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Chinese Cuisine Starters: Assorted Hot Appetizers (for 2 people) Deep Fried Prawns In Batter Honey Hunan Spare Ribs Spring Rolls (Meat or Vegetable) Per Piece Golden fried prawns Dry chilli chicken Satay chicken / beef / lamb Crispy fried tofu

Kshs.1500 Kshs.800 Kshs.700 Kshs.80 Kshs.620 Kshs.500 Kshs.500 Kshs.350

Mains: Poussin Chicken Deep Fried pork in Sweet and Sour Sauce Baby Corn with Vegetables Malindi Crab Beef/Chicken in Chilli Masala Prawn Curry (Mild or Spicy) Squid Crispy Aromatic Duck Szechwan Chicken Gung Bao Beef Mongolian Mutton Double fried pork Lobster Oriental

Kshs.850 Kshs.650 Kshs.550 Kshs.1400 Kshs.800 Kshs.750 Kshs.1800 Kshs.600 Kshs.1500 Kshs.550 Kshs.550 Kshs.550 Kshs.550 Kshs.550

Rice & Noodles: Yong Chow rice Bang Bang noodles Chilli garlic noodles Desserts: Ice Cream (Assorted) Fruit Salad Tapas Roast Chicken with Grapes and Curry Mayonnaise Seared Mustard & Sesame Tuna Steaks Spanish Omelet with Potatoes Prawns & Avocado served in a Spicy Gazpacho Braised Meatballs & Cheese served with a Spanish Tomato Sauce Garlic Toast with Various Cheese Toppings

Kshs.450 Kshs.450 Kshs.350 Kshs.300 Kshs.300 Kshs.450 Kshs.450 Kshs.400 Kshs.600 Kshs.400 Kshs.400

Salads & Soup Smoked Salmon with Capers, Lemon & Horse Radish Cream Walnut and Chicken Salad Greek Salad Rocket and Parmesan Salad Creamy Mushroom Soup

Kshs.750 Kshs.500 Kshs.500 Kshs.500

Pasta Pasta- From our Live Cooking Section with a rich choice of sauces & condiments.


Mains Murg Makhani Chicken Schnitzel Beef Medallions T-Bone Steak Grilled Fish Crispy Fried Fish Dessert per portion Fresh Strawberries & Cream White Chocolate & Ginger Cheesecake Peach Nellie-Melba Fresh Fruit & Lime Sorbet

Kshs.750 Kshs.950 Kshs.925 Kshs.1075 Kshs.1125 Kshs.850 Kshs.850

Kshs.300 Kshs.375 Kshs.300 Kshs.300

Chinese Cuisine