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Foles’ Jags deal has $50 million guaranteed NFL NOTEBOOK


It previously was reported that quarterback Nick Foles would be headed from Philadelphia to Jacksonville after the new NFL year starts Wednesday. Now details of the deal have emerged. Foles, MVP of the Super Bowl two seasons ago, has agreed to sign a four-year, $88 million contract with the Jaguars. The pact includes $50.1 million guaranteed and could be worth up to $102 million with incentives as he replaces Blake Bortles, who threw 103 touchdown passes in five seasons but was known more for inaccuracy and inconsistency that led to Jacksonville’s offensive instability. Bortles is expected to be released this week before a $1 million roster bonus comes due Sunday. It also emerged Monday that two other big-name players will be on the move, Landon Collins to Washington and Trent Brown to Oakland. The big-money offers for NFL free agents began Monday, two days before they can sign contracts. Brown has a championship ring with the Patriots as he moves to the Raiders’ offensive line at left tackle. Safety Collins heads a few hours south from the New York Giants. The Redskins agreed to sign Collins to a six-year, $84 million deal with $45 million guaranteed. He led the Giants with 96


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Running back Frank Gore (left) reportedly is headed from the Dolphins to the Bills.

tackles last season, and his 437 since entering the NFL in 2015 are the most among safeties in that time, but the Giants opted not to give him the franchise tag. Collins fills one of Washington’s biggest needs on a defense that ranked 17th in the league last season. Brown was a real find for New England before last season, and his payday will come with the Raiders after he agreed to

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Other reported pending moves • The Chiefs agreed to a deal with safety Tyrann Mathieu, who was with the Texans last year. • The Titans struck a deal with former Buccaneers receiver Adam Humphries. • The Saints have agreed with linebacker Craig Robinson on a two-year extension. • The Browns cut tight end Darren Fells.


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Amendola goes to Lions • The Lions signed wide receiver Danny Amendola, a former St. Louis Ram who was cut by the Dolphins last week. They also reportedly agreed to sign former Steelers tight end Jesse James and defensive end Trey Flowers (from New England) and cornerback Justin Coleman (from Seattle).



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Gore headed to Bills • Frank Gore’s accomplished NFL career will continue for at least one more season. Gore, who played his 14th year last season with Miami, agreed to a one-year, $2 million deal with Buffalo, according to multiple reports. Gore, the NFL’s fourth leading career rusher, started all 14 games he played for Miami last season, finishing with 722 yards rushing despite no rushing touchdowns. He also caught 12 receptions for 124 yards, and had a receiving touchdown. He has 14,748 career rushing yards, trailing only Emmitt Smith (18,355), Walter Payton (16,726) and Barry Sanders (15,269). The Associated Press reported that the Bills also are set to sign cornerback Kevin Johnson, who had been with the Texans, and tight end Tyler Kroft, who had been with the Bengals.

Jackson, Suggs on the move • The Associated Press reported that the Eagles agreed to acquire receiver DeSean Jackson from Tampa Bay, along with a 2020 seventhround draft pick for a sixth-round pick this year. The deal is contingent upon Jackson agreeing to a new contract. He’s set to return to Philadelphia five years after being cut. The Eagles also reached a deal to keep left tackle Jason Peters, a likely Hall of Famer. • Linebacker Terrell Suggs, a staple of the Ravens’ defense for 16 years, is expected to sign with the Cardinals, according to reports. He leads the Ravens in career sacks (132½) and games played (229).


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a four-year deal for $66 million. He will receive $36.75 million guaranteed in the richest contract ever for an offensive lineman. The biggest name in free agency remains running back Le’Veon Bell, who sat out the 2018 season with Pittsburgh. Some of the standouts on defense received franchise tags: edge rushers Demarcus Lawrence, Jadeveon Clowney, Frank Clark and Dee Ford, and tackle Grady Jarrett.

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