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9 Perry Street, 2nd, Floor Auburn, New York 13021

20 | DMNEWS | February 23, 2009 |

Efik_8d\i`ZXeD\dY\ij_`g>iflg#@eZ%`jj\\b`e^X;`i\Zkfif]GXike\ij_`gDXib\k`e^ G?1*(,$),/$/)') Xe[9lj`e\jj;\m\cfgd\ek%KfYl`c[Xe[dXeX^\E8D>i\cXk`fej_`gjn`k_`kjZlii\ek =Xo1*(,$)*/$/*(* \ok\ieXcgXike\ijDXafiC\X^l\9Xj\YXcc#G>8KFLI#Xe[K_\?`jkfip:_Xee\c%8cjffm\ij\\ Rates: First column inch: <$DX`c1ifYcfi`eZ7m\i`qfe%e\k Contact: k_\[\m\cfgd\ekf]e\ngXike\ij_`gj]fij\c\Zk\[Xjg\Zkjf]E8D>Ëje`e\fk_\ic`]\jkpc\ $330;$315 each additional Michael Szymanski inch. One inch minimum: d\dY\ij_`g:clYj#n_`Z_j\im\ Tel:1-646-638-6176 ROBLOR30 & ASSOCIATES, words to the inchINC. ,d`cc`fed\dY\ij%;`i\Zkfin`cc1Nfibn`k_\o`jk`e^dXafiYiXe[X]Ôc`Xk\jkfj\Zli\g\id`j$ Recruiting andbold Placing including heading. j`fekfXggifXZ_jgfejfijXe[c`Z\ej\\jkf[`jZljjgXike\ij_`gfggfikle`k`\j2;\m\cfge\n Color changes: Direct Marketing Professionals jkiXk\^`\jkf^\e\iXk\Xck\ieXk`m\jfliZ\jf]e\nd\dY\ij`ekfE8D>Ëjd\dY\ij_`g:clYj2 $150 4-color. Nationwide for 12 + Years GW ad_DM News_approved 2/2/09 8:33 PM Page 1 Xe[[\m\cfgdXib\k`e^gifgfjXcjXe[ÔeXeZ`Xcgif]fidXj]figfk\ek`Xce\ngXike\ijXe[ j\Zli\XggifmXc% Sales – Database Marketing: Base to $110K :Xe[`[Xk\dljk\oZ\cXkZfeZ\`m`e^gXike\ij_`g`[\Xj#^\e\iXk`e^jkiXk\^`ZXccp]fZlj\[ +Commission. NYC / NJ . Leader in Industry gifgfjXcj#Zfej`jk\ekcp[\m\cfg`e^jfclk`fej#Xe[^\kk`e^[\Xcjj`^e\[%8d`ef].p\Xijf] Sales – Direct Mail Advertising: To Retail Ylj`e\jj[\m\cfgd\ek\og\i`\eZ\2gi\]\iXYcp`eX[`i\ZkdXib\k`e^\em`ifed\ek%<oZ\cc\ek GetWorking LLC Mkts. Leader in Industry. Base Salary + gcXee`e^#XeXcpk`ZXc#ni`k`e^#m\iYXc#gi\j\ekXk`feXe[fi^Xe`qXk`fejb`ccjn`k_[\dfejkiXk\[ Comm. in 6 Figure + Range. East Coast „ Your flexible business partner source and kiXZbi\Zfi[f]jlZZ\jj]lcdXeX^\d\ek% Remote Officeto Okay.


We’d like to take this opportunity to send our industry friends the warmest of Holiday Greetings and extend Director Direct Marketing Reporting to the founder, this position is respon for utilizing a hands on approach fordirect to driving Best store trafficWishes and direct sales through mail, catalog and ecommerce for this multi-channel retailer. Position can be based in Boston, Atlanta or a Healthy and Miami. $100K plus bonus Prosperous Dir Offshore Business Development – Call Center/BPO Opportunity to work remotely, or onsite, for thisNew No. Jersey based operator of Call Year. Center and BPO Services Centers worldwide. Client options include the Philippines, Central America and India. Comp pkg includes a generousannuity based commission plan, fully pd medical and 401K. •••

B\eDXc\bXe[Af\;XjZfcX Contact Ken Malek ( B<ED8C<B8JJF:@8K<J#@E:% 215-579-2070 or fax 215-860-3498 9FO*/*P8I;C<P#G8%(0'-.

)(,$,.0$)'.' •••  Managing Director Business Development -

Collections Work remotely for this Philippine based operation. Experience should include a thorough knowledge of collections and a track record of client acquisition. Comp pkg includes a generous annuity based commission plan, fully pd medical and 401K. Database Developer/Mktg Analysis Our client is seeking a strong Database Developer/ Database Analyst with strong programming, organizational, and communication skills. Candidate must enjoy working in a fast-paced, rapid growth environment. 2 years+ exp developing in MySQL is ideal but mandatory. DB/Mktg Analysis exp in a direct mktg business a major plus … Metro NY - $75-90K

Contact Joe Dascola ( 813-879-9676 or fax 209-396-4368

8ZZflek:ffi[`eXkfi •••


EXk`feËjc\X[`e^dbk^%X^\eZpGXjX[\eX# :8 ]fi[`i\Zki\jgfej\]le[iX`j`e^j\\bj VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE AT: 8ZZflek:ffi[`eXkfi%<ekip$c\m\cgfj`k`fe WWW.KENMALEK.COM n`ccnfibn`k_XZZk%k\Xdkf_\cgefegifÔkj KEN MALEK ASSOCIATES, INC `e]le[iX`j`e^Xe[Zfddle`ZXk`fe\]]fikj% Dljk_Xm\Xkke%kf[\kX`c_`^_jkXe[Xi[j BOX 383 YARDLEY, PA. 19067 f]hlXc`kp#Y\Zljkfd\ij\im`Z\jfclk`fe fi`\ek\[#`eefmXk`m\#Zi\Xk`m\\e\i^\k`Z2 DM News Ad_approved 10/25/08 [`jgcXpjkife^ni`kk\efiXcZfddle`ZX$ k`fejb`ccj#Xe[nfibn\cc`eXk\Xd%DljkY\ XYc\kfÕ\oXj[X`cpgi`fi`k`\jZ_Xe^\%Gif]% `eDJXggj%i\hl`i\[%Gif[lZk`fe\og% Zfcc\^\[\^%gi\]\ii\[%



place Direct Mail / Marketing professionals:

GetWorking is a Job Coaching 9Xj\[`eD`ee\Xgfc`j#n`k_Xef]ÔZ\`eE\nPfib#E8D>f]]\ijXZfdg\k`k`m\jXcXip# Service for Marketing and %HFDXVH7DOHQW0DWWHUV Zfdgi\_\ej`m\Y\e\ÔkjgXZbX^\#Xe[Õ\o`Yc\jZ_\[lc`e^%Gc\Xj\jlYd`kXZfm\ic\k$ Advertising Executives in the k\iXe[i\jld\n`k_jXcXipi\hl`i\d\ekjkfdpe\okafY7eXd^`eZ%Zfd%<F< New York Metro. Personalized, one-on-one coaching with Toll-free: (866) 306-0034 GetWorking Advisors who know the hiring trends and hot buttons for today’s job seekers.

%JSFDU.BSLFUFST0O$BMM (GetWorking is affiliated with Direct Marketers On Call, Inc.)

Visit to


If you live in the New YorkAmsterdam Tri-State Area anda Printing and Litho, products company located are available immediately, promotional email your resume to in Amsterdam, NY, is seeking a new VP GetWorking LLC andof visit website at of 156 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY 10010 Sales andour Marketing to be a driver 212.741.5101/ innovation and change that will create differentiation in the marketplace. They will also be responsible for developing and integrating the overall sales and Inc. marketing strategy and monitor and Then be ready to work with Genesis Evaluation Ltd. analyze the sales and marketing activity 156 Fifth Avenue, Ste. T 212.691.1942 for the post of Mystery Shopper. Must519 be a computer literate and should be able to spare btw 1-2 against the company goals. New York, NY 10010 F 212.924.1331 Are you ready to earn extra income while you keep your oldOn job?Call, Direct Marketers

hours daily......It’s an amazing opportunity to earn good extra income while you keep your Old Job! For more details email ( )

.to $200 K +. Leader in Industry. Nationwide

Openings. Remote Office Okay.  Programmers

 Operations Sales –Managers Commercial Print:

Providing Consultive Solutions in a Web &

 Large Lettershop Professionals Format Sheet Fed Print Environment. Salary + Comm. in a 6 Figure + Range.

 Client Service/Account East Coast Remote OfficeManagers Okay. ® 

Salesfreelancers & Marketing learn more, or calltrusted 212.741.5101 resource VP The most forofDM to set up your first session.

Sales Reps – Direct Mail or Direct

Marketing: To $110 K Base Sal. + Comm  Salespeople

DMSales Professionals and Executives Reps –Development Positions: NYC & DC / MD Territories. Leading Commercial Printer. 1 to 3 yrs. Sales Exp. in Commercial Print or Direct Mail Needed. To $80 K Base Salary + Comm. to $100 K +.

Sales - Direct Mail / Commercial Print:

Join National Society Leader in Sheet / Web.Geographic High end Market. in Washington, DC to K lead the development of marIndustry To $100 or Higher Base DOE + keting analyses (incl. direct/database marketing) Comm. to $200 K +. NYC / Tri-State, DC / and MD, business intelligence in support of the orgaAtlanta and Chicago Territories. nization’s marketing strategies. Requirements: Master’s in CS, Statistics, Engineering, MathematContact, in Confidence: ics, or another quantitative science and 3 yrs. of direct/database development and analysis. Bob Nightingale, CPC Apply to EOE

8i\pflfe kfgf]k_\ cXk\jkki\e[j 315-258-8202 or fax 315-258-8313 `e;`i\Zk DXib\k`e^6

Interested candidates can send their resume to


5GFN<I<;_Xjg 8e[\ijfe( kfMG [\c`m\ip%8e[\ijfe ZfdgXepnXj\o\Z

5K9N8&NFIC;N IfY\ik?Xinff[$D [`i\Zkfi%Gi\m`fljcp :<Ff]K9N8&DXe

5D8>8Q@E<J%:FD XjMGf]dXib\k`e^ _X[j\im\[XjJMG b\k`e^XkIf[Xc\@e

5D<IBC<_XjeXd Xe[Zc`\ek^iflgc\ JMGXe[Zc`\ek^if D\ibc\#9\e\[`Zkn ;@I<:KMn_`c\J`cm Xe[JMGXkAGDfi^

5EKE9LQQK@D<# ]i\pC\n`j<MGf][ 9\]fi\af`e`e^EKE f]jXc\jXkI`ggc\E


9fYMXeIfjjl DXib\kGif@eZ

@j`ek\ieXk`fe X[mXekX^\fi ]fiZXe[`[Xk\


nternational e now. Howeve experience is Ten years ago, one functional ar ;feËk^\kfm\i$ research — and cr had a track recor cffb\[[li`e^ you are looking for M`j`kWhether From here you b a new employee or a career pflie\okafY ist and sprinkled move, we listen when ;DE\njafYj%ZfdXe[ But today the w j\XiZ_%I\^`jk\i you talk need to build the kXb\]lccX[mXekX^\f] % ]fiflin\YZXjk key areas of expe Wendy Weber, President Doing business `kjlj\i$]i`\e[cpj\XiZ_ enterprises have s;\Z\dY ness and leadersh ]fidXk]fiÔe[`e^k_\ nnn%[de\nj%Zfd for international _fkk\jkafYj`e[`i\Zk# Think about it 2000 company a Resumes welcome `ek\iXZk`m\Xe[[XkX$ — one with intern If you don’t ha YXj\dXib\k`e^kf[Xp% then you need to tion or find a new =i\\i\^`jkiXk`feXk [de\nj%Zfd&n\YZXjkj

“The Executive Recruiters in Direct & Interactive Marketing, from Coast to Coast”

When You Call Us We Listen Carefully

8:29 PM


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The premier freelance resource for DM/online marketers

212-213-1700 516-767-6800

<dX`ci\jld\Xe[Zfm\ic\kk\ikf [iX_dXe7iljji\`[%Zfd Gc\Xj\lj\È8ZZflek:ffi[`eXkfiÉXj k_\jlYa\Zkf]pfli\dX`c%

If you are immediately available and live in NY, NJ, or S. CT, email your resume to


J<E;LJPFLIHL ^iXggc`e^n`k_k_\k

EXkXepX8e[\ijfe( IfY\ik?Xinff[$ DXkk_\nj) Direct Marketers On Call, Inc. 156 Fifth Avenue, Suite 519 New York, NY 10010 212.691.1942

5GFN<I<;_Xjgifdfk\[EXkXepX 8e[\ijfe( kfMGf]Zfek\ekjkiXk\^pXe[ [\c`m\ip%8e[\ijfeËjgi\m`fljgfj`k`feXkk_\ ZfdgXepnXj\o\Zlk`m\Zi\Xk`m\[`i\Zkfi%



For more information, visit


„ Your flexible business partner to source and place Direct Mail / Marketing professionals:  Salespeople


5G?;NFIC;N@; ?X^\[fie* :<F% j\im\[XjdXeX^`e

5K9N8&NFIC;N@;<_Xjgifdfk\[ IfY\ik?Xinff[$DXkk_\nj) kfdXeX^`e^ [`i\Zkfi%Gi\m`fljcp#?Xinff[$DXkk_\njnXj :<Ff]K9N8&DXeZ_\jk\i%

5>FF;D8ED8IB _`i\[C`e[X9\ejfe Gi\m`fljcp#9\ejfe jlg\im`jfi]fi9fq\ Kpjfe&:Xic`Zb8[m\

5D8>8Q@E<J%:FD_XjX[[\[AfpZ\J_`i\i XjMGf]dXib\k`e^%Dfjki\Z\ekcp#J_`i\i _X[j\im\[XjJMGf]Z`iZlcXk`feXe[dXi$ b\k`e^XkIf[Xc\@eZ%

5A;B;<J@>E_Xj XZZflek[`i\Zkfi%K k_\ZfdgXep]fi;f ;\j`^ejk`ek\e[\[

ASSOCIATES, INC. 20 | DMNEWS | February 23, 2009 |  

We’d like to take this opportunity to send our industry friends the warmest of Holiday Greetings and extend Best Wishes for a Healthy and Pr...

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