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EM Coupon Analysis Providing a more accurate analysis of your pipeline system DNV provides unique coupon testing and analysis that can better identify corrosion and pitting threats in your pipeline system. What is EM Coupon Analysis?

The Process

Evaluation and monitoring coupons (EM coupons) are unique analytical tools that provide more information on corrosion and pitting than typical weight loss coupons. EM coupons:

DNV is one of few firms to offer EM coupon analysis. Our thorough analysis procedure includes:

• Allow analyzers to distinguish pit initiation and microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) from general corrosion. • Can be used to determine general corrosion rates and pit rates. • Provide information on mechanical damage or other noncorrosion-related features. • Can be installed for a much shorter time period than typical weight loss coupons.

• Embedment of the coupon to preserve bacteria and corrosion deposits. • Examination using a steromicroscope according to ASTM standards to characterize the corrosion and provide information regarding pitting (pit density, size and depth). • Examination using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) to observe corrosion initiation and classify pits by severity and type. • Replica examination to characterize any scale and determine the presence of bacteria. DNV provides the results from this comprehensive analysis in a summary report, which includes all optical and SEM photographs.

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