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“Super 6 Conditioning” A 6 week group personal training product designed to improve health, fitness and body composition. INFORMATION PACK

Composed and ran By – Brett Bowen & Chris Whitelock

Welcome to our Strength & Conditioning Training Course Strength and conditioning could be considered to be by many as the new “buzz” word in the fitness industry but the truth of it is that it always has and always will be the very core of health and fitness. During your “super 6” course we will aim to educate, demonstrate and motivate you to a new level of health and fitness allowing you to finally see the results that so many training programs and fad diets have failed to deliver to you in the past. “Strength and Conditioning is the physical and physiological development of athletes for sporting performance. Strength and conditioning encompasses all forms of training to increase the sporting performance of an individual or team.”

Course Aims Knowledge is power! A big failure in many programs, courses or whatever you want to call them is the failure to educate people on why they are actually doing it! Our end result in a fitter, stronger, leaner you. But how are we going to get there? With our knowledge and your effort and commitment you will see why a structured fitness regime really is fool proof. With set sessions each week with clear and specific training goals your training will finally be accountable. The best thing is we will also give you all the help and guidance with what to do when you are not seeing us between sessions. From nutrition plans to home workouts and stretch routines we have it all covered! Simply turn up, give it your all, be ready to learn and most importantly action what we teach you.

Training Objectives By the end of the programme, participants should be able to demonstrate: • • • • • •

Increased aerobic and anaerobic fitness Increased speed, agility, balance, strength and power Increased coordination and balance Improvement in body composition Improved determination and ‘competitive edge’ Great team spirit

Training Methodology Training is delivered in group sessions of no larger than 8 participants. This keeps the product personal and the level of teaching quality at its very best. Training will be made saleable to each individual’s fitness ability and will incorporate a wide range of training methods strategically delivered in a periodised fashion allowing progression and delivering results. Sessions will incorporate drills that target different biomotor abilities. Biomotor ability is a term used to describe the various qualities of performance needed for particular activities such as; Strength, Speed, Endurance, Flexibility, Power, Agility, Coordination and Balance. To some of you these may all just seem scary fitness words with no meaning. There is nothing to be frightened about. Within the 6 weeks you will continually learn only ever increasing your potential fitness arsenal. Weapons in the battle to a new and improved you!

Regular assessments of your progression will take place and also assess weaknesses and areas that need more attention. As you progress through the course they will without doubt notice a difference in your mental focus. Strength and conditioning programmes also help improve that ‘competitive edge’ that players need when competing at top level sports. Training Session Conduct Each session will generally run for 1 hour unless specified otherwise. All attendees will participate in an initial warm up and dynamic stretching to reduce the risk of injury before moving on to the allocated drills for that particular session. Some drills will also incorporate the use of specialised equipment and all participants will be expected to treat equipment with the respect it deserves to avoid injury. At the end of the session all participants will be expected to take part in the cool-down and stretches part of the session to ensure you remain injury free and at optimum performance levels. Fitness Assessments Fitness Assessments are generally carried out in weeks 1 and 6 of the 6 week course. We do not test for testings sake! The tests we use help us assess each individualss explosive power, agility, anaerobic fitness, aerobic fitness, local muscular endurance and body mass index. All results are then passed on to you at the end of the course to show progression and areas that still need addressing.

The Trainers Brett Bowen Bsc (hons) Brett Bowen is an award winning personal trainer who strives for excellence. He has a background of national sporting excellence and has worked with world champion sporting athletes. Not only does he have a wealth of knowledge, he is able to apply that knowledge practically through his motivational methods. As the Director of DNA Fitness he is able to harness his passion and dedication to fitness and health in a way which inspires others to get the most out of themselves and yet still push for further self improvement. In the past Brett has represented his country at Judo but excels in Adventure Racing, Triathlons and Tough Man events.

Chris Whitelock BA (hons) Leading by example and inspiring change within my clients is the way I like to do things with Personal training. I know how hard it can be to have to get up and go to begin that fitness journey; over the two years that I have been a PT I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing people who have managed to reach their goals through hard work inside and outside of the gym. I like to explain to my clients that sessions are not just about coming in and getting "beasted", it's also an education of how to attain a healthy mind and healthy body through diet, rest and of course hard work! I wouldn't make you do something I haven't done myself....after passing selection for the Royal Marines Commandos I began the 32 week intensive training, only to receive an injury early on which curtailed my career. I can assure you I know what it takes to get you fit, but more importantly keep you there once you've reached your goal! Passing on everything I have learnt is my main priority to ensuring you get the most out of the 6 weeks with myself and Brett!

All our instructors are Level 3 Register of Exercise Professionals accredited. They are also all CRB Checked. In addition our coaches have: o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Full First Aid and Defib training NASM training accreditations SAQ accreditation OUTBOX coaching awards Body Training systems qualified English Federation for Disabled Sport Inclusive Sports awards NASM Kettlebell certifications Community Sports Leaders Awards UK Sport training certifications Vipr certified trainers Trx certified trainers Activ Kids certification Degrees in Sports and Exercise Sciences and Sports Management

Course Duration The training course has two options: Course 1: Mondays and Fridays 11am-12 noon for six consecutive weeks Course 2: Sundays at 11am for six consecutive weeks

Training Location The training courses are carried out at the Unique Results. This is a first class training facility which has been specifically selected to hold this course. Should you wish to take a look at the centre online please feel free to do so. Unique Results Personal fitness and development studio Waterhouse Business Centre 2 Cromar Way, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 2QE 01245 392139

Clothing and Equipment Training sessions are conducted indoors and all participants will be required to dress accordingly with appropriate footwear. Suggested clothing is sports clothing with a tracksuit. All other equipment will be supplied by the training team. Some equipment the participants can expect to use the may include; Power Bags



Training Course Administration The training sessions are adaptable for participants of all ages and abilities. All participants are required to complete a Pre Exercise Questionnaire before undertaking any exercise which can be found online during the booking process. All participants under the age of 18 will also require the Parental Consent part of this form to be signed.

Course Fees Here is the best bit. All this and more is yours for the amazing price of £99! That’s two training sessions per week with all nutritional and program based mentoring for less than £8.50 per session. Better still for those of you unable to commit to the mid week training times and days we will be running a Sunday course allowing you to truly benefit even if you commute or work away! The only flaws is that you will only have one chance a week to see our highly qualified team but for an amazing £69 we can assure you that we will not only get the results you deserve…, We will check up on you to insure you are putting in the hours to get there! So all is that is left to do is get booked in… ACT FAST! As we have already mentioned places are limited and demand is high. Do not miss out on your chance to gain a wealth of knowledge and an amazing body in the process! Book now at

Contact Details Head Trainers Brett Bowen

Mobile: 07734 470 727email:

Chris Whitelock

Mobile: 07525 933 374 email:

What happens next and how do we book? The beauty of the DNA product is its flexibility and ability to appeal to the masses without segregation. If you believe that you have been looking for a product that promotes fitness and a healthy lifestyle and offers a variation from the norms of the training environment you need not look any further. Please use the contact details above to get in contact to arrange a meeting with us. All bookings are done online via We look forwards to hearing from you. *Once registered, fees are not refundable, under any circumstances.

Super 6 information pack  
Super 6 information pack