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If You’re Suffering from a Leaky Bladder, Do This One Thing Dr. Victor Marchione shows why adult diapers and padded underwear are becoming a thing of the past. Wilkesboro, North Carolina

Fast relief that will leave you speechless When asked how she felt, at first all she could say was “I can’t’ find the words to express how great I feel.” But later on she added. “I had so many accidents in public, I was afraid to leave the house. I even had to stop going to church. It was so humiliating, I cried. Within one month of trying Bladder Rescue I no longer have accidents! I’ve started going back to church and I’m socializing again… Thank you! Like Carrie, you too can get back your freedom. The freedom to plan your day according to what you want to do, and not what your bladder will allow. You never have to bother about how long a movie will last, or how much you can drink, or even whether there is a toilet nearby. But you have to act now. Don’t let another day do by.

Ignore bladder problems at your own risk You see a leaky bladder not only ruins your social life, and prevents you from getting a good night’s rest, it can lead to secondary complications. Urinary tract infection, bladder stones, kidney stones can all stem from a simple leaky bladder. And there is statistical evidence of a leaky bladder resulting in falls, fractures and even severe mood swings. While a leaky bladder can be downright humiliating, talking about it is embarrassing. Which is why most people don’t even tell their family doctor about it. This is a big mistake because, without proper care, a leaky bladder will only get worse.

Effective bladder care right at home Thanks to Dr. Victor Marchione, we are able to bring effective bladder care to the confines of your home. Though Dr. Marchione is a certified M.D, his success with natural ingredients has given him the moniker – Food Doctor. Dr. Marchione, has recently developed a powerful and effective formula that is bringing back the freedom into the lives of thousands of women. And men too. It has natural ingredients, is drug free, and best of all, it is fast acting. It is aptly called Bladder Rescue. And as you can see from Carrie’s story, it is clearly living up its name.

No more adult diapers. No more sleepless nights! While there are thousands like Carrie who are happy to be using Bladder Rescue, the growing popularity of Bladder Rescue could have a negative impact on the adult diaper industry. What was till now a growing business (In many countries, including the US, sales of adult diapers are set to exceed the sales of baby diapers), could suddenly see a change in their fortunes. The diaper industry will be even more worried when they realize, Carrie’s success is no fluke and is based on scientific principles.

The science behind the success Your bladder is made up of different muscles. These muscles house a hollow cavity to hold urine. Bladder muscles, called sphincters, as well as muscles of your pelvic floor, keep urine from leaking. When your bladder and pelvic floor muscles are strong, they can handle any extra pressure from a cough, sneeze or laugh. But as these muscles become weak with age, any sudden pressure can push urine out of the bladder unexpectedly. In fact, a recent Mayo Clinic report confirms that if you want to reduce bladder leakage, the first thing to do is strengthen all your bladder and pelvic floor muscles. And this is

Dr. Victor Marchione has been practicing medicine for over 26 years and has been featured on ABC News and World Report, CBS Evening News with Dan Rather and the NBC Today Show. He recently remarked, “I understand that educating people about ways to prevent sickness and promote inner health is the best approach to medicine”

exactly what the main ingredients in Bladder Rescue - pumpkin seed extract and soy isoflavones – are proven to do.

Clinical trials back the science In an eight-week placebo-controlled clinical study, the water soluble pumpkin seed extract worked far better at strengthening the bladder and urinary tract than the placebo. In fact, it slashed frequent urination and leakage up to 57%. And nighttime urinations were reduced by as much as 60%. While this is great news it is not enough. But when pumpkin seed extract combines with soy isoflavones, this dynamic duo rapidly reduced the number of frequent urinations and episodes of leakage. In fact, in one clinical study, participants reported a dramatic 79% reduction in urinary frequency and leakage starting in as little as 7 days.

Participants REDUCED Nightly Frequency and Leakage 79% (From 7.3 to 1.5 episodes)

Number of urination accidents

Carrie B suffered from bladder problems for about 10 years. What started off as a small leak whenever she sneezed or laughed, ended up with her losing so much control of her bladder, she had to cut down on going out. She tried drugs, but they came with nasty side effects, so she gave up on them and tried adult diapers. She hated the rustle of the diapers and was very conscious of the unmistakable odor of stale urine. Nothing seemed to work for Carrie until she did this one thing.

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Sogabe H, et al. (2001), J Med Pharm Sci. 46 (5) 727-37

Participants who took part in a clinical study experienced an average of 7.3 episodes of leakage at night. Six weeks later, they dropped to only 1.5 – an astounding 79% reduction in urinary frequency and leakage!

Of course there two ingredients are ably supported by the other ingredients in Bladder Rescue – Vinpocetine, Magnesium, Cranberry, and the vitamins C, B12, and D. All of which are proven to help strengthen bladder muscles and support bladder health.

Trump’s N. Korea options: Diplomacy, sanctions, force Country won’t succeed on missile aimed at U.S., he vows BY MATTHEW PENNINGTON associated Press


Trump says he is confident North Korea won’t develop a nuclear-tipped missile that could strike the United States. But his options for stopping the reclusive communist country are slim: diplomacy that would reward Pyongyang; sanctions, which haven’t worked; and military action that no one wants. For more than two decades, Republican and Democratic administrations have tried carrots and sticks to steer North Korea away from nuclear weapons. Each has failed. As Trump prepares to take oice Jan. 20, stakes are rising. Pyongyang may already be able to arm short-range and mid-range missiles with atomic warheads, threatening U.S. allies South Korea and Japan, and American forces in each country. On Sunday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said preparations for launching an intercontinental ballistic missile “reached the final stage.” Trump tweeted the following day: “It won’t happen!” Some experts believe the North is likely to have the capability to strike the U.S. mainland before Trump’s four-year term is up. The president-elect has given conflicting signals about what he plans to do, while stressing that China, North Korea’s traditional ally, must exert greater pressure on its unpredictable neighbor. Some of his options:


A man watches a TV news program in October of last year – showing a missile launch conducted by North Korea – at the Seoul Railway Station in Seoul, South Korea.

was seeking to use uranium for weapons, the arrangement collapsed. Six-nation nuclear negotiations hosted by China have been on ice since North Korea withdrew in 2009. P re s i d e n t B a ra c k Obama’s administration attempted to restart them in 2012, early in Kim’s rule, by offering food aid for a nuclear and missile freeze. Within weeks, the North tried to launch a longrange rocket. The effort was abandoned. Since then, the U.S. has resorted to “strategic patience” — demanding North Korea recommit to denuclearization before holding talks. Pyongyang has refused, demanding the U.S. end military exercises with South Korea and negotiate a peace treaty to formally end the 1950-53 Korean War. American officials fear the North only would want talks to ease its isolation.

DIPLOMACY In June, Trump called for dialogue with North Korea and suggested a talk with Kim over a hamburger. If only talking with the secretive, hereditary rulers in Pyongyang were so simple. No sitting U.S. president has ever done so. Diplomacy with the North is a delicate dance and agreements have proved temporary. Three U.S. administrations, going back to President Bill Clinton, have persuaded the North to disarm in exchange for aid. Each efort eventually failed, and there is deep skepticism in Congress about trying again. A 1994 deal would have given North Korea nuclear power reactors and normalized ties with Washington. North Korea’s plutonium production paused for several years. But after it emerged the North also

SANCTIONS International sanctions have tightened since North Korea conducted its first of five nuclear tests in 2006. But the country has adeptly circumvented restrictions on sensitive technology and money flows and used its capabilities to develop weapons. Additional U.S. sanctions, beefed up last year, punish foreign companies and banks dealing with North Korea. They, too, haven’t been effective because the North’s international isolation makes it less susceptible to such pressure than a major economy such as Iran, which curbed its nuclear program in 2015 after being battered by oil, trade and financial sanctions. China’s role is critical. It dominates trade with the North and has resisted sanctions that could de-

stabilize Pyongyang, fearing the possibility of a U.S.-allied, unified Korea emerging. When the U.N. Security Council punished Pyongyang for another nuclear test in September, the primary goal was closing a loophole that enabled China to import North Korean coal at record levels. The last several U.S. administrations entered office determined to break Beijing’s partnership with Pyongyang. None succeeded.

MILITARY Using military force against North Korea is extremely risky. Even before it developed nuclear weapons, the North maintained the ability to strike Seoul, South Korea’s capital, with a potentially devastating artillery barrage. Although doing so would invite a blistering U.S. response, it’s hardly a scenario any American commander-inchief wants. Clinton considered a strike on the North’s nuclear facilities after it announced it would reprocess fuel from a nuclear reactor, providing it plutonium for bombs. Diplomacy appeared to win out that time with the 1994 agreement. A military strike would be harder to pull off now. North Korea has expanded its nuclear and missile programs significantly, meaning more targets would have to be hit. Regional support would be questionable. In a recent paper, former U.S. negotiator Joel Wit said the escalation risk meant neither South Korea nor Japan would likely support a military strike. It could draw China into the conflict. China joined North Korea against U.S.-led forces 60 years ago.

Works for both men and women According to Dr. Marchione, as the bladder muscle in both men and women is similar in structure, and function, the ingredients work well for both the sexes. But for men, their urinary symptoms could be caused by an enlarged prostate. So it’s important to come to a correct diagnosis, before addressing the symptoms. If it’s a bladder problem, support the bladder muscle. If the symptoms are because of an enlarged prostate, proceed accordingly. Having said that, even after the prostate problem is resolved (drugs, supplements surgery) the leakage can continue. This is because an enlarged prostate can alter bladder muscle function in the long run. In which case, Bladder Rescue can come to the rescue.

Special Offer for Our Readers We requested that Dr. Victor Marchione give our readers a 60 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee to try Bladder Rescue, and he agreed! That’s right, you’ll have a full 60 days to try out Bladder Rescue. If you’re not satisfied with the product, or for any other reason, you can return the bottles (open and unopened) and you’ll owe nothing! No questions asked, ever! And if you call today, you can find out how to obtain additional bottles too, entirely FREE. We’ll even pay the shipping cost! In as little as 7 days you can start to see the difference and by the end of a month of using Bladder Rescue, you can get relief from your leaky bladder and more importantly, get back to living life on your terms. But please hurry! Supplies are limited. Call 1-800-688-1689 today, before it’s too late and this offer is closed forever.


NATIONAL DIGEST 4 pesticide fatalities investigated in Texas A criminal investigation is underway into an accidental poisoning involving a professional-grade pesticide that left four children dead and an Amarillo, Texas, woman in critical condition, police said Tuesday. Authorities are looking into why the family had the pesticide pellets, called Weevil-cide, which is only supposed to be sold to people with professional licenses or certiication. The father told irst responders through a Spanish language interpreter that he had spread the pellets under the family’s mobile home after obtaining the product from a friend, Amarillo Fire Capt. Larry Davis said. Davis said the product is not available for sale to the public. Judge rules for immigrants in tuition suit • A judge says the Georgia university system must allow immigrants to pay in-state tuition if they’ve been granted temporary permission by the federal government to stay in the U.S. Georgia’s state colleges and universities require veriication of “lawful presence” in the U.S. for in-state tuition. A lawyer for 10 young immigrants

who meet all the other requirements and who have been granted deferred action status argued in a petition iled in April that the federal Department of Homeland Security has said people who have qualiied for the program are “lawfully present.” Teen may be charged in racist video case • A Pennsylvania prosecutor is pursuing ethnic intimidation and harassment charges against a 14-year-old Saucon Valley white student accused of making a racist video of a black student eating chicken. Prosecutor John Morganelli told a news conference Tuesday in Easton he will bring the charges in juvenile court. The student recorded a high school student eating chicken wings and, in narrating the piece, used a slur and made references to “being broke and on welfare.” The video was shared on social media. Morganelli calls it “reprehensible.” The black 16-year-old student was accused of assaulting the white student in retaliation. His attorney told The Morning Call he recently accepted a form of probation in juvenile court. Dog euthanized after attacking family • Oicials say a dog that attacked a

Florida family who tried to put a sweater on it has been euthanized. Hillsborough County spokeswoman Kara Walker told the Tampa Bay Times Tuesday that the pit bull mix named Scarface was put down because it posed a high risk to the public and because it sufered severe stab wounds during the attack. Tampa police say the dog bit a 52-year-old woman who was trying to dress it Friday, and that her husband was attacked while trying to pull it of her. Police say the couple’s 22-year-old son was attacked while trying to stop the dog by stabbing it in the neck and head. One of last remaining Shakers dies • Sister Frances Carr, one of the last remaining members of a nearly extinct religious society called the Shakers, has died. She was 89. Carr died Monday at her home in the Shaker community at Sabbathday Lake, Maine, after a brief battle with cancer, said the group, which is down to two members. Shakers’ numbers declined because members are celibate and the group stopped taking orphans like Carr, who arrived as a 10-year-old. From news services