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Advantages and Disadvantages of Dog pens Pet exercise playpens are very useful especially for dogs; it is also good for cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. Playpens are usually set up in octagon or square, and covered with sunscreen to protect your pet from the heavy sunlight. Playpen for dogs or Dog pens is used to give your dog a secure wide space for playing alone or with other dog. It is also used as an exercise area for your dog when he’s feeling weak. You can also put a dog crate inside for your dog to have a resting place after playing. Advantages 1. Dog pens allow your dog to feel free and enjoy his surroundings. 2. It also gives you an assurance that your dog is secured and will not get lost when you are outside. 3. It will also help your dog from being sick and lonesome. 4. It improves your relationship with your pet dog. 5. Your dogs can play safely and away from the dangerous areas. 6. It can also help dog trainers to teach their dogs new tricks. 7. Dog pens are very portable and easy to store on a car when you are going to play outside some can also be hand-carried. 8. It is easy to set up. Disadvantages 1. Not suited for large breed of dogs because of its lightweight. 2. No anchors are made to avoid the dog pens from moving. 3. It can be expensive in some shops. 4. It has no lid, so you have to put up your own. 5. Some lightweight dog pens may easily fell if you don’t hold it upright.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dog pens