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| bulk carriers | Enhancing your operations and reputation |

Bulk Carriers Enhancing your operations and reputation



| Enhancing your operations and reputation |

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| bulk carriers | Enhancing your operations and reputation |

Ensuring high quality and cost-effective operation Bulk carriers transport a wide variety of goods, ranging from foodstuffs and raw materials to finished goods and fuels, such as coal. Owners, managers and operators of bulk carriers play a vital role in this transportation chain, a chain which is critical to our daily lives and to the further development of our world. Times are tough with difficult market conditions, characterised by a modest increase in demand combined with a large supply of new vessels. At DNV, we do our utmost to assist in such challenging times by providing classification and advisory services that ensure the high quality and cost-effective operation of your fleet. Our growing share of the bulk carrier market shows that an increasing number of owners are turning to DNV for our expertise and experience.

Michael aasland Business Director, Bulk Carriers, DNV

This brochure gives you a brief overview of some of the reasons why so many owners have chosen DNV for their bulk carriers, but if you would like further information please contact me or your local DNV office.



| Enhancing your operations and reputation |

Enhancing your operations and reputation The global recession hit the shipping industry hard. But shipping has always been cyclical and has always recovered. DNV can support you through the cycles to safeguard and enhance your operations and reputation.

The global recession can still be felt in shipping. The market is, and will continue to be tough. Careful consideration of how to save costs is required. So too is the ability to look at the entire logistical chain and stay ahead of your competitors. Added to this is the ability to step up to increasing environmental requirements. With DNV as your partner providing the classification service you need at a level which is suitable for you and your customers, we can help adress the challenges of today's market and help ensure that your positive reputation remains healthy and intact. Through our basic class services to the most advanced analytical and advisory services, we can help improve the overall performance of your operation.

| bulk carriers | Enhancing your operations and reputation |


We provide: ■■ Cost effective classification – this means we help keep your fleet available for you to do your business in a cost effective manner. ■■ Competitive fees – where the total cost of partnering with DNV is low, allowing you to save money. ■■ Independent decision support – as a self owned independent foundation, we balance the needs of business and society. ■■ Innovative solutions – we invest 6% of our revenue in research and innovation and take a leading role in joint industry projects. ■■ A strong focus on quality – helping you to deliver a high standard.

DNV has recently launched a new benchmarking service where vessel performance is benchmarked against similar ships of similar age based on data from DNV’s unique Nauticus Production System database. The performance of the ships that are over- or underperforming can be evaluated in detail to find areas of improvement. The benchmarking and in-depth evaluation can be carried out on a regular basis to enable ship owners to continuously monitor and improve performance with regards to both safety and cost savings.



| Enhancing your operations and reputation |

Trouble-free operation For fleet Managers, superintendents, and the ship’s crew, the important issues include running safe, revenue earning operations where there is a high degree of predictability. Unforeseen problems should be reduced to a minimum. Through our focus on quality, we allow for greater availability of your fleet.

Vetting of bulk carriers has become increasingly important, and is likely to become more important with the current market conditions. DNV has the best rating from the leading bulk carrier vetting company. We also get preference for your ships by different authorities and coast guards globally as a DNV classed ship is less likely to have port state control (PSC) issues than those classed by other societies. DNV’s good PSC rating means fewer inspections. Through the DNV PSC tool kit, a collection of useful tools, you are supported in making your ship safer and therefore reduce the risk of a PSC detention. Courses in how to get the best out of the PSC tool kit are available at many local DNV stations. Contact your local station to find out more. The DNV-classed bulk carrier fleet is significant thanks to our competent and experienced personnel who are willing to listen to their customers and understand their needs.

| bulk carriers | Enhancing your operations and reputation |

>> DNV's PSC tool kit provides a mix of tools for crew and office staff to help prepare for port state inspections.

Our global network serves you through maritime service centres located close to you, wherever you are. Advice and support are important elements in our day-to-day dialogue with our customers. To ensure predictable operations and ship availability, and the personal service you should have, we assign a dedicated Customer Service Manager to you. This will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your business while leaving the class related issues to us. Through DNV Exchange you will always be updated online with the current status of your ship’s certificates as well as a host of other issues related specifically to your fleet. Here you can also find the decision support you need. Wherever your ship calls, we can provide a local, responsive service meaning less disruption for you.



| Enhancing your operations and reputation |

How DNV can assist with your newbuilding project! New ship design and materials are setting standards at the forefront of technology and safety. At DNV, we have expert approval engineers and experienced newbuilding surveyors to provide confidence in your newbuilding projects.

Through our work with designers and ship yards globally as well as our own in-house technical competence, we know the market, the trends, the latest solutions and we also consider future environmental requirements. By selecting DNV you can rest assured that these factors have been considered prior to your ship entering service. DNV's yard experience is vast. With our long standing presence at yards in Japan, Korea, China and Vietnam, we contribute competence and a problem free building process. Follow-up during construction takes place with a large and well trained site team at the yard. We can also update owner's site teams with the latest available knowledge and run courses tailored to their needs. The benefits from this training are many, including technology transfer and professional development.

| bulk carriers | Enhancing your operations and reputation |

WE PROVIDE: SPECIFICATION REVIEWS DNV has vast experience from advising, approving and following-up a large number of newbuilding projects. We draw on this experience when providing review of newbuilding specifications. We offer review of specifications at all stages, from outline to detailed specifications. The specification review is free of charge. PRE CONTRACT TOOL DNV's pre contract tool allows us to compare your proposed design with a large number of other designs. You select the parameters for which you want to optimise the design. Your chosen design may then be compared against any given set of references including: ■■ Ship particulars and performance data ■■ Transport capacity ■■ Total operational fuel efficiency ■■ Environmental performance Fuel- and environmental efficiency is calculated in a transport system context using either standard operating profiles or profiles matching the intended trade of the vessel. ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENTS The IMO's Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) for new ships requires increased attention to balancing speed and energy consumption with ship capacity. At DNV, we can calculate the EEDI for designs which you are evaluating, based on actual or indicated values. We can also verify that the EEDI is calculated according to IMO's guidelines and issue the EEDI certificate.



| Enhancing your operations and reputation |

Class entry – an easy switch to enhance your reputation DNV has made changing class an easier and more simple process by the introduction of "Class Entry Express". Our new entry process combined with our local representation ensures you eliminate any hurdles and confusion. Our CSMs assist in planning and document collection whilst our headquarter office support team assists with communication with flag and the losing class society. This ensures prompt issuance of full term certificates and a smooth transfer to DNV.

| bulk carriers | Enhancing your operations and reputation |

Why choose DNV? n Quick

response – global network 
 With a network of close to 300 locations worldwide and access to DNV competence centres and surveyors available around the clock, we are responsive to all your needs for making and implementing the right decisions. n Your needs in focus – one dedicated DNV contact
 Your dedicated customer service manager will ensure the best personal and professional service you may require. n Our technical competence for your benefit
 Our accumulated knowledge base provides us with unique competence and an experience bank that makes DNV a value adding partner in helping you to improve your quality and operational efficiency. n Improve your operational efficiency
 In addition to providing services for improving your efficiency by examining all aspects of your operations, including the use of fuel, we always have operational efficiency in focus when delivering all our services. n Drive for environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions
 We will help you comply with current and future environmental requirements and legislation and work towards sustainable operations.


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Bulk carriers: Enhancing your operations and reputation  

Bulk carriers transport a wide variety of goods, ranging from foodstuffs and raw materials to finished goods and fuels, such as coal. Owners...

Bulk carriers: Enhancing your operations and reputation  

Bulk carriers transport a wide variety of goods, ranging from foodstuffs and raw materials to finished goods and fuels, such as coal. Owners...