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Onset with... Falls Avenue Resort Like Nowhere Else!

Fun.Fashion.Film Before+Again - A brand is born

Video Sells! But Why? An interview

with Michal Pasco

AS SEEN ON TV 180 Productions produces new TV show on OLN!


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Falls Avenue Resort - Like Nowhere Else!

Before+Again - A brand is born

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180 Capabilities Video Sells! But Why? And did we mention we do photography? An interview

with Michal Pasco

Industrial strength

How we’re helping manufacturers turn video into sales

180 Productions produces new TV show on OLN!

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19 Ads that won’t be making a Comeback!


Publisher/Editorial Director Michal Pasco Editor Dyna Teal

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Contributing Writers Luc Courtois Michal Pasco Dyna Teal Jim Kalogerakos Rob Mather

Creative Supervisor Rob Mather

Director of Photography Michal Pasco

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Working with us We felt the commercial production process was always complicated and pricey, so we did something about it. We felt it could use simplification and more importantly, be less expensive. Assembling together the right production experts and building our in-house post-production division, allows us to bring the entire production, from script to air all under one roof.

Whatever Works

Whatever works for you. At 180, we run a tight ship, but we don’t stick to one course. Got a steady relationship with a graphic person? Have someone else in mind for your music? We’re totally flexible.The only thing we insist on is making your entire production experience the best one you’ve ever had.

The Magic Number

905.380.3482. This number connects you to your production manager, your executive producer, your content producer, your director, your editor, your graphic designer and stylist. Now that’s magic!

Team Spirit

Sounds cliche we know, but that’s what we have at 180. As diverse as our people are, they’re all passionate about their craft, inventive, tireless and especially important, a pleasure to hang around with. We believe hard work doesn’t have to be hard time.

The Budget Number

We’ll make the number easy to work with too. Simply put, we’ll make it work. No short changing anything. As you may have guessed, we’re easy to work with.


On set with...

Falls Avenue Resort – Like Nowhere Else! How does your client let the world know that you’re Canada’s largest one-stop entertainment resort featuring the excitement of Casino

Niagara, a three-acre indoor waterpark, 1,200 rooms in three interconnected hotels, 12 restaurants and just steps away from the Mighty Niagara Falls? You can say it with words,

but mere words don’t do this magnificent resort and destination justice. Stunning images and captivating video was our solution in telling a much richer story. Remember, it’s all about the view!

To see what we are talking about visit



Fun. Fashion. Film. Before+Again – A brand is born In the sexy and fast-paced world of fashion, new brands need to break through the clutter and build instant credibility with their fashion savvy consumers. The perfect way to enter an extremely competitive market is to look and act like you’re already a big brand label. The staples of the most notable fashion brands on the planet are glam photo shoots and runway videos, so we combined the two for our favourite new brand, Before & Again – a funky boutique design house out of St. Louis, Missouri. And what better place to launch the brand’s style, than at the Hard Rock Club. The result - a rock’n behind the scenes photo shoot video that created an instant buzz in the media and on social networks! Check out the video at




Michal has been the Director at 180 Productions for 3 years now Co-producing and Directing our many photographic advertising campaigns and video/commercial productions. He co-produced, directed and wrote the highly successful first season of the new nationally televised show FishThis with Barry Pringle on OLN. Michal has over 18 years of professional experience having worked with major publications, advertising agencies and the entertainment industry at home and living abroad. While living in Los Angeles, Michal D.P’d and shot the full length indie film, The Harbinger and also wrote twoTV series scripts that we’re well received at MGM studios.

DYNA TEAL Producer

Brainy and beautiful is how the Toronto media has described this dynamic talent. After obtaining her B.A. in Business Economics, Dyna began working in theToronto fashion market and since has appeared in countless magazine editorials, advertisements, and major retail catalogues. After moving to LA, she was immediately scouted by Vincent Cirrincione (Halle Berry’s manager) and had the good fortune to learn from highly acclaimed director Michael Mann in the Tom Cruise film Collateral, and has appeared in films such as The Harbinger, Choker, Green and others. Dyna has appeared in commercials for L’Oreal, Trident, Walmart, Winners, and let’s not forget her role as Cleopatra in Budweiser’s Superbowl Campaign. Some of her more recent commercial clients include Honda, Tylenol, American Express, and Hagen Daaz. Having spent so many years in front of the camera, Dyna’s experience gives her another talent behind the camera as a producer of Fish This™, the new and successfully popular nationally televised show on OLN. Knowing what needs to be done, where and when is Dyna’s forte, which makes her a huge asset.

Peter Guzda Post Production Design

Peter studied Film and post production design at the prestigious school of Image Arts at Ryerson University in Toronto. Prior to his academic endeavours, Peter’s most notable project was an intimate documentary that followed the lives of Peter and his close friends throughout their entire high school years. After the film’s initial success, at the age of 19 Peter was contracted by his hometown Welland, Ont. located in the awe-inspiring Niagara Region to produce a documentary focusing on the needs of the city’s youth and its struggling arts scene. Since then this young filmmaker has creatively headed up multiple edgy short films and music videos each better than the last. His first music video won the Niagara Music Award for video of the year and Peter’s latest short film wrapped up the Ryerson University Film Festival. In this short time he has had multiple projects broadcast internationally on networks such as Much Music and MTV. Peter bring’s to the 180 team his unmistakable post production design and editing style while he continues to develop his creative sensibilities as a media maker.


Video Sells! But why? Whether it’s for entertainment, or advertising – online video is hot. Web videos are showing up everywhere at the moment; and with video behemoths such as YouTube reeling in 1 billion views a day, it’s obvious why video advertising has rocketed into the publics eye recently.

Online video marketing is one of the top ways to get your message viewed nowadays. The average person has little time when researching the web, which is why writing a couple of paragraphs is a lot less effective, as a lot of people just see it as an effort to read. Alternatively, video loads quickly and before you know it, you’re watching and taking in the information with so little effort needed! It’s fast, simple and more often than not, videos are seen as entertainment, so people will often quite happily watch a video on anything just to see what happens.

Professionally produced videos portray you as an expert in your field and people are more likely to consider you whenever making a purchase decision. Keep in mind that if your video is poorly produced by an amateur it can have a reverse image of your company in the mind of your viewer.

One of the benefits to using online video for marketing is that it is measurable and that is very important. Also, when someone is watching your video, it means they are interested in what you’re selling. It allows you to guide your prospect closer to making a purchase decision.






180: So obviously then, you’re saying there’s more to it than having the latest camera or expensive lens… MP: Exactly. Actually, it takes more than having a

chisel and a hammer and even knowing how to use it, to being a sculptor. Would you say it only takes a paper and pen to be a writer ?

180: So, Photography… what does that word mean to you? MP: Well, simply put It’s a miracle, it’s the living

becoming the past by capturing it forever, of scenes that would otherwise vanish or of people long dead who, no matter how long they’ve been gone, always spring to life in a incredible image frozen in time. Great photography is simple actually, different stages of discovery, arranging elements, collecting, provoking your subject matter and lot’s of anticipation. The anticipation comes from a quick and keen understanding of your subject, whether it’s a person, an animal or a vast mountainscape and how it reacts to and within its surroundings.

180: So like the right light hitting a mountain side, for example. MP: For sure, but even before that we have to choose

to be there and then invent the image in our heads as to how we think it will be and then the part that a good artist needs and that’s patience.

180: You mean to sit and wait for the right moment… MP: To sit and wait for that, for that perf ectly

illuminating light that enhances everything it touches, surrounds or shapes in your image. It’s the difference between ‘taking a picture’ and ‘creating an image’. Finding the middle ground between the mental and the physical, the mental being your creativity and the physical being the tools you use to record your images. A camera and film or today a digital camera, utilizing the proper optical, electronic and mechanical equipment which isolate and captures the combination, forever.


180: Certainly not, I follow you. So even a place, a beautiful location still doesn’t make the perfect photo just because a person can actually go there with their equipment and photograph it. MP: That’s right. It’s so important what an artist

brings to the work besides the camera. To be able to set up that camera for whatever type of image whether it’s fashion, landscape or journalism, the photographer has to have some sort of knowledge of fashion or journalism, also the true love and appreciation of nature… how else can they then translate those ideas into a photo, an impactful photo, more precisely.

180: That makes a lot of sense and opens up the idea of different styles and different interpretations of the same subject matter. MP: It does because in my opinion naïve, non-conceptual

photography just doesn’t exist, at least not on any professional level. A successful photographic image is a concept or layers of various concepts intertwined. Let’s go back to something you said a moment ago about just because you can go to a beautiful location. A brilliant landscape image of an already beautiful location was not created just by the artist showing up, plopping down the camera and taking a shot of the first beautiful scene they see. When it comes to shooting landscapes, I like to arrive to the location a day before I intend on shooting and watch the various subjects over the course of an entire 24 hours. Best angles, various perspectives of the same scene, best light at different times of day or variants as subtle as raising the camera up 3 feet from the ground, taking a few steps forward or trying a different lens than you would normally use.


with Michal Pasco

180: Which essentially results in a different image than somebody else would take of the very same location or subject, even if it was the exact time of day. MP: Oh yeah, in doing those things and I’d like to

point out that those are just a few things to consider in making great art with landscapes. In doing those things the artist is basically showing how they ‘see’ the landscape, how the landscape makes them ‘feel’ and it’s a clear indication as to how their image will end up being very different from anybody else’s. Two very competent photographers can make the same landscape not even look like it’s the same place. The individual photographic artist is bringing their own talent in the realm of perceptions, sensitivities, even their philosophies to the table to make or create a beautiful landscape rather than just taking the picture and copying what’s in front of them.

180: I’m glad I’m writing this all down, very insightful from somebody that does such beautiful landscapes. MP: Thank you, I think photographing landscapes is

probably my most favourite thing to do but you know the same things (and I won’t say rules cuz I don’t believe there should be any rules) apply to photographing people, real people.

180: Real people? What other kind are there? MP: Well, real people as opposed to models in a fashion

shoot. You can see a person in various ways. I can photograph them and have one result and somebody else can photograph them and they may not even look like the same person and that all comes down once again to perception and patience.

180: That’s interesting … MP: Well it is because a lot of times people only let

you see so much of them or only certain aspects of themselves that they think are best. They come to a photo shoot thinking they should act a certain way, give off a certain image of themselves. You know, trying to be cool. A person is either cool or their not, no matter how much they try, the camera, (the eye) does tend to see right through that.

180: No pun intended I’m sure … So how do you try then to make people feel comfortable when shooting them ? MP: that’s a really good question… I don’t really know, come to think of it maybe I don’t actually ‘try’ to make them feel comfortable, I think it’s more of an energy thing, you know between us. I think that’s got to be first and then you concern yourself with the lighting, camera, location whatever else you have going on the set. Otherwise, you end up trying too hard and things end up not only feeling but in the end looking too contrived. There should be an allowance for a natural flow of energy and it will quickly evolve.

180: I’m getting the impression listening that you weave a bit of psychology into your approach in dealing with people, am I right? MP: You’ve got that right. Absolutely, that and opening

yourself up to feel their insecurities and take them away from them, make them forget about them, not by bullshitting them about how beautiful they are or how great this or that is but by dwelling on the positive things they actually do bring to the shoot.

180: You’ve shot what, a thousand or more people in your career? MP: More like 3 or 4 times that many or more, I’ve

shot that many people just in the Niagara Region in the last few years alone.



For the full interview with Michal Pasco,visit interview


Industrial strength How we’re helping manufacturers turn Industrial and manufacturing marketing doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Gone are the days of brochures with boilerplate copy and still photos. These days manufacturing is going Hollywood.

And why? Because it’s making the phones ring. These days, prospects are on the hunt for innovative companies that can deliver value, yes, but innovative enough to do something new.

How better to do that than video! It’s never easy to combine entertainment with factual, specification-heavy industrial marketing, but with just the right mix in your video marketing you can finally get the right message across. Video can really help drive your overall marketing, because there are just so many opportunities to show it off.The obvious venues are your website and YouTube, but what about at tradeshows?

Some notable


clients of 180 Productions such as Indexable Cutting Tools, Walker Industries and Stanpac have all have embraced video marketing with exciting results. To watch their videos visit

video into sales Here’s an opportunity to take prospects right into your facility while being miles away. Put an LCD monitor in your reception area if you can. While people are waiting they can watch the video. Sales personnel can keep a copy for meetings with prospects. Put it on an iPad and there’s no need to fire up laptops or figure out A/V plugs when presenting to a small group.

We suggest having multiple versions of different videos showcasing different values of your company so the right message gets delivered to the right audience. It isn’t necessary to guide people through your entire operation if it’s not relevant. Keep it short. One, two and three minutes are best. People aren’t ready to watch a 20 minute video online yet, but they are plenty willing to watch 10 three-minute entertaining and informative videos.

Manufacturer’s marketing video becomes a YouTube sensation

Corning, a manufacturer of specialty glass and ceramics created a marketing video called “A Day Made of Glass” to demonstrate future applications of its specialty glass. Even though the original intent was to create a sales tool for its manufacturing customers, it went viral in a big way after the company posted it to YouTube. We are not talking about several thousand views; the 5+ minutes long video has been viewed over 16 million times since it was uploaded to YouTube in February 2011.


180 Productions produces new fishing show on OLN!


Fish This with Barry Pringle is a sport fishing show with a twist... or a hook if you will! Visually stunning with exciting action footage and spectacular surroundings. FishThis also incorporates culinary tips and ideas for the backyard grill and kitchen alike. Barry and crew visit and talk with some of the finest chefs around to learn great secrets for cooking fresh fish, often featuring Barry’s catch of the day itself! Recipes and video segments in their entirety are also seen on to further engage viewers and promote show sponsors. Our mandate was to produce a fun, entertaining, educational and mouthwatering show that connects recreational anglers with experiences they can relate to, aspire to and share – We succeeded!


WOW FACTOR Aerial-Photography

You see it on the National Geographic channel, TV shows and major motion pictures but you rarely see it from a local Production company. If you’ve got the goods to show off or just want to take your production or campaign from good to outstanding and add that WOW Factor, give us a call. From up high and down below, hanging out of a whizzing helicopter is all in a days work for our Director Michal Pasco and crew. And it’s not as costly as you’d think. Here are some video stills from some recent campaign shoots but to see the breath-taking footage check out our Video Gallery at


ADS that won’t be making a comeback!

Advertising has come a long way over the last 60 years. Not only has advertising shifted to digital formats, but the messages themselves have evolved.Take a look at these sample ads. No advertiser would ever get away with such ad copy today, without some serious backlash, negative publicity and hate mail. Oh, and probably a law suit or two to boot. But hey, they’re good for a laugh now.


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