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Banners Hotel Scala

Gentleman’ Club

Four Seasons


Banners SOM Product

Working with banners A lot of Blumenthal’s clients want to promote themselves through banners. We got a lot of requests from different companies and some of them were among my tasks. I got in touch with Hotel Scala (one of the best 4* hotels in Romania), Gentlemen’s club(striptease club), SOM Product (a company that creates mattresses) and Four Seasons (best Lebanese restaurant in Bucharest). Dealing with client’s thoughts about how the banner should look like wasn’t easy every time. It was a little bit challenging because I haven’t been working with Flash for quite a while. We managed to wrap everything up. All of these banners were uploaded on, which is no.1 response on Google regarding restaurants, hotels, clubs etc in Bucharest.


Business Card and Logo ADAlex

Hypermedia & Hypertalk

Working with logos I didn’t have to work that much with logos and business cards during my internship, even though I would have enjoyed it a lot. These are only some examples that I took part of, worked with the same clients and creating different designs for their logos, business cards and websites.


Covers Vis-de-vacanta

Working with covers My debut in creating covers was during this internship at Blumenthal. The image on the left is a cover for a montly magazine called “Vis-de-vacanta” (Holiday Dream). Doing this wasn’t just a piece of cake. It took time and team brainstorming. It ended up pretty well and all we had to do is to send it to print.

Rockin’ by myself

“Rockin’ by myself ” has a different story behind it. It is the cover of an upcoming book. The author is Dumitru Ungureanu and he is writing about God being the only rock star on the planet. He wanted something connected to rock music and a lot of black colour around it. After a team-consulting about how it should look like I came up with this one, which seems to have been the lucky one.


Websites Arta Vindecarii

Teatrul Tineretului Bucuresti


Websites Stefan Ambrus Photography

Compas Studio


Websites Working with websites From the beginning, most of my activity at Blumenthal revolved around websites. The work is intense and it all has to be done in a few days. Taking into consideration the clients’ needs, I had to be done with a website as fast as possible. I have made a total of 4 websites during my internship. Two of them are still in progress, owing to the lack of time of the customers to provide us with all the necessary information in order to develop a successful product. During this process of coding I have learnt more about CSS, more about Java Script. I also did some work in a database website with one of my colleagues. I had to read some extra tutorials and opinions in order to be done with some of these websites. Arta


Arta Vindecarii is a presentation website for a biotherapy center. It is quite simple, clear and without any complicated code. It has a horizontal drop-down menu, an image gallery and a java script image slider.


Websites We used Arial as a base font. It is a simple and clear one and it works all the time in this kind of projects. The owner wanted to have a classic website. To send the right info to the target group. The blue colours used in the layout were the best choice in order to have a visible logo in top-left corner. The logo was not created by Blumenthal team and that is why we had to adapt the layout colour scheme to it.

Teatrul Tineretului Bucuresti

TTB - Teatrul Tineretului Bucuresti (Youngsters’ Theatre Bucharest). This website took more time to be done. After finishing the layout, I got a reply from the customer with some changes. I had to wait for some pictures from him and also for the clown drawing. The guys from the Theatre wanted a remake of their old website so they already had the logo and the colours they wanted to use. This website also has a Java Script image slider and a lot of CSS behind it.


Websites Stefan Ambrus Photography

Stefan Ambrus Photography is a presentation website for a one of those guys who can take outstanding pictures. He is a young photographer from Denmark, trying to promote himself as much as possible through Facebook, Twitter and some other photography websites. It has a slider menu that goes away on roll-out and shows-up on roll-over. The images on the background are placed in a huge Java Script slider. The website has a short description of Stefan Ambrus, some of his best pictures and a contact page. This was the point when all my skills were put down to a test. I used Java Script, jQuery and php in order to be done with it. Unfortunately, the website is not uploaded on a server yet because I am still working on it. I am waiting for Stefan to send me more of his pictures in order to call it a wrap.


Websites Compas Studio

Compas Studio is a presentation website for a small advertising company. Sadly this is a project that I’m running on right now and I don’t have too much info about it. All I did for these guys is a layout that shows all their projects and clients on front page. It has that hover effect, as when you roll-on one of their projects/clients it highlights it while the rest of them have a dark blend. Due to their lack of extra free time I’m still waiting for them to send me the info that they want to be introduced in the website, info about their clients, company and contact.


Final words What I learned during my internship in Blumenthal : - I have improved my CSS skills - I worked more with Adobe CS5 (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver) - I improved my Java Script skills - I remembered Adobe Flash and some new tricks in Action Script 3 - Got the idea of how intricate is an advertising agency - Worked hard every day to reach my goal This has been a wonderful experience for me. Given my ambitious nature and the very competitive environment I had to deal with, it was natural for me to work as hard as I could. Problems rose along the way, but they are inevitable, and I have learned not to avoid or postpone solving them, I faced them and gave my best shot at providing the right answers. I have also learned that advertising is everything but a static, impersonal trade. It involves the contact with the clients and the communication of their desires and our ideas is of utter importance. I learned that prioritizing your work helps you a great deal. Most of all, I discovered that even what seemed to be less complicated turned out to pose some issues, and I was delighted to find out that my three years of study (Multimedia Design and Communication and Web Development) provided me with almost every information I needed to surpass them.


Internship Report Andrei Dumitrescu  

Description of my work during the internship