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Brazil Cuisine Appetizers Bolinho de arroz - rice and beef croquet. Mexilhao - steamed mussels in your choice of sauce. Brazilian Ceviche - baby shrimp, calamari, baby scallops, bell peppers and parsley in a lemon & mango broth served in a coconut shell, garnished with steamed mussels. Lula Frita - fried calamari served with a side of marinara sauce. Ameijoas A Bulhao Pato - clams in a white wine garlic sauce

Kshs. 7.00 Kshs. 10.00 Kshs. 10.00

Frango A Passarinho - pieces of fried chicken in a garlic white wine sauce Chicken Fingers - pieces of fried white meat chicken served with french fries. Salads

Kshs. 13.00 Kshs. 15.00

Garden Salad - mixed baby greens with carrots, tomato, onion in a house dressing Collard Green Salad - fresh collard greens, tomato, bell peppers and onions in a lemon dressing. Caesar Salad -romaine, croutons, parmesan cheese. Verao Chicken Salad - grilled breast of chicken over brazilian potato salad. Salada Copacabana - mixed baby greens, hearts of palm, tomatoes and onions in a lemon dressing. Carpaccio Salad - arugula, parmesan cheese and very thin slices of filet mignon.

Kshs. 9.00

Kshs. 12.00 Kshs. 12.00

Kshs. 9.00 Kshs. 9.00 Kshs. 16.00 Kshs. 10.00 Kshs. 12.00

Pasta Penne Pomodoro -roasted zucchini, olives with toasted white cheese Rigatoni Pasta -with sausage rigatoni pasta with brazilian sausage and collard greens in a garlic sauce. Cheese Ravioli -served in a fresh tomato sauce. Fettucini Alfredo - auteed shrimp or chicken tossed with alfredo sauce

Kshs. 10.95 Kshs. 19.00 Kshs. 18.00 Kshs. 20.00

Poultry Grango Bossa Nova -pieces of fried chicken sautĂŠed with white wine garlic sauce. Torta De Frango - homemade chicken pie with hearts of palm and fresh corn. Frango - sauteed sauteed chicken breast with mushroom brown sauce served with mashed potatoes. Frango Com Quiabo -chicken stew with okra served over polenta.

Kshs. 22.00 Kshs. 16.00 Kshs. 22.00 Kshs. 18.00

Seafood Mariscada - shrimp, mussels, scallops, clams, chunks of white fish and bell peppers in a light tomato broth. Peixe Grelhado -broiled grouper with garlic served with vegetables. Peixe Nantua - chunks of fish and shrimp in a mushroom tomato sauce topped with melted white cheese. Camarao No Coco - sauteed shrimp, coconut milk and fresh herbs served in a coconut shell. Camarao A Paulista - sauteed shrimp and vegetables in a garlic sauce

Kshs. 25.00 Kshs. 24.00 Kshs. 24.00 Kshs. 24.00 Kshs. 25.00

Brazilian Specialties Vatapa - puree of fish and dried shrimp and chunks of fish with brazilian spices Feijoada - black bean stew with sausage, dry beef (brazilian beef jerky) & pork, white rice, sauteed collard greens & oranges. Stroganoff - brazilian stroganoff with mushrooms and onions in a cream sauce with beef or chicken. Mineirinho - grilled pork tenderloin, grilled brazilian sausage, caramelized onions, collard greens & black bean puree. Picanha Na Chapa - brazil's national meat dish. slices of top sirloin steak served with caramelized onions.

Kshs. 25.00 Kshs. 22.00 Kshs. 22.00 Kshs. 24.00 Kshs. 25.00

Grilled Steaks & Chops Bife De Figado Acebolado - calf liver with sauteed onions. Churrasco De Fraldinha Com Champignon - grilled skirt steak with mushrooms & brown sauce served with mashed potatoes. Churrasco De Frango - half chicken on the bone with garlic sauce. Churrasco De Boi - grilled sirloin steak. Churrasco Misto - grilled steak, pork tenderloin, chicken and brazilian sausage

Kshs. 21.00 Kshs. 23.00 Kshs. 22.00 Kshs. 23.00 Kshs. 23.00

Health Dishes Acai Na Tigela - acai with granola and bananas Capellini Com Vegetais - angel hair pasta with spring vegetables in a roasted garlic broth. Prato Vegetariano -veggie platter, broccoli, carrot, zucchini, collard greens, fried yucca & fried bananas

Kshs. 13.00 Kshs. 15.00 Kshs. 18.00

Brazil Cuisine  

Bolinho de arroz - rice and beef croquet. Kshs. 7.00 Mexilhao - steamed mussels in your choice of sauce. Kshs. 10.00 Brazilian Ceviche - bab...

Brazil Cuisine  

Bolinho de arroz - rice and beef croquet. Kshs. 7.00 Mexilhao - steamed mussels in your choice of sauce. Kshs. 10.00 Brazilian Ceviche - bab...