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THE PARADIGM SHIFT Past success is no guarantee of future success. Solutions of the future must be based on a broader view and a vision of better ways of working, combined with the knowledge of how to make them happen. This includes everything from developing algorithms and coding to the massive shifts necessary to lay the foundation for new solutions for businesses and for people. Since 1864, DNV GL has enabled organizations to advance the safety and sustainability of their businesses. Over the last five decades we have also gained a solid position as a trusted third party software vendor, solving technical and operational challenges related to industrial assets. We are proud of our list of achievements, including research, development, best practice recommendations, implementations and partnerships with our customers.

Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning opens up opportunities that previously were unthinkable. Domain knowledge and expertise together form the necessary foundation to realize the new possibilities. With our customers we are building the competence and understanding that will be the basis of new business models and digital work processes. I encourage you to read more in the following pages about our digital asset ecosystems, the next step toward this paradigm shift.

Our value proposition is strong, and is the basis of further growth. Simultaneously, the way that we deliver value is changing. We are now seeing a clear paradigm shift that is brought on by advances in information technology, relying on totally new networks and new ways of working. Cloud solutions offer limitless computing power and storage capacity. The additional power made available through the

Are Føllesdal Tjønn CEO, DNV GL – Software

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Our offerings in the digital asset ecosystem

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YOUR TRUSTED PARTNER We are one of the world's leading software providers within the oil and gas, energy and maritime industries. For five decades, we have enabled our customers to profit from new technologies through our innovative software solutions. Combine that with DNV GL’s global presence and more than 150 years of delivering independent advisory services, and you have a truly unique offering.

Sesam does things for us that other programs couldn't do. It lets us undertake more comprehensive analysis of complex offshore systems, which has enabled us to expand what we can offer. Ian Childs, Structural Integrity Group Leader, Frazer-Nash Consultancy

Risk assessment and reliability

QHSE and enterprise risk

Electric grid and reliability

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Design and engineering

Operational risk and asset integrity

DNV GL’s software provides an opportunity to simplify the IT landscape by integrating multiple Ship Management disciplines into one and the same application. Shared user interfaces make communication on system activities more efficient. Dennis Jacobsen, ShipManager Project Lead, Maersk Line

Ship management and operations

Asset simulation and optimization

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YOUR CHALLENGES ARE OUR CHALLENGES The businesses we work with are confronted with many challenges: increasing complexity, fluctuating market conditions, sharper competition, steadily stricter regulations and growing stakeholder demands. We take on these challenges. Disruptive technologies are bringing immense changes to the decision-making processes. Changes are evident in numerous ways, including in how businesses communicate, both internally and externally. This affects the basic structure of our workplaces and how decisions are made.

in productivity and efficiency of which we are just starting to see the contours.

Companies can increase innovation by breaking down the silos within their own organizations. Relationships with customers and other stakeholders have become extremely dynamic. Businesses are always ‘on’ in the communication loop, and keeping close dialogues with customers is essential. Decisions are made in real time, step by step.

The changing face of risk Risk has historically been evaluated upfront during design stages and at intermittent intervals during operations: a static snapshot that can be archived for months or years.

Data complexity We are seeing an exponential increase in the amount of data on which important decisions are based. The sheer volume of this data, its complexity, fluid nature and the difficulty in extracting the truly significant pieces of data, will be a growing task. Using the information in the most productive way, in other words becoming data smart, will bring gains

Companies that fail to see that a new direction is needed and keep following conventional wisdom in their industries will not be competitive in the long run.

We are steadily gaining insight that makes us leaner and more able to bring risk levels into day-to-day decision-making – combining insights and data from several sources and applications that have previously been seen as distinct and separate domains. This brings a more dynamic environment into play, giving us an opportunity to optimize operations and manage risk from leveraged real-time information, providing a holistic view.

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ARE YOU UP FOR THE PARADIGM SHIFT? As new technologies are causing significant changes, it is crucial for businesses to take the right steps in the challenging transformation toward a digital environment. If they fail to do so, their competitors who do adapt will leave them far behind. At DNV GL, we are focused on enabling you to leverage the power of emerging technologies across organizations, transforming data into actionable insight and ultimately gaining business advantage. We call this digital excellence. Will you capitalize on digital disruption? Or will you be left behind? Hear what your data has to say! Are you getting the most out of your data? Data smart solutions based on best practices are crucial to be able to win in the digital age. Our solutions are built on an unrivalled combination of software,

domain expertise and in-depth practical experience working with industry leaders. We are utilizing the technological advances, including cloud solutions, machine learning and the Internet of Things, to deliver advanced predictive analytics that make full use of the exponential increase in high-fidelity data streams. The result is a systematic approach for identifying and eliminating sources of value loss. With DNV GL's solutions you will leverage your digital technologies, using powerful data analytics to improve business performance and reduce environmental impact.

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Business optimization Through digital excellence we are providing innovative solutions for our customers. The digital asset ecosystem and digital twin concepts reflect the connectivity of data, processes and decisions. They enable us to deliver customer-centric solutions that fit seamlessly into the organizational fabric of operational processes. This immersive approach helps advance vital processes by utilizing our industry expertise and best practice. By combining engineering and advanced information analytics we deliver an unprecedented view of future asset behaviour and performance. Our business optimization solutions focus on key areas such as: ■■ Return on assets ■■ Operational efficiency and effectiveness ■■ Energy transition ■■ Standardization ■■ Cost optimization

Risk management and safety Digital excellence will lead to many new opportunities, but there is also a new set of risks to consider. The number of entry points to IT infrastructure and asset sensor instrumentation and communication is growing exponentially, leading to many more vulnerabilities. ‘Drowning’ in high volume, real-time data is another risk. If you are not equipped to make use of it, it can have a negative effect on performance. Combined with domain expertise, our solutions are the basis of smart risk management and safer operations. Your team will ultimately be positioned to make better decisions based on efficient and accurate data analytics. With timely preventive barriers, you will be able to avert unsafe conditions that have potentially severe consequences. Our risk management and safety solutions cover areas such as: ■■ Security of supply ■■ Compliance ■■ Safer operations ■■ Asset and system reliability ■■ Quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE)

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DNV GL’s DIGITAL ASSET ECOSYSTEM Our digital asset ecosystem offers a completely new generation of advanced predictive analytics. The integration of asset analytics applications enables reuse of data between different types of analyses and provides the foundation of a more collaborative, effective and innovative way of working with models in real time. This seamless platform for collaboration is a network of interconnecting and interacting data, software and hardware relating to a system or asset. As a data custodian, the ecosystem collects, cleans, aligns and quality assures data. The data may come from many sources, e.g. asset databases, structural analyses, inspection and environmental data, as well as from connected equipment and sensors (the Internet of Things). The input may also come from unstructured data sources, including social and news media streams, email, reports and documents. With the digital asset ecosystem you will have the most up-to-date information to optimize performance and deliver business results. Central to the ecosystem is the digital twin, which is a virtual image of your asset that brings experts together on one platform. This provides powerful insight and analytics that help you make better decisions.

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Our digital asset ecosystem provides for collaboration and advanced analytics based on innovative technologies across platforms, such as our Veracity industry data platform. It will allow our customers to access DNV GL’s extensive domain knowledge in a completely new way. Remi Eriksen, DNV GL Group President and CEO

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Environment data


Sensor data

Production & system control data


The digital asset ecosystem is a configurable software solution built upon the digital twin to deliver information you can trust. It combines the power of advanced data analytics with DNV GL's renowned engineering analytics, best practice procedures, industry insight and standards. It is an open platform, designed for integration with other systems, and covers the technical needs throughout the entire lifecycle, from early design stages to decommissioning.

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Operational risk & performance management | Barrier management | Business intelligence

Engineering design | Operations | Maintenance | Replacement/decommissioning

Digital workflows | Best practices

Engineering analytics | Advanced data analytics

Data cleaning | Data QA | Data alignment | Data ingest

DNV GL solutions DNV GL core intellectual property Asset information

Powered by

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Our offerings in the digital asset ecosystem








Barrier Management Business Intelligence • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Anomaly Management Critical Safety System Risk (CSS) Facility Data Management Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA) Failure Modes, Effects & Criticality Analysis (FMECA)  Inspection & Maintenance Management Integrity Management Integrity Operating Windows (IOW) Production Efficiency (RAM) QHSE & Risk Management Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM) Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Structural Design & Analysis Structural Reassessment Technical Risk (QRA)

• Oil & Gas

Best practice and consulting from global experts

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Customer Management Facility Data Management Gas Network Planning High Consequence Area & Class Location Hydraulic Modelling Inspection Management Integrity Management Leak Detection Mains Replacement Planning Network Capacity Modelling Operator Qualification Operator Training Pipeline Design Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) Regulator Station Management Risk Management Water Network Planning

• Oil & Gas • Gas Utilities • Water Utilities

Enterprise integration

• • • • • • • • • • •

Anomaly Management Design Optimization Facility Data Management Hydronynamics & Stability Analysis Inspection Management Integrity Management Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Structural Design & Analysis Structural Modification & Repair (SMR) Structural Reassessment Weight Management

• Oil & Gas • Maritime • Energy

Visualization (2D and 3D)

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Operational Risk & Performance Management

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Structural Analysis & Design Finite Element Analysis Design of Marine Propulsion Systems Fleet Management Fleetwide KPI Analysis Technical Management Procurement Management Safety & Quality Management Crew Management Dry-docking Project Management Hull Integrity Management Virtual Reality Hull Inspection Training Ship Operations Port Clearance Management Passage Planning Work & Rest Monitoring Voyage Data Reporting Fleet Performance Analysis

• Oil & Gas • Maritime

Cloud enabled platform

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Analytics Asset Health Monitoring Asset Risk Facility Data Management Facility Rating Grid Reliability Management Inspection & Maintenance Management (Distribution) Inspection & Maintenance Management (Transmission) Regulatory Compliance Simulation & Planning Spare Part Management System of Record for Technical Asset Data

• Energy • Electric Utilitiies

Leaders in engineering analytics

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Activity Management Anonymous Incident Management Audit Management Barrier Management Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) Environmental Management Improvement Management Incident Management Inspection Management Permit & Deviation Management Project Risk Management Quality Management Risk Management Third Party Management Adverse Drug Reaction Management Hospital Infection Management Laboratory Medicine Management

• • • •

Oil & Gas Hospitals & Medical Travel &Transportation & many others

Digital twin

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DIGITAL TWIN In today’s tough business environment in assetintensive industries such as shipping, oil and gas and energy, companies are looking at innovations that drive efficiency and reduce costs while effectively managing operational risk and safety. The use of predictive analytics can support compliance, help reduce unscheduled downtimes, improve efficiency and lower environmental impact.

Simultaneously, the challenges of managing and using the growing amounts of data for analytics are rapidly increasing. Poor information management is often a hidden cost, accounting for up to a fifth of operational budgets, while a single unscheduled downtime can cost millions of dollars per day. At a time when margins are low, this can make or break the operational viability of an asset. Data smart Data smart asset solutions are a key to improved business performance and risk management. Central to our next-generation offering, and supporting an ecosystem of asset-centric engineering applications, is the concept of a cloud-based digital twin. Our digital twin is a virtual image of an asset, maintained throughout the lifecycle and easily accessible at any time. Combined with advanced analytical tools and machine learning, the digital twin will provide a platform that changes the traditional way of how we look at the analysis of asset condition and performance. Experts working together The digital twin is a seamless platform that will enhance information management and collaboration, where the experts can work together, providing powerful analysis, insight and diagnostics that minimize risk. How the digital twin will bring experts together: ■■ Anytime, anywhere access to a common view of the asset via a cloud based platform ■■ Updated throughout the lifecycle with real-time information ■■ Providing Information integrity by breaking data silos ■■ Early insight into potential conflicts enhances efficiency The digital twin is a central part of our digital asset ecosystem and will enable a new generation of advanced predictive analytics.

Inspired by a broader view SOFTWARE 17

The digital twin is a virtual image of an asset, maintained throughout the lifecycle and easily accessible at any time. Experts work together on a shared platform providing powerful analysis, insight and diagnostics that minimize risk.

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WE’RE READY TO SERVE YOU Technical support As a DNV GL customer you will have access to online tools and information for better use of our solutions. On our Customer Portal you can find product downloads, frequently asked questions and a wide range of supporting documents including user manuals, theory manuals and examples. We provide a helpdesk with experts for customers with a Service Level Agreement. We also support you by phone, email, onsite or by remote access to your system. Training and events Whether you're a new or experienced user, we offer a variety of technical software courses and user seminars to help you be productive, efficient and effective in the use of our software. Our training courses and events bring users together, where they can share experience and best practices, give feedback to developers and keep up to date on the latest advancements in the software.

EJAZ YOUSAF Head of Department, Customer Services, Support & QA “What I especially like about my job is the customer contact. We are the first line contact, and they are always first priority. Some of the challenges our customers are facing are very complex. We need to have the domain knowledge – all of us are engineers from relevant fields. It’s demanding work, as there is of course a sense of responsibility. We’re very proud to say that more than 90 percent of cases are solved within three working days.”

Software Consulting Software Consulting helps your organization get the most value from your investment. We specialize in network analysis, simulation, optimization, regulatory compliance, asset integrity, QHSE and risk management. We utilize industry best practices, combining engineering domain knowledge with product-based software solutions. Our key offerings cover industrial software solution strategies, planning and implementation, customization, value realization, training and enhanced support.

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Advisory services We support you in mobilizing the full potential of your assets and operations – regardless of any challenge and for all your needs throughout your asset’s lifecycle. Our network of experts provides advisory services globally, and has the capabilities, experience and track record to deliver the solutions you need to move ahead.

“DNV GL – Software understands the customers and the challenges in our market” Ragnar Høeg, Section Manager Structural, Architect & Marine, Aibel AS

PETTER GJØRVAD Director of Software Consulting “Our basic goal is to make sure that our customers get the utmost value from their software investment. We also have a longer term goal, and that is to help our customers change the way their business-critical systems are set up, from on-premise to cloud-based solutions. By using software-as-a-service, our digital asset ecosystems and improved business analytics, we can realize immense gains in the form of cost-effective solutions. At the same time they will be able to get so much more value out of their data, leading to better decision-making. What I like best about my job is that I can use my experience from so many different fields in order to help our customers. I draw on knowledge of software, management and customer relations and general technical knowledge.”

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VICTOR BORGES "I love helping clients improve their decision-making process."

DENNIS WASHBURN "I enjoy working with our dedicated and experienced teams and individuals around the world to deliver innovative solutions to our customers, solving their everyday technical and logistical business challenges."

SHELLY YOUNG "I’m excited by new challenges and the opportunity to play a role in shaping our business and our solutions to match the changing market landscape. Gaining insights to key customers’ businesses offers a unique perspective."

We have more than 20 DNV GL – Software offices across the world. Visit us at

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METTE RĂ˜NNING RAABEL "My passion is about enabling clients to be more efficient through improved risk analysis, decision-making and work processes."

LUAN XIAONAN LUNA "I love helping our customers so that they can fulfil their goals and be safer, smarter and greener."

OSSAMA OMARA "I’m passionate about my job, interacting with a wide spectrum of design and engineering professionals from different disciplines, geographies and cultures."

SEAN FLYNN "I love the fact that each day brings new challenges so that we can innovate and provide solutions."


Our main DNV GL – Software offices Oslo Veritasveien 1 1363 Høvik Norway Tel: +47 67 57 76 50

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DNV GL Driven by our purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment, DNV GL enables organizations to advance the safety and sustainability of their business. Operating in more than 100 countries, our professionals are dedicated to helping our customers in the maritime, oil & gas, energy and other industries to make the world safer, smarter and greener. DNV GL is the world-leading provider of software for managing risk and improving asset performance in the energy, process and maritime industries. Our solutions support a variety of business critical activities including design and engineering, risk assessment, asset integrity and optimization, QHSE, and ship management. Our worldwide presence facilitates a strong customer focus and efficient sharing of industry best practice and standards.

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DNV GL - Software: Inspired by a broader view  

DNV GL is the world-leading provider of software for managing risk and improving asset performance in the energy, process and maritime indus...

DNV GL - Software: Inspired by a broader view  

DNV GL is the world-leading provider of software for managing risk and improving asset performance in the energy, process and maritime indus...