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F|W 2012-13 Brand Kit

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What is DMNR?

de·mean·or DMNR (pronounced Demeanor) is a multi-format collection creating a platform for bold fashion, music, art and film via the likes of international emerging, and established creators. Since its inception DMNR seeks to reach out of the high-end fashion magazines norm, and excite the minds of global influencers with thought provoking images. Our approach to magazine is cinematic, focusing on inspirational imagery, controversial pieces that serve as interviews and stories in fashion, music, art and culture. We look forward to partnering with our subjects and other brands to create items that meet the refined taste of our reader's needs and wants. DMNR will donate 14% of all its profits to Habitat for Humanity, and Charity: Water.

Where can one find dmnr? DMNR Magazine is a fashion quarterly, launching in Fall 2012 and will be made available throughout major cities in the United States, and internationally in Toronto, Paris, London, Stockholm, & Milan.


Media Print

DMNR s primary medium focuses on the art of print magazine each issue is considered rare. DMNR s places a deep Emphasis on enticing the minds of international Tastemakers via unique concepts for every volume released.

Digital Dmnr s website will only bring reader s original content from videos of behind-the-scene shoots, online interviews, and concept-driven photoshoots exploring key elements of fashion, all pertaining to our newest subjects in fashion, music, ďŹ lm, art and culture.. The page will also feature the editor s blog taking the reader on the journey of editorial, and what s exciting our editor in chief at the ,moment. DMNR Magazine will be available on ipad and other tablet devices November 20th, 2012 for our Special edition issue. coming soon‌

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Issue 1 Fall 12 The debut issue is dedicated to the fashion capital of north America,: New York and the numeral 23 which represents some of our greatest young talents, and keep in mind the city that made the number 23 famous, Chicago.

Content   ISSUE 2

Special Edition 12

The Special edition issue will be released between our fall and winter issue For more than a century music rival cities, New York and Los Angeles have held the keys to some of the most prominent cultures in America. For our special edition issue we discuss the differences between the cities fashion, music and culture, but take a look at what's brought the cities together in more recent years. .

Demographic Readership Median HHI

45% Men

$82,684 33-45 20%

55% Women

18-23 25%

Median Age Age Range

24-32 55%


Distribution US./Canada 2,1,00o copies New York Chicago Vegas Miami Los Angeles Toronto

Charity DMNR will donate 14% of Print and Web magazine proceeds to Habitat for Humanity.. And Charity water- 7% will go to each. organization. Twice a year the DMNR team will volunteer time to organizations providing food, clean water or shelter both nationally, and overseas.

Europe 17,000 copies Paris London Stockholm Milan

Editor in Chief

The DMNR Team

Nic De La Paz Alvarez born and raised New Yorker Nicole De La Paz A lv a r e z d r a w s h e r influences from her New York city upbringing. Her e x p o s u r e t o va r i o u s c u lt u r e s i n t h e fi v e boroughs infused her love for fashion. After graduating high school in the lower east side, Nicole went on to attend F.I.T. While in college Alvarez explored her love for music via journalism, and later went on to creative direct for select artists. After a few months in Los Angeles Nicole returned to New York with a fervor for fashion and music editorial through cinematic print media. Editor at Large: Michael Dean Gabler Fashion Director: Affan Arif

Rate Card 2012/2013


Covers Inside Front Cover Spread

20 x 13.375

Outside Back Cover

10 x 13.375

Inside Back Cover (Single)


10 x 13.375

x4 available upon request

Single Page

10 x 13.375

Double Page Spread

20 x 13.375

Advertorials Double Page Spread

20 x 13.375

x 1 $ 24 , 5 0 0 X2 $ 2 1 ,0 00 X3 $19,500 1x $23,000 2x $22,000 3x $21,500 1x $14,000 2x $12,500 3x $10,000 x1 $12,000 X2 $10,000 X3 $8,500 X4 $7,500 1x $14,000 2x $12,500 3x $10,500 4x $9,500 1x 2x 3x 4x

$16000 $14500 $13000 $11,500

Open rates are negotiable based on committed page levels. The prices listed above do not include the commission of the agency

Editorial Calendar

Spring 13

Space Close On Sale (Advertorial) Material Due Dates September 4th, 2012August 21st, August 24th, November 8th, 2012 2012 2012 November 20th, 2012September 5th, September 12th, December 28th 2012 2012 2012 January 8th, 2013December 4th, December 19th, March 15th, 2013 2012 2012 March 26th, 2013February 20th, February 27th, May 30th, 2013 2013 2013

Summer 13

June 4th, 2013August 9th, 2013


Fall 12

Special Edition 12

Winter 13

April 20th, 2013

April 23rd, 2013

Campaign DMNR Magazine will be advertising via street print media in: + Soho, Lower Eastside, & Madison Ave areas of Manhattan + Williamsburg, Prospect Park, and Dumbo areas of Brooklyn. A commercial revealing our inaugural issue released on our Vimeo and Youtube channels

Media Profile

Magazine name: DMNR  

Price: $12 in the USA

Inaugural edition: Sept2012

Printing : On-sale date: Sept & Nov 2012 Domestic Distributor: Speedimpex Circulation: 38,000 copies : (Domestic: 21000, International 17000) Periodicity: Quarterly Format: 10 X13.375 perfectbound Number of pages:158.

Contact :DMNR NY office Tel: +1 917-957-5365


Models, & Contributing writers, contact: : Advertising Inquiries:


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