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Chess grandmaster allegedly paid young son to drink wine BY JOEL CURRIER St. Louis Post-Dispatch

CASE 53 Ms. T knows the hospital almost as well as her own home. She has to seek regular medical attention to deal with the efects of lupus and kidney disease, which also prevent her from working. Ms. T and her son had managed to get by on food stamps and disability, but their strained budget hit the breaking point when she opened her doors to her sister’s two daughters, ages 12 and 13. The girls need the basics: warm coats, socks and shoes. Ms. T has gotten behind on bills, and she needs household items such as towels, dishes, pots and pans.

CASE 54 Mrs. E took in her grandson’s seven children when he checked into a drug rehabilitation program. At 72 years old and living of of Social Security, it’s hard to properly provide for the children — three girls and four boys, ranging in age from 5 to 14. Some of the children have been identified as special needs. The home they live in is in need of repairs and Mrs. E lacks some basic household items and appliances. Mrs. would like clothing and educational and learning items for the children. Proiles by Colleen Schrappen and Koran Addo of the PostDispatch.

KELSEY KAVANAUGH • John F. Kennedy High School



• Donors can adopt any of the cases — not just the 100 proiled at STLtoday.com/neediest. The program supplies donors with a list of a family’s needs. All gifts go directly to the family, through a social worker. • The program also accepts monetary gifts. Every dollar will go directly to a needy family, and every family will receive something.

Visit 100neediestcases.org Or call 314-421-6060 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays. Or mail a check payable to: 100 Neediest Cases P.O. Box 955925 St. Louis, Mo. 63195

HOW IT WORKS • For generations, the 100 Neediest Cases campaign has helped thousands of disadvantaged families during the holidays. This year, the program will beneit 13,127 needy households – selected by social service agencies that work with the United Way. The Post-Dispatch is showcasing 100 cases. But all the families will share the cash donations.

Wentzville man is charged after stolen Wildwood cabin is found FROM STAFF REPORTS

WENTZVILLE • Carl Essen and his relatives were

elated to hear this year that the city of Wildwood was taking steps to preserve a historic log cabin built by their ancestors in the 1870s. But before the city could finalize plans to relocate the cabin, it vanished. “I was blown away,” Essen said of the cabin-napping. Last weekend, word started spreading that someone had disassembled and stolen the cabin. It happened sometime between Nov. 24 and 29, police said. Essen feared that once it got out that police were looking for the cabin-napper, the thief might try to discard the wood. Happily for Essen, the cabin was recovered in pieces outside an apartment house in Wentzville, and a man who lives there was charged Friday with stealing them. Gregory T. Cole, 54, was named in St. Louis County Circuit Court on one count of stealing over $25,000, and held in lieu of $40,000 bail. An anonymous tipster told St. Louis County police that the timbers were behind the apartment building in the 600 block of Scotti Court in Wentzville. That’s where Cole lives. Authorities put the value of the loot at $50,000. Police said Cole admitted the unusual theft, saying he had grown up near the cabin and was familiar with it. He said his mother still lived in that area. He said he had planned to sell the pieces. It appears that Cole is the same man who was charged with felony burglary and misdemeanor harassment after being found sleeping in an unoccupied bedroom in the home of strangers in Wentzville on Oct. 4. In that case, a man in his underwear and a shirt was found about 7:20 a.m., sleeping in a 5-year-old girl’s empty bedroom in a home on Brian Court. The child found him after spending the night in another room. Sgt. Brian Schellman said it appeared that all

SHREWSBURY • One of the world’s elite chess grandmasters, Andre Diamant, has been accused by police of paying his 6-year-old son to drink shots of wine with him here. The child became violently nauseated, according to court documents that say Diamant also had given him beer in the past. Diamant, 25, of the 7400 block of Triwoods Drive in Shrewsbury, was charged Monday with a misdemeanor count of child endangerment. Originally from Brazil, Diamant is a two-time national collegiate chess champion and member of the top-ranked Webster University chess team. He attends Webster on a student visa, majoring in international studies and Spanish, the school said. According to a 2012 article in the Webster University Journal, Diamant has played in chess tournaments around the globe and is Brazil’s youngest grandmaster. There are about 1,500 grandmasters worldwide, as designated by the World Chess Federation. His son told police that in August his father gave him two $20 bills to drink “bad tea” and “good tea” from a shot glass, court records say. The “bad tea” made the boy vomit. The “good tea” did not. The boy identified a bottle of sake, Japanese rice wine, as the “tea” he drank. Shrewsbury Police Lt. Brian Catlett said Dia-

Teachers at Grand Center Arts Academy vote to unionize BY ELISA CROUCH St. Louis Post-Dispatch

ST. LOUIS • Teachers at Grand


Alison Essen Jenkins and Mark Essen stand in front of the Essen Log Cabin in Wildwood on Oct. 21. Their ancestors built the cabin in the 1870s.

the parts of the log cabin were recovered. He said a rented box truck was used to haul the 50 logs, each measuring 10 inches by 6 inches by 20 feet. Two sisters who own a 250-acre tract where the cabin sat off Highway 109, just south of Eatherton Road in Wildwood, had planned to donate the building to the city. The cabin has “high historic value,” according to a contractor consulted by the city about moving it. When it disappeared, only the foundation and roof were left behind. Though the city was seeking bids to have the cabin disassembled and relocated, the “free” disassembly could end up costing the city more. Greg Barth, acting chairman of the Wildwood Historic Preservation Commission, said each timber had to be marked in order when taken down so a contractor could easily reassemble the cabin. Now, he said, it’s going to be a little bit more “labor intensive.” As odd as the cabin’s disappearance was, a similar cabin-napping happened earlier this year near Spokane, Wash. That home was later found less than 10 miles from its original location.

mant was celebrating a chess tournament victory and told police that he wanted his son to drink with him Diamant because “alcohol played a part” in his religious and cultural traditions in Brazil. “This guy was in a celebratory mood,” Catlett said. After police were called, Diamant was “very apologetic and upset about it.” Catlett said Diamant fled home to Brazil shortly after he was arrested and released in August. Catlett said police had been unable to reach him since the charges were filed Monday. Diamant’s wife, Mara Kamphorst, 25, who is the child’s mother, sought an order of protection Aug. 13. It says, in part: “Father forced child to drink alcoholic beverages with him. Mother tried to stop him but he told child he would give him $20 for each shot of saki (sic). Child didn’t want to but father persisted and made him. Child got sick and threw up violently. Mother asked friend to call police. Father has a serious drinking problem and has gotten no treatment and is in denial and used poor judgment in endangering our child even when I screamed at him to stop. This has happened in the past but only with sips of beer.” A judge barred Diamant from entering the child’s home or school, or coming within 500 feet of him, and set child support at $850 a month.

Center Arts Academy voted overwhelmingly Friday to join the American Federation of Teachers, putting their school one step closer to having a unionized workforce. The vote was 55 yes and 5 no, according to St. Louis AFT Local 420. Sixty-six teachers and staf were eligible. The secret ballot election was managed by the League of Women Voters. Grand Center Arts Academy is one of more than three dozen charter schools in the city. None of their teachers belong to a union. The move to unionize isn’t finished. Results of the election aren’t final until the school’s governing board votes to certify the results. Grand Center Arts, a performing arts middle and high school, is part of the Confluence Charter Schools network. Grand Center Arts Academy has some independence from the four other schools that make up Confluence, but it is governed by the same board. The board’s next scheduled meeting is Dec. 17. Teachers at the school first moved to unionize in September, when the majority of 64 eligible teachers and staf signed

union authorization cards. Teachers partnered with AFT Local 420, which also represents teachers in St. Louis Public Schools, in hopes of quickly negotiating a contract with the Confluence board. A statement from Confluence says that administrators have worked in cooperation with the union, teachers and the school to ensure that policies and applicable laws are being followed. “Confluence recognizes the rights of staff to organize, or not to organize, and has consistently encouraged staff to become knowledgeable about issues and facts to cast an informed vote,” the statement says. Teachers at the school said this fall there isn’t tension between them and school administration. They said unionizing would allow them more input into decisions that afect them and their students. Some said they want a published pay scale. They also want due process when a teacher is dismissed, which means administrators would have to provide a reason for the firing and provide the teacher with an opportunity to have an independent hearing. Elisa Crouch • 314-340-8119 @elisacrouch on Twitter ecrouch@post-dispatch.com


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