory please visit our website.






rude, chewed refrigerator magnets

Congratulations — you’ve made it through another day! And our 18" x 30" vinyl-backed natural coir Finish Line doormat is there to welcome you home. Design by Ken Goldman.

These chewy little fridge magnets are dead-ringers for the real thing except there’s a high-power magnet molded right inside each piece. Stuck Up comes in four assorted flavors — bubble gum, spearmint, peppermint, and tutti-frutti. You get 4 wads on each peggable blistercard.


the deciduous doorstop Loose Leaf looks like it wafted out of the sky and flitted to your entryway. But it’s actually a very reliable and practical doorstop, as functional as it is evocative! Packaged on a durable, peggable chipboard backing card.


race you home


everybody needs a foot in the door Just place the ever-so-dainty toe of this playful pump under the crack of your very own door and it will be held open in style. Foot in the Door is a shoe-in for this year’s bestdressed gift! Black or red, with a grippy rubber coating, packed in a peggable draw-string bag.

2-Carat Cup 17 360° Pen 73 500XL 67

A ABC* Cookies 7 Airfork One 50 Airplane Food 53 Appkins 16 AristoCakes 5

B Babushkups 26 BananaHandle 12 Bank Job 72 Batter Finger 7 Beat It! 22 Beer Bands 34 Birds on a Wire 68 Bombs Away 28 Bone Chillers 44 Bone Head 54 Borrow My Pen? 72 Bottle 'Biner 36 Bottoms Up Shot 28 Brain Freeze 41 Budget Cuts 56 Buona Server 24

C Cake Candelabra 39 Cakewich 6 Calf & Half 25

Candy Stash 59 Chewdriver 48 ChillBots 44 Chillipedes 43 Chill Pill 42 Chilly Peppers 47 ChimpSticks 52 Chopstick Kids 52 Chow Bots 48 Citrusaw 34 Citrus Sipper 46 Cold Blooded 42 Cold Boulders 47 CooKeys 63 Cool Beans 41 Cool Jazz 40 Cool Jewels 46 Cool Shooters 40

Fish Stix 32 Fisticup 14 Flop Tops 50 Food Face 51 Foot in the Door 78 Fossil Food 5 Fossiliced 40 FreaKeys 61 Freeze! 43 French Toast 10 Frozen Smiles 42 Fuzz 58

G Gin & Titonic 43 GloBoy 49 Good Fortune 23


Ear Ring 60 Equal Measure 12

H2Eau 27 Half Full 26 Half Pint 25 Handlebar 35 Hatched 45 Have An Ice Day 45 Heads-Up 52 Holy Toast! 10 Hooked 60 Hop & Pop 8 Hopside Down 29 Hot Heads 12 HowTie 58



Fill-A-Lily 9 Fill 'er Up 56 Fingerfood 32 Finger Pickin' 33 FingerPrint 76 Finish Line 78

Ice Attacks! 41 Ice Kabobs 46 Ice Palace 43 Ice Princess 46 Ice Screams 42 Iconoclasps 75

D The Daily Mood 75 DeFrosty 47 Desk Daisy 74 Dine Ink 73 Dinnersaurs 50 DPW 10 DreamLights 77 DrinKup 27


InAnimate 74 InSet 24 iPlunge 66 iStuck 67

K Key Gnomes 63 Key Kaps 62 Koi Toy 54

O The OCD Chef 11 Oh, Snap! 24 Origami Napkins 30 Ouch! 30 Out Cold 70


Leaf Keepers 65 Lickety Spoon 49 Light Bites 38 Lit! 38 Loaded! 59 Loose Leaf 78 Lucha Keys 63 LucKey 60 Lunch Bugs 13

Pac-Man Hot Heads 12 Party People 22 Pastasaurus 22 Peace of Cake 6 Pick Your Nose 37 Pizza Boss 3000 8 Play More 69 Polluted 28 Pop Top 35 Port•A•Pint 36 Put A Lid On It 8




Matryosh Keys 62 Maze Café 15 M-Cups 2 Mealtime Masterpiece 53 Minor Miracle 18 MiXeD MeSsaGEs 17 Mix Monsters 64 MixStix 9 MonKeys 61 Ms Food Face 51 M-Spoons 2 Murder, Ink 70 My Two Cents 57

N The New Black 72 Ninjabread Men 7 Nomskulls 4

Re/Cover 65 <<Rew 66 Robo Keys 62 Roman Candles 38

S Salt & Pants 20 Salt & Peeper 20 Salt + Power 21 Saltside Out 25 Salty the Snowman 20 Sharp Act 11 Short Stacked 18 Skeleton Keys 61 Snack & Stack 48 Sock Monkeys 62 Souper! 50 Spilt Milk 54 Split 20

Stacked 18 Stone Cold 44 Store-M's 3 Stress Beater 68 Stuck Up 78 Switch 21 Swizzle Sticks 36

T Table Saw 22 Talk To The Hand 70 Tank Up 14 Tchotch Keys 63 TeaCupcakes 4 Ti-Keys 62 Tipsy Toes 47 Toasted Notes 74 To-Do Tattoo 56 Tooth Piks 32 Trashed 71 TropSticks 23 Tuned Up 64

U Uncapped 76 UniKeys 63 Unzipped 26

W Wine Lines 34 Wine Monkey 31 Winestein 29

X Xtra Cream 19 XYZ Blocks 55

Y YumBots 4


Cover Photography ŠMichael D. Griffin

30 Martin Street Cumberland, RI 02864 USA

Voice 866-801-5543

Fax 401-333-3123


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