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Your Disciple Now Is Life Changing For Your Students... It’s also a huge weekend in the life of your youth ministry and your church. And it’s one of those moments where you can be laser focused about your students growing in their faith. It really is a monumental weekend. That’s why we’re excited to introduce DNow Online: a complete Disciple Now solution, delivering you excellent Bible Study, resources, tools, training, and more. Our desire is to partner with you to help create an exceptional Disciple Now or Retreat Weekend. We’ve provided you with solutions that are dynamic and powerful, and yet still simple and intuitive. You’ll love the tools we’ve given you to streamline your responsibilities. And most importantly, we’ve maintained our commitment to providing Bible-focused curriculum and resources that clearly communicates God’s Word to your students. We’re extremely honored (and excited) for a chance to partner with you. As you journey through the next few pages, let us know if you have any questions. Now let’s go! This incredible Weekend will be here before you know it! Your DNow Online Team

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Why Use DNow Online? Planning and executing your DNow Weekend should be intentional and streamlined. DNow Online can help by delivering Biblically solid curriculum, tools, training and resources to help make your next Disciple Now or Retreat Weekend exceptional. Here’s how:

Every DNow Online Study Includes the Following: Awesome Large Group Content

Interactive Small Group Content

Dynamic Teacher Management Dashboard

Transformative Student Resources

You’ll love our in-depth Speaker Outlines (that support small group content), videos, background loops, and PowerPoint Slides

Set-up Small Group Leaders to access their lessons, manage their studies, and message teachers as a group

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Streamlined lesson plans delivered online, plus an unparalled Tools and Training environment to help your leaders be excellent

Our Student Books, “Authenteractive” T-Shirts, and 4-week Follow-Up Journals, provide an incredible mix of biblically sound and creative resources for students

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Choose From Two Incredible Studies The transformation students experience in Small Groups is the backbone of every Disciple Now weekend. The lessons within these DNow Online studies are the road-map to ensure that the time spent in Small Groups is transformative, effective, and fun.

Each Study, 4 Lessons!

The Pause: Learning to Seek God Generation Multitask. It’s a fitting label for today’s overcommitted, over-entertained teenager. School, band, sports practice, work, volunteering, and hours of “screen time,” all create a tremendous drain on teens’ time. Where is the time for cultivating their relationship with Christ?

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The Pause teaches teenagers to “hit pause” and spend time growing their relationship with God through prayer and meditating on Scripture. Demo a Lesson at

Imitator: Choosing to Follow God “Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children . . .” [Ephesians 5:1] The concept of imitation is at work all around us. So much of who we are is influenced by other people. Through Paul’s words in Ephesians 5:1-2, Imitator challenges students to live the life of a God-imitator, helping them understand what this looks like in the world they live in. In short, we are called to be imitators of God. Teach Imitator and equip your students to influence the world around them for Christ.

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Dynamic But Simple Online Delivery Gone are the days of putting together 3-ring binders or running all over town trying to track down your leaders! DNow Online’s Lesson Manager is a dynamic, intuitive platform that delivers Small Group lessons to leaders over the Internet.

How It Works:

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Powerful, Streamlined Lesson Plans For All Your Small Group Leaders We’ve intentionally crafted lessons that are based on solid Bible study, but are a lot of fun. Listed below you’ll find some of the features that make DNow Online lessons a powerful tool for your Small Group Leaders: • Streamlined to make preparing and teaching simple • Designed to focus on application of core biblical concepts • Works hand-in-hand with the Student Book to maximize interaction and creativity

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1. Bible Background to help with “big picture” preparation 2. “Getting Started” activities designed to introduce each lesson 3. “Digging In” activities where in-depth Bible study take place 4. “Wrapping Up” activities that focus on the application of the biblical concepts covered in the lesson 5. PDF’s of Student Book pages complete with answers for your small group leaders 6. Printable Leader’s Guides - Word Docs and PDF’s

Student Resources to Complete Your Weekend In the end, DNow online was designed with your students in mind. Check out these awesome student resources to help your students get the most out of their weekend, and beyond. • • •

Interactive Student Books guide your students’ time in both Large and Small Groups Customizable “Authenteractive” T-Shirts aren’t just cool, they feature a QR code/url that links to a practical 5-day interactive challenge on their shirt tag Follow Up Devotional Journals provide students with the chance to continue their time in your weekend’s theme for four weeks after your weekend

The Pause


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Unlimited Leaders. One Low Price! DNow Online delivers an incredible mix of features for an unbeatable value. No matter how many teachers you have, you pay one flat price for access to all of the following features:

ADMINISTRATOR TOOLS (that’s you!) - Manage as many leaders as you want - Lessons delivered online to leaders - Group messaging with your leaders - Vital forms and sample schedules



- 4 Large Group Speaker Outlines - 4 customizable PowerPoint slideshows - Videos to open and close weekend - Motion loops for presentation software - Promotional Artwork

- 4 Small Group Lessons - Leaders can access dynamic delivery system - Tools and Training section featuring training videos, articles, and more



Student Resource Pricing We’ve created some pretty sweet (and easy to order) student resource value packs with savings up to 21%! Saving you time and money!





10.99 per student

19.99 per student

14.99 per student

Includes: 1 Interactive Student Book 1 Follow-Up Devotional Journal

Includes: 1 Interactive Student Book 1 Follow-Up Devotional Journal 1 Theme T-Shirt

Includes: 1 Interactive Student Book 1 Theme T-Shirt

Best Value

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OR PICK AND CHOOSE BY ORDERING ITEMS INVIDIVUALLY Individual Prices: Student Books [4.99 ea], Follow-Up Journals [6.99 ea], T-Shirts [12.99 ea, customize +$3 per] Qty. Discounts Available!

You Are Important To Us... We Are Here To Help! Hopefully you can see that we take this pretty seriously. We believe in you and believe the weekend you’re planning is critical. You don’t have to plan alone! Whether you need questions answered or want to place your order over the phone, give Dan a call! He’s ready to help!

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If you know anything about either of our organizations, you know we like youth workers. A lot. And we care deeply about students growing in their knowledge of God and His Word. It’s a true honor for us to partner with you as you plan, execute and follow-up your big Weekend. To learn more about our organizations and other ways we may be able to serve you throughout the year, go to: > Click About Us

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Introducing DNow Online  

This brochure announces the release of a brand new youth ministry Disciple Now and Retreat Weekend line of resources. Tons of details inside...

Introducing DNow Online  

This brochure announces the release of a brand new youth ministry Disciple Now and Retreat Weekend line of resources. Tons of details inside...