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# Po w e r a n d Pa s s i o n Hello Readers, It is one month to Christmas and I would like to ask you to prepare our mind, body and soul to reach its best before coming to the end of this year! It is a good time for us to reflect on a year almost over, and hope that our dreams and aspirations will materialize in the year ahead. This November, we’re celebrating the passion source that has made our life fabulous. From the young and reckless actor, Yoshi Sudarso who has made Indonesian movie enthusiasts proud with his emerging in Power Rangers series to the legend in Indonesia’s bodybuilding, Ade Rai, we peel back their profile layer by layer to reveal their hidden and not-so-hidden charms which inspiring us. This issue would not have been possible without the passion of these two extraordinary Indonesian men — who have taken us to search our true passion and pursuit it. Also, proudly we have covered the golden journey of Indonesian prominent fashion designer, Sapto Djojokartiko with his incredible Spring/Summer 2019 collection to you. We are so amazed by how passion could led them into creating masterpiece things in life. Just like what Rebecca West said,“It is the soul’s duty to be loyal to its own desires. It must abandon itself to its master passion,” we agreed that without passion, it is meaningless to have power in life.And to make change the resolution not just for ourselves, but for our communities, for our cities and countries, for all of us in the coming year. Enjoy your reading with awareness and passionate.

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From Marc Jacobs’ candy princesses to Jeremy Scott’s rock n roll show, spring summer fashion week in New York and London is a new history in fashion story.


TRENDS Creating a Moment

BOHEMIAN GLOBETROTTER Combining the spirit of 80s, 90s and millennial era with a touch of art Michael Kors and JW Anderson are giving a neo-hippy trend.

ROCK N ROLL With the touch of 80s rock n roll in couture outfit, Jeremy Scott leave all his design on Moschino SS19 being sketched. Accompanied by Versace that showcasing a mixture of prints, colors and shapes that inspired by 80’s women..

TWELVE DANCING PRINCESEs Who can imagine a bath sponge can be turned into a cute ruffle dress besides the one and only Marc Jacobs? Like cotton candy, which its pastel colors evoked, the collection was ridiculous and sublime at the same time, and its couture extravagance absolutely won you over.

THE NEW NEUTRALS Feminism is all about being real and relevant in fighting its own rights. Victoria Beckham, Jil Sander and XXXX are giving a feminine feature with a modern twist: architecture cut mixed with chic lace, white palette with oversized cut and strong fabric, and many more.

It’S Yoshi' S time First known as a stuntman, Yoshi Sudarso now steps into acting and boy did he deliver the punch. Photographer, Julian Latif Fashion Director, Rut Caroline Editor, Natasha Dame Makeup Artist, Kiky Lutan Studio, Bowie Beaucoup

Knitwear and Pants, Gucci Sneakers, Alexander McQueen

T-shirt, StubxBorn Jacket, Wong Hang Taylor Ring, Adelle Jewelry


remember the very first time I saw Yoshua “Yoshi” Sudarso, it was online. It was a 2016 Buzzfeed video titled “Dramatic Men’s Hair Color Transformations” and he had his long mane colored from black to silver. “I’ve always wanted to look like a video game character,” he said in the video, which garnered a total of 6.3 million views to the day this cover story submitted. At the end he looked like a video game character that has come to life. Yoshi’s love of video game translated towards his passion in life. From video games he got interested into learning fighting moves. “My family didn’t allow me to learn martial arts so I learned the moves from Youtube videos. Even at the gym, when I see someone doing martial arts and seems like an expert in it, I ask that person to teach me some moves.” When he figured he knew enough, he started doing stunts. I asked him what his scariest moment in doing stunts is so far. It happened during the first few years he was doing stunts. The job was to jump 15 feet down into water. “My technique was wrong. It was so painful and I lost six of my front teeth. So these teeth you’re looking at, these are veneers,” he admitted while touching his ‘fake’ teeth. Yet, he didn’t falter. He later asked his mentors and corrected his technique, tried the jump again and succeeded.

This tenacity and hard work let him to get his first life-changing project he was cast on. It was Power Rangers. Yoshi gained massive popularity when he was cast as Blue Dino Charge Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Charge TV series in 2015. Indonesian press caught up on the news and it got huge. It wasn’t just a proud moment that an Indonesian entertainer has made it internationally, but also the sense of nostalgia Power Rangers brought towards not just early Millennials but also the generation preceding that, which is Generation X (those born on early-to-mid 1960s to the early 1980s). Power Rangers series first started in 1993 and was a 1990s pop culture phenomenon. For many Indonesian people, Power Rangers were, and probably still are, their childhood heroes. Yoshi has gotten a good number of press coverage that I’ve lost count on how many interviews I’ve read that mentioned about his favorite Indonesian food. It’s Nasi Rames. It’s quite an interesting choice because most people would just say Nasi Goreng, the most common Indonesian food there is. “Nasi Rames is essentially nasi campur (mixed rice). I’m easily bored so with Nasi Rames I can just choose what side dishes I want to eat that day and choose different ones the next day.” He soon updated us on his latest favorite food. “I like Gado-gado now. It’s healthy and that’s pretty much the only way to get me to eat vegetables,” he grinned. *

Jacket and pants, Sapto Djojokartiko

Suit, NO’OM from Fashion First Ring, Adelle Jewelry

Shirt, Gucci

Jacket, Rococo Ring, Adelle Jewelry

Top, STUBXBORN Shoes, Alexander McQueen

We caught up with Yoshi just a couple of days after he finished shooting Milly & Mamet (set to launch in December 2018). His latest movie, Buffalo Boys is recently released on July 2018 and got selected as the Singaporean entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards. “It was an amazing experience. Pevita (Pearce), Julie (Estelle), and everyone is so great,” Yoshi said. “Ario Bayu is like a big brother to me, not just in movie (Ario played Jamar, big brother of Yoshi’s character, Suwo, in Buffalo Boys) but also in real life.” Both Ario and Yoshi do have things in common. Both are Indonesians who moved abroad when they were little and moved back to Indonesia and in the beginning, spoke little Bahasa. Yoshi moved to America when he was nine years old, and came back to Indonesia just a couple years ago. Coincidentally, it’s a similar situation with their characters in Buffalo Boys. In the movie, the brothers came back to the land of Java to avenge their father, who was murdered, after years of exile in America. The photoshoot is located in a quaint thematic photo studio in Tebet, South Jakarta. Wearing a pink sweater with a female manga character emblazoned on it, Yoshi struck some poses while eating his bowl of Indomie. The past couple of months he has spent in Jakarta has been very productive. “I’ve done many photoshoots here that I think I’ve had enough photos for Instagram to last me until the end of the year,” he laughed. “Honestly I never wear branded clothes ‘till I got to Indo,” he said while tying the shoelaces of colorful Gucci sneakers he’s wearing for the next frame. That’s interesting since in his IMDB profile it is written that he ‘developed a fanbase through social media by doing fashion blogging and Youtube videos. “First of all, I don’t know who wrote that. I can’t edit it.

”We both giggled. So it’s not true? “Actually my brother, Peter, did take some OOTD (Outfit of the Day) photos of me. But he’s the one with fashion sense, he art directed and styled me.” Yoshi’s tight relationship with his younger brother, Peter Adrian Sudarso, is something to look up to. Peter actually ‘continues’ the reign of playing Blue Power Ranger character in the following season. Yoshi played Blue Dino Charge Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Charge TV series (2015-2016) and Peter succeeded him in the next series called Power Rangers Ninja Steel as -guess what color?- Blue Ninja Steel Ranger. I asked if there is any sibling rivalry between them. “Peter actually told me this ‘Those who are busy building his own bricks (metaphor for barrier?) aren’t building his own life (? coba crosscheck lagi ?) Besides Peter, Yoshi’s wife, Sarah, along with his family, are his support system. “They keep me grounded.” Any plan to raise a family of his own? “Yes. In fact, we just moved to a bigger house for that reason. Being an Asian actor in America is tough. “You’re expected to know some fighting moves, even though you’re not auditioning for a ‘fighter’ part,” he shared to me. Yoshi knew he had some experience to share for his fellow aspiring Asian actors. “We have these meetings where we can all teach each other some moves. When we’re done we will just hang out and eat afterwards.” So what’s next for Yoshi? “Peter and I were involved in this indie short movie titled “The Monkey Prince and the Flower Maiden” and I’m so excited about it.” The movie centers around a half-Monkey God Prince and is a modern action fantasy film. Yoshi showed me some visual moodboards and inspirations for the movie and it’s looking like a video game in itself. And of course, Yoshi is game for it.

Blazer, NO’OM from Fashion First

Jacket, Diesel



Photographer Claus Schmidt Fashion Editor Rut Caroline Makeup Artist Mila


-Muse editorial team met with Ade Rai on Sunday noon in Melasti Beach, Bali. That has made us surprise was, even though he has already 50 years old, his face and body just looked the same with twenty years ago. Ade Rai was still looking fit, energic, young and ageless.

We had the chance to have a casual yet inspiring conversation with him, which was one of the most important insightful things we got was that you can take toward achieving your greatest potential in life is to learn to monitor your attitude and its impact on your work performance, relationships and everyone around you.

Ade, you have been competing for body building championships like SEA Games and ASIAN games and have three time world natural bodybuilding champion, under your belt.What drives you and keeps you motivated? In terms of physical development, I used to simply want to be the best. I am grateful that I hung up my posing trunk soon after I won the pinnacle drug-free titles of the sport. And from then on, it’s about looking forward to making drug-free bodybuilding as a lifestyle...and seeing how far it can lead me to. It’s almost two decades since my last competition at International level. So far, I love how my bodybuilding’s lifestyle has done to my 49 year old physique.

What is your daily training be like? Can you break down your training split for us? *I still do training five days a week... I go by feel, they call it Instinctibe Training Principle. And I still try to train each body part twice to three times a week. There is no strict regimen to it. I stick to the basics.* *Chest: Decline chest press, incline plate-loaded machine press, flat-bench dumbbell press, cable crossovers. * Arms: One-arm triceps extension, cable pushdown, dumbbell curls, barbell curls. Legs: Barbell squats, smith machine sumo squats, leg presses, leg extensions, seated leg-curls, seated calf-raises, standing calf-raises. Back: Seated cable rows, deadlifts, chin-ups, lat-pulls, machine plate-loaded high row, DY-row. Shoulders: Smith Machine military press, dumbbell side laterals, bent-over dumbbell rows, smith machine shrugs.

What are some of the biggest training mistakes you’ve made? I am grateful that I never get injured from my bodybuilding trainings. I got my injuries doing other sports leisurely. If I had a second chance to do it all over again, I guess I would have given more attention to recovery, especially the sleeping part.

What is your best advice for all rookie in body building? Increase your knowledge. Apply those knowledge. Give more focus during training. Bodybuilding training isn’t about moving a weighty object from point A to point B. Bodybuilding training is all about placing every milligram of the weight to the targeted muscle / bodypart; you should feel more within using the least amount of weight. When you’ve got that right, then and only then you can add weight. And don’t underestimate nutrition and rest. We are more likely to under-recover than to overtrain.

I would choose 2-3 exercises for each part, and do 5 sets each. Keeping rest between sets to 1-2 minutes. So each workout doesn’t last more than 45 minutes.

What is the secret to be a successful body builder, both in championship and in real life? There is simply no secret to it. Do what’s right for you, and apply quality and intensity to it day in day out. I guess, I always seek ways to improve, and never setting limits to myself. I guess it is the same thing with life

What is your opinion about bodybuilding in Indonesia? The fate of bodybuilding in Indonesia is not in my hand alone. It is a beloved sport for those who live and breath it. We are simply kindred spirits, playing our part it making the sport to the direction that we want it to go. If we want the sport to be more accepted and appreciated we know what needs to be done. And we simply need to do those things that give our sport a good name.



What is your currently project? And what next? Living is about giving. The more I possess the more I can give. And for me, it’s about sharing what I know and enjoy about the benefits of fitness as a way of life. I am grateful, through my appearance, I have a chance to motivate many people to start their fitness and health journey. And now I am adding the sharing component to it. It is a pleasant feeling to know that people have improved their health from the knowledge that I had shared.

“My personal hope is that bodybuilding could be recognized not just as a clean-honest-respected sport. But also a way of life that brings out the best version of ourselves. Through health, we can pursue our dreams. Through fitness, we have a solid foundation for happiness. So bodybuilding can play a big role in a nation’s happiness and success.”

I am keen to expand the scope of my sharing to wider audiences. It’s all in about how much I can help others realize the huge potential they have in them if they take up bodybuilding.

You are also a successful businessman. What do you do to make it balance, between your training as a bodybuilder and a businessman? I no longer compete, so there is generally less things to balance. But I do see every day as a chance to improve myself and grow. I’ve learned to delegate many work to others, and leverage on others’ time, expertise, and talents. So it’s about teamwork, making them feel they are needed, let them truly contribute, also appreciating their presence. It’s about corporate culture, work ethics, and enjoying what we do.

You are also a successful businessman. What do you do to make it balance, between your training as a bodybuilder and a businessman? I no longer compete, so there is generally less things to balance. But I do see every day as a chance to improve myself and grow. I’ve learned to delegate many work to others, and leverage on others’ time, expertise, and talents. So it’s about teamwork, making them feel they are needed, let them truly contribute, also appreciating their presence. It’s about corporate culture, work ethics, and enjoying what we do.

HUMANOID INSPIRATION ON SAPTODJ JOKARTIKO GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY FOR SPRING/SUMMER 2019 Last September 20, Saptodjojokartiko marked his 10 years successful story in Indonesian fashion industry. His commitment to sustainably conduct a periodic runway show for each seasons signi ed through the SS presentation showcasing womenswear and menswear.

Author Rut Caroline Photos Courtesy JunoProject


aving been impacted by the news of the development of robotic and human replacing the work of human itself in the future Saptodjojokartiko depicts the journey of human culture and civilization that evolves rapidly, which occurs in parallel with society’s appreciation of inevitable human values and legacies. Among many instances of human evolution, artificial intelligence (AI) has appeared as a huge milestone and thus it is now prevalent in human’s everyday life. It has not merely been utilized to take over technical aspects of industries; it has also expropriated human’s endeavour in dealing with daily life problems and turns them to ease. Saptodjojokartiko captures this dramatic change and reflects it into the design, motifs and embellishments with youthful allure and street style vibe. The distinctly exquisite patterns revolve around the fascinating ideas of architectures, crafts, robots and human, which portray both the journey to modernity (technology era) as well as the

organic and historic side of mankind. On the other hand, its Spring/Summer 2019 collection also conveys certain criticism. It enquires about how we would endure in the future when artificial intelligence could understand and take control of human’s world. Sapto Djojokartiko, Creative Director of Saptodjojokartiko Ready-to-wear brand explains “The collection serves arctic, stark and contemporary color palette which includes frost, oyster, marble, quill, spruce, seafoam, clay and black. I also used a dash of bright colors such as clematis, limoges, sage and cayenne in the line-up. Through this creation, I hope to tell a story, one that has been making its rounds in our everyday lives but will soon create massive changes in the way we live as well as the future, “said him. Saptodjojokartiko finds that the show venue, Istora Senayan, has a sense of emotion which represents human’s melancholy, and in another side it is also a prominent symbol of modernity, which can be seen in the building’s improvements and multiple big scale events happened in this place.

Up In The Air

From British style’s trench coat to colorful and volume outfits, this Fall season celebrates freedom in style. Just like a parachute, D-Muse shows you how to add attitude and make your wardrobe as individual as you are. Muse Ishtar Moon Photographer Claus Schmidt Fashion Director Rut Caroline Makeup Artist Mila Hair Stylist Alvina Susan Studio, Bowie Beaucoup

Coat, Mango Dress, Millie Savage Label

Top, Lou Lou The Label Skirt, Mango

Top and Skirt, Novere

Top, Lou Lou The Label Skirt, Satsuma

Dress, Oka Diputra

Coat, Mango Dress, Millie Savage Label

A T H E R A P E U T I C D E R M AT O L O G Y CLINIC Tucked in South Jakarta, a skin clinic flagship from Korea, Skinda Dermatology Clinic is a perfect go-to skin treatment parlor for modern ladies. Author Rut Caroline Photos Courtesy Skinda Dermatology Clinic


eyond facial, Skinda Dermatology Clinic as the most highly regarded dermatology clinic in Korea, which opened a second flagship in South Jakarta, Arteri, Pondok Indah last month, is truly providing the best skin treatment using highly advanced and unique protocols that are specifically tailored for each and individual skin condition. Greetedbytheirwarmtherapists,SkindaPRRepresentative explained to us about several skin conditions following by treatments that are perfect to resolve the damaged area. One of their best treat-ments that we decided to try was Skinda Serenity treatment. Since they were really treating our skin just like a pure canvas, Skinda would not allow any treat-ment to be executed without the supervise of their dermatologists. Before doing the treatment, we got a chance to have a consultation with dr Gina. She revealed that with the help of advanced technology and product of Skinda, clients wouldn’t need a very long time and procedures of treatments to solve their skin problems.With just three to four times of treatments, clients are sured will get a flawless skin yet acnes free.

After an insightful conversation with Dr Gina, we were guided to cleansing room which the therapist doing a deep cleansing followed by relaxing massage on our face which was very relaxing. After that, the treatment was started with Alex Peel, a peeling treatment formulated exclusively by Skinda technology is a specially designed for uneven skin tone and acne skin. It contains formula L4 to clear acnes on normal skin, formula L4-D for sensitive skin and Jessner to more intensive skin condition. Enhanced with Regional Intralesional Injection (RII), any scars affected by acnes or keloid will be cleared as well. Since we have an uneven yet dull skin, Skinda provide a secret RF treatment, a radio-frequency sys-tem radiated with micro needle layered with pure gold to create a radiance skin. Then, Dr Gina treated us with Co2 laser system with surgical and fractional mode with a very soft yet strong laser-beam which can be used for elevating the efficacy and reducing downtime yet negative side-effects. Surprisingly, we couldn’t feel any pain by this treatment. For the final step, we got CuRAS, advanced Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser which was used for acne toning and pre-scar toning to produce plasma for skin-tissue regeneration. Theresultwasbeyondanordinaryfacialtreatment.Our skin was instantly getting softer, tighter and brighter.

Stocklist Adelle Jewelry https://www.adellejewellery.com/customer-guide/shopping-guide Alexander McQueen Plaza Indonesia Level 1 Diesel Plaza Indonesia Level 2 Gucci Plaza Indonesia Level 1 Phone: (+6221) 2992 3968 Lou Lou The Label Available at thefthing.com Instagram: @loulouthelabel Mango Beachwalk - Bali Level 1

Millie Savage Label Instagram: @milliesavagelabel No’om from Fashion First Jalan Cikajang No. 48 Rococo Plaza Indonesia Level 3 Phone: (+6221) 2922 4277 Sapto Djojokartiko Jalan Vila Sawo #17 Stubborn Available at Sogo - Emporium Mall Instagram: @stubxborn Wong Hang Arteri Pondok Indah Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda No.99F South Jakarta