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Dobra Knjiga (Good Book) publishes and sells books through bookshops and on the internet. It has a reputation for publishing quality books which are of interest to the reading public. Our publications belong to a broad range of genre categories: belles-lettres, history novels, thrillers, psychology manuals and travel books. Dobra Knjiga has published 12 books whose authors have fulfilled readers’ expectations.

Dobra Knjiga owns two bookshops, in Belgrade and Kragujevac. Our stores are characterized by a pleasant atmosphere, friendly shop assistants and a great choice of books. The online bookstore ( is one of the leading bookstores on the internet in Serbia. The main advantages to our online bookstore are affordable prices, quick delivery and safe shopping.

Vladislav Radak THE NIGHT OF DEAD DREAMS 2009, Fiction (Thriller), 427 p., 20x14 cm, ISBN 978-86-86013-07-1 The Night of Dead Dreams is a great thriller for anyone aged 15–22. It is an engrossing novel characterised by a cosmopolitan, suspenseful plot, featuring diverse characters and unfolding in a number of different states. Radak wrote his first novel as a teenager, and in The Night of Dead Dreams he continues to entertain his audience. What could be more entertaining than a thriller? The Night of Dead Dreams is a page-turner with a bit of romance thrown in, a touch of the comic book poetics and the aesthetics of real life drama. Dejan Petkov D BELGRAPHY B (Belgraphy = a non-existent word, (B a combination of the words Belgrade, biography and geography) 22008, Fiction (Historical), 297 p., 20x14 cm, ISBN 978-86-86013-00-2 The novel is a historic thriller with a very interesting plot, which is rich in details of the military tactics used in the 17th and 18th centuries. Although the story concerns male, military issues, the ta main female character of the novel is the Belgrade fortress, for whose heart men are desperately m fighting. Although the novel ends tragically, with a crime, the author is of the opinion that this story is about friendship nevertheless. st Dejan Petkov THE GUARDIAN 2009, Fiction (Historical), 403 p., 20x14 cm, ISBN 978-86-86013-09-5 The plot of The Guardian unfolds in three cities – Rome, Constantinople and Krusevac. Although this novel belongs to the genre of historical thriller, which presents real events in a specific way, its author says that this novel has a story of human destiny as its background. Apart from mystical and thriller elements, this novel, in terms of its philosophy, belongs to the same category as The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco. Going deep into the past, the author indirectly explains the essence of modern events. Angelina Timotijević THERE ARE THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER DO 2009, Fiction (Historical), 195 p., 20x14 cm, ISBN 978-86-86013-18 There are Things You Should Never Do is an exceptionally interesting historical novel containing elements of a thriller. The novel is characterised by masterly descriptions of the lifestyle and customs in prewar Belgrade, and of the city itself. As tumultuous historical events unfold at the beginning of the twentieth century, we follow the life of Lenka Nikolić, a girl from a well-respected family. It is 1903, the time of the May Coup. Downtown Belgrade is full of intrigue and exciting political struggle – a struggle whose participants achieve their goals by any means necessary.

Milovan Jovanović THE END OF THE GAME 2009, (Esoterics / New Age), Psychoanalysis, Psychology, 344 p., 24x17 cm, ISBN 978-86-86471-29-1 “…For some, this book will be a source of new knowledge, while to others, in a manner reminiscent of Carlos Castaneda, it will be source of new knowledge and great literature as well. His latest work is a capital achievement in terms of value and importance, since he does not imitate anyone in it but remains an original creator, his talent all his own. This book has not been written merely to amuse its readers or to convince them of a particular view, but rather to invite them to join a debate and stimulate them to think. Such books appear only once in ten or twenty years in other parts of the world. In this country, there have never been any books of its kind so far. In any event, this is the book of the year in its field, one which every reader should have in his personal library so that he may revisit it and find in it the answers to many questions. To my own enjoyment, I was witness not only to the writing of this work, but to some of the events described herein. Therefore, I recommend The End of the Game to intellectuals and experts alike, as well as to the interested laymen – they all will have a great deal of fun, and will learn something new.” – Dr Stevan P. Petrović

Milovan Jovanović THE SEVENTH BOOK – A GUIDE TO THE FUTURE 2009, (Esoterics / New Age), Psychoanalysis, Psychology, 219 p., 22.5x16 cm, ISBN 978-86-86013-10-1 A long-awaited sequel to The End of the Game and conversations with Ahtun Re.

Milovan Jovanović TRAVELLERS 2007, (Esoterics / New Age), Psychoanalysis, Psychology, 209 p., 22.5x16 cm ISBN 978-86-8647-134-5 In his book Travellers, Milovan Mića Jovanović writes about regressionsprogressions. The readers will see that regressions-progressions serve not only to resolve certain health problems but also as examples and verification of our unconditional immortality that no one can take away from us for any reason or under any circumstances.

Nedjeljko Samardžić THE HOLY LAND 2008, Travel (Travel / Adventure, Travel / Essays & Travelogues, Travel / Tr General), 623 p., 21x16 cm G ISBN 978-86-60490-59-1 IS In a manner characteristic of great travel writers, the author deals with tr segments of the inter-religious se relations among the three major re confessions, speaking about Jewishco Palestinian relations, their culture, Pa customs, geo-political structure, excu periences in the course of his travels, pe the feelings aroused by the sight of th Christ’s grave, baptism in the Jordan C River; in a nutshell – he conjures up R Israel and Palestine for the reader in a masterly fashion.

Nedjeljko Samardžić NAMASKAR INDIA, NAMASTEJ NEPAL 2009, Travel (Travel / Adventure, Travel / Essays & Travelogues, Travel / General), 399 p., 20.5x14.5 cm ISBN 978-86-86013-08-8 The readers of the book Namaskar India, Namastej Nepal will “visit” India and Nepal, and will recognise in this book the truth, everyday occurrences – they will meet different customs, cultures, faiths, climates, flora and fauna – and get to know a continent with an entirely different understanding of life and death from that characterising Westerners’ outlook on reality.

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