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Editor’s Note

FRESH AIR Hello. This is our first issue, and we just want to say hello with a new fresh air. Not to against printed media existence, however we are here just to grow together with it. D-Muse Magazine is a digital magazine and website that is a trusted source to provide you exclusive pictures and news of inspiring muses from Indonesia, Asia and world-wide, as well as fashion, beauty, art and lifestyle news that you need and have to follow. As our first-ever cover’s muse, we featured the beau Elly Lam, the real Crazy Rich Asian from Hong Kong who like to travel-with-style “A LOT”. Exclusive to us, she poses with couture pieces from Indonesian designers such as Ali Charisma also wearing Australian designer’s pieces, Millie Savage Label and talks about her fashion, beauty and personal lifestyle. Inside, we present to you the one and only of Jessica Iskandar with her new look, new love life and new business. Also, coming from Philipines, there are two undeniably handsome models which not only showing their posing skills but also their inspiring career journey that we entitle as “From Zero to Hero”. Besides, our creative team also providing an exciting package from fashion today: fashion spread with Chanel F/W 2018 collection, Spring Summer 2019 runway review, and many more. Through this first issue we just want to know you better and for you to know us better. Let us open our mind about the inspiring and provoking muses from Asian and world-wide, and get one or two lesson-learned from them. Hope you enjoy our first edition and don’t forget to be part of our community by subscribe to our website and follow our Instagram account @dmusemagazine.

Cape, Ali Charisma

Hat and dress, Millie Savage Label

Prints jacket, Noom at Fashion First

Prints jacket, Noom at Fashion First

On Love Life: George: My girlfriend is also a model and she’s in China. You see a lot of trouble between couples. The most important thing is to maintain the trust. At first it might be hard, because we travel a lot and meet a lot of good looking people, but if you trust each other, that would be fine. Hideo: I’ve been with my wife for 11 years. To maintain our relationship it’s about being clear about what your want and the priority for both of you. For me, my wife

Knitwear, Chanel

Knitwear and necklace, Chanel

Ruffle skirt, Rococo

Leather jacket, Fonce Official

Turtle neck knit, Chanel Fur scarf, Rococo

Sunnies, Prada at Optik Seis