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Welcome to Issue 1 of the BSFC e-bulletin (2012 – 2013)

In the Know Issue 1

17th Sept 2012

Monday 17th Sept 12

Tuesday 18th Sept 12 Wednesday 19th Sept 12 Thursday 20th Sept 12 Friday 21st Sept 12

Staff Name G Bage – Holiday D Sangster - Course J Evans - Course S Marshall - Course G Bage - Holiday


G Bage – Holiday D James - Holiday G Bage - Holiday G Bage – Holiday D James – Holiday D Wynne - Trip C McGonigle - Trip M Pennington- Trip G Vipond - Trip

Art Dept Trip to Manchester

Message from the Principal Good afternoon everyone The new term is well underway now - course change week next week for those students who have genuinely made an error in terms of choice of course. The opportunity to transfer, because several weeks of effort proving to be rather in vain, comes at half term. We are operating in a very dynamic world - as I'm sure you are all aware, and it is important that as issues emerge, we discuss them and their implications for the College. We have a staff meeting coming up - which if you consult the amended calendar in this document, you see is now on Monday 4th October. We'll go through any issues in detail then, but it looks like, as predicted, our roll by mid October will be about 1730 (ish). It is obviously critical that we do all we can to hold onto every student we currently have with us (circa 1810), as this becomes the base line for our funding for next year. Our mid October figure last year was 1813. Moving the AS students to Farnworth was not a difficult decision, given the numbers, and we now have a tremendous opportunity to put the additional teaching hours to good use. I am grateful to Heads of Department for drawing up plans for their department as to how we can best deploy these hours. We'll look at what success rates might be deemed to be achievable this year at the staff meeting, but we should realistically be working with significant improvements in AS and A2 achievement rates in mind. Please don’t assume that because we have moved the AS students from Farnworth to the Town Centre that we have a new plan for Farnworth - we dont! Clearly we need to discuss

and debate how we best deploy this asset, and I'll talk more about this at the staff meeting. We have a document called Teaching Staff - Operational Policies, that explains our policies on important issues affecting teachers such as when we expect you to be on the campus, and where discretion may be exercised. This needs updating, with the timetable changes, and will then, after consultation with the union reps be published in here.(There are no changes planned to current policy - but it may be the case that some staff are not fully aware of these). Finally, congratulations again to those colleagues appointed to the positions of Tutor Managers, Simon, Mark and Jill, and to those in project posts promoting Enrichment - Sam and Rachel, Equality & Diversity - David and Fiona, Literacy - Diane and Denise and Teaching & Learning - Mark and Louisa. Have a good weekend Steve


Academic Calendar Safeguarding Mary’s Tool of the Week Cure those aches and pains!!!!! BSFC Football Club Post match report Boys Academy Football team Performing Arts Provisional Exam Dates

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar 2012-13 w/c 20-Aug-12 27-Aug-12 03-Sep-12 10-Sep-12 17-Sep-12 24-Sep-12 01-Oct-12 08-Oct-12 15-Oct-12 22-Oct-12 29-Oct-12 05-Nov-12 12-Nov-12 19-Nov-12 26-Nov-12 03-Dec-12 10-Dec-12 17-Dec-12 24-Dec-12 31-Dec-12 07-Jan-13 14-Jan-13 21-Jan-13 28-Jan-13 04-Feb-13 11-Feb-13 18-Feb-13 25-Feb-13 04-Mar-13 11-Mar-13 18-Mar-13 25-Mar-13

Monday Summer Bank Holiday New students

New students

Course change window

Wednesday Inset 2 Middle Managers Upper 6th return/all in P2 HoD/ST Dept Meetings ********

New Parents W elcome Eve Staff Meeting ******* Open review 1 data only Course transfer w indow

Thursday GCSE Results

Friday Inset/In lieu

BTEC / EPQ Meeting Internal JCC

HoD/ST Internal UCAS deadline

Disagg Inset 5

Half Term Parents Eve - C hallenge 1 / BTEC Meeting QRD / EPQ

OTL week 1

GCSE exams am

OPEN EVENING NBL Yr 2 Mock exams OTL w eek 2 Review 2 - report home

HoD/ST Dept Meetings

GCSE exams pm SAR Validation Panel Day

External JCC HoD/ST Dept Meetings

Presentation Eve

Harper Green (TBC) Christmas Holiday Christmas Holiday Middle Managers HoD/ST Dept Meetings OPEN EVENING

Review 2 closes In lieu Open day

Internal JCC Parents Eve - Challenge 2

NBL Yr 2 Parents Eve - celebration OTL w eek 3 GCSE exams am Review 3 - data only HE Evening FW

01-Apr-13 08-Apr-13 15-Apr-13 22-Apr-13 29-Apr-13 06-May-13 Bank Holiday 13-May-13 Review 4 - data only opens 20-May-13 Review 4 - data only closes 27-May-13 Bank Holiday 03-Jun-13 10-Jun-13 17-Jun-13 NBL W eek 24-Jun-13 W ork Experience w eek 01-Jul-13 08-Jul-13

Tuesday Term starts Inset 1

I3 Transition

Half-Term Staff Meeting GCSE exams pm HoD/ST Dept Meetings External JCC / HE Careers day TC Easter Holidays Easter Holidays Middle Managers Internal JCC HoD/ST Dept Meetings

Open UCAS references

Staff Meeting / External JCC Half Term HoD/ST Dept Meetings Internal JCC Little Lever Transition Day

Last Teaching St James Transition

Smithills Transition Day Welcome Day

Sharples Y10 Transition Day


Safeguarding, Tutor Manager Teams & Assistant Principals’ availability A reminder of the safeguarding 'Who to Contact' procedures and a list of key staff is included below; this was previously discussed in the August INSET. The new Tutor Manager teams operating across both campuses is also highlighted along with the Assistant Principals' cross campus availability. A daily list of SMT availability on each campus will be available from the campus' reception. Giles

Safeguarding at BSFC - ‘Who to Contact?’ 1. You have identified and sensitively explored an initial safeguarding concern within the scope of the College’s safeguarding policy and procedures. Is there an existing FFA ‘flag’ on DAVE indicating known existing support? Is there a need to refer the concern? If in doubt consult the Senior Tutor in the first instance.


Liaise, in confidence, with the Senior Tutor and where appropriate the Learning Mentor, to establish the extent to which the safeguarding concern is part of a new, existing or changed circumstance and whether there is already on-going safeguarding support within the scope of Bolton’s Framework for Action (FFA1-FFA4). Senior Tutors provide FFA1 and FFA2 safeguarding support, with Learning Mentors supporting at FFA3. FFA4 support is provided by the Level 3 Safeguarding Team (see next page). This includes Senior Mentors, the Learning Services Manager and the SMT Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO). In addition, all of the SMT are Level 3 trained to deal with FFA4 referrals in the absence of the DSO.


If FFA3 concerns escalate, the Learning Mentors will refer the student’s case to the Campus’ Level 3 Safeguarding Team who will assess what action and further possible external agency referral are necessary, ensuring that the SMT’s DSO is consulted. Operationally, the Campus’ Level 3 Safeguarding Team includes Senior Mentors (David Sangster and Sharon Marshall at the Town Centre and Jane Evans at Farnworth) as well as the three Tutor Managers and the Learning Services Manager, Karen Hampson, who works across both campuses.


Having assessed an FFA3/4 referral, the Campus’ Level 3 Safeguarding Team will consult with the SMT DSO or in their absence other SMT, who will implement an agreed action plan which may include external agency referrals. The Level 3 Safeguarding Team will communicate in confidence, where necessary, the student’s on-going safeguarding pastoral support needs.

The SMT Safeguarding lead is the Assistant Principal for Student Services.

Safeguarding & Referrals ‘Who to Contact’ 2012-13 FFA 1 & 2: The student’s Senior Tutor FFA 3:

Learning Mentors on respective campus

FFA 4:

The Level 3 Safeguarding Team on respective Campuses working with the SMT Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO)

FFA 4 - The Level 3 Safeguarding Team Senior Mentors Town Centre- Sharon Marshall & David Sangster Farnworth – Jane Evans Tutor Managers Town Centre- Mark Goodwin & Jill Badanjak Farnworth – Simon Christian Learning Services Manager (Karen Hampson - cross campus) SMT DSO Giles Bennett (cross campus) In addition ALL SMT are Level 3 trained in the absence of the SMT DSO

Pastoral Tutor Manager Teams: Farnworth Simon Christian (TM) Sarah Ball Karen Mansfield Jane Evans Nick Willan Cath Muscat Diane Finlay (A2)

Town Centre Jill Badanjak (TM) Clare Walsh Jim Pauley Helen Lynch Julie Parkinson David Sangster

Town Centre Mark Goodwin (TM) Shahid Rizvi Susan Wright Asif Khan Sharon Marshall Diane Finlay (A1)

The Town Centre’s Learning Mentors are Colleen Casey, who will support students in Jill’s team, and Denise Crilly, who is working with students from Mark’s team.

Assistant Principals’ cross campus availability Giles Bennett Monday

Sandra McManus


Town Centre




Town Centre

Tuesday Morning

Town Centre



Town Centre


Wednesday Morning


Town Centre




Thursday Morning

Town Centre




Town Centre

Friday Morning

Town Centre

Town Centre


TC/ Farnworth

Town Centre

Mary’s Tool of the Week This week’s tool is the Hot Potato interactive activity software. Click here to see how it works.

Cure those aches and pains!!!!! Bolton One is offering the following to all staff and students. £14.00 for 1 hour’s massage £7.00 for students Initial Injury Assessment £22.00 Treatment (following assessment) £17.00 All appointments are for 30 minutes The clinic’s telephone number is 01204 903680 if anyone is interested. This is a bargain so take advantage! Andy Power

BSFC Football Club BSFC Football Club has two teams running this season, as well as the 'Vets' - over 35 team who play on Sundays we now have a 'Open Age' team that play on a Saturday.

Last week the 'Vets' opened their league account with an impressive 3-1 away win at preseason favourites Dobbies AFC. This week they are at home to Victory vets where they hope to get another 3 points and stay at the top of their respective league. The 'Open Age' team have now played 4 matches and won 3 of them which also sees them sit at the top of their respective league. This Saturday they entertain Eagle FC in a top of the table clash to see who can go clear at the top. The club has also applied to become an FA Chartered Standard Club which once awarded will show that the club is being run professionally and correctly both on and off the pitch. Both teams progress can be seen at: Many thanks Phil

Post match report Boys Academy Football team After a successful trial programme, followed by a stringent pre-season training period, Bolton 6th Form College’s Boys Academy team took to the field of play at Daisy Hill FC. The opening match of the season 2012/13 was against Loughborough Academy and ended in a comprehensive victory for the College team by 8 goals to 1. To be honest the 8-1 scoreline wasn't as may suggest a walkover, because the boys had to work hard to subdue their opponents with some fast flowing, and passing football. Four goals in each half secured the 3 points the goal scorers being:- Scott Winstanley 1, Zach Stringer 2, Alex Spencer 2, Matthew Moores 2, and Andrew Morris 1. Our next fixture will be away Weds 19th Sept against SR Education Clipstone. Roy Soule

Performing Arts Provisional Exam Dates Below are the provisional dates for performing arts exams and productions this year. Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th November - A2 Drama exams - Town Centre (day rehearsal both days, evening performance on Thursday) Wednesday 19th December - Enrichment theme show - Farnworth (afternoon rehearsal, evening show) Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th March - Music concerts (day rehearsals, evening shows) - Farnworth Thursday 11th and Friday 12th April - Dance exams - day time - Farnworth

Thursday 18th April - Dance show - daytime rehearsal, evening show - Farnworth Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th April - Enrichment musical (All day Wed rehearsal and open dress/ evening shows both days) - Farnworth Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd May - AS Drama exams (location and times TBC - subject to external examiner) Week beginning 6th May - BTEC Performing Arts performance (location and date/time TBC) Thanks! Kimberley Edge

MONDAY 17th September 2012


Please take time each week to read the bulletin as it usually contains important notices and information.

Welcome Welcome to a new year in College to all our new students and those of you returning for a further year of study. We hope that you will be happy and successful this year but it goes without saying that your effort levels and commitment to developing your own skills and knowledge will play a huge role in your achievements. A quote to consider "Don't be content with being average, average is as close to the bottom as it is to the top." Please make sure that you find a few minutes each Friday to check the bulletin as it usually contains crucial information for the following week. Also you should check student e mail daily as staff will send important messages. Enjoy your weekend Sandra McManus

Enrichment All enrichment options are now on student timetables and most have begun. Please watch out for notices as there will be a range of new activities coming on stream in the next few weeks as well as one off events, short courses and information to access additional activities at the university. Check your College e mail for notices about new enrichment from from Rachel Burns and Sam Worrall our Enrichment Officers. See the Bulletin at the end of the notice.

ISE sessions These are for AS students and are designed to get your higher level individual skills up and developed quickly in preparation for the mock exams beginning 19 th November and the module examinations in January. Please ensure that you attend sessions as they count to your overall attendance and as you know, less than 90% attendance means you cannot claim your £100 payment on successful completion of all your courses! Some of you have not checked your timetables for the new ISE session times. Please check to ensure that you go to the correct session.

Course Change Day Monday 17th & Tuesday 18th September ONLY. read the guidance notes carefully.


This is your opportunity to swap a course of study for another. This opportunity is for students who enrolled onto a particular subject and now find that they have made a poor choice. This is because either the subject content is not what they thought it would be and/or it does not fit their intended career path. Course Change opportunity is not: • • •

I would like to switch groups to be with my friend I would like to switch groups to get a better timetable I want to try again to enrol for a subject(s) I’ve already been told I don’t have the entry grades for

This is for you if you feel you have made a serious mistake in course choice, to give you a chance to put it right and get on a programme of study that will enthuse and stimulate you to achieve. If you feel you fit into this category, in the first instance you need to discuss your situation with your Senior Tutor, they will then help guide you as to whether or not course change is appropriate. Agreement must also be reached with the Head of Department or Course Leader for the new course you wish to join. If you are unable to find the relevant Head of Department during the day they will all be available Monday PM after college until 5 o’clock in the hall at Town Centre. For Farnworth students wishing to swap BTEC courses please make any request through Senior Tutors at Farnworth who will then forward your requests directly if Heads of Department or Course Leaders are unavailable. You will be told by your Senior Tutor who you need to see if they agree your course change request has merit to be considered. Any course change requests are not automatically granted, they are determined on the basis of a) merit, b) meeting entry qualifications for the new subject choice and c) looking to see if there is any room in the new subject class. Finally, all course changes must be approved by either myself, Mr Bennett or Ms McManus. Thank you Mr Merrills


EPQ sessions are up and running already and again you need to attend these so if you had not checked your timetable then make sure that you are there next week!

Calling all Students.... Crompton Place Shopping Centre invites all students to a free Student Lock In!

Thursday 4th October 6pm - 9pm Exclusive offers and discounts Free giveaways! New Look - 20% off in store MIC - Exclusive giveaways in store Thomas Cook - 5% off all holiday bookings made during the event HMV - Competitions and giveaways in store Greenhalgh's - 10% off Blue Inc - 20% off in store Scotts - 10% off in store plus free 'Duck & Cover' when you spend over ÂŁ20 The Works - 10% off in store BHS - Student discount available in store and on brands including Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins Find out more by visiting Crompton Place on Facebook or Twitter

Attention all you Budding Bar Students!

How to get to the Bar A Conference for Sixth Form Students interested in becoming a Barrister Saturday 24 November 2012 Venue: BPP Law School, 2 Whitehall Quays, Leeds, LS1 4HR

Students at a previous Bar Council event

This sixth form conference has been organised jointly by the Bar Council, BPP Law School and Widening Participation at Leeds University. It is aimed at bright Year 12 students, who have a genuine interest in becoming a Barrister and are interested in finding out about a Law Degree and the work of Barristers. We are targeting students from state schools and colleges in and around Yorkshire. The Conference will cover the following areas: • Studying Law at University • Pathways into a career as a Barrister • The working life of a Barrister • Interesting cases, current issues and developments in Law • Case studies in Law • A question & answer session on issues in British, European and International Law

Conference Programme 9.15 - 9.45

Registration & refreshments

9.45 – 10.00

Welcome to the day from BPP

10.00 - 10.30

Applying for a Degree in Law, how to put together a strong application and what a Degree in Law involves. A talk from a University Lecturer

10.30 - 11.00

Graduate Diploma in Law and Bar Professional Training Course. A talk from a lecturer from BPP

11.00 – 11.10

Short Break

11.10 - 11.40

The law: a barristers perspective

11.40 – 12.00

Pathways into a career as a barrister and working life of a barrister

12.00 – 12.30

Lunch – provided by BPP

12.30 – 13.30

Case study in Law Students split into smaller groups to work through a case, under the guidance of working barristers

13.30 – 14.20

A Question & Answer / debate session with the students on current issues in UK, European or International law.

For further information contact: Marisa Booker DD: 020 7611 1324, Email:

Careers Bulletin The latest is attached below. For A2 students keep an eye out for notices as university admissions tutors will be in soon to check personal statements for you! Don’t forget our internal UCAS deadline is October half term.


4FQUFNCFSFEJUJPO apprenticeship Early Offer of an apprenticeship for Summer 2013 leavers students who might be interested in following this pathway. speak to




Ç Ç Ç Í˜ ÄŽ Ć?ŚϰŊŽÄ?Ć?͘ Ä?Ĺ˝Í˜ ƾŏ

Need support with :




⇒ ⇒


Ç Ç Ç Í˜ Ä?Ŝdž ĎŽĹŠĹ˝Ä?Ć?͘ Ä?Žž Ç Ç Ç Í˜ ÄšĹ?ĆŒÄžÄ?ĆšÍ˜ Ĺ?Ĺ˝Ç€Í˜ ƾŏ͏ ĞžƉůŽLJžĞŜƚ


Ç Ç Ç Í˜ Ä‚Ć‰Ć‰ĆŒÄžĹśĆ&#x;Ä?ÄžĆ?ĹšĹ?ƉĆ?͘ Ĺ˝ĆŒĹ?͘ ƾŏ


Personal Statement CV writing Applications Letter writing Speak to Linda CAREERS OFFICER

Ç Ç Ç Í˜ žŽŜĆ?ĆšÄžĆŒÍ˜Ä?Ĺ˝Í˜ ƾŏ Ç Ç Ç Í˜ ĹŠĹ˝Ä?Ć?͘ ŜŚĆ?͘ ƾŏ Ç Ç Ç Í˜ ƚŽƚĂůŊŽÄ?Ć?͘ Ä?Žž Ç Ç Ç Í˜ žĂŜÄ?ŚĞĆ?ĆšÄžĆŒÄžÇ€ ĞŜĹ?ĹśĹ?ĹśÄžÇ Ć?͘ Ä?Ĺ˝Í˜ ƾŏ Ç Ç Ç Í˜ Ä?Ĺ˝ĹŻĆšĹ˝ĹśÍ˜ Ĺ?Ĺ˝Ç€Í˜ ƾŏ Ç Ç Ç Í˜ ĹśĹ˝ĆŒĆšĹšÇ ÄžĆ?ƚŊŽÄ?Ć?͘ Ä?Ĺ˝Í˜ ƾŏ

BITK Issue 1 - 17th September 2012  

BITK issue 1 17th september 2012 including the student bulletin

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