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WHAT’S THE DIFF? Find six diferences between the panels.

Woman’s secret past is revealed to let it go. Advice, please! — GUY WHO NEEDS ADVICE Dear Guy • You now see your fiancee clearly — warts and all. The problem with “falling in love” (what I define as infatuation) is that you don’t yet know who the person IS. Regardless of how your fiancee financed her education, she deserves respect for being honest with you. She has done as much as she can to improve her life. You must now ask yourself if you can see past her past, and if she is someone you would be happy spending the rest of your life with. Dear Abby • I met a guy named “Ryan” about 10 weeks ago. We hit it of right away. I admit I had a little crush on him. About a week after we met, he came out to a group of our mutual friends (me included) as gay. I’m very supportive of him, and it didn’t change anything between us at all. Over the last several weeks, we have grown to be best friends and continue to grow

closer and closer. Once I found out Ryan was gay, the rational and practical part of me took over and squashed the crush I had on him in the beginning. But now that feeling is coming back even stronger. I know our relationship can never be anything more than platonic. I guess I’m just asking how I can get over him while still maintaining our close friendship. — FRIEND ONLY, IN WASHINGTON, D.C. Dear Friend Only • It’s not easy to think rationally when emotions are involved. Ryan may have everything you want in a man, but he will not be a romantic partner for you. If spending time around him becomes too painful, you may have to put some distance between the two of you until you regain your emotional balance. Dear Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and was founded by her mother, Pauline Phillips. Write Dear Abby at DearAbby.com or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, Calif. 90069.

Diferences: 1. Napkin dispenser is taller. 2. Arm is moved. 3. Hat is larger. 4. Window is not as wide. 5. Counter is larger. 6. Hair bow is larger.

Dear Abby • My fiancee and I have known each other since high school. I was the “good kid” with honors and the right parents. She was considered trouble and didn’t have the best home life. Rumor had it that she moonlighted as a stripper our senior year, but I always blew it of as false. Fast-forward 12 years: I ran into her recently, and we decided to have dinner. I fell in love with her on that date. A few months went by and I mentioned the rumors. She wasn’t upset and matter-offactly explained that she did start stripping in high school and continued through college. It bothered me, but the benefits of being with her far outweighed the negatives. Now that we are engaged, she told me she had to “come clean.” She said there were times in college when she had sex with some of her regular clients. I am floored. She basically admitted she had prostituted herself. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to blame her for her past indiscretions, but this is a big deal. I don’t know how



Sister is starting to make own choices

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Dear Carolyn • After being a self-described pushover and the person who gets dumped on in her family, my sister has started therapy and is finally making a noticeable efort to stand up for herself when asked to do things that inconvenience her. I’m really proud of her! However, I notice she often says she “can’t [visit a relative, spend money on our nephew’s fundraiser, etc.]” rather than, “I don’t want to,” or “I’m not interested in doing that.” I have encouraged her to be honest and tell me when she WON’T do something I ask, rather than hiding behind the implication that she wants to but can’t, but I’m not sure that’s working. I find it very passive-aggressive and not a meaningful improvement over what she was doing before. Should I just butt out, or can I somehow help her become more assertive? — Won’t vs. Can’t

Answer • Good for her for working against her old habits to form better ones. Now you need to do the same. You’re used to having say in her choices. Especially given her efforts to reclaim that say from everyone else, it’s only sporting to recognize the boundary between your business and hers in all of your dealings with her. So if she says she can’t do something, then she can’t — even if the longer version of “can’t” is simply, “I can’t say yes to this without risking a return to my old doormatty ways.” Dear Carolyn • For years my husband has not exercised on a regular basis. He now has high cholesterol and we have no sex life. He’s constantly glued to his cellphone and only works, day and evenings. He’s a good father to our kids but seems to have no clue when it


comes to himself, his health and the importance of exercise. I’ve given him articles, tried to set an example by walking places, going to the gym three to four times a week, but he never budges. Any advice? Should I contact his doctor? — S.



Survivor (N) (cc)



Hell’s Kitchen Dishes with limited ingredients. (8:01) (N)



Fox 2 News at 9:00pm (N) (cc)

Criminal Minds: Derek. CSI: Cyber Python kidMorgan is abducted. (N) naps Avery’s daughter. (N) (cc)

NBC The Mysteries of Laura Law & Order: Special 5 (N) (cc) Victims Unit (N) (cc)

Answer • Prioritizing work and phone over spouse and health is not something a doctor can fix. While his high cholesterol is unfortunate, that is apparently just one side effect of his choices. (How can he be a good dad, I wonder, with his attention always phoneward?) Please talk to him — not about fitness, but about his center of gravity, which has moved away from his family and the outdoors and his own body. Note his absence, and ask for his presence again.

Chicago P.D. Halstead is faced with a robbery crew. (N)

PBS A Year in Space Inter- NOVA Neil Armstrong’s American Experience 9 national Space Station. achievements. (cc) USAF’s Project Man(N) (cc) high. (cc) CW 11

News 11 at 7:00PM/The Greatest Animal Com- MADtv 20th Annivermercials Countdown sary Reunion (cc) Pulse (N) (cc) (N) (cc)

IND Judge 24 Mablean

Judge Mablean

ABC The Gold- The Real 30 bergs (N) O’Neals: Pilot. (N) (cc)

Murdoch Mysteries: Bloodlust. Murdoch hunts for a vampire.

Larry Rice Forensic Files (cc)

Modern The Real Family (N) O’Neals (cc) (8:31) (N)

American Crime Chris is at a crossroads. (N) (cc)

MYTV Law & Order: Excalibur. Law & Order Stockbro- Law & Order: Chal46 Jack McCoy’s job is ker’s death leads to a lenged. A man reunites threatened. battle. (cc) with his mother.


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FOX Rosewood A killer 2 leaves a trail of clues. (N)

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