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About Johnson’s

Johnson’s is a brand under Johnson & Johnson. The brand was first introduced in 1894 and under this brand, Johnson & Johnson launch their baby products. In 2010, Johnson & Johnson helps launch the United States’ first free mobile health service, providing health information via text messages for pregnant women and new mothers.

App Audience The audience basically are parents who just had baby or babies. Generally, the app is targeting for new mom and dad. But the app opens the possibility for the single parent or even the grandparents to use the app to help them take care their babies. The audiences’ age range are taken from the statistics. Based on the latest statistics, new mothers are the women at age around 21 to 25 years old and the new father’s age is around 26 to 29 years old. The mother can be housewives or career women and the father most probably are career men. Currently the app is provided for iPhone users who own Facebook account. The app uses English for the language of instruction.


App Concept Definition statements: - Information source for new mommies and daddies - Replace the conventional baby journal report - Track baby’s health progress - New-mommies-and-daddies-friendly schedule setup - Community sharing media for mommies and daddies

For the two parent families, they can synchronize Baby Journal into the same account under one baby name. The interface colour is a little bit different for baby boy and baby girl, the same principle as parents prepare the room for their babies. The app shows the progress chart from time to time and analyse the overall conditions of the baby.

Strengths: - Easy to register by using Facebook account - Great community that shares the same excitements for their babies

Weaknesses: - Lesser control for the twin babies or more - Unable to synchronize to other than iPhone


Mobile App Style

BABY JOURNAL is a productivity app. It is meant to stay connected with friends, family and the community to share what their everyday excitement with their lovely babies. They can share photos, videos, send e-Cards and even throwing questions at the discussion forum. The topic varies from their babies’ acts, illness, habit, recipes until the cheapest place to buy baby’s products. Also the Baby Journal helps to find information. New mommy and daddy surely will need lots of advices and helps to take care of their first babies. Baby Journal allows them to find information by several options, from reading e-books, articles about search related topics or from the sharing of the community. The other two features are to track information, which is the first to track the health level of their babies by entering data periodically and the second is to make schedule and with optional reminder.


Utilization of Mobile Features Multi Touch Display - Swipe and tap to navigate among pages - Drag and tap in making e-Card Still and Video Camera - Take pictures and video to share among community, create e-Card or even just to keep as personal memory Speaker - Watch tutorial or listen to e-Book - Reminder alert of the schedule



Lite iPhone and iPad App

Features: By tracking of your baby’s natural eating and sleeping rhythms, Baby Log makes it easy to anticipate your baby’s needs even when you’re stressed, tired and overwhelmed. Baby Log is also designed to track and keep those treasured memories thought out the child’s growing years. Keep irreplaceable moments like baby’s first tooth, baby’s first scan, etc. This is the only baby app that gives you a clean design, fast performance and no excess clutter. Baby Log lets you log your baby’s activity with unlimited data for as long as you like.



Similac iPhone and iPad App

Features: Track your baby’s feeding, sleeping, diaper changes and growth in this convenient application. See tips and advice from the makers of Similac and other Moms and Dads like you. View graphs that show your baby’s development over time and easily share this information with your family and Pediatrician via email.


Interface Site Map Welcome screen

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Data input (Only at first time launch)

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Lists Schedule

Add new Edit

Weekly Report

Enter weekly report Track health progress

Moms & Dads’ Guide e-Book Article Video Communibaby

Video page Photo page Discussion page

Take Photo





Schedule reminder alert Account Discussion page

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Any process from Phase 2 & 3 only can goes back to Lists

Phase 2 is any option that chosen from Lists

Phase 3 is end point of any option from Phase 2

End of Schedule

End of Weekly Report

End of Moms & Dads’ Guide

End of Communibaby End of Take Photo End of e-Card

End of Settings End of Lists


Interface Proposal Welcome Screen

The design uses pastel colours to represent the fragility of the baby.

The focus is put on the title which is the name of the app and also the image that used for icon as well.

Data Input Screen

The data input still follow the same style by using the dashed lines and pastel colours. The button is marked with blue colour background. The form is started with the fields for baby’s information and continued with the parents’ Facebook account.


Interface Proposal Lists Screen

Instead of showing the menus in grid or list view, the interface is set

to display one menu at a time. By using this way, users won’t feel confused where to start, instead this will persuade them to try to open the menus one by one. Another advantage is make the user feel the app is not complicated The most frequent tasks are put at the tabs at the bottom.

Video Lists Screen

The videos are shown almost the same way as showing photos or other list of articles. Putting brief explanation will help the users to know roughly what the material is about. The buttons and text field on top are for sort of the materials, search function and upload function.


Interface Proposal e-Card Screen

The e-Card making is started with choosing a picture and continued

by editing using some simple tools provided on top. There are several tools hidden and able to be used just by slide the icons off the screen. The tabs at the bottom won’t be shown while in this page. Users can choose to go back to the previous page before finishing the e-Card.

Baby Girl Version Screen

The difference for the top bar for different baby gender. Baby boy will use blue top bar and pink for the baby girl.


Appendices Statistics:

App: id404137852?mt=8


Baby Journal iPhone App Proposal  
Baby Journal iPhone App Proposal  

A proposal of creating an iPhone app for new mommies and daddies