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“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful” - Eric Thomas

INDEX Residential Design

Commercial Design

Universal Design

Art Work

Residential Design

This is an exterior 3D view of our Residential Design this year in Autodesk Revit.We first finished the project in AutoCad, then transfered the file to Revit, learning how to make the plans and elevations into 3D.


Residential Rendered perspective view from the front of the Living room, heading into the kitchen.

Rendered perspective view from the back of the kitchen, heading into the living room.



Garcia Residence

The media room in the Garcia Residence is based on the contemporary style with a modern twist to it. It invites guests with natural cool color schemes, such as blue and gray. 3.

MediNorth Elevationa

MediSouth Elevationa Room

Section Detail: Cabinets built into fireplace with wooden stubs inside for stability. Dressers underneath slide out towards you, which can hold items such as DVD’s, CD’s, books, etc.


Commercial Design Jazzy’s Restaurant

Jazzy’s Restaurant was renovated for growing customers.The existing diner and barber shop was combined to double the space. ADA compliancy added for easy access to all customers. 5.

PlanView Bar

Front Bar Elevation

Section Bar/Top Support


Peterson Library

Renovated Marvin K. Perterson Library to compliment the concept of multicultural. New entrance has been implented on the West side of library to accomodate handicap students and to present a new wayfinding through the library.


Entry Level

Lower Level 8.

Theater Entrance 9.

Left SideView

Right SideView


Screne Elevation 11.

Music Area 12.

Computer Station

Music Station


Top Side EntryView 14.

Universal Design

Robert and Nora Adams Residence


Robert and Nora Adams current home has nonaccessible locations. Rob has a wheel chair and can not move around as freely as possible, given that the hallways are narrow and has no room for his wheel chair.

The new floor plan has ADA requirements for handicap accessible people. 5 foot turning radius has been implented in a bathroom, as well in the hallway leading to his room. A new ramp connected to the porch was designed.


Rendered Floor Plan 17.

Exterior Side Angle

Exterior Side Elevation



Rendered Living Room 19.

West Elevation

North Elevation

East Elevation

South Elevation 20.


Rendered Kitchen and Dining Room 21.

North Elevation



East Elevation

West Elevation


Art Work

Final project of Basic Drawing I course. One point perspective of an art building hallway. Drafting pencil were used.


Sketched drawing of Goku andVegeta form the Animated series, Dragonball Z.This drawing was part of my 30 day ArtWork challenge, which consist of completed a drawing every day for 30days straight.

Sketched drawing of Bugs Bunny. This drawing was also apart of my 30 day art work challenge.


Senior portfolio final  

Portfolio of Interior Design/Pre-Architecture work