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through the lens of his photographer friend, julian latif

# We l c o m e t o G e n e r a t i o n Z !

E Editor’s Note

As seen through our cover, Ari Irham is definitely a veritable icon who has become the perfect face to usher in this new generation (read: generation z). The full bangs, skinny body and his choice of wardrobe, all is making him a young icon of this era. But, besides the cute look, he holds a big talent, especially in acting. You can check it on Melankolia. Not only that, he revealed to D-Muse that he loved photography as well, which has led him to know more about posing and giving best expression when being photographed. He wants to be a better man in this era and not being stumble in a sandwich generation. To complete the cover story, we are presenting other enjoyable articles to accompany you during this uncertain time. Yes, let put aside corona virus news for a while, and be focus on what we have on our plate right now. We have a review of upcoming Train To Busan 2: Peninsula movie, a summary of (as always) the breathtaking Chanel Spring Summer 2021 fashion show, an inspiring story of charity work from Sogo department store, and many more. We hope that you will enjoy reading this issue and be inspired to do good things to make our world‌a better place.

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Fashion Spread

Road to Vacation Every summer has its story. To make your holiday the best one yet, the beau Yasmine Napper is here showing best style for summer holiday. Photographer Claus Schmidt | Stylist Caroline Meliala | Makeup Melia Momiji | Location at Villa Daze, Bali | Brands Paulina Katarina and Jrep Clothings

All by Paulina Katarina

Dress, Jrep Clothings

Dress, Paulina Katarina

Dress, Jrep Clothtings

Top and skirt, Paulina Katarina

Chiné and Ikat: A Celebration of Savoir-Faire The spring-summer 2021 ready-to-wear show offers a fresh opportunity to bear witness to the pluralistic richness of cultures through the singular and powerful prism of women’s voices. Starting from that premise, Maria Grazia Chiuricombines, at the heart of her collection, two precious techniques – Indonesian ikat and chiné, which was developed in Europe in the 16th century – both of which consist of coloring the warp threads before weaving, true standard-bearers and the Ariadne’s thread behind these unique silhouettes. Originally created in Asia, these emblematic ancestral fabrics have given life to numerous variations and reinventions that share a common origin. One of the Creative Director’s favorite materials for its graphic, couture spirit, chiné enhanced a flared coat from 1959 — evoking the Trapeze line created for Dior by the founding couturier’s successor, Yves Saint Laurent. Today, its delicate silk threads constellate reversible coats and jackets, reinterpreting House symbols such as paisley and the signature toile de Jouy. Like a fascinating encounter, the reverse side of these pieces is patterned with traditional ikats made by weavers in Bali, reflecting an infinitely precious savoir-faire. This extremely refined, exceptional craftsmanship is a language in itself, a way of expressing and affirming femininity that resonates more than ever given the committed philosophy upheld by the Creative Director of Dior women’s collections. An approach of solidarity, and a captivating dialogue between Dior and Indonesian craftswomen celebrate excellence and allow this unique heritage to radiate around the world. By passing down this priceless heritage and its fascinating transformations over time as well as through various encounters and changing lifestyles, this collection pays homage to both the formidable diversity of savoir-faire and the virtuosity of the petites mains that weave it. An inspiring encounter that reiterates Maria Grazia Chiuri’sdesire to highlight world cultures and to juxtapose and assemble words, images and prints: a spellbinding creative odyssey, from text to textile. In order to protect this unique world heritage, and in keeping with initiatives by the Indonesian government, Dior is committed to working hand-in-hand with local experts and artisans to safeguard this cultural asset and ensure that its precious techniques live on.

Cover Story

The Grown-Up Ari Irham Meski terhitung masih muda di dunia seni peran, tapi Ari Irham sudah mahir menggali emo-si dan rasa saat akting yang mencuri perhatian para pecinta film Indonesia. Sebagai bagian dari generasi Z, kepada D-Muse Ari Irham berbagi kisah di balik perjuangannya dalam dunia seni peran juga berbagi tips agar anak-anak muda di sekitarnya bisa menjadi generasi yang produktif. Bonus, kali ini Ari Irham difoto oleh sahabatnya sendiri, Julian Latif. Yuk simak kisah menarik di balik photo shoot dari perspektif kedua sahabat ini.

Photographer Julian Latif Fashion Editor Rut Caroline Makeup Artist Windy Caroline

Ari’s jacket, Coach

Sejak kapan mencintai dunia peran? What do you think you can do to your Saya mencintai dunia peran bisa dibilang surrounding as Gen Z? baru banget di tahun 2017-2018. Saya tertarik karna ada banyak hal menarik di dunia seni peran. Banyak sisi diri kita yang bisa diperlihatkan melalui seni peran selain itu juga saya sangat lah imajinatif dan butuh wadah untuk menumpahkan semua ide yang ada di dalam pikiran saya. Selain seni peran, musik juga menjadi wadah untuk menumpahkan semua ide. Kenapa sampai sekarang saya masih belajar mendalami seni peran karena masih banyak ilmu-ilmu menarik yang bisa diambil dari dunia seni peran ini.

Banyak yang bisa kita lakukan. Karena berkembang nya teknologi dan zaman, sosial media bisa menjadi platform buat Gen Z menyuarakan aspirasi nya dan meningkatkan penjualan produk lokal, contohnya. Banyak yang bisa kita lakukan dengan cara yang berbeda2 dari masing-masing orang, yang pasti dengan berbeda2 pasti menyampaikan ya pun pasti unik2.

dan stay di dalam diri. Salah satu film yang menjadi turning point saya dalam berakting karena ini film pertama saya yang benar-benar keluar dari zona nyaman saya.

Secret - Director, Jay Chou Shutter island - Director, Martin Scorsese Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind The Truman show

Siapa sih aktor yang menjadi role Denger-denger, kamu sempat men- model kamu? galami depresi selama beberapa hari Vino g bastian Leonardo dicaprio setelah beradu peran sebagai remaJay chou ja depresi dalam film ‘Melankolia’? Benar, karakter di film kadang bisa melekat Film favorit?

Apakah akting memiliki pengaruh yang besar untuk emosi kamu atau kamu sendiri memang tipe yang melankolis? Akting tentunya memilik pengaruh besar terhadap emosi saya. Di satu sisi kadang emosi bisa meluap, di sisi lain kadang emosi bisa dibawa banget. Tapi justru itu yang menarik perhatian saya, karena akting menggunakan emosi dan rasa.

What is your big goal in life? Tujuan terbesar dalam hidup saya adalah, karya saya bisa dikenal dan karya saya bisa dinikmati oleh semuanya.

In terms of style, can you explain how do you style yourself daily? Tujuan terbesar dalam hidup saya adalah, karya saya bisa dikenal dan karya saya bisa dinikmati oleh semuanya.

By the way, apa rasanya menjadi baWhat is your closest project? Can you gian dari Gen Z? give a hint a bit to your fans? Seneng sih karna perkembangan zaman dan teknologi sangat berkembang. Terutama untuk berkarya jadi sangat dipermudah sekali.

Well, bulan October ini saya shooting. Hint nya sudah kan sedikit hahahahahah



Shirt, GUCCI


Ari’s top and pants, GUCCI Dress, PAULINA KATARINA

Top and pants, GUCCI Dress, MAGALI PASCAL


By the way, ini kesempatan menar- Bagaimana rasanya memotret teman ik sekali bisa collaborate dan difoto sendiri: Ari Irham? oleh teman kamu sendiri, Julian Latif. I felt very comfortable, I usually need time to Bagaimana rasanya photo shoot ini? get to know the model or the people I shot Well, bulan October ini saya shooting. Hint nya sudah kan sedikit hahahahahah

for them and myself to get more comfortable. It was super fun, I felt like we were just hanging out rather than work.

Apa yang kamu suka dari cara Julian mengambil foto? Bagian mana dari Ari Irham yang palKecepatan dan ketepatan julian mengambil ing menarik untuk dicapture? foto saya suka banget dan sudut pandang yang diambil terutama bikin saya pengen belajar fotografi hahahahah! Oh ya satu lagi, saat mengambil foto, Julian menggunakan kamera yang berbeda2 saat memfoto!

The most interesting part of Irham’s for me are his openness towards the photographer and stylist direction, his sharp head shape is another interesting point and his small face feature I think is very unique too.

And you look so mature in pictures. Apakah kamu tipe yang terbiasa di- All pictures are fabulous. How do you foto atau menyukai dunia fotografi connect with Ari to get the best shot? juga? Well, we actually hung out a lot back in the day before covid virus hits. So is very natural and comfortable for us to communicate with each other so I guess that’s the key to got the best shot.

Terbiasa difoto sebenernya ngga sih tapi arahan dari julian dan tim membuat saya bisa berpose banyak dan look stylish! Saya suka take a picture dari orang-orang terdekat saya dan saya anggap itu hobi, semoga aja kedepan nya bisa kecemplung ke dunia fotografi hahahaha.

What is your secret in photography?

Well, kalau begitu agar adil, kita tanya juga sudut pandang Julian Latif ketika memotret teman actornya ini.

Hahahahaa I don’t really have secret in photography, just be comfortable with the model and team I guess if I have to really answer the question.


Jacket, COACH

Fashion NEWS

McCartney A to Z Manifesto: Summer 2021 Show

Summer 2021 is made for the Stella woman in motion, actively dreaming of freedom through a connection with her body, nature and art.


onceived during lockdown, Stella took this moment of pause to question how and why we do everything; launching a conscious conversation about who we are and who we hope to be – defined in the McCartney A to Z Manifesto. The collection reflects this mindful focus on the brand’s core values, repurposing fabrics to minimise waste and made with 65% sustainable materials.

Coat, Satsuma

The McCartney A to Z Manifesto: Summer 2021 Show video was shot by creative duo Mert and Marcus at Houghton Hall in Norfolk, elaborating on themes of nature, art and fashion. An edit of graphic neutrals and classic tones is presented in parallel to a palette exploring a rich, natural vibrancy in soft shades of rosy pink, khaki, peach, tangerine orange, sky blue and bamboo. This is energised with joyful bursts of bubble gum and flame red.

Stella reconnected with and reaffirmed the importance of nature – expressed through a collective desire for movement. Instinctual, experimental silhouettes contrast sportiness against historical cuts, energising a new love for the body and a desire to uplift spirits alongside the brand’s purpose of creating a sustainable fashion industry.

and motocross-inspired trousers aiming to harmonise the athletic with the sculptural. Bodycon dresses, cycling shorts and fitted tops made from repurposed lace from past collections bridge sensuality, sportiness and sustainability. Having the time during lockdown to explore fashion history, a contemporary classicism borrows silhouettes from corsets and bustles – collapsing the structure, adding a softness with shapes and seaming that accentuate the female form. Stella’s signature British tailoring includes timeless menswear-inspired silhouettes in khaki and black canvas made with traceable wool and natural linen, given a feminine twist worn over exposed Stellawear – an innovation fusing lingerie and swimwear, made from sustainable Aquafil Econyl® regenerated nylon.

Playing with dichotomies of shape, a shrunken three-button jacket is paired with round, voluminous trousers, and an oversized cropped jacket complements high-waisted men’s pants. Pieces distil feelings of travel, water and sunshine across fluid satin dresses and jumpsuits adorned with oceanic prints – classical shells in navy and white, and fluo coral patterns. These designs decorate bodycon knit leggings and dresses in forest-friendly viscose. Knitwear continues the season’s athletic energy, with ribbed organic cotton yarn vests and dresses that appear sculpted onto the body. This is elaborated on by t-shirts styled with voluminous trousers in rose and poppy; Stella’s elevated yet effortless take on a tracksuit. This form-fitting moment continues with smooth compact knit shorts and dresses.

Dress, Valentino

A play on BMX-style details, ribbing and seams create a geometric sport softened in organic cotton and linen fabrics. SU21 also features a series of form-fitting dresses, safari jackets

Coat, LOULOU The Label & Satsuma


iPhone 12 Siap Dirilis! Berapa Harganya? Jadwal rilis iPhone 12 diprediksiksi akan diumumkan oleh Apple pada akhir peďż˝ kan ini


pple diprediksi akan mengumumkan tanggal peluncuran iPhone 12 paling cepat pada akhir minggu ini. Selain itu, pada acara tersebut Apple juga diperkirakan akan meluncurkan Apple Watch terbaru dan detail menyoal iOS14 dan watch OS7. Hal tersebut diungkapkan oleh Mark Gurman akun Twitternya, dan kabarnya cuitan tersebut diunggahnya setelah mendapatkan informasi dari orang dalam,

Jon Prosser yang mengatakan kalau dirinya sudah memiliki siara pers peluncuruan iPhone 12 pada 8 September 2020 Gurman sendiri lewat cuitannya membantah kalau Apple akan merilis iPhone pada hari ini, sebaliknya dia menduga kalau acara minggu ini adalah pengumuman tanggal dan peluncuran online iPhone 12 dan Apple Watch.

Secara umum, Apple mengumum- Seperti dilansir 9toMac, meski acakan dan mengirimkan undangan ra peluncuran iPhone 12 digelar Sepuntuk acara iPhone kira-kira dua tember, mereka meyakini kalau iPminggu sebelum acara tersebut dil- hone 12 sendiri baru akan dirilis paling angsungkan. Jadi jika pengumuman cepat pada bulan Oktober, bersapeluncuran dilakukan pada tanggal maan dengan Apple Watch Terbaru. 8 September 2020, itu berarti acara B e b e r a p a peluncuran baru rumor lain juga akan dilakukan K e m u n g k i n a n menyebutkan sekitar 22 S e p t e m b e r . iPhone 12 baru akan kalau mungkin Dengan pandemi dijual akhir bulan ini saja Apple akan merilis beberapa Covid-19 yang seatau awal Oktober dan perangkat baru dang terjadi, dapat dipastikan bahwa inilah harga perkiraanya lainnya seperti Apple Tv, Homepeluncuran iPhone 12 akan dilakukan secara virtual dan Pod dalam versi yang lebih kecil, ini berarti Apple tidak harus member- AirTags sampai dengan headphone. ikan waktu tunggu sebanyak yang bi- Ponsel terbaru dari Apple itu diperkiraasanya untuk meluncurkan produk. kan akan dijual dalam empat varian, dengan harga paling murah mulai dari 649 US Dollar atau setara dengan IDR 9.600.000,-. Adapun varian tersebut memliki kapasitas penyimpanan sebesar 128 GB, sementara untuk 256GB rencananya akan dijual di harga 749 US Dollar. Untuk varian di atasnya, iPhone 12 Max, diperkirakan akan dijual dengan harga 749-849 US Dollar atau setara