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Pipeline & Facilities Integrity Management Failure and Regulatory Response, Litigation Support

DNV offers a dynamic blend of research science and engineering prowess. We help assure continuous delivery while extending the asset’s life and improving efficiency, safety and productivity. DNV is a single source provider of services that optimize the value of your pipeline throughout its entire life cycle.

Trusted globally since 1864

DNV’s Approach: Failure & Regulatory Response, Litigation Research laboratories coupled with a breadth of engineering disciplines provide the depth to handle even the most complex failures and their ramifications. What makes DNV unique in its approach to pipeline failure? DNV maintains a staff of Ph.D. research scientists and integrity engineers globally recognized for their expertise in the structural integrity of pipelines and pipeline facilities. We offer not only a complete understanding of pipeline operations, maintenance, engineering, codes and regulations, but a grasp of failure mechanisms that lead to pipeline failure.

Knowledge and Experience Count

Incident Response and Litigation Support

Our normal endeavor is preventing pipelines from failure. To do this effectively, we must demonstrate inherent knowledge of the causes (and prevention) of pipeline degradation. For this, we are globally renowned.

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But that same inherent knowledge is essential in the event of pipeline failure. Our subject matter experts apply our knowledge of industry practices gained by years of working closely with pipeline operators recognized for ‘doing it right’ (and learning from those who don’t). Our approach is augmented by an in-depth knowledge and understanding of pertinent codes and regulations to include CSA Z662, ASME B31.8S, CFR 195.452, CFR 192 sub-part O, and API 1160.

24-hour hotline / response team (614.228.7473) First responder consultation Onsite / In-the-ditch failure investigation Evidence retention and preservation Chain of custody Forensic engineering / science Testing and research laboratory Corrective action response Failure analysis Root cause analysis Formulation of defense strategies Regulatory support Expert witness Due diligence

Engineering and Scientific Disciplines Professional Qualifications 

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Numerous Ph.D. research scientists and a full complement of B.S. and M.S. engineers across a wide range of engineering and scientific disciplines. Professional Engineers registered in the United States and Canada. Senior ILI analysts In-depth certifications in technical standards from NACE, ASME, AWS, ASNT. Pipeline operating experience

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Engineering - Mechanical - Metallurgical - Materials Science - Welding - Chemical - Corrosion Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Mathematics Statistics Biology Software Development

Key Failure Response / Litigation Personnel Dr. John Beavers – Director, Failure Analysis and Chief Scientist Dr. Oliver Moghissi – Director, Materials and Corrosion Technology Center Bill Bruce, P.E. - Director of Welding Materials and Technology Dr. Tom Bubenik – Director, Pipeline and Facilities Integrity Solutions Dr. Neil Thompson – Director, Litigation Support Services

DNV has played key roles in the post-failure response to nearly every major North American pipeline failure over the past quarter century. Evidence Retention

Failure Analysis

Forensic Science

DNV Energy North America US: Contact, ph. 281 396 1678 Canada: Contact Alasdair, ph. 403 250 9041 ext. 241 rev0910

Expert Witness

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Failure Response_Litigation 092710  

DNV offers a dynamic blend of research science and engineering prowess. We help assure continuous delivery while extending the asset’s life...