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Critter Nation – The Best Small Animal Habitat Your small pet is the most adorable animal for you in this world that’s the reason why you make him/her your pet, Spending time with them is a good time for the both of you. Since they are too small that they might get out of your house, you need to build them a house that they will serve as their home. Critter Nation is the solution. Critter nation are cages for your small pets. There are points to consider in building your small buddy a house .You have to think which size cage you prefer which is a good thing since it’s up to you how big you want your pet to have. Critter Nation can be put outside or in size your house, make sure that it’s safe for your pet. When finalizing the cage design, don’t forget importance of how you will clean the cage on a regular basis which is important for your pet’s hygiene. Critter nation should be washable, rust proof, since it is easy to install It is advisable that you need to choose a critter nation that is movable, it’s important to choose critter nation with wheels so that you can change places of location inside your house or in your garage. Since smaller animals are natural climbers, Bars of the critter Nation are perfect for nurturing their natural instincts and climbing. The Locking Ramps are also important if you want your small pet to stay in one area inside the Critter Nation, or If you are trying to separate to pets. A Critter nation should be an enjoyable place for your pet to stay, it’s bars should have small gaps for your pets to be accommodate because some small pets like rats can escape though a bigger gap. The Cage door should be wide so that you can easily clean the area and change the toys, beddings or hammocks in places. Critter Nation design and sizes depends on you, make sure that you think what’s best for your pet specially for his/her enjoyment, comfort and safety. Other people think that it’s best for your pet’s house to put toys and ramps, since your little friend wants to gnaw, bite and play. Don’t forget to put beddings and the feeding section for your pet also their play place. Critter nation can be a rewarding place for your little pet, whether it’s a rat, chinchilla, ferret, sugar glider, hedgehog or any kind of small pet what’s important is that you love them and that’s why you have to choose the best place for them to stay when you are not playing with them. Critter nation is the place for them!

Critter Nation – The Best Small Animal Habitat