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Onshore pipelines

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| THIS IS DNV | DNV is a global provider of ­services for managing risk. Established in 1864, DNV is an independent foundation with the purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment. DNV comprises 300 offices in 100 countries, with 7,000 employees. DNV Energy is one of four business areas in DNV, alongside DNV Maritime, DNV Industry and DNV IT Global Services. Our vision is global impact for a safe and sustainable future.

DNV provides world-class expertise in technology, operations, management and risk. We combine our know-how into a professional service concept designed to safely improve the performance of your business. So you can go strong on all dimensions.

| Contents | Services Overview u Confidence in a secure and reliable operation



testing, research and development Science: the foundation of practical engineering solutions



corrosion and materials technology Staying ahead of the problem


integrity solutions Expertise to meet today’s challenges



DNV SERVICES TO THE ENERGY INDUSTRY Enterprise Risk Management SHE Risk Management u Technology Qualification u Verification u Offshore Classification u Asset Risk Management u Training u IT Risk Management u Certification u u

| onshore pipelines |

target segments Through these services, our teams of highly qualified professionals deliver cutting-edge solutions to customers across the industry: u Deep and ultra-deepwater field development u Floaters u Fixed structures u Offshore and onshore pipelines u Natural Gas/LNG u Refining and petrochemicals u Power generation and transmission u Wind, wave and tidal energy u Arctic operations and technology u Operations excellence u Carbon capture and storage

Going safer

| onshore pipelines |

Worldwide energy demand is projected to increase more than 50% by the year 2030. Onshore pipelines are crucial in meeting this demand. The pipeline infrastructure is expected to grow at 7% per year through 2020, with 231,900 km of oil and gas pipelines already planned or under construction. Meanwhile, the world’s 3.5 million km of existing oil and gas transmission pipelines must continue to operate, often beyond their original design lives. To meet expectations, the industry must ensure safer operations, extended asset life and a reliable energy supply.

and lasting longer DNV works closely with operators and regulatory authorities to deliver comprehensive pipeline integrity strategies that manage risk and meet challenges in every phase of the pipeline life cycle. With our subsidiary, CC Technologies, we combine science and engineering to bring the best technology to the industry. Our innovative solutions help you maximise business performance, and keep pace with developments.

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DNV – assisting companies in the energy industry along the entire life cycle to safeguard and improve business performance Project phases:


DNV energy deliveries:


Feasibility & concept selection

Pipeline Integrity management system Development Project, Technical and SHE Risk Management Reliability Assessment and Security of Supply

Design/Specifications/Codes/Regulatory Suppo

Research/Testing/Root Cause Failure A Operability Review Technology Qualification / Corrosion Mitigation software solutions Maintenance/Welding/

| onshore pipelines |


installation & commissioning

operation & life extension


and Support

ort Safety, Hazard, and Environment Reviews and Audits


Verification / Certification

Repair Fitness-for-Services / Return-to-Service Programmes Monitoring / Inspections / Condition Assessment / Reassessment Intervals

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Confidence in a secure and reliable operation Security of supply and operating reliability are integrally linked with safe operation and environmental challenges. DNV takes a risk management approach to both SHE demands and technical operating requirements, which sets us apart from our competition.

DNV Energy and CC Technologies, Inc. have combined to become a world leader in the onshore pipeline service market. As a comprehensive service provider and technology partner for our customers, we are committed to excellence. Our services combine software solutions with our unique approach to science and engineering. Operator’s Challenge In a competitive market with increasing regulatory and public attention toward safety, environmental issues and security of supply, being a best-in-class operator has become increasingly important. Yet pipeline operators also need to balance performance requirements, cost effective solutions and contractual obligations, while managing an aging asset.

ity review and Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) risk management. aSSESSING OPERABILITY DNV has developed the ‘Pipeline Systems Operability Review’ (PLOR), to assist operators in maximising pipeline performance. This tool evaluates technical and management systems, with respect to industry best practices and international technical standards. PLOR focuses on safety, environment and production availability, from design to decommissioning and goes beyond code compliance. It uses risk assessment to highlight issues that really matter and to identify appropriate mitigating measures. PLOR is unique in that it is built from the bottom up, beginning with detailed technical tasks and ending with management control systems.

DNV assists in every aspect of pipeline management.

SHE Risk Management Management systems & performance standards XXTechnical risk & consequence assessment XXEmergency planning, response XXHuman factors and occupational health XXEnvironmental impact risk assessment XX

Asset Risk Management (ARM) Asset investment risk assessment Asset lifecycle economics XXAsset appraisal XXAsset optimisation XXAsset safety system reliability XX XX

Specific application areas include hazard identification, frequency analysis, consequence analysis, quantitative risk analysis, risk based inspection, and inspection planning.

DNV provides a full suite of services, including pipeline integrity management, operation risk management, regulatory compliance, operabil-





KUWAIT OIL COMPANY Pipeline Risk Management

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) decided to improve its risk assessment and hazard management systems, given that more than 50% of its pipeline network was over 30 years old, with many lines traversing residential and corrosive terrains. The project objective was to increase the integrity, reliability and safety of KOC’s crude, gas, fuel, condensate and brackish water pipeline networks.

areas for streamlining KOC’s pipeline networks to meet current and future production demands.

DNV provides a full range of risk related services including:

DNV performed process oriented qualitative and quantitative risk assessments. We also identified all significant hazards that contributed to the likelihood of a failure and the potential impacts of those events. A further study was completed to identify possible

The broad scope required for this project could only be accomplished by a service provider with multidisciplinary expertise, spanning all aspects of risk management and pipeline operations. This included Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA), SHE risk management, consequence analysis, Risk Based Inspection (RBI), pipeline operations issues, pipeline recommended practices, failure frequencies, threat identification, degradation mechanisms, direct assessment methodologies and software solutions.

| onshore pipelines |


Science: the foundation of practical engineering solutions

DNV’s researchers and engineers provide innovative solutions.

DNV is one of the few firms to combine engineering with state-of-theart research and testing. As one of the largest corrosion and materials science groups, we offer our clients innovative, cost effective solutions.

DNV maintains four primary laboratory facilities throughout the world to serve the needs of our customers. These are located in: Høvik, Norway Bergen, Norway XXDublin, Ohio, USA XXSingapore XX XX

Our researchers at these facilities work closely with the DNV engineering support staff to provide our customers with both engineering solutions based on fundamental science, as well as research solutions balanced by sound engineering practice. FORENSIC ENGINEERING Our expert staff is ready to respond when emergencies happen. Our advanced laboratory testing and root cause failure investigations explain how and why components fail. Our investigators have access to cutting edge microscopy and modeling tools for solving metallurgical, mechanical, structural, thermal, electrochemical, and multiphase flow problems.



We offer full-scale multiphase flow testing at our Dublin, Ohio and Bergen facilities. The multiphase flow system can be customised to study flow patterns, evaluate the effect of flow on corrosion and inhibitors, and drag reducing agents. We also offer facilities for pipe burst testing.

Our renowned scientists have extensive experience in designing laboratory tests and selecting critical variables that permit accurate simulation of field conditions. We stay on the cutting edge of the latest practices and technologies, through ongoing testing and research programmes.

DNV’s subsidiary CC Technologies has historically been a pioneer in research on monitoring buried pipelines. We are currently leading sensor development for monitoring internal corrosion threats. In the past, we have pioneered the direct assessment methodology for prioritising maintenance digs. We were also instrumental in writing the NACE standards and validating the direct assessment methodologies for external, internal, and SCC threats.

We provide state-of-the-art testing services to assist our clients in solving a wide range of practical problems, such as:

DNV leads the industry in research regarding the effects of alternative fuels on pipelines. Currently, we are determining the requirements for transporting ethanol via existing pipeline, tank and terminal systems.

| Critical issue: Creating a risk assessment and systems based management of hazards. Solution: Assembled a multidisciplinary team of professionals from DNV’s global system to complete the project. Key deliverables: A comprehensive risk assessment and simulation for KOC’s entire pipeline system including HAZOP and HAZID report, QRA, cost benefit analysis and pipeline network simulation model. VALUE TO Client: DNV provided a one-stop solution with all the necessary disciplines needed to be their technology partner.

Technology qualification Full scale testing of components XXProcess development and changes XXMaterials selection XXChemical treatment needs XXCorrosion mitigation and monitoring XXCoating specifications and selection XXCoating disbondment XXElastomer selection XXAnode Performance XXFracture mechanics and fatigue XX XX

PAGE 8 | DNV Energy | Services Overview | Testing, Research and Development | Corrosion and Materials Technology | Integrity Solutions |


Staying ahead of the problem

Aging pipelines require proactive corrosion management.

There are 3.5 million kilometers of oil and gas transmission pipelines. With this infrastructure aging and the demand for oil increasing, it is important to stay ahead of corrosion and material degradation problems. DNV’s experts help you accomplish this.

With over 300 corrosion and materials special­ists at 40 locations worldwide, DNV stands ready to serve as your technology partner for corrosion control, materials selection, verification and integrity assessment. CORROSION MITIGATION & ASSESSMENT

Pre-assessment (DA feasibility) Indirect inspections and surveys XXDirect examination XXPost assessment XX XX



Confidence in your supply chain is critical, particularly with the increase in demand for pipelines and the utilisation of new or relatively unknown suppliers. In our experience, the most crucial qualification areas for onshore pipelines are:



DNV has established itself as an independent supplier of engineering services, supporting pipeline operators’ technical needs for: Special project management Cathodic protection XXChemical treatment XXCoatings XXAC mitigation/AC corrosion XXMonitoring XXDesign and specifications XXSoftware solutions

Steel mills Pipe mills XXCoating mills XXPipeline and CP designs XXConstruction practices XX


defects. It can also be used to determine the efficacy of your corrosion mitigation methods. There are many inspection and survey techniques that are used alone or in combination. Our expert staff provides the following: Coating performance: DCVG (direct current voltage gradient), Pearson, Coating conductance XXPipe potential (CP): CIS (close interval surveys), Test point, On-potential/offpotential XXNDE (non-destructive evaluation/ inspections) XXTrouble shooting: Bond currents, Side drain potential XXSoil surveys XXInterference currents: AC stray currents, DC stray currents XXCoupon/probe monitoring: Internal (corrosion rate), External (corrosion rate/CP), ER probes, PR probes XXMIC (microbial influenced corrosion) XX

We assist our customers at all stages of their Direct Assessment (DA) programme development and implementation, including:

Pipeline monitoring provides the data used to evaluate the susceptibility of a system to integrity threats from external and internal corrosion, third party damage, SCC and construction





The TransCanada Pipeline is a 14,500 km system that was installed in phases, beginning in the late 1950s. State-of-the-art coating systems were used to protect the pipeline at each stage of construction. However, aging and deterioration, along with a variance in soil types and coating protection methods required increased cathodic protection and different cathodic protection methods. This increased the cost of the corrosion remediation programme and created a risk of damage to newer, better quality coatings on parallel lines.

a new corrosion remediation programme. CCT/DNV provided an advanced in-line inspection programme, cathodic protection data and corrosion feature data. We also completed an economic analysis that prioritised piping sections.

CC Technologies, a DNV company, helped TransCanada evaluate the integrity of the system, prioritise areas for recoating and initiate

After laboratory evaluation and testing, the recoating programme was applied to more than 42 km of piping at a cost of $600,000 USD per mile, substantially less than the $1.1 million USD cost of replacement. The recoating programme also created a more cost-effective and reliable integrity management programme while preserving the assets of the TransCanada pipeline.

| onshore pipelines |


Expertise to meet today’s challenges DNV’s expertise goes well beyond a written PIMS programme. We provide the data interpretation, project management, software solutions and assessment know-how to overcome today’s technology challenges.

DNV creates comprehensive and customised Pipeline Integrity Management Programmes (PIMs) for each client, using the following components: Assessment Monitoring XXMitigation XXLife Extension XX XX

REGULATORY COMPLIANCE DNV has extensive operator and regulatory compliance experience. We offer a full spectrum of regulatory support services including: Assessments and response to regulatory actions XXProject compliance reviews XXTraining XXReporting XXRegulatory and code compliance audits XX

We also provide programme development, including integrity management, emergency response, pipeline security and incident investigation.

ILI ANALYSIS In-line inspection (ILI) is one of three commonly accepted condition assessment methodologies. We provide expertise in all condition assessment methods and have pioneered both direct assessment methodologies and multiple statistical approaches to ILI data analysis. ILI produces a tremendous amount of data, which if analysed improperly, can overstate the integrity of the pipeline or result in unnecessary dig programmes. Using stateof-the-art tools, DNVs staff experts create a complete and accurate analysis that provides you with vital information on the risks and remaining life of your system. DNV has expertise in all corrosion and material integrity threats, including internal and external corrosion, SCC, fatigue, hydrogen embrittlement, seam weld crack defects, mechanical damage and hard spots.

| Critical Issue: Aging and degradation of the TransCanada pipeline with a costly cathodic protection programme. Solution: Recoating programme. Key deliverables: Technical analysis, prioritisation and recoating programme. VALUE TO Client: Ensured pipeline integrity, reduced maintenance costs and improved effectiveness of protection systems.

DNV’s software solutions help maintain pipeline integrity.

SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS DNV has recently released Orbit + Onshore Pipeline and Corr MD, our innovative software solutions for managing onshore pipeline integrity. Orbit + Onshore is a complete software tool for pipeline integrity management, including: Recording and documenting Assessing condition XXDefining inspection programme XXSatisfying regulatory requirements XX XX

Corr MD integrates and manages data from pipeline corrosion monitoring and testing results, allowing operators to analyze the data and prevent corrosion problems. Other key service areas include: Maintenance/Welding/Repair Reliability Assessment XXFitness-For-Service/Return to Service XXMaterials Selection and Specification XX XX

PAGE 10 | DNV Energy | Services Overview | Testing, Research and Development | Corrosion and Materials Technology | Integrity Solutions |

DNV locations DNV serves the energy industry from more than 40 primary locations worldwide. In addition, we draw on DNV’s entire worldwide network of 300 offices in 100 countries.

Trondheim Bergen Stavanger Oslo Sandefjord Aberdeen Esbjerg Copenhagen Manchester Moscow Antwerp London Essen Paris


Tanggu Tripoli


Kuwait Doha

Abu Dhabi Muscat Mumbai Ho Chi Minh City


Vung Tau

Kuala Lumpur Singapore Jakarta Luanda

| onshore pipelines |

Calgary St. John’s Halifax Columbus Houston


Salvador Rio de Janeiro


São Paulo Porto Alegre Buenos Aires

DNV ENERGY main offices: Aberdeen Cromarty House 67-72 Regent Quay Aberdeen AB11 5AR United Kingdom Tel: +44 1224 335000

Calgary Bay 123 2340 Pegasus Way NE Calgary AB Canada T2E 8M5 Tel: +403 250 9041

Antwerp Duboisstraat 39 b1 2060 Antwerp Belgium Tel: +32 3 206 65 40

Columbus 5777 Frantz Road Dublin, Ohio 43017-1386 USA Tel: +1 614 761 1214

Abu Dhabi The Towers Abu Dhabi Trade Centre Near Beach Rotana Hotel East Wing – E 108 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 2 6457580

Copenhagen Tuborg Parkvej 8, 2nd Floor DK2900 Hellerup Copenhagen Denmark Tel: +45 39 45 48 00

Bergen Johan Berentsensvei 109-111 NO-5020 Laksevåg, Bergen Norway Tel: +47 55 94 36 00

Houston 16340 Park Ten Place Suite 100 Houston, TX 77084, USA Tel: +1 281 721 6600

Kuala Lumpur 24th Floor, Menara Weld 76, Jalan Raja Chulan 50200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Tel: +603 2050 2888

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