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Patchwork board

Measure your frame, adding 10cm to each dimension to work out the size of patchwork you need. Stitch pieces of denim right sides together, opening out and topstitching in gold thread to mimic jeans seams. Add in strips of cotton prints to break up the blue. When the panel is big enough, lay the frame centrally over the top and draw around it with a chalk pencil onto the patchwork. Make a line of pockets by laying a panel of hemmed denim over the patchwork and sewing across the bottom and vertically to form pouches. Add back pockets after unpicking them from the jeans. If you want to use the front pockets, cut enough fabric around the area to fold under for a neat edge. Cut thin strips of leftover denim and fray the edges. Stitch these to the patchwork, making a series of loops to hold pencils and knitting needles. Make longer loops to hold scissors and leather punches, or to fix split rings onto. Decorate the board with ricrac braid sewn across the pockets. Place the patchwork facedown and lay the frame face-down centrally on top. Fold up the bottom edge of the work and staple it to the back of the frame, pulling taut from side to side as you do. Staple the top edge in the same way, pulling it tight from top to bottom. Secure the sides of the board, folding the corners into neat mitres. Trim away any excess fabric and add screw eyes to the back for hanging.

Get started • Denim jeans • Cotton prints • Gold topstitch thread • Ricrac • Brass sequins • Wooden frame • Staple gun • Screw eyes




Combine your denim with pretty cotton prints in contrasting colours.






GIMME THAT BLING! These 40mm four-hole gold sequins would be ideal for embellishing your craft board! £9.14 for 30, ************************ thank you for shopping!

dd Designer: Corinne Bra

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