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Volume 40, #3 - October 2012

Greetings! I hope you’ve enjoyed a wonderful summer. Now cooler weather has arrived, bringing many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. I invite you to join our Ontario Hiking Week events (October 1 – 7), and our Kids Hike on October 14. Although it seems like a long time away right now, mark your calendar for our winter Kids Hikes (December 16 and February 17) and our Christmas party (December 2). Please bring a friend to Members Night on Wednesday, October 3. The owner of ScoutTech will be giving a presentation on how to fit hiking boots, and introduce us to new equipment on the market. It is also an evening when prospective members and people interested in walking/hiking can ask us questions and find out what we’re all about. Check out our website! Pat has added a hike calendar and a page listing trail reroutes. Special thanks to new member, Greg Mennie, who helped immensely with setting up a PayPal shopping cart on the website. It is now possible to renew your membership on-line with PayPal or credit card. If you have not yet renewed your membership (for those that expired on August 31 of this year), please take a moment to do it now. This will ensure that you continue to get e-mail reminders of upcoming hikes. Membership fees keep our trails open and you get a charitable tax receipt for the full $25. It has been a privilege to be the President of this Club for the past three years. I have enjoyed working on many diverse projects and really appreciate your input, suggestions, and support. We will be looking for more of your ideas, and for any individuals who would like to become more involved in our Club, at our AGM on November 15. We hope to see you out on the trails - Gayle has again put together an interesting list of upcoming hikes for us. Thank you to our trail captains, volunteers, hike leaders and executive for all of your hard work on our trails and hikes. It is due to all of our efforts that we have such a strong and dynamic Club. Kathy

Happy hiking this fall!

A Special Hiking Event Is Coming to Our Area!! The annual Hike Ontario Summit (educational presentations, dinner, hikes) is being held in Kitchener this fall, in conjunction with the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Grand Valley Trails Association. A great location, interesting topics and speakers and a special celebration of a wonderful trail await those who attend from November 2 to 4 th All individuals interested in hiking may come. The deadline for registering is October 26. (Note: if you wish to be entered for the early bird draw, you need to send in electronic registration by October 1 st) For details on all of the events, and to register, visit: More details on Page 17!

Ross McLean Wins Award Ross McLean, a long time, hardworking volunteer and ambassador of our club, was recently awarded a Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal. This is a new Canadian medal given out for the first time this year to 60,000 volunteers that have made a significant contribution to a particular province. Ross received his medal from MPP Liz Sandals at a ceremony held in Guelph on September 12th . Congratulations Ross – you have certainly earned it!

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Oblivious Obesity

GHTC Newsletter Volume 40, #3, October, 2012 The GHTC Newsletter, published in March, July and October, is sent to all of the club members, other trail organizations, landowners who provide access for our trails, advertisers and club supporters. Opinions and views expressed in this newsletter are those of the individual writers or advertisers and do not necessarily reflect those of the Guelph Hiking Trail Club executive, members, or affiliated bodies such as Hike Ontario. Check the club web site or blog for details on advertising rates, merchandise for sale and club contacts. Mail: PO Box 1, Guelph, N1H 6J6 Club members and others are encouraged to submit articles, notices and photographs to the newsletter editor for possible publication in your club’s newsletter. Deadlines for receiving material for publication from members, hike leaders and other contributors are: Feb. 15 for the March issue, June 15 for the July issue and Sept. 15 for the October issue.

When interviewed just prior to the past Olympic games, Sir Stephen Blom, a distinguished endocrinologist at the Imperial College Health Centre in London, was asked: “Do you think the Olympics will make any difference to people's attitude to sport and exercise? His reply: “The Olympics is great, it really stimulates people to sit on a couch and watch television. And it's bound to have quite an impact - on increasing obesity.”

Editor’s Thanks! GHTC Memberships On Line The GHTC membership year runs from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31. If you have not yet renewed your membership for 2012/2013, you can do it now by visiting GHTC's website and then go to the Join Us link near the top-middle of the Home Page. Membership renewals, badge or handbook purchases and donations to Guelph Hiking Trail Club can be made via the Internet using the secure, PayPal Shopping Cart that accepts credit cards or PayPal account transactions. The Calendar of Events and Trail Reroutes links are also updated. Check out the Guelph Hiking Trail Club's website We'd love to hear what you think.

Certified Hike Leader Course Here is your opportunity to become a GHTC Certified Hike Leader. On Sunday Nov 25th we will be hosting an all day hike leader training course, lead by a Hike Ontario instructor. Course consists of classroom training and some outdoor hike leader scenarios. Cost to GHTC members is $25, which, upon successful completion of course and leading 3 hikes for GHTC, will be reimbursed. While completion of a Basic First Aid course is desirable, it is not mandatory to become a GHTC certified hike leader. If interested, please email Bill Mungall by Oct. 15.

very sincere thanks to all who contributed text and/or photos the newsletter this past year. This is your publication so keep sending original material throughout the coming year, but please identify the individual who should receive the credit.


Occasionally, when someone sends items from several sources, it is not always clear who should be acknowledged for what. Also, when you suggest reproducing items from some other source, we need permission from the original author and publisher.

Susan Atkinson Dave Culham John Fisher Brandie Firth Peter Jaspers-Fayer Victoria MacPhail Bill Mungall Terry Spittles

Donald Cangiano Bob Fanning Lynn Glover Jim Hoare Gayle Jeffery Marilyn McKellar Kathy Somers

Apologies to anyone who might have been omitted inadvertently from this list.

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Improve Your Odds for a Long and Healthy Life has heard the story: Somebody's 99-year-old aunt never exercised, smoked her EVERYONE whole life, and lived on a diet of red meat and ice cream. So why bother with healthy living, right? Well, according to Robert Schreiber, a gerontology physician at Harvard Medical School, for every one person who lives a long life of unhealthy choices, there are countless others who die prematurely because of them. The seeds for illness found in many of Schreiber's patients now in their seventh or eighth decades were sown in their thirties, forties and fifties. "Probably half of the most serious conditions like heart disease, diabetes, stroke and many forms of cancer, are related directly to lifestyle and behavior," Schreiber remarked. Unfortunately, no one is guaranteed a life free of disease or injury. As people age, many will face at least one of these common health problems. But certain lifestyle steps can help forestall illness and sometimes prevent it altogether. They can also improve the quality of life and recovery if disease or injury does strike. Eat less and healthier: - Plan meals ahead of time to ward off unhealthy temptations. - Replace unhealthy ingredients with healthy ones. For example, an omelet made with egg whites and vegetables is healthier than one heaped with cheese and sausage. - Serve smaller portions. - Slow down when eating. Promote healthy living through exercise: There is a huge amount of evidence that exercise lowers the risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, many cancers, weight gain, depression, and cognitive decline. Some benefits, such as increased muscle strength and improved depression or blood pressure, may start earlier. Others, like reducing the risk for some cancers, heart disease, and diabetes, build with years of sustained exercise. How much people should exercise varies, but a good goal is 150 minutes (2.5. hours) of moderate exercise each week. Any physical activity that raises the heart rate or induces sweating counts. This includes brisk walking, recreational sports, and heavy house or yard work. Try to make exercise part of your daily life: - Some activity is better than none. When you have a choice between walking or driving, choose

walking. - Find activities that you like and keep you coming back. - Start slowly. Overly ambitious plans tend to end in burnout. - Increase workout length or intensity in increments when you feel ready. Working toward a healthier life is not always easy, and some days may be harder than others. However, whenever you have options, healthy choices make more sense. Condensed from WebMD.

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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting - November 17, 2011 President Kathy Somers convened the GHTC's 40th AGM with Jane Shifflett (secretary) taking the minutes. Thirty-three members were in attendance at Zehr's Community Room, Imperial Road. Bill Hamilton moved to accept last year's AGM minutes, seconded by Gord King. Carried. President's Comments: Kathy Somers reported: Welcome to the 40th Annual Meeting of the Guelph Hiking Trail Club. It is my pleasure to welcome you here tonight to receive the reports of the executive and directors, and elect the executive for next year. I am pleased to tell you that our membership has continued to increase. If you have ideas which would encourage new members, or retain current members, please speak to us. Twenty-five to 30 people attended New Members Night on October 5 and we registered three new members there. The presentations that night were on topics requested at last year's New Members Night – how to warm up/cool down your muscles before and after hiking, how to walk with poles, and what foods & snacks are best to pack for a hike. The other good news is that our third party liability insurance fee has significantly decreased after Hike Ontario found a more competitive rate for us with a new insurer in May. We are pleased that the insurance fee will be less of a drain on our resources. This insurer requires that our Club adopt a policy that a certified hike leader be on each hike (for coverage to be effective on that hike). As a result, Hike Ontario requests that we draft a risk management plan that includes our plans to certify hike leaders. We have some certified hike leaders but the majority are not certified. We have begun working on the risk management plan and early in the new year we will offer a one-day certified hike leader course that will begin to fulfill these requirements. There will be a cost to us to put on this training. As an incentive for leaders to use this training that we would provide them, we plan to refund a $25 fee to leaders who become certified and then lead 3 or more hikes for our Club. A second printing of the current Handbook of maps to give us 100 more copies to meet requests until revision is printed. This spring we opened a special area in our website's forum section as a way for members to set up impromptu hikes among themselves. A handful of people requested access to this members-only area, but it has been infrequently used to date. We encourage you to contact our webmaster if you would like to use this feature to go on impromptu hikes with other members. In the coming year we will be testing a new feature on our website to give people with smart phones the ability to scan QR codes on trail signs that will link them to our website and some interpretive and Club information there. We plan to pilot this on Starkey Trail where 11 interpretive posts will be reinstated by the GRCA, displaying a number and a QR code. Fall 2011 marks the 40th anniversary of the completion of the Radial Line Trail. We organized special monthly hikes from April to October to celebrate and showcase this trail, and had a BBQ party on September 25 that was very well attended. Thank you to those who planned and organized these special events. My special thanks go to the Club executive and directors who share a passion for this Club and make it function. Jane Shifflett our secretary has completed a 3 year term and will be stepping down after tonight. Susan Bard has been our Hike Coordinator for 9 or more years and she is also stepping down from her position. Membership: Reported by David Culham Report on Membership and Merchandise Inventory, as at August 31, 2011 As at August 31, 2011, the different categories of membership stood at: Individual memberships, paid up to August 31, 2011 81 Individual memberships, paid up to August 31, 2012 21 Family memberships, paid up to August 31, 2011 92 Family memberships, paid up to August 31, 2012 40 Organization memberships, paid up to August 31, 2011 1 Organization memberships, paid up to August 31, 2012 0 Total paid memberships 235 Life memberships 3 Grand Total Memberships 238 Complimentary listings on mailing list 42

(55 last year) (39) (46) (55) (1) (0) (196) (3) (199) (43)

84% of membership at August 31, 2010 renewed their membership through August 31, 2011. Total membership numbers grew 20% between August, 2010 and August, 2011. New memberships taken out in the year: From September 1, 2010 to August 31, 2011 71 (62) There was a 14.5% increase in new memberships compared to previous membership year. Inventory of membership supplies in care of David Culham: Guidebooks (previous printing) Guidebooks (interim printing) Club badges End to End badges One Day badges

0 77 164 31 2

(102) (0) (183) (40) (4)

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Jim Hoare extended a special thank you to Dave for getting letters of invitations to the 40th anniversary out to landowners and special invitation letters to other people. Treasurer's Report: Henry Graupner presented the Guelph Trail Club Financial Statements for the year ended August 31, 2011. Net Assets are up $4,000 and allow us to plan for future expenses; for example, providing money for hike training, printing of guidebooks and increasing publicity budgets. Nick Wenzler and the company Embree & Co. LLP Chartered Accountants did the review report for the club. Bob Fanning moved to accept this report as presented and signed by the president and treasurer, seconded by Dave Wallace. Carried. Henry Graupner moved that the firm of Embree Co LLP, be appointed to carry out the review of the Club's financial statements for the current year, subject to their convenience. Seconded by Bill Hamilton. Carried. Henry Graupner made a motion of thanks to Nick Wenzler and Embree Company for their support of the GHTC. Seconded by Mike Curtis. Radial Line Trail: John Fisher reported: The Radial Line Trail (RLT) is in good shape. More feet on the trail makes maintenance much easier. 40th Anniversary Celebrations Our main event of the year was of course our 40th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of the Trail. We had a series of 7 hikes through the summer months recognising the best parts of each of the sections and culminating in a barbecue attended by members, section leaders, landowners, past presidents and local political dignitaries. It was a great success! We are showing a slideshow at the conclusion of the AGM. Trail Re-Routing/Maintenance: Section 7 - Waterbars have been added to some of the steeper sections of the trail for erosion protection and ease of climbing. Section 5 - A small reroute was made on Scout property that effectively reduced the necessity to walk on Sixth Line by about 150 meters. Section 2 - The club enjoys good relations with the city of Guelph waterworks department and was included in meetings concerning the potential for reopening the dam on section 2 back in 2010. The Waterworks submitted plans to governing agencies, but are still waiting for approvals. They missed their construction window for 2011 and we are concerned that their plans may not be approved. Time will tell. Section 1 - We have been actively engaged in the establishment of a loop trail which will run from Stone Rd to York Rd along the river past the Cargill plant and Reformatory lands. We are very close to conclusion of the administrative details. Bill Mungall was instrumental in getting approvals for the trail and may want to add some comments. Bill commented that there is an outstanding fee of close to $3,000 required by the province and service provider. We are trying to get that fee waived but the issue is not resolved and a meeting with the MPP has been set up. Starkey Hill - The Club played a key role in the establishment of this trail but gave up any formal responsibilities a number of years ago to the GRCA. Over the last couple of years, member and section leader, Jim Hoare has maintained the trail as a "concerned citizen" and has carried on a dialogue with GRCA about improvements needed. The Board felt there would be some benefit to the Club in engaging in a more formal agreement along the lines of the one we have with GRCA and the Smith property. GRCA agreed and we are in the process of signing a formal agreement. Benefits include publicity, guide book, increasing the GHTC trail network and having more influence with GRCA on opening up other trails. Landowners: - We would like to acknowledge and thank the landowners for their permission and ongoing trail support. Trail maintenance captains: - I would like to acknowledge the efforts of our trail maintenance leaders, who take the initiative to maintain and keep the trail way safe and deal directly with the landowners. Trail captains are very appreciative of the response received from members when they have advertised "maintenance help requests" on the web site. We added a "walk behind" weed whacker to our equipment inventory this fall which will hopefully make maintaining the trails easier for our section leaders. Thanks to, Section 2/Arkell Side trail: Dave Hull /Wayne Hillman Section 3: Jim Hoare Section 4: Gusti Matteis Section 5: Phil Kidston Section 6: Henry Graupner/Bob Fanning Section 7: Joe Jany Section 8: Mike Curtis Blue Springs and Sugar Shack trails: Andy Cann Smith Property Trail: David Scott Thomas (New) Section 1: Special thanks to Ann Middleton who has been Section Leader for close to 40 years and is now asking to pass the baton. GHTC are extremely grateful for her contributions to the club and the community. We believe we have a replacement for Ann and are recruiting other section leaders. We appreciate any input on trail conditions by hikers so that we can address concerns promptly. Speed River Report: Bill Mungall reported: - Many thanks to trail captains, for long hours of hard labour this year mowing down weeds bordering the trails to make for very pleasant walking on all sections this year: - Section 1: Jana and Stan Stanek - Section 2: Bill Mungall - Section 3: Paul and Florence White, Norma and Gord King, Terry Spittles, Dave Culham, Al and Marilyn Couture - Connecting Link into Guelph: Lynn Glover - Heavy, repeated floods in spring meant impassible trails for short periods, and added more of the usual flotsam from Guelph for trail captains to remove - Section 1 hosted 2011 trails open in April as integral part of Doors Open‌10 hikes and 130 hikers behind the wastewater plant

GHTC Newsletter - October 2012 - Page 6

- City of Guelph has tentatively lined up major capital funding for 2014 to link section 1 to Imperial Road and Silvercreek Park, and to assume our trail from the humane society to close to the Imperial Road drain - Section 1 (humane society to Sideroad 10) - two short "workaround" sidetrails created in section 1 to bypass flooded sections. One footbridge rebuilt due to vandalism. City hall requiring an engineer to design Imperial Road drain bridge on city property. Niska trailhead staying 98% garbage-free! - Section 2 – Puslinch council voted to remove closed Stroy's bridge that accesses our trail from the south; council heard a strong consensus in a prior public meeting for a replacement pedestrian bridge in future years - Section 3 – boardwalk and bridge completion over big wet spot last November (19 participants!); removal of the visible old garbage and Renault 12 at Cambridge end of trail, with financial support for tipping fees coming from landowner; adjacent gravel pit to open in 2012‌no effect on the trail. Noticeably heavier use of the trail since trailhead signs made more prominent, boardwalk completed, and weeds mowed, plus "Wellington Walks" distributed widely, increasing awareness of trail Kissing Bridge Trailway: Mike Curtis reported: Our section of the trail way continues to be well utilized by walkers, bikers, cross-country skiers and snowmobilers. This year road signs were posted at road crossings so users would be aware of where they are along the trailway. Some hazard trees were removed and the County cleared a flooded ditch west of Hopewell Creek. The County maintains the verges of the trailway in Wellington and there are plans to do the same in Waterloo. The newly formed Ariss Lions Club has offered to assist in trailway development and we continue to talk with them. It may be possible to reapply some stone dust in sections of Wellington, depending on budget availability. Our Spring on the Trail event raised some $4,000 for trail way development with the hope of raising enough money to "bridge the Grand". The weather was not pleasant, and the event will run again in 2012. We are still pursuing options of extending the trailway to connect to the Trans Canada Trail section in Guelph. Hike Ontario: Mike Curtis reported: Hike Ontario is the volunteer organization representing over 20 trail and activity groups in the province. The directors meet three times a year and I attended these meetings on behalf of the Club. The annual meeting, called the Summit was held in early October in Elliott Lake and Vice-president Bill attended on my behalf, as I had a family commitment. Bill has become part of the Policy and Advocacy Committee and will co-chair a Risk Management Workshop in the spring of 2012. Hike Ontario was able to find an insurance broker who was able to offer us a reduced liability insurance policy, but we will have to have certified hike leaders on our hikes starting in the spring. Our Club will be offering Hike Leader Training in 2012. Publicity: Susan Atkinson reported: This year I have continued my in role as Publicity Officer, by posting posters for special events, for example our Kids Hikes, (which have been extremely popular), in various places around Guelph. This process was assisted by Dave Culham. I also put notices in the local newspapers, to publicize all our regular hikes, and any special activities, such as, this year we had our 40th birthday celebrations. Special events are also sent as news releases to the local radio & TV stations. Also, I compile and send to Pat, our webmistress, the biweekly emails which everyone receives, giving updates and reminders of upcoming hikes and club activities. Newsletter: Gord King reported: Three issues were published again this past year and mailed out to all members except for those opting for the Internet version. Copies were also sent to the landowners allowing us access over their properties, advertisers and a few related organizations. An e-mail was sent to many other Ontario hiking clubs providing them with the Internet link to the latest issue. The same schedule and distribution format will be followed for 2012, with newsletters again coming in March, July and October. Mailing charges are a substantial component of the total newsletter cost and so, if Internet access is available, please consider informing the club's Membership Secretary of your wish to receive a message providing the link to future newsletters on-line, rather than a mailed copy. (Mail outs are 97% this year.) Our club still needs volunteers to assume responsibility for contacting and pursuing potential newsletter advertisers. Anyone willing to undertake this task should contact a member of the club executive. Activities: Susan Bard reported: 2011 GHTC hike leaders continue to present over 150 various hikes, welcoming new leaders' contributions. There is always the unforeseen to interrupt a hike happening. Any desired area or trail you wish to hike, let us know. Someone, or maybe you, could offer it as an upcoming hike! The Kids Hike and Trails Open hikes, offered at two levels, along with the New/All Members Night are well received. GHTC wish to maintain these presentations. 2011 also presented the Radial Line Trail 40th Anniversary with a successful series of hikes on its sections and a closing celebration on the afternoon of September 25, 2011. Thank you, RLT Captain John Fisher for organizing this along with the section managers, to present this wonderful contribution for GHTC membership and trail surrounding communities' pleasure.

GHTC Newsletter - October 2012 - Page 7

Other Business: Discussion of trail maintenance expenses – Do we get donations for trail maintenance? Examples of donations were given such as a donation from a landowner for boardwalk supplies. Suggestions was made that we make a list of needed supplies that people may be able to donate. Elections: Dave Wallace presented the following slate of officers for 2011/12: Past President: Mike Curtis President: Kathy Somers Vice President: Bill Mungall Treasurer: Henry Graupner Secretary: Christine Bando There were no nominations from the floor. Susan Atkinson moved that nominations be closed, seconded by Gord King. Carried. Positions were elected by acclamation. Adjournment: Dave Wallace moved that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Stan Stanek. Carried.

Upcoming Kids Hikes October 14 - Starkey Trail December 16 - Ignatis Centre February 17 - Smith Side Trail

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Doing the Oxfam Trailwalker Challenge By Terry Spittles the March, 2012, newsletter I wrote a short article this challenge (teams of 4, 100 km within Indetailing 48 hours) and said that I had been asked to participate in it. The event took place on July 13 through 15 and the following are my reminiscences. Preparation for the hike started back in April, part of the information package provided by Oxfam was a 15 week Training Schedule. This set out a weekly schedule of hikes and rest periods that, if followed, would condition your body and mind for the task ahead. As a team we also got together to practice team hikes that also included some night time work so we would get a feel for hiking in the dark. The Trailwalker event started at Wasaga Beach and finished in Midland. Most of the route was on the Ganaraska Trail but there was also some road walking and improvised paths through farm fields, etc. Our team, all members of the Ganaraska Hiking Club, wore team shirts with our name "Continuous Motion" blazed across the front. On the day of the challenge I was up at 04:45h and left early for Wasaga Beach. On the way I stopped for a coffee and bagel but that was not really necessary since Oxfam had provided lots of muffins and coffee for the participants. Soon after I got to the check in, the other team members and support crew, all from the Peterborough area, arrived. Check in went very quickly with our assigned numbers pinned to our shirts and detailed maps of the route provided. We were officially the oldest team in the event and after looking at many of the other participants it was obvious that the average age was a lot younger than us. After several photograph sessions, speeches and a lot of cheering we were ready for departure. At 09:05h we were off. Seventy-six teams participated, which meant that at the start there were over 300 people trying to get on the path leading to the trail. The first few kilometers were quite busy but then we got to the beach and it started to thin out a bit. After a while we were walking on our own and could start to enjoy the event. Over the 100 km course there were 6 check points that we had to ckeck in and out of and 3 rest stations. Only the check points were accessible to the support crew. At each stop there was plenty of food and drinks plus medics to look after any blisters etc. that participants had. The first 2 check points came by pretty quickly but after that one of our team developed blisters and that started to slow us down. We hit check point 3 (38.5 km) at 17:10h and another member of our team developed blisters. This meant

longer times at the stop for foot repair and slower walking. We were soon on our way and got to the first rest station (50.2 km) at 20:20 h. Another longish stop and then we are moving again. At this point we were all starting to feel tired but it was only 5.7 km to check point 4 and rest. However, due to fatigue we got confused on the trail and spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out which way to go. Another team came by and they were as confused as us, but luckily a third team came by and set us straight. Soon we were heading to our destination. Arrived at check point 4 (55.9 km) at 22:15h and our support team were there to baby us and build our moral. A barbeque and all sorts of other food was provided by Oxfam. You don't really feel like eating but know you must in order to keep up your strength. Our support team had also put up tents for us so we set the alarm for 02:00h and tried to get some rest. No one slept but it was good to lay down and rest your body. Wake-up came quickly and by 02:45h we were on the trail again. We got to rest station 2 (66 km) at 05:30h, walking though the woods at day break was great. You heard all the creatures and birds stirring and chirping, really lifting our spirits. The next couple of sections was probably the low point of our moral. It was only 7.4 km to check point 5 but it seemed like a million. Two of our team had really bad blisters plus we had picked up two additional members from another team, which slowed our progress. We were in ski country so we had a couple of long steep hills to climb. At this point our overall speed was down to 2.5 km/hr. We reached check point 5 (73.3 km) at 08:25h. One of our members talked about quitting since he was slowing us down but after a good rest and group therapy we all left for the next stop. The two hikers we picked

Terry Ainsworth, Nancy Caravaggio, Terry Spittles & Rob Irvine at the final check point - looking pretty confident with only a few kilometers still to complete.

GHTC Newsletter - October 2012 - Page 9

up earlier dropped out since one was suffering from blisters and exhaustion. Again one steep ski hill to climb and our speed dropped to 2.27 km/hr. We made it to rest station 3 (81.8 km) at noon.

We were the 10 th full team to finish. Of the 76 teams that started only 29 finished with all members. Eighteen teams dropped out completely and of the others, one or more members dropped out. The event raised over $310,000 for Oxfam

Less than 20 km to go. Moral started to climb and the two members with blisters had their feet completely taped up which helped considerably. Our speed picked up and we reached the last check point at 15:00h (88.9 km). It was really hot now and. as usual. our support crew had cold water sprays and baths of cold water and ice for our feet. Did that ever feel good.

In retrospect the trail was more difficult than expected. There were many hills and difficult terrain with the occasional stream to cross. Poison ivy was also prevalent and at check point 4 the medics set up a tent to specifically treat the hikers who were suffering from it.

After another rest and rebandaged feet we set off on the last leg. Although we had not slept last night, no one was tired and at this point we all knew that we would finish. We crossed the line in a time of 32 hours, 48 minutes and 37 seconds. Was that a great feeling of accomplishment. Our support crew had champagne and cold beer waiting for us to celebrate. We had done it but it would not have been possible without our support crew. They could not do enough to make us as comfortable as possible at the stops and went out of their way to provide us with ice cream, cold packs etc. Anything we needed, they did an excellent job.

This is a great cause and challenge, should anyone want more information or is considering doing the event next year and would like more details just get hold of me. []

One often wonders --Why do they put pictures of criminals up in the Post Office? What are we supposed to do, write to them? Why don't they just put their pictures on the postage stamps so the mailmen can look for them while they deliver the mail?

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HIKING SCHEDULE Oct 2012 through mid March 2013 Over the years the GHTC has enjoyed permission from the generosity of private landowners for footpaths through their property. The friendship, respect and trust of these landowners are the Club's most important assets. Let us continue to care for and properly use their property while maintaining the objectives of the Club. All hikers should check the GHTC web site for detailed advice and inform ation on Terrain Rating System , Hike Speed, special seasonal instructions and other tim ely recom m endations. Hikes from other clubs are listed. Please check their websites for their terrain and speed ratings, as they may be different than GHTC's. • To avoid disappointment due to cancellation, please notify the hike leader if you intend to join a scheduled hike. • Cancelled or rescheduled hikes will be posted on the GHTC web site. The leader may choose to post a rain date here. Be sure to check for updates and impromptu hikes! • Occasionally it proves more convenient for a hike leader to select a meeting place that is not in Guelph. If you cannot arrange a ride to get there, call the hike leader who may know of someone who is willing to take you. In other out-of-town hikes the leader will meet at a local location to carpool. If the distance is considerable, it is customary to offer to help pay for the gasoline. • It is important to stay with the group while hiking, alerting the leader of intentions to ‘drop-out' at the beginning a necessity and appreciated. NOTE: HIKE Dates and TITLES in BOLD are conducted by the Guelph Hiking Trail Club. The responses to our Spring online survey were used to plan this hiking schedule. Since the number 1 goal of those responding was exercise and evening hikes were requested so those that work could easily attend, we have included a series of evening "Full Moon" hikes through the streets and paths of Guelph. Bring a flashlight for off street paths. Many members responded they were interested in Photography. Therefore we have included two "Photo" hikes. The hike leader will provide pointers on how to compose a good picture during stops along the route. Bring a camera you are comfortable using and have some fun! GHTC leaders volunteer a lot of their time planning the hiking schedule, pre hiking the route and leading the hikes. Show them your appreciation by attending their hikes. W ed Oct 03 M EM BERS NIGHT Zehrs Community Room. 7-9pm Scout Tech will bring and demonstrate a variety of quality outdoor gear that is useful to hikers and adventure travellers in particular, including boots, poles, GPS, apparel, packs, adventure travel personal gear, etc with emphasis on making hiking easier and fulfilling. Leading edge materials and technology will be featured. Scout Tech is a Mississauga online store, but with a retail outlet, too. W ed Oct 03 M ONO CLIFFS PROVINCIAL PARK 2-3hr W alk the beautiful trails of this hiking park. Hopefully the leaves will be starting their fall show. Lunch at the pub. Leave Guelph at 9:00am. Depart trailhead 10am. Contact leader for meeting spot. Leader: Jane Shifflett 519 822-3229 Level 2. Speed Moderate Thu Oct 04 BLUE HERON TRAIL BRANTFORD ~ 14 km Join Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club for a 10:00 am start. For more details and difficulty rating, go to IBTC Leader: Mod level 3 Sat Oct 06 CRAW FORD LAKE CONSERVATION 10km Loop hike from Crawford Conservation, along the Nassagaweya Canyon to Rattlesnake Point. Exceptional views and characteristic escarpment countryside dressed in fall colours. W e will meet 10a.m. at the Guelph Covered Bridge parking lot east of Gordon Street for carpooling to Crawford Lake. Bring water, snacks, lunch and sunscreen. A park entry fee applies. Leader: Gayle 519-856-1012, Susan Bard 519-836-6570 Level 2. Speed Moderate Sun Oct 07 ELORA CATARACT TRAIL ~13.5km Celebrate Ontario Hiking W eek with GHTC members. Hike from Erin to Orton, with a car shuttle to return to Erin. W e will have lunch along the way. Meet 8:30am at the Guelph Covered Bridge Parking Lot for carpooling to the start point in Erin. Leader: Bob Fanning 519 822-5181 or Level 2. Speed Moderate M on Oct 08 SCHNEIDER'S W OODS 10km This is a beautiful area to visit with the fall colours on Thanksgiving, hiking along the woods and pasture area along the Koch-Carmel Road north of St. Agatha. Meet at the covered bridge parking lot east of Gordon Street for a 9a.m. carpool departure to start hiking by 10a.m.. Bring water, snacks and lunch. No dogs please. Leader: Susan Bard 519-836-6570; Donald Hughes Level 1. Speed Moderate Tue Oct 09 M ETCALFE ROCK / M AIN TRAIL / CHUCK GRANT ST LOOP HIKE 12km Meet at 9:15am, (for a 9:30 departure), at the Duncan Crevices Nature Reserve parking lot, (Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Km

GHTC Newsletter - October 2012 - Page 11

33.2Km), for a 12Km loop hike. Bring lunch, snack & water. No dogs please. Terrain is very rocky so boots are essential. Leader: Susan Atkinson 519-831-9474, before 9pm or email Level 2. Speed Moderate Thu Oct 11 DUNDAS VALLEY C/A LOOP ~11km Join Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club for a 10:00 am start. For more details and difficulty rating, go to IBTC Leader: Peter McSweeney 905 335-3192. Email preferred: Med. 4 Fri Oct 12 AUTUMN W ALKING AT THE "TIP O' THE BRUCE", TOBERMORY ~10km/day Join GVTA Fri Oct 12 - Sun Oct 13 to enjoy the beauty of the top of the Bruce Peninsula in autumn. The last of the fall colours will add to the experience and pictures! Stay and have meals at a hotel in Tobermory overlooking Little Tub Harbour. Hikes Saturday and Sunday will focus on the trails within the Bruce Peninsula National Park (Burnt Point, Cyprus Lake and Georgian Bay shore). For more details see GVTA Leader: Level 1, Slow Sat Oct 13 RLT SECTION 7, 8 2-3 hrs There is more trail developed off road in these sections worth a chance to discover and enjoy in fall colour. Meet 1:30p.m. at the Guelph covered bridge parking lot east of Gordon Street for carpooling to trail head. Bring water and snacks. Leader: Susan Bard 519-836-6570 Level 2. Speed Moderate Sat Oct 13 W ALTER BEAN TRAIL 8km Meet at 2:00 pm. in Kiwanis parking lot to hike the W alter Bean trial from Kiwanis Park towards Bridge street for approximately one hour out and then turn around and retrace our path back (8 km). No carpool. Bring snacks and water. Leader: Lyn 519 885-7695 Level 2. Speed Moderate Sun Oct 14 ROYAL RECREATIONAL TRAIL 2 - 2.5 hrs This will be a first attempt at a Photo Hike, as requested in the recent member survey. W e will take an easy stroll along the River Trails for a total of about 5 Km. Meet at the Covered Bridge Parking Lot on Gordon St. at 2:30pm. W e will start and finish there. W e will travel at a slow pace pointing out many photogenic scenes and providing lots of time for composing and taking pictures. The time of day was chosen with a view to the probability of good, low angle dramatic lighting. Bring a camera that you are comfortable with and lets have some fun. Leader: Bob Fanning 519 822-5181 or Level 1 Easy pace Sun Oct 14 KIDS HIKE STARKEY TRAIL 1.5hrs Introduce the young people in your life to the fun of hiking in Guelph as we view the autumn colours and climb the lookout hill to see the city of Guelph from Starkey Trail. Meet at 1:00 pm at the Starkey Trail parking lot (enter on the south side of Arkell Road, 1 km east of Arkell). Children must be accompanied by an adult on the Tortoise or Hare hikes. Dress for the weather. Bring water and sunscreen. No strollers and no pets. Refreshments. For details and to register, please call Kathy at 519 836-9147 or Leader: Guelph Hiking Trail Club Leaders Level 1, hiking at an easy pace Sun Oct 14 TRAVERSE OF DUNDAS VALLEY 25km Hike from Hamilton's Chedoke Golf Course to Sydenham Road Lookout, Dundas on the Bruce Trail. A challenging 25 km with plenty of hills. Meet at 8:00am at Guelph covered bridge lot on Gordon St. Leader: Bill Mungall Level 3, Speed Moderate to brisk W ed Oct 17 FORKS OF THE CREDIT PROVINCIAL PARK 2-3hr Enjoy the fall colours in this hiking park. Contact the leader for meeting spot in Guelph. Bring a picnic lunch. Depart trailhead 10am. Leader: Jane Shifflett 519 822-3229 Level 2. Speed Moderate W ed Oct 17 EXPLORING ROCKW OOD Âą 12 km Join Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club for a 9:15am start at the Lion's Park on the east side of Hwy 7, beside the bridge in the middle of Rockwood. W e will explore the geological features on the east side of the highway, then cross to the conservation area on the west side. Hiking boots required. No dogs please. Bring lunch and water. Refreshments after. IBTC Leader: Barbara Forster Varied terrain, 3, medium pace. Thursday, October 18 GHTC SLIDE NIGHT Zehr's Community Room, Imperial and Paisley Roads 7-9pm Cycling the trails in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Follow a group of hikers as they go for a cycling holiday along the Great Allegheny Passage between Pittsburgh and Cumberland and The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath between Cumberland and W ashington. Sat Oct 20 ROCK CHAPEL TO KERNCLIFF 15to18km Meet at 8:30am in the Shopper's Drug Mart parking lot, the corner of Clair and Gordon in south end. W e will drive approximately 35 minutes to Kerncliff Park, where we will leave half the vehicles, and then we will proceed to Rock Chapel to begin our hike. This hike will be along the escarpment with some beautiful views, will include several significant climbs and descents, and might test the endurance of a beginner hiker. Bring water and snacks/lunch, and ensure you have good footwear. Leader: Dave Culham 519-716-8273 Level 2. Speed Moderate Sun Oct 21 LIM EHOUSE LOOP 2 hr Meet 1:00pm at the Guelph covered bridge on Gordon Street for a loop hike, come see the Hole in the wall, and heritage lime

GHTC Newsletter - October 2012 - Page 12

kilns restored. Bring water and snacks. Leader: Norm 519-836-3568

Level 2. Speed Moderate

W ed Oct 24 W ATERDOW N LOOP 14km Join Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club for a 9:00 am start. For more details and difficulty rating, go to IBTC Leader: Peter McSweeney 905 335-3192. Email preferred: Med 6. Thu Oct 25 BRUCE TRAIL ~ 19.9 km Join GVTA for a hike through Caledon Hills, Albion Hills and Glen Haffy Conservation Area. For more details see GVTA Leader Level 2. Moderate Sat Oct 27 GHTC RADIAL LINE TRAIL SECTION 6

Rescheduled to Nov 18

Sat Oct 27 HAUNTED HISTORICAL HALLOW EEN AT W ESTFIELD HERITAGE VILLAGE, ROCKTON 2.5hrs Stroll around the village and into the pioneer buildings lit by pumpkins and lanterns, as we learn more about the superstitions and folktales on the topic of birds. Fun for the whole family. Light meals and sweets available for purchase. Admission fees apply (Adults: $11, Seniors/Disabled: $10, Children: $6.50. Children 5 and under: free). Meet at 6:00 pm to carpool from the Guelph covered bridge parking lot on the east side of Gordon Street. Concludes 9:30pm. Leader: Kathy 519 836-9147 and Suzanne 519-265-3962 Level 1. Speed Casual Sun Oct 28 RLT SECTION 1 AND NEW O.R. SIDETRAIL 6km W e will hike Section 1 RLT and if trail completed, a loop hike that will feature the new Ontario Reformatory sidetrail of the Radial Line Trail, running up the east bank of the Eramosa River from Stone Road East to York Road. Meet at Guelph covered bridge parking lot on Gordon St. at 1:30pm. Leader: Bill Mungall Level 2. Speed Moderate M on Oct 29 SPURLINE AND RETURN FULL M OON HIKE 2hrs This evening we hike along the Trans Canada Trail to the old CPR Spurline to cross southwest returning along city streets and park paths by the light of the full moon. Meet the parking lot on Cardigan Street opposite London Road east of W oolwich Street. Leader: Susan Bard 519-836-6570 Level 2. Speed Moderate Thu Nov 01 DUNDAS VALLEY C/A ± 9 km Join Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club for a 10:00 am start. For more details and difficulty rating, go to IBTC Leader: Eileen Benson 905 318 9626 Mod level 3 Sat Nov 03 SCOTSDALE FARM 10/14km Meet 10:00am at the Guelph covered bridge on Gordon Street for carpooling Enjoy the scenic trail along the Bruce Trail. Bring water snacks and lunch. Leader: Norm 519-836-3568 Level 2. Speed Moderate Saturday, November 03 HIKE ONTARIO SUMMIT Hike Ontario Summit offers workshops on hiking topics. 9:30 am - 4:00 pm. Location - Bingeman's Park, Kitchener. Visit for details. Sun Nov 04 HIKE ONTARIO SUMMIT Hikes will be about 2-3 hours. The Hike Ontario Summit is offering a choice of 3 hikes. Meet at Bingemans in the parking lot near the Ballroom building before 9:15 am to arrange car pools to the hikes. Sign up on Sat at the Hike Ontario Summit or GVTA Celebration Dinner or Sun at meeting place, for the hike of your choice. Bring snack and water. Hike 1: Grand Valley Trail – W alk part of the Grand Valley Trail at Snyders' Flats near Bloomingdale with hike leader Jamie Hember. This hike follows the Grand River on the "Oxbow Tract" purchased by Jocob (Yoch) Schneider in 1806. The land is now owned by GRCA and Preston Sand and Gravel. This is a loop hike of about 5-6 km. Hike 2: The River Trail – A hike on rare Charitable Research Reserve property along the Grand River near Cambridge with hike leader Janice Bock. Observe the restored "slit barn" and its fossils and see limestone outcrops similar to the ones in Elora Gorge and along the Niagara Escarpment. This is a loop hike of about 5-6 km. Hike 3: The W aterloo Moraine – Enjoy a walk with hike leader Greg Vincent on one of Kitchener W aterloo's greatest treasures, Schneider's W oods. It is situated in W ilmot Township north west of the City of W aterloo. Part of the Avon Trail passes through these lands. This is a loop hike of about 5-6 km. See for more detail. Thu Nov 08 SPEYSIDE FARM Join Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club for an 10:00am start. For more details and difficulty rating, go to IBTC Leader: Valerie Dobson 905-828-1729 Mod. 4

± 9 km

Sat Nov 10 RADIAL LINE TRAIL 17 km Meet at the Guelph covered bridge on Gordon Street for a 10.00 am depart. Hike the Radial Line Trail to the Smith Side Trail and return. Bring water, snacks and lunch. Leader: Terry Spittles 519-265-6203 Level 2, speed moderate

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Sun Nov 11 EVERTON'S "VALHALLA" 4-5km W e promise two fordings (i.e. wading !) of the Eramosa River… bring wading shoes and a towel! Limited bushwhacking. Hear of progress on our written proposal to the GRCA to create a geology-themed trail system here. Meet at Guelph covered bridge lot on Gordon St. at 1:00pm Leader: Bill Mungall Level 2. Speed Moderate W ed Nov 14 OAKVILLE ± 13 Km Join Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club for an 8:45am start. For more details and difficulty rating, go to IBTC Leader: Agnes Keenan Med 2. Thursday, November 15 GUELPH HIKING TRAIL CLUB AGM Zehr's Community Room, Imperial and Paisley Roads 7-9pm Sat Nov 17 KISSING BRIDGE TRAILW AY 10/20 km This can be an easy ten, 2.5 hours, or moderate 20 km, 5.5 hours, stroll between Ariss and the Grand River. Ten gets you to the Grand River crossing Katherine Street. Twenty gets you back to Ariss, your pick! Meet 9:30a.m. on the trailway at the Ariss parking lot Kiosk south of W ellington Road 51. W E will walk into W aterloo to the Grand River, pause, eat and return to Ariss. Children, dogs and cats all under moderate control are welcome since Petie, an Australian Shepherd will be assisting me. Leader: Mike Curtis Erin 1-905-877-4134 Level 1. Speed Casual Sun Nov 18 GHTC RADIAL LINE TRAIL SECTION 6 4hr Section 6 is most interesting and attractive along the Radial Line Trail any season, especially with the Kong Hill lookout. Meet 12:30p.m. at the Guelph Covered Bridge parking lot east of Gordon Street to carpool to Nassagaweya 6th Line for a 1p.m. hike start east. Bring water and snacks. Leader: Gayle 519 856-1012, Sue 519 836-6570 Level 2. Speed Moderate W ed Nov 21 FUTURE TRANSCANADA TRAIL LINKS TO GUELPH 6km GHTC has been working with the City and the County on potential routes to link the easternmost end of our Kissing Bridge Trail into Guelph. See some promising route alignments just north of the City. Meet at south end of Home Depot's lot on W oodlawn Ave. at 1:30pm. Leader: Bill Mungall Level 2. Speed Moderate Sat Nov 24 BRUCE TRAIL BETW EEN HOCKLEY ROAD AND DUNBY ROAD 15km For a challenging hike in beautiful Hockley Valley we will be hiking the Bruce Trail between Hockley Road and Dunby Road through fields and forests, enjoying the sights with an optional dropout at 7 km. Bring water, snacks, lunch and wear hiking boots. W e will carpool at 9:00 am from Guelph's covered bridge parking lot east of Gordon. Pub stop after hike. Contact leader for optional dropout. Leader: Lynn Glover 519 780-0342; Terry 519 265-6203 Level 3. Speed Moderate Sat Nov 24 W ALTER BEAN TRAIL 6km W e will meet at 2:00 pm. in RIM parking lot to hike the W alter Bean trail from RIM park with views of the river on one side and the Golf Course on the other side. W e will walk for about 3 kilometers and then turn around and retrace our steps for a total distance of approximately 6 kilometers. No carpool. Bring snacks and water. Leader: Lyn 519 885-7695 Level 1. Speed Moderate Sun Nov 25 HANLON CREEK CONSERVATION AREA 2-3hrs Meet in the parking lot in front of The Fat Duck restaurant at the SW corner of Kortright and Edinburgh at 1:30pm. W e will hike from there through Preservation Park, down to wander the web of trails in the Hanlon Creek Conservation Area. Leader: Suzanne Gates 519-265-3962, and Dave 519-716-8273, Level 2. Speed Moderate Sunday, November 25 HIKE LEADER TRAINING GHTC is hosting an all day Hike Ontario Hike Leader Certification course. Contact Bill Mungall for details W ed Nov 28 W EST SIDE FULL M OON HIKE 2hrs This evening hike explores trails along naturalized areas with woods on hills and valleys along city streets in well-developed areas on the west side by the light of the full moon. Meet 7p.m. at the main Margaret Green Park parking lot off W estwood Road beside St. Peter School. Leader: Susan Bard 519-836-6570 Level 2. Speed Moderate W ed Nov 28 16 MILE CREEK ± 13 Km Join Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club for an 8:45am start. For more details and difficulty rating, go to IBTC Leader: Agnes Keenan Med 2. Sat Dec 01 "SNOW W HITE-ALL W RONG" THEATRE HIKE & EATS After the Christmas children's pantomime play we can stretch our legs on a hike to the Eggcetera for some of their scrumptious eats and beverage, taking a short jaunt back to the cars! Fun guaranteed for a seasoned, beginner or family participating in this hike offering. W e'll meet in the lobby at 1:45p.m. to receive tickets and ‘group'. Due to popularity, please register by November 2. Tickets are $12. Leader: Susan Bard 519-836-6570 Level 1. Speed Casual

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Sunday, December 02 GHTC CHRISTM AS POTLUCK SUPPER GHTC Christmas potluck supper at the Union Hall - 611 Silvercreek Parkway N. Social 4:30pm with Supper 5:30pm. Bring: Potluck Dish, Plate and cutlery. Coffee, tea and juice provided. RSVP by November 25 to: There is the option of partaking in one of the 2 hikes prior to the dinner (hikes listed below). Leader: Sun Dec 02 KISSING BRIDGE TRAILW AY 1.5- 2 hrs Meet at the Kissing Bridge Trail on SilverCreek Parkway (South of Marden Road) at 2pm for a leisurely 1.5/2.0 hour hike along the Kissing Bridge Trail. Hike will be there and back. Bring water and suitable footwear. Leader: Terry 519 265-6203 Level 1. Speed Moderate Sun Dec 02 M ARDEN TRACT 1 hr Meet 2:30 pm at the CAW hall on Silvercreek North of W oolawn Rd. to carpool for a short hike at he Marden Tract. Leader: Norm 519-836-3568 Level 1. Speed Moderate Sat Dec 08 STARKEY HILL 2hrs Meet at the Covered Bridge parking lot at 1:30 PM to arrange car pooling to the Starkey Hill trail. This will be the second in our "Photo Hikes." As for the first "Photo Hike" bring a camera that you are comfortable using. W e will hike the Starkey Hill trail at a leisurely pace, taking lots of time to compose and record pictures. Leader: Bob Fanning 519 822-5181 or Level 2. Speed Casual. Sun Dec 09 SPEED RIVER TRAIL AND M ILL RUN TRAIL 8.5km Hike from Hespeler's Guelph Ave to Road 32, over Section 3 of Speed River Trail. Featuring, we hope, a new "high level" bridge over the muddy creek; and a km of bushwhacking along the initial 1973 damp course of the trail next to the river. W ildlife sightings certain. Optional pub stop. Meet at Guelph covered bridge lot on Gordon St. at 1:30pm. Leader: Bill Mungall Level 2. Speed Moderate Sat Dec 15 ELORA CHRISTM AS HIKE 2hrs Avoid the malls on the busiest shopping day of the year by joining us on the trails for a winter hike around Elora. Dress for the weather, including winter walking footwear – there is often more snow in Elora than there is in Guelph. Pub stop afterwards is optional. Meet 1:30p.m. at the parking lot off Carlton Place/Metcalfe Street, across the road from the liquor store in Elora. For carpooling from Guelph, contact Norm. Leader: Norm 519-836-3568 Level 1. Speed Moderate Sun Dec 16 KIDS HIKE - HOLIDAY HIKE 1.5hrs Kick off the holidays outdoors with the young people in your life by joining us on the meadow and forest trails at Ignatius Centre. Meet at 1:00 pm at the parking lot at Ignatius Centre. The Centre is on the left side of Highway 6, north of W oodlawn Road, as you leave Guelph heading for Fergus. (This is just north of W almart and the Guelph Curling Club, on Highway 6 North). Children must be accompanied by an adult on the Tortoise or Hare hikes. Dress for the weather; wear hats, mittens, and sturdy outdoor footwear. No strollers and no pets. Hot chocolate provided following the hike. For details and to register, please call Kathy at 519 836-9147 or Leader: Guelph Hiking Trail Club Leaders Level 1, hiking at an easy pace Sun Dec 16 SCOTSDALE 11.5km Meet at 9:30am at covered bridge on Gordon St. in Guelph to carpool to Scotsdale Farm. Or meet the group at Scotsdale Farm parking lot at 10:15am. Hike is a loop on main trail & side trails of the Bruce Trail. Bring water, snacks, lunch & icers for your boots if icy conditions. Leader: Susan Atkinson Level 2. Speed Moderate Sat Dec 22 GUELPH LAKE 2 hrs Meet at 10:30am at trail head on Victoria Road. Enjoy the scenic trail along the lake. Bring icers as trail may be slippery. Leader: Gayle 519 856-1012, Mary 519 827-1814 Level 2. Speed Moderate W ed Dec 26 BOXING DAY TRADITION – STARKEY HILL 4 km/ 1+ hr Join in some post-Christmas exercise on the eighteenth annual Boxing Day Hike! This starts by 1:30 p.m. at the Trailhead, south side of Arkell Road approximately one kilometer east of Arkell Village. Leader: Jim Hoare James.W or 519-835-5284, Terry 519 265-6203 Level 2. Speed Casual. Sat Dec 29 SPARKLE'S IN PARK 2 hrs A great chance for members and families to catch the park all dressed in the wonderfully created displays on a fairly full moon hike! There is also a hot chocolate option following to warm up before heading home. Meet 7p.m. at 683 W oolwich Street in the Evergreen Seniors Centre parking lot northwest corner close to W oolwich Street. Leader: Susan Bard 519-836-6570 Level 1. Speed Casual Tue Jan 01 CLEAR THE COBW EBS 3.5km Come out for our 39th annual New Year's Day Hike at 1 p.m. with club President, Bill Mungall! Meet at the Guelph Human Society to hike Speed River Trail Section 1. Dress and equip properly. Leader: Bill Mungall Level 1. Speed Casual

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Sat Jan 05 SNYDER'S FLATS 7km Meet at the covered bridge for a 1.30 pm departure. Car pool to Bloomingdale for an easy hike along part of the Grand Valley trail at Snyders Flats. Bring water and suitable foot wear. Depending upon footing icers may be necessary. If lots of snow also bring snow shoes and that will give us the option to do some snow shoeing. Call leader for trail conditions. Leader: Terry 519 265-6203 Level 1. Speed Moderate Sat Jan 12 ELORA CATARACT TRAIL 3 hrs At this time of year it will be a weather-dependent hike. W e could cross country ski or hike or both on the trail between Erin and Cataract. Start time is 1p.m. Call Mike for details. Leader: Mike Curtis Erin 1-905-877-4134 Level 1. Speed Moderate Saturday, January 12 GHTC SKATING NIGHT Join GHTC 8pm for an hour of skating at Guelph City Hall followed by social time at a local Pub. More details will be provided in GHTC "Upcoming Events" email prior to event. Leader: Jane Shifflett 519 822-3229 Sun Jan 13 SCHNEIDER W OODS SKI TRAILS 2.5-3hrs K/W 's best skiing, a popular spot just west of the city, on the hummocky W aterloo Moraine on the J.L. Schneider family estate. Great fun. XC ski only. Meet at 9:00am at Guelph covered bridge lot on Gordon St. Leader: Bill Mungall Level 2. Speed Moderate Thursday, January 17 GHTC SLIDE NIGHT Zehr's Community Room, Imperial and Paisley Roads 7-9pm. More details will be provided in GHTC "Upcoming Events" email prior to event. Sat Jan 19 HALTON AGREEM ENT FOREST 2-3hrs W e enter on the 4th Line of Nassagaweya and hike along fire road and on trails through the different Agreement Tracts. Meet at TD in Clair Rd plaza at 12:30 to car pool. Bring water and snacks. Optional pub stop afterwards. Leader: Gayle 519 856-1012, Mary 519 827-1814 Level 2. Speed Moderate Sat Jan 26 M OONLIGHT SNOW SHOE ORCROSS-COUNTRY SKI Join GHTC for a moonlight snowshoe or cross-country ski followed with a campfire and hotdog on the farm of one of club's Executive. More details will be provided in GHTC "Upcoming Events" email prior to event. Leader: Susan Bard 519-836-6570, Jane Shifflett 519 822-3229 Sun Jan 27 GHTC RADIAL LINE TRAIL SECTION 6 3-4hr Section 6 is most interesting and attractive along the Radial Line Trail any season, especially with the Kong Hill lookout. Meet 12:30p.m. at the Guelph Covered Bridge parking lot east of Gordon Street to carpool to Nassagaweya 6th Line for a 1p.m. hike start east. If lots of snow bring your snowshoes. Bring water and snacks. Leader: Gayle 519 856-1012, Mary 519 827-1814 Level 2. Speed Moderate Thu Jan 31 DOUBT' GUELPH LITLE THEATRE HIKE & EATS Guelph Little Theatre is presenting a brilliant and powerful drama of 'Doubt'. Be assured, this will be a great time to take a short hike for a beginner or seasoned hiker to and from Eggcetera for eats before the play after a day's work of any description! W e'll meet in the parking lot by 6p.m. to gather for the hike. Again, advance registration is highly recommended by Friday, January 5. Tickets are $19 Leader: Susan Bard 519-836-6570 Level 1. Speed Casual Sat Feb 02 RLT ARKELL SIDE TRAIL 7.5km 2-3hrs Hike along this popular side trail and best part of Radial Line Trail section 2. W e'll meet 1p.m. at the Starkey Hill parking lot, south side of Arkell Road, east of Arkell. Bring water and snacks. Contact leader ahead of time to verify hike not cancelled due to trail conditions. All W elcome Leader: Jim Hoare James.W or 519-835-5284, Paul W hite Level 2. Speed Moderate Sun Feb 03 IRVINE RIVER GORGE XC SKI OR SNOW SHOE 2 hrs The most spectacular scenes in the area, with azure icefalls on the cliffs and at "The Triple Drop" falls on the river. Subject to good snow and ice conditions. Snowshoe or XC ski. Meet at Guelph covered bridge lot on Gordon St. at 9:00am. Leader: Bill Mungall Level 2. Speed Moderate Sat Feb 09 SECTION 1 SPEED RIVER TRAIL 2 hrs Meet at 1 PM at the Guelph Human Society for 2 hr. hike along the Speed River trail and the John W oods side trail. Leader: Norm 519-836-3568 Level 2. Speed Moderate W ed Feb 13 CRIEFF HILLS CONFERENCE CENTRE 2 hrs Meet at 1pm by TD in Clair Rd. Plaza parking lot to car pool to explore the woodland trails in Crieff, just south of Guelph. Mostly level. some hills. Bring water, snacks and icers in case of slippery trails. Leader: Gayle 519 856-1012, Mary 519 827-1814 Level 2. Speed Moderate

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Sat Feb 16 ELORA CATARACT TRAIL 3 hr This time we will travel the opposite direction to January's hike. Again at this time of year it will be a weather-dependent hike. W e could cross country ski or hike or both on the trail between Erin and Cataract. Start time is 1p.m. Call Mike for details. Leader: Mike Curtis Erin 1-905-877-4134 Level 1. Speed Moderate Sun Feb 17 KIDS HIKE SM ITH SIDE TRAIL LOOP 1.5hrs Celebrate the Family Day weekend with the young people in your life as we climb to the lookout to view the Eramosa river valley. Meet at 1:00 pm at the entrance to the Smith Side Trail. Park on the wide shoulder along the road at 0624 W atson Road South, Guelph. Children must be accompanied by an adult on the Tortoise or Hare hikes. Dress for the weather; wear hats, mittens, and sturdy outdoor footwear. No strollers and no pets. Refreshments provided following the hike. For details and to register, please call Kathy at 519 836-9147 or Leader: Guelph Hiking Trail Club Leaders Level 1, hiking at an easy pace M on Feb 18 IGNATIUS JESUIT CENTRE 2hrs If there is snow, we will ski the W est trails at Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Highway 6 north of W oodlawn Road in Guelph. Meet at 10 am in W orkshop parking lot. You will need $5 for "honour" box to ski. If there is not enough snow we will cross Highway 6 and hike the East trails at no cost. Contact leader if you need to verify ski vs hike. Leader: Gayle 519 856-1012 Level 2. Speed Moderate Thursday, February 21 GHTC SLIDE NIGHT Zehr's Community Room, Imperial and Paisley Roads 7-9pm. More details will be provided in GHTC "Upcoming Events" email prior to event. Sat Feb 23 CUTTEN CLUB XC SKI TRAILS 2-3hrs XC Ski adventure close at hand. Meet at Guelph covered bridge lot on Gordon St. with ski equipment for a short walk to ski area. W e will hike the Royal Recreation Trail from Gordon street to Victoria Road and back if snow is poor. Leader: Suzanne Gates 519-265-3962, Level 2. Speed Moderate Sun Feb 24 SECTION 3 OF THE SPEED RIVER TRAIL 2-2.5hrs This section can offer good cross country skiing or just a good tromp. Follow the Speed River, cross meadows, and enjoy the silence of a cedar-lined track. There are a couple of side trails to discover, an old barn foundation, and an old roadway for a long gone 'company town'. Meet at 1pm just south of the bridge on Road 32 South. (south off hwy 124) All are welcome Leader: Paul 519 824-6241 Level 2. Speed Moderate M on Feb 25 2 RIVERS UP & DOW N AROUND TOW N FULL M OON HIKE 2hrs By the light of the full moon hike around Guelph using stairs, bridges and streets around the core plus the two rivers recreational trails. Parking is available along or at the parking lot on Cardigan Street opposite London Road east of W oolwich Street for a 7p.m start at the Goldie Mill Park. Leader: Susan Bard 519-836-6570 Level 2. Speed Moderate Sat M ar 02 GOLDIE M ILL 1-1.5hrs A "Beginner's Hike", in the north/central area of Guelph. Meet at 10:00am in the parking lot at Exhibition Park Arena on Exhibition St / Division St. This will be an urban hike, in a figure of 8, so there will be a drop-out point halfway through the hike if needed. Bring water & snack & icers for your shoes if the streets are icy. Leader: Susan Atkinson Level 1. Speed Casual Sun M ar 03 KOLAPORE UPLANDS SKI TRAILS 5hrs Challenging, semi-wilderness trails on the Escarpment, 90 minutes north of Guelph. For adventuresome and reasonably fit skiers. XC ski only. Meet at 8am. Leader: Call Bill Mungall at 836-5567 for transportation info. Level 3 Sat M ar 09 ROYAL RECREATION TRAIL 1-1.5hrs This is the second "Beginner's Hike". Also good to start to get back in shape if you have been idle over the winter. Meet 10:00am at the Guelph covered bridge on Gordon Street to hike from Gordon street to Victoria Road then back. Leader: Gayle 519 856-1012 Level 1. Speed Casual Sun M ar 10 PRESERVATION PARK 2hrs Meet at 1 pm. in the city parking lot on the North side of Kortright Rd (just west of Edinburgh Rd). Come and enjoy the maze of trails that can be found in the 67 acres of forest. All are welcome. Leader: Paul 519 824-6241 Level 2. Speed Moderate Sat M ar 16 PRIVATE PROPERTY TRAILS 2hrs By the generosity of a property owner south of Guelph in the cranberry bog, come enjoy discovering the trails meandering over hills and meadows, in and out of woods, a weather-dependent chance to hike, ski or snowshoe. Meet at the 窶郎' parking lot for a 2p.m. start. Bring water. Leader: Susan Bard 519-836-6570 Level 2. Speed Moderate Thursday, M arch 21 GHTC SLIDE NIGHT Zehr's Community Room, Imperial and Paisley Roads 7-9pm.

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For more hikes go to other Clubs website: Maitland Trail Association - Halton Hills Bruce Trail Chapter - on a link at Halton Outdoor Club - Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club - Thames Valley Trail Association - Dufferin Bruce Trail Club - 2012 Organized Bruce Trail End-to-End Hikes For more hike details visit hosting club's website There is a registration fee to participate in most of these organized hikes. For most of these hikes pre-registration is required. Iroquoia October 20-21 and 27-28, 2012 4 hikes over 2 weekends Details at Caledon Sat – Mon Oct 6-8, 2012 (Thanksgiving W eekend Details at

Invitation to a Celebration This year the Hike Ontario Summit is paired with the 40th Anniversary of the Grand Valley Trail Assoc. It will be held in Kitchener at beautiful Bingemans Park on Saturday, November 3 rd There will be the traditional Pub Night for Hikers on Friday and three hikes offered on Sunday which bracket the Hike Ontario Annual Summit. The Saturday Summit will begin with a the Hike Ontario Annual Meeting, continue with a daylong conference of interest to hikers and trail associations with the evening celebration of 4 decades of achievement of a wonderful 275 kilometer trail that runs from Port Maitland on Lake Erie to near the source of the Grand River in Alton. The Saturday morning program will feature topics of interest to Hikers and Trail Associations: A Virtual Hike Across the Volunteer-Managed Hiking Trails of the province, Hiking and Health and the Everest Experience. The afternoon program will allow participants to choose from participating in Sessions that feature Social Media and Trails, Volunteer Recruitment and Management, Risk Management, Trail Maintenance, Landowner Relations, Strength and Conditioning, Encouraging New Hikers, GPS and Geocaching, Urban and City Trails and Hike Leadership. The celebration of the Grand Valley Trail's 40 th Anniversary will begin with the evening dinner featuring a presentation by Kevin Callan, a well known outdoor enthusiast, author and adventurer. Kevin's presentations have left audiences laughing and shaking their heads in wonder at his daring and sense of fun. Presentations on behalf of GVTA and

Dufferin Hi-Land Sat Oct 20th & Sun Oct 21 Sydenham E2E Hikes 9 & 10 Details at Ganaraska Sat Nov 10 – GVT Black W alnut Section E2E Hike 3 of 7 Sat Nov 24 – GVT Black W alnut Section E2E Hike 4 of 7 Sat Dec 8 – GVT Black W alnut Section E2E Hike 5 of 7 Sat Dec 15 – GVT Black W alnut Section E2E Hike 6 of 7 Sat Dec 29 – GVT Black W alnut Section E2E Hike 7 of 7 Details at

Hike Ontario will include Volunteers of the Year and Long Distance Awards as well as for significant contributions to the Grand Valley Trails Association. This event will be a highlight of the year for many hikers. The early bird draw will be held for registrations received by Monday, October 1 st. Registration closes on Friday, October 26. Don't be disappointed. Register on line today at: Bill Wilson, President, Hike Ontario.

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Make Your Own Walking Stick By: Jonathan Dorn

Wood is a fickle creature, so remember that hiking sticks are born as much as they are made. From Backpacker Magazine –

Ease the load on your knees and shoulders by making a hiking stick. ure, carrying a hiking stick makes me look like a rugged mountain man, but it also helps me in more pedestrian ways. By easing the load on my knees and shoulders, it helps me chew up big miles, plus I can tiptoe across loose rocks, slippery logs, and rushing streams without a wobble. Here's how to create your own personalized staff.


• Search your local forest for a downed branch that's stout, straight, and preferably, blemish-free (no obvious cracks or big knotholes). The stick should reach your armpit and measure 1 to 2 inches in diameter. • Remove twigs with a pocketknife and strip the bark if you want. Round off sharp points or level knobs with a plane or file. Hold the stick as though you're hiking (your elbow should form a right angle) to figure out where your grip will be-- 2 to 3 inches below the top. • Customize the grip by cutting shallow grooves for your fingers like those on a steering wheel. Just above the grip area, drill a 1/4-inch hole for a wrist loop. Smooth the surface of the stick first with coarse, then fine, sandpaper. To remove residual sawdust, wipe the stick with a rag dipped in paint thinner. • Decorate the stick with carvings, wood burnings, paintings, emblems or bear bells. If the wood is still green, place it in a warm, dry location to cure for at least 2 weeks, and rotate it often to prevent bowing. • Apply two coats of wood stain, allowing each coat to dry overnight, to give the stick a darker, richer hue. Then apply three coats of clear urethane varnish to seal the wood and prevent rot. • Allow each coat of varnish to dry overnight. Sand the stick lightly with very fine sandpaper or steel wool after each coat. • Thread a 2-foot piece of rawhide lace or heavy cord through the hole. Adjust the length of the loop to fit your wrist, tie the ends in a big knot to secure the loop, then trim the ends as necessary.

BEWARE! The following sections will be closed during hunting season: Radial :Line Trail Section 4 November. 5 to 18 Radial :Line Trail Section 4: October through end December Speed River Trail Section 2 September through mid March. Full details on hunting seasons can be found at: Take care on all the trails during hunting season.

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Guelph Hiking Trail dub

19 Munroe Crescent

Request for Membership

G^, ON N,G 5E5

Membership: D $25.00 per year or D $100 for 5 years*

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Email How did you discover the Guelph Hiking Trail dub?

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The GHTC depends on volunteers to carry out administrative functions and various trail programs. Please indicate if you have interest in investing time during the upcoming year to help the club in any of the areas listed below.

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I would like to purchase the items as indicated below:


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Total *Special rate for 5yr membership requires selection of electronic newsletter. **Handbooks are $15.00 for members, $20.00 for non-members. I have read the GHTC Trail Users Code and agree to abide by it. Signature

Please make cheques payable to 'Guelph Hiking Trail dub'

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The Big Picture NTARIO has some of the most treasured and protected outdoor areas in the world. Over 7600 Provincial Parks, conservation areas and other rural land offer a wide range of recreation opportunities, including 5,000+ campsites and 73,000 km of trails.


Southern Ontario's Greenbelt has Canada's largest network of hiking trails. This extensive, diverse area links the oldest and longest footpath in Canada, the Bruce Trail, with many other popular hiking routes. Ontario's habitat supports huge numbers of plants and animals; over 3,000 species of plants, 158 species of fish, 80 species of reptiles and amphibians,400 species of birds, and 85 species of mammals. Two hundred of the animals found in Ontario parks are considered rare or endangered species. The Provincial landscape varies from the rocky Canadian shield through grassy lowlands of the north, rich farmlands of the south and the ribbon of Carolinian Canada along the Lake Erie shore.. There are over 250,000 lakes in Ontario and they make up a shocking one-third of the world's fresh water supply.

GHTC News Oct. 2012  
GHTC News Oct. 2012  

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