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ENERGY STORAGE SERVICES Navigating the challenges of electricity storage What do you do when the winds subside or the sun goes down? To meet the needs of today’s evolving energy matrix, integrated storage systems are becoming a larger part of the solution for energy producers and consumers. And for good reason: these ‘time-shifting’ systems can capture and hold extra energy when it’s abundant — and discharge it to the grid when it’s needed. Quality energy storage systems help mitigate power outages, shave demand peaks, reduce network congestion, and can even delay the need to invest in network expansion. Storage systems help match the power demands of the grid with the fluctuations in renewable energy. They supply the ancillary services that used to be provided by conventional synchronous generators. The question, of course, is: are you taking advantage of the benefits energy storage? If not, DNV GL can help you become part of this world — or enhance your existing energy storage capabilities.

Is your storage strategy ready? When considering grid-connected energy storage opportunities, ask yourself these questions: Are you prepared to navigate the landscape of storage applications, technologies and their benefits? Do you have the technical expertise to conduct testing and field demonstrations? Is your team capable of modeling applications across the electricity grid? Do you have a strategy to determine market sizes and business planning? Do you have the capability to optimize storage and determine where to site it? Have you assessed the impact of national and regional policies and/or incentives on energy storage systems?

Our energy storage team Our global experts can work with your senior executives and teams to help create a strong energy storage strategy and help to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage through its use:

Dr. Paul Gardner Serves as DNV GL’s global energy storage segment leader

Dr. Davion Hill Executive Board member for NAATBatt International, former President and Chairman. On the Board of Directors for NY-BEST

Dr. Michael Kleinberg An active member of IEEE Power and Energy Society

Jillis Raadschelders VP of the European Association for Storage of Energy, and President of Energy Storage NL

Dr. Nishad Mendis Holds an IEEE Senior membership and currently serving as IEEE Secretary for the Victorian Section

Dr. Matthew Rowe Chair of the largest energy storage trade body in the UK, the REA Energy Storage Group, and Vice Chair of the Energy Storage British Standards Institute committee

DNV GL team members operate around the world and across the entire energy value chain. With specialists in every area of energy management, our team can assess needs, analyse markets, and evaluate technologies. We then design and implement programs to meet the exact needs of each client. We bring strong experience, expertise, insight and institutional knowledge to every challenge.

What we do Team members specialize in:

Testing & certification

Field demonstrations

Independent evaluation reports

 Performance  Safety

Program design  Budgets and resource allocation  Performance metrics and evaluations  Goal development

Modeling  Application economics  Risk analysis


Business planning  Gap & market analyses  Market forecasting

What we deliver Energy stakeholders benefit from our independent technical services, including:

Investors ■■ Engineering studies and assessments ■■ Business case/marketing/tech

analyses ■■ Policy and risk analysis

Manufacturers ■■ Advanced application modeling ■■ Tech/commercial performance


Utilities, developers, owners/ operators ■■ System load studies ■■ Grid modelling/technical analysis

■■ Field demonstration support

■■ Storage placement/size assessments

■■ Testing & certification

■■ Support of utility commission filings ■■ On-site calibration and metering

About GRIDSTOR Until recently, there was no universally accepted model for managing an energy storage system; no way to manage the demands of each component and the relationships between and among them — and then effectively connecting those components to today’s grid. Today, there’s GRIDSTOR: our comprehensive approach — a recommended practice — that manufacturers, system integrators and grid operators can apply to the energy grid storage-andcapacity challenge. Gridstor is an approach that enables the verification and ATEPS receives GRIDSTOR statement of conformity comparison of energy storage solutions — focusing on issues of safety, operations and performance. It brings together the most important and relevant standards and guidelines, as well as the major global players in the industry, to develop an approach that simplifies the integration of stored energy onto the grid. To learn more, visit our website and download GRIDSTOR free of charge:

Overcoming energy storage challenges As the energy market evolves and advanced systems enter the field, opportunities often are complicated by challenges. That’s where we come in. Created in 2007, our DNV GL Energy Storage Services team: ■■ Now has more than 30 professionals around the world working full-time on energy storage issues

■■ Has 460 channels of battery testing capacity in Rochester, New York

■■ Works in the largest Power Testing lab in the world

■■ In 2016, conducted the most comprehensive fire testing program on multiple battery chemistries

■■ Helped California shape a cost-effectiveness methodology with some of the most advanced models in the market ■■ Supported seven parties for National Grid’s tender for Enhanced Frequency Response services ■■ Provides active field monitoring for storage projects

■■ Provides exceptional RES+storage services ■■ Offers solid community storage competencies ■■ Offers the same level of independent engineering services for storage as we do for wind and solar (30+ years)

Our investment in the future DNV GL has created a powerful suite of strategic tools designed to assess the potential of energy storage technology. These tools not only perform testing and certification processes, but also explore areas of business planning, program design and modeling. We also invest 5% of our annual revenue on industry research — including energy storage. Our global testing facilities enables us to perform our own research and development, evaluate business processes and technologies, conduct testing and demonstrations — including in the field — and enables us to generate modeling and market analyses using our proprietary modeling tools.

We can help you The power grid is a critical infrastructure essential for the functioning of society and economy. The most reliable power grids may be subjected to resource constraints and the transient nature of renewable energy sources. That means that a well-designed large-scale energy storage system woven into power grids can increase that robustness and reliability. We know energy. We know the grid — and energy storage technologies — and we know how to effectively integrate the two into a well-functioning, cooperative network. We know how to integrate solar plus storage. These solutions aren’t one-sizefits-all — but are designed to meet the unique needs of each customer. To learn more about how we can help you research and adopt the right technology — and reach the right solutions — contact us today at:

DNV GL in energy DNV GL delivers world-renowned testing and advisory services to the energy value chain including renewables and energy efficiency. Our expertise spans onshore and offshore wind power, solar, conventional generation, transmission and distribution, smart grids, and sustainable energy use, as well as energy markets and regulations. Our 2,400 energy experts support clients around the globe in delivering a safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy supply.

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Energy Storage Services  

Navigating the challenges of electricity storage

Energy Storage Services  

Navigating the challenges of electricity storage