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# A n O d e To N a t u r e This summer, D-Muse Magazine is celebrating what makes each of us different by being helpful to our earth. The cover says it all, fronted by the inimitable Indonesian top model and environmentalist, Dominique Diyose. She reveals how her life’s experience has led her to become an environmentalist. It inspires us very much to have a sustainable living too. Inside, interesting and colorful story from staying at Renaissance Uluwatu Hotel Bali will keep you, intrigued and curious. Also, don’t miss our style tips to achieve an elegant white looks for your wedding mood. Happy Wellness Day To All!

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Inspired by Hitchcock-era, Marc Jacobs present a precision collection with a range of dreamy swing coats, tuxedo pants, and ruffled Pierrot-necked toppers. Photographer:Julian Latif Fashion Director: Caroline Meliala Makeup: Chassey Julian Muse: Alexa from Persona Management

All by Marc Jacobs

All by Dior

M FOR MIMIROSE As a celebration Victoire’s 20th anniversary, Dior Fine Jewelry launches Mimirose combining gold with a choice of diamonds, rubies or emeralds - evokes treasured talismans.

Cover Story



aving been an insider in the world of fashion, a top model, a wife and a mom, Dominique Diyose now puts one more label as an environmentalist to her description. Her comprehension of this additional acknowledgement did not come naturally but is process-oriented.

Meanwhile benefiting her social recognition, she spreads the words about sustainability through her social media accounts. From blasting figures who have been struggling to protect the environment to statistic information about how far the climate crisis has been progressing. Paradoxical to what she is known as (read: top model), she reLiving the fashion industry is never easy for cently starts a movement in Bali where peoDominique Diyose. She has played the role ple can swap their clothes to slow the activsince very young. At the age of 13, she ad- ity of buying mass-produced fashion labels. mits. To the fact that she falls in love with the haute couture, the aesthetic value of walking “Bali Swap, it is called, is a movement dein public wearing the best works of prominent parting from a few of activists in Ubud to fashion designers, there was always some- do small act that matters. By swapping our thing missing in her life. When she was just a clothes we can somehow create the habit not kid, she lived in the rural area with villagers to buy new clothes from the big companies. and pristine nature. Growing up, although It may reduce the demand though probably she moved to the big city, Jakarta, she was al- the impact does not arrive immediately. But ways called by the sound of nature that made it is totally fine. It counts anyway”, she uther going back and forth to fulfill her traveling ters. Dominique actually understands how it desire. One day, she climbed a mountain for could backfire her in a way that she involves the first time and brought all tools and gears in the fashion industry itself. She has already by herself. She felt how tiring it was to shoul- taken the grip for what she believes. She will der her carry-on including trashes she had not get back down. Dominique continues, during the climbing and camping to all way “In my early 20s I have pondered through down. It stroke her to the realization that trash the thought of how fashion industry particwas the destructive element in her life in the ipated in jeopardizing our nature. Unfortupast, present and more importantly the future. nately, I did not know what to do. The doors had not yet opened. But now is different. I As if the universe collides with her willingness have built my belief and I want to further it.” in doing good deeds for the environment, she was introduced to Borneo Orangutan Survival The journey to encourage people in shifting Foundation. She was invited to release orang- to a greener life is never easy. Particularly beutan for the first time. During the trip she ob- cause big companies and government have served how extensive palm oil plantation was. not shaped the notion of providing solutions. How it destroyed its surrounding particularly The one and only we can do is to conceptuthe forest where the orangutan lived. Since alize ourselves and influence our inner circle. then she began her investigation about trash, It is the first solid step. “It is ashamed that urenvironment and sustainability. It led Further- banites cannot yet realize how much they can more, it led her to feel summoned in moving do to make the world a better place because forward to living sustainable life. “Finding they don’t really feel the impact of the crisis. solutions does not always aim in big thing. A They mostly stay in the AC-circulated room small act would do whatever it is. The most during the entire day. They are too comimportant thing is we start from ourselves, fortable in the bubble and unwilling to from the smallest circle of ours”, she explains. release the convenience. This actualIn her house she makes eco-brick (plastic par- ly creates adversities to make a change.” ticles from labels and product packaging to be piled in a plastic bottle to be a brick), sorts In fact if the nature is perpetually detrash, has composter, uses eco-friendly ap- stroyed we humans have nothing to propliances and surely applies “Reuse, Reduce, tect our lives. “It is sad that we have to priRecycle and Refuse” to herself and her family. orly embrace the bad impact when we can actually prevent the damage to happen.

Since I was a kid, my mom always taught me how powerful and profound our nature. I grew up with herbal properties. When having cough, for example, I sip lime juice, aromatic ginger (kencur) and a little bit of water. Shallots for cold and tea residue for face scrub. All answers are actually from the mother nature. The power of nature is true,” Dominique elaborates as she is currently doing much research for her future skincare label. Additionally, she also conceives crystals to be another element in our universe that is intrinsic with our being. Dominique believes in metaphysical power. It includes nature and the intangible state to protect people from harm. Pray, belief and a myriad of other medium can be considered in the term of metaphysics. Crystals —as the other medium, combine the theory of science and spiritual welfare. In science we learn how stones specifically gemstones release energy when collided with other source of energy.

As well as crystals touching the body skin. The energy encapsulates with the natural oil of human body, creating a greater energy human may absorb. Understanding this theory, Dominique practices her alchemical skill by infusing crystals in the herbal oil with the energy of sunlight or moonlight. Scientifically spoken, minerals in those ingredients cook a massive energy for healing. “The work of nature has proven its best and as a human being especially a woman who is destined to nurture other creatures, I may have to say that there is a reason why our earth is called Mother Nature. We, women, have exceptional gift: sensitivity. We may use our feminine side for a good cause, for deeply observing what is really wrong with our society, our behaviour, our environment, what might happen if the essence of our life vanishes. From us, women, we can influence others, persuasively encourage people to work together.”






Shirt, ZARA


A swirly-whirly retro print shirt will make you ready to go by Summer. Photographer Julian Latif Stylist Caroline Meliala Models Galushka and Alan

All by MANGO

| Model Natalie from Rad Models

Photographer Yusuf Muchtar | Stylist Caroline Meliala | Makeup Artist Geraldine Temansja

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On and off the catwalk, flashes of pure white are having a dazzling moment. Dress, DEVI ROS Headpiece, NOMA

Dress, DEVI ROS Accessories, NOMA

Top, ZARA Headpiece, NOMA

Dress, DEVI ROS Headpiece, NOMA

Blazer,MANGO Earrings, NOMA

Dress, FOREVER NEW Headpiece and earrings, NOMA

RAMADAN IN STYLE Galeries Lafayette, BRI and Studio Biyan 133 present a ramadan soiree with a collection full of sophisticated ethnic dresses.

Last month on April 24, 2019, Galeries Lafayette held a trunk show themed Ramadhan in collaboration with Biyan Studio 133. As a celebration of Holy month of moslems, Biyan created pieces with the touch of purity and elegance. Immaculate beautiful dresses with a romantic heart, Biyan took an imagination journey to create intriguing experience through each piece of his collection. Flowy dresses embellished with modern motifs and sophisticated details were spoilt customer’s eyes along the runway. The collection are available only in Galeries Lafayette, Pacific Place, South Jakarta with limited pieces.

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Rennaisance Uluwatu

BALI, INDONESIA – 6 June 2018 - Renaissance Hotels, the brand synonymous with helping the next generation of travellers discover unexpected experiences, will open its first hotel in Indonesia on the beautiful island of Bali. Owned by PT. Alam Bali International, Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort and Spa is set to be the ultimate retreat for guests looking to embrace holistic lifestyle experience from rejuvenation to play.

The hotel is in the area of Bukit, a large limestone peninsula Uluwatu known for its famous surf beaches, and the locale’s iconic Uluwatu Temple. The area is also known for one of the best sunset experi“The Renaissance brand is for the curious ences in Asia with its magnificent cliffs. and adventurous,” said Mike Fulkerson, The name Uluwatu comes from Ulu meanVice President, Brand & Marketing, Mar- ing “Lands end” and Watu meaning “Rock”. riott International Asia Pacific. “The stunning Renaissance Bali Uluwatu and Spa The Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort is in a locale like no other, for discover- & Spa’s 207 rooms and suites feature loing Bali’s famous neighborhood known for cally inspired art, natural wood and its sunset experiences and dramatic cliffs; earth tones with oversized chic bathand ready to inspire with the unexpected.” rooms that include freestanding tubs.

All rooms have balconies overlooking either the ocean or the lush lands of the Bukit (hill). Guests will love the main infinity pool with views over the ocean and Balinese coastline, the lower pool and a separate pool for the little ones. The roof design of the resort can be seen for miles and is inspired by the leatherback turtle that has come to nest on the Bukit for centuries. The design allows the sea breeze off the Indian Ocean to flow seamlessly through the lobby and all areas of the resort.

The lobby features a rugged rock wall which signifies the windswept limestone cliffs of the peninsula and seating representing the famous tiered rice paddies of Bali. Views from the lobby are dream-worthy, a discovery upon entry. Culinary venues at Renaissance Bali Uluwatu are set to become dining destinations. Clay Craft Restaurant, slated to be the ultimate breakfast experience with pottery studio in Bali with views over the pool deck and Indian Ocean, buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The adjoining PoolBar is the perfect place to grab a drink and enjoy one of the multiple pools overlooking the ocean. Locals and guests alike have the perfect place to unwind in R Bar - located in the hotel’s lobby with some of Bali’s best views including sunsets, a chic and energetic evening gathering place that offers live music, high tea, a variety of canapés, cocktails, craft beers and fresh juices. Double Ikat Restaurant offers delicious authentic Indonesian cuisine and is served in chic and inviting interior with a sheer room divider from Double Ikat with two private dining rooms and an outdoor dining area. Additionally, the hotel also manages Roosterfish Beach Club, located near the hotel. Guests can access the beach club by complimentary shuttle. Touted as Bali’s most playful beach club, it features large beachside pools, a restaurant and a bar with fun cocktails that are made of from local ingredients

For guests looking to rejuvenate, the hotel’s Spa will offer eight treatment rooms and a number of private relaxation areas. The Spa will specialize in combining local treatments and ingredients while delivering state of the art skilled therapists. The hotels fitness centre overlooks the island of Bali with floor to ceiling windows. Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa features meeting and event facilities slated to be the largest on Bali’s Southern Peninsula with outdoor spaces including the Uluwatu Deck; an impressive venue overlooking the coastline of Bali where Discoverer’s can meet or party under the stars. The Ballroom size of 680 sqm can accommodate 500 seated; Ren Meetings showcasing locally inspired breaks, creative room setups, private excursions and events will all be delivered by a dedicated team.

Stocklist Rococo Plaza Indonesia Level 2 Phone: (+6221) 29924277

Forever New Kota Kasablanka Level UG Mango Grand Indonesia Level 2 Mark & Spencer Plaza Indonesia Level 2 Phone: (+6221) 31930148

HIan TJEN Pluit Timur Raya No.20 D, Penjaringan, North Jakarta Magali Pascal Jl.Kayu Aya, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361 Paulina Katarina Jl.Kayu Jati No.18 , Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361 Noma Instagram: @noma.id Devy ros Instagram: @devyros

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