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British Cuisine Starters: Chicken Liver Pate Mozzarella and grilled chilli salad Coco fish cakes Potted Shrimps Meals in a bowl: Tuscan Bean Vegetable Minestrone Spanish Sausage and Chickpeas Hangover Soup

Kshs.450 Kshs.450 Kshs.350 Kshs.450

Main Course Salads: Prawn and noodle salad with lime dressing Roast Chicken and Pancetta Salad Roasted Butternut and Feta Cheese Salad Nicoise

Kshs.650 Kshs.700 Kshs.550 Kshs.750

Main Course: Grilled Chicken with chilli and lemon Bangers and Mash Steak and Kidney pudding Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni Dessert: Rich chocolate Gateaux Catalan Creme Brulee

Kshs.850 Kshs.700 Kshs.850 Kshs.750

Kshs.500 Kshs.500 Kshs.500 Kshs.600

Kshs.400 Kshs.350

British Cuisine