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Who can tell the story of Detroit better than designers and artist

Detroit100 Project is a community art project that provide artists, designers and the Detroit community an opportunity to create quality work that is relevant to Detroit and the Detroit experience. The concept is simple. Annually, Detroit100 will hold a contest to find 100 of the best designs and Designers across the Detroit Metro-area. These designs, which will be based on a Detroit theme, will be displayed online and throughout the country.

What is Detroit100?

The goal is to paint a broader and truer picture of this amazing city an to get support in the growth of redevelopment of the city. Detroit100 was created in 2008 by Donna Jackson (i.e., me). In 2006, I left Detroit for Houston, Texas. It was a career move. One that I am glad I experienced. It gave me a chance to see how others saw my hometown. In most cases, the perceptions were not good. It floored me how easily people who never stepped foot on Detroit soil could make develop beliefs about my city. How easily they threw it a way. I knew I had to change this. In 2010, I decided to come back to my lovely city and use the talents as a designer, artist and organizer to develop a project that could help tell the story of Detroit in a truer and positive way. From this Detroit100 was born.

And it begins... Detroit100 Poster Series kicked off with a workshop in September of 2011 during the Detroit Design Festival.

Because this workshop was such a success we have decided to continue to provide workshops - giving artist a relaxed, open and creative space to create for creation sake.

Several designers and non-designers came together, talked about Detroit and from that experience several posters were made and friendships were created.

Photography: Tim Peoples

Goals of Detroit100 Detroit100 has several goals it will accomplish through its project here are just a few: • Change the perception of Detroit by creating a visual story through the artwork/ designs developed through this project. • Give local designers a chance to showcase their work via contest and exhibitions. • Detroit100 Workshops: Provide a venue for designers and artist to come together in a relaxed environment and talk about what they love (Detroit, art, design) while getting to know other designers/artist. • Detroit100 Annual: Another opportunity to feature designers from Detroit by developing a yearly book of some of the posters, artwork and photography created for the Detroit100 projects. • Detroit100 Programs: Provide designers/ artist and opportunity to connect with youth and to teach youth about design/art through the Detroit100 youth program.

To accomplish these goals we need more support and more participants. Designer: Shad Bowens

Your Support For Detroit100 to be a successful project, we need support and backing. There are several ways you can support Detroit100 • Tell other designers, artist and Detroiters about Detroit100. • Visit our web site and provide feedback. • Come to our workshops and bring a friend. • Participate in our contest. The more participation, the more successful Detroit100 can be. • COLLABORATION: If you are an organization and feel that what we do can help support your cause, let’s work together. • KICKSTARTER: In the next month, Detroit100 will start a Kickstarter campaign. • VOLUNTEER: If you are a designer/artist/ lover of Detroit and want to help grow Detroit100, volunteer. • SPONSOR: We are always looking for positive Detroit sponsors to help grow this project. If your organization or business want.

Designer: Donna Jackson

More than Posters The Detroit100 Project consist of four series: • Poster Series: Exhibit of 100 posters developed by Detroit designers and based on a Detroit-centered theme. This is a juried contest that will be open to residence of Detroit and Detroit suburbs, as well as to out-of-state Detroit-natives. • Journal Series: Participants will fill 100 journals with sketches, drawings, collages and words based on a set theme. This year’s theme is “Detroit Is…”. Completed journals will become a part of an online and touring exhibit. • Photo Series (coming soon): Exhibit of 100 photos by Detroit photographers based on a Detroit-centered theme. This is a contest that will be open to residence of Detroit and Detroit suburbs, as well as to out-of-state Detroit-natives. • Video Series (coming soon): Online Exhibit of 100 videos by Detroit artist based on a Detroit-centered theme. This is a contest that will be open to residence of Detroit and Detroit suburbs, as well as to out-of-state Detroit-natives With the different types of projects Detroit100 will be able to tell the Detroit story in a way that can appeal to all.

Designer: Mario Chaney

For more information on Detroit100, please visit:

Designer: Nana Dansoa

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Detroit100 Proposal Booklet  
Detroit100 Proposal Booklet  

A document explaining Detroit100 Project and its goals and objectives.