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Qingdao&Ningxia, China

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About China

HISTORY As it is all known, China is one of the four ancient and civilizational countries in the world. In fact, it has longer history than we have ever known. According to some academic research, China is a country with at least 5000 years long history

FOOD To the Chinese, cooking is an art itself. Chinese cuisine places emphasis on color, aroma and flavor.Not only must a dish taste good, it must also appeal to the senses of appetite.

SCENERY Due to the vast territory of China, you can almost appreciate every scenery that could probably exist in the world: plain, plateau, desert and iceberg. And because of the long history, there are also huge amount of special ancient architecture in China

About The Two Cities

Here is Qingdao!

Qingdao 青岛

Qingdao is a beautiful city by the sea. It is a tourism city famous across the whole country for the beautiful beaches, beer culture and special history(It was invaded and occupied by many different countries, so a lot of architecture and custom stay). Qingdao is also the most developed city in Shandong province, it is very convenient to live here. It’s the best choice to have fun for most of Chinese people.

Here is Yinchuan!

Yinchuan 铜�

Yinchuan is a very very special and mysterious city in China.Due to its special geographical position and climate, the unimaginable combination of the deserts and forests comes true here. The beautiful scenery attracts countless visitors from all over the world. Besides, Yinchuan is the habitation of Chinese Muslim and one of the Chinese nation: Hui, the special culture and architecture out of ordinary also become its attractive feature.

About This Project

General Information •

You will work in two different province of China:Ningxia(in Yinchuan city) & Shandong (in Qingdao city).

You will experience the combination of educating and exploring China.

One buddy who can help you translate and solve problems will always be offered during the project, around 200 students and 20 homestay are involved, you will work with people at least from 12 different countries.

Main Activities <1> How will it feel to be a primary school teacher? In Yinchuan, Ningxia Province, you will be a primary school teacher of 40 little friends for 3 weeks.Your main job is to teach them speak English.You have to design your own class, product your own method of teaching to attract the attention of those little children and arise their interest of learning English.Trust me, the sweet smiles from them will definitely melt you!!!

Main Activities <2> How about show us your country’s culture When we come back to Qingdao, Shandong Province, the first activity you will take part in is to go to a senior high school and you have 5 days to design course or hold some activities to tell the students about every side of your own country or something you think that any high school student should know as a global citizen. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience for you.

What You Do Here Main Activities <3>You want to be a Chinese handicraft master?

To take you to explore China, we decide to take you to learn some Chinese traditional handicrafts in Qingdao. We will ďŹ nd some local artists(some of them are the inheritors of the intangible cultural heritage. You will learn 3 4 handicrafts and at the end of this activity, you may have a competition with each other to show what you actually learn.

What You Do Here Main Activities <4>What about a Chinese fisherman? As Qingdao is a seaside city, we decide to take you to experience something different. So what about be a Chinese fisherman for 3 4 days? You will work with the local fisherman and also live with them, during this period, you can completely experience the lives of local fisherman. Watching the sun rising in the boat? Catching crabs with your own hands? Help the fisherman sell what you catch? What are you waiting for?!!!!

Project Review

Explore Tea culture Beer culture


Primary school Teaching

University Debating & Sale Work

Contact Us

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More than chinas  

A wonderful AIESEC experience in two cities, welcome to China!!

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