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Welding Technology DNV provides you with the most efficient and comprehensive welding technology services DNV can generate all of the documentation necessary to comply with industry standards such as API 1104, CSA Z662, and ASME Section IX. We have experience with many processes including shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, flux-core arc welding, and gas tungsten arc welding. We also have experience qualifying in-service repair and hot tap welding procedures, low hydrogen procedures, stainless steel procedures, and procedures for high strength material.

Welding Challenges

With an aging pipeline infrastructure, the trend toward higher grade steel and increased regulatory oversight, pipeline welding is becoming both more critical and more challenging. Welding high strength materials (X80 and above) increases the risk of hydrogen cracking and the requirements on the mechanical properties of the weld. Consumables commonly used in the past are no longer appropriate. Regulators are becoming more stringent when auditing welding procedure specifications and company operating Regulatory Compliance and Best Practices procedures. DNV has the technical expertise and industry Welding procedure/qualification documentation and company experience to address all of your pipeline welding concerns. standard operating procedures are increasingly coming under the scrutiny of regulators. Company manuals can quickly become Welding Procedures and Qualification outdated and inaccurate. DNV actively participates in many of DNV can support your welding procedure development and the professional organizations that author pipeline regulations. qualification needs from beginning to end. We have experience We have an intimate knowledge of these documents and their not only with writing procedures but with on-site qualification. intent. DNV can audit welding procedures and operating We can provide on-site support and data collection to ensure procedures to ensure they comply with regulations and follow qualification goes smoothly. current industry best practices.

DNV (Columbus) 5777 Frantz Road Dublin, OH 43017 USA 614.761.1214

DNV (Houston) 1400 Ravello Katy, TX 77449 USA 281.396.1678

DNV Calgary 2340 Pegasus Way, NE, Suite 123 Calgary, AB T2E8M5 Canada 403.250.9041

Welding Technology Testing and Evaluation

State-of-the-Art Welding Laboratory Equipment

DNV has an extensive laboratory equipped to handle a variety of research projects. Past projects include the evaluation of new welding consumables for in-service pipeline welding, evaluation of both fillet and seam welds made in-service to attach tightfitting repair sleeves, failure analyses, and developing guidelines for heat-affected-zone hardness limits for in-service welds.

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Consulting Field work Welding procedure specifications Failure analyses Consumables evaluation Chemical analyses Pipeline repair and maintenance Regulatory compliance In-Service welding

DNV (Columbus) 5777 Frantz Road Dublin, OH 43017 USA 614.761.1214

DNV (Houston) 1400 Ravello Katy, TX 77449 USA 281.396.1678

Welding equipment (SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW) Bend test machine Plasma cutters Oxy-Acetylene torch Pipe bevelling torch Electrode oven Macro and micro hardness (Vickers, Rockwell, Knoop) Band saw Digital multimeters Radiographic film reader Infrared digital thermometer Light microscopes Scanning electron microscopy Energy dispersive spectroscopy Magnetic particle inspection Ultrasonic testing Metallographic sample preparation lab Preheating equipment

DNV (Calgary) 2340 Pegasus Way, NE, Suite 123 Calgary, AB T2E8M5 Canada 403.250.9041

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