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Collar By David Nolan

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FADE IN: INT. CHURCH SACRISTY - DAY DANIEL (26) wearing a black suit, is alone in a dark Sacristy. There are three Gothic windows spread across a curved wall, each window is decorated with religious stained glass. There are tall wardrobes spread across the opposite interior wall, with a large Gothic oak door at the end of the room. Daniel is kneeling on a wooden stoop with his head bowed before a picture of Jesus. His hands are grasped tight with a set of brown rosary beads draped over them. Daniel takes a look up at the picture above him and then bows his head once more before blessing himself. He stands up and walks toward one of the tall wardrobes. Reaching up he opens the wardrobe door and there are a number of Priest’s items hanging inside, with a mirror on the back of the door. Daniel opens a drawer at the foot of the wardrobe and takes out a white collar. He pauses and looks at it for a moment. EXT. CHURCH - DAY A 2009 Volkswagen Passat pulls into the Church driveway. As the car comes to a stop three Priests FATHER PAUL (55), FATHER SEAN (44) and FATHER MATHEW (60) approach the car. Father Mathew opens the back door and BISHOP HUGHES (62) exits the car. FATHER MATHEW Your Grace, How was your journey? BISHOP HUGHES Fine Father. Father Mathew, smiling intently shakes hands with Bishop Hughes. CUT TO: EXT. CHURCH - DAY The Church bell chimes.


INT. CHURCH SACRISTY - DAY Daniel looking in the mirror on the back of the wardrobe door puts on his white collar. The murmur of greetings between Bishop Hughes and the Priests can be heard from outside. Daniel glances over his shoulder toward the stained glass window to his left. He pauses for a moment before closing the door bowing his head once more. EXT. CHURCH - DAY More of the congregation arrive and begin to enter the Church. Among them are Daniel’s parents MARTIN (61) and GILLIAN (59). Father Sean spots them. FATHER SEAN Excuse me your Grace. Father Sean walks toward Martin and Gillian. FATHER SEAN Welcome everyone. It is a fine day for it. I’ll show ye where ye are seated. Father Sean guides them toward the Church. INT. CHURCH SACRISTY - DAY Daniel walks over to a small opened stained glass window. He takes a Benson and Hedges out of a packet and lights it. He is careful to let the smoke exit through the window and as he is doing so he manages to get a look at the congregation outside, spotting Martin and Gillian. EXT. CHURCH - DAY Unaware Daniel is watching, a smiling Gillian and Martin are escorted by Father Sean across the car park toward the Church doors.


CUT TO: EXT. CHURCH - DAY The Church bell chimes once more. INT. CHURCH SACRISTY - DAY Daniel looks at his watch, takes one last puff and extinguishes the cigarette. He opens the wardrobe again quite quickly and pulls on his long Priests cloak. INT. CHURCH ALTAR - DAY An altar boy JACK (12) places candles on the altar. The congregation has gathered in the front two rows of the Church. Martin and Gillian are seated to the right of the front row beside the altar. GILLIAN Have you got the camera? MARTIN’s in your bag. Gillian pulls out her camera and begins to fiddle with it’s controls. INT. CHURCH SACRISTY - DAY Father Sean knocks and enters the sacristy. Daniel looks in the mirror on the wardrobe door and can see Father Sean’s reflection. Daniel then lowers his head as he fixes his clothes. FATHER SEAN O.K. Daniel we’re all ready to go. How are the nerves? Daniel shakes his head slowly. DANIEL Shhbbb..... FATHER SEAN I was the very same you’ll be fine, Jesus is all around you Daniel.




DANIEL How’s Bishop Hughes? FATHER SEAN Yea he’s fine, he’s in good form. Daniel looks at his Rosary beads and puts them into his pocket. FATHER SEAN Right lets go. Father Sean holds the large oak door of the Sacristy open with one arm and Daniel takes one last look at himself in the mirror and fixes his collar, before closing the wardrobe door. INT. CHURCH AISLE - DAY The organ player begins to play, soon followed by the choir singing, Father Sean leads the procession swinging incense. He is followed by Father Mathew who is carrying a large crucifix who is in turn followed by Father Paul, Daniel and Bishop Hughes. Daniel looks toward Martin and Gillian as he passes them. Gillian takes a photo and smiles at Daniel. Daniel continues with the procession toward the altar. Martin reaches up taking Gillian by the arm also smiling. CUT TO: The organ and choir go silent. Daniel is alone kneeling at the center of the altar, his head bowed. Again his rosary beads drape over his joined hands. Deep in concentration all that can be heard is a murmur from Bishop Hughes as he reads his sermon. Bishop Hughes finishes his sermon and everyone’s eyes are on Daniel but he is in a fixed position. Father Sean approaches Daniel startling him and then ushers him toward the floor on front of the altar. Daniel comes to his feet and takes a step forward, then kneels on the floor before the altar. He is looking at the large crucifix hanging above Bishop Hughes. Bishop Hughes begins to pray aloud. His lips move but all that can be heard is the sound of Daniel’s heart thumping in his chest. Daniel bows his head and there is an extreme close up of his eyes as they close.


FADE OUT: The sound of Daniel’s heart thumping comes to a slow pace. FLASHBACK: FLASHBACK DELIVERED IN SUPER 8 CAMERA. CUT TO: EXT. GARDEN - DAY Daniel (4) is playing in a garden, he is sitting on the grass with some toys. A younger Gillian (41) wearing a bandanna, leans forward joining in both laughing. CUT TO: EXT. FIELD - DAY Daniel (13) is standing in the young girl CLAIRE (13). Claire against a tree. She places her and Daniel leans in and kisses

corner of a field with a is leaning with her back hands on Daniel’s shoulders her.

CUT TO: INT. NIGHTCLUB - NIGHT Daniel (17) is in a nightclub. He is standing against the bar talking to a group of four other 17 year old’s. They are all drinking pints of beer and laughing. CUT TO: INT. BEDROOM - DAY The mid-morning sun is penetrating through the window. Daniel (19) is having sex with TRACY (19).


CUT TO: EXT. SEMINARY GATES - DAY. Daniel (22) closes the door of a taxi and looks up at the large black steel gates which are old and rusted. The gates read "SEMINARY" and are hung on stone walls which are littered with ivy. The taxi pulls away and Daniel turns his head watching the car as it drives off. He turns his head again and looks upward at the large gates. FADE OUT: The sound of the Daniel’s heart thumping fades. FLASH FORWARD: INT. ARMCHAIR CONSERVATORY - DAY Daniel’s eyes open, the camera tracks back from an extreme close up to reveal he is about 12 years older now. His son TOM (6) is pulling at his arm, trying to wake him. TOM Daddy, Daddy, come on you promised... Daniel rubs his face and stands up, his eyes follow Tom as he runs outside to where another two kids are playing. A packet of Benson and Hedges is lying on the coffee table beside the same brown rosary beads. Daniel picks up the packet of Benson and Hedges, takes one out and lights up. Then he approaches the door following Tom. When he reaches the doorway he pauses and leans against the reveal of the door. To his left there is an open doorway. Daniel glances over his shoulder where SARAH (41) is washing the dishes. Then he takes a puff of his cigarette and looks at the kids playing. He has a smile on his face and there is an air of content about him. FADE OUT:


Short Film Script

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