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Youth Leadership Summit Output Booklet

Foreword. The business world is moving faster today. In such a market, it is important to be up-to-date up and on the edge in order to remain a competitive business. Youth is the future of any business today. Youth opinions and innovation are crucial in order for any business business to be aware of trends and issues young people care about. The AIESEC 4th Gulf Talent Conference and Youth Leadership Summit is a unique networking and learning event designed for business leaders to deepen their understanding of young talent coming ng from the Gulf region. Through inspirational speeches, interactive sessions and workshops with Gulf top university talent, partners representatives and external experts had the opportunity to gain insights from the Gulf youth and interact with young people. peop This event was an exceptional opportunity for companies to develop their organization’s understanding of the perceptions, aspirations, cultural background of youth from Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and UAE and find answers to some of the key challenges they may be facing, including: • Engaging and recruiting Arab youth • Retaining local talent in the Gulf countries • Understanding how culture within the region affects career decisions This document aims to provide with major findings and learning of delegates in a comprehensive format. We are glad that the level of discussions enabled us to touch core of the issues in most of the cases. Making Youth Leadership Summit an exceptional event event would not be possible without great support and commitment of all speakers so as without sponsorship of PwC, SAP, Standard Chartered Bank, Microsoft and our Business Partners DIAC and KV.



Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al-Nuaimi Al Nuaimi better known as the “Green Sheikh“, “, CEO of the of Al Ihsan Charity Centre.

Dr. Ayoub Kazim Executive Director of Dubai Knowledge Village and Dubai International Academic A City

GUESTS & SPEAKERS Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al-Nuaimi Al Dr. Ayoub Kazim – Executive Director, Dubai Knowledge Village and Dubai International Academic City Claire Duce – Partner, Assurance Services, Services PwC Zina Janabi - Developing National Talent Program Driver, Driver PwC Seher Saleem - Human Capital Manager, Manager PwC Sam Alkharrat – Managing Director, SAP MENA Marita Mitschein – HR Director, SAP MENA Claire McPeak – Communication Department Head, SAP MENA Steffen Reisacher – market Development Lead, SAP MENA Angelo Embuldeniya - Talent Acquisition Lead, Lead SAP MENA Nida Humayun - Manager Learning & Development, Development Standard Chartered Bank Zaki Khoury, PhD - Business Manager – Gulf, Microsoft Nancy Abdallah - Executive Assistant to Regional General Manager, Microsoft Sougata Nandi - Executive Director, Director Asset Management & Sustainable Development, Development TECOM Omar Al Busaidi – Founder & CEO, Connections M.E. Abdul Mutalib Al Hashimi – Founder & CEO, Next Level Hasan Makansi – Director, Partner Development & Student Hub, Hub TECOM Educational Cluster Wafa Tarnowska – Regional CSR and Arab Initiatives Manager, DLA Piper Arlene G. Baquiran – HR Business Partner, General Motors Overseas Distribution Corporation Abdulla Yousuf Abdulla - Senior Executive, Executive Dubai Convention Bureau Melissa Rebello – HR Manager, Alcatel Lucent Krishna Patel – Head of HR, Naseba Kelly L Eide – Chief Experience Officer, TRUE Diana Gregory - Founder & CEO, FUEL

Youth Leadership Summit delegates profile Male 24%

Female 76%

Average Age: 20 GCC Nationals: 54% Youth Voices about Leadership: Leadership - The ability to influence on others and being able to convince them to act in a specific way. learn - Inspiring others to lead, engage and learn. Responsibility. - The ability to get people working together to accomplish a certain task. - Taking responsibility of people and oneself and achieving results. - Being the right person in the time of need. - Empowering new leaders. - Have influence on others and inspire them. - ACTION not position. What skills are the most required to be hired? Communication, adaptability and flexibility, flexibility team work, willingness to learn, learn being committed to the work, honesty. honesty

Your overall satisfaction with YLS content

8,1 How did the content of YLS meet your needs in terms of new information received?

7,8 How did the content of YLS meet your needs in terms of space for discussion and connection with people?


We raised YOUTH Voices When thinking about the type of company you would like to work for in the future, how important are the following to you? Career progression

life balance Work-life


Ownership & responsibility


Socially-Environmentally Environmentally responsible

Delegates attended companies workshops CareertUnity







12% 18%


12% 23%

What have I learned (realised) during or after the session? “II learnt how important it is to communicate your ideas with your peers. Also, I leant teamwork values.” That AIESEC has taught me so much things that I wouldn't wouldn't have known about without.” “That “I have lots of potential and i should use them properly” properly “Microsoft Microsoft is a huge company, and you dont need to be "Bill Gates" to get to work in it” it “The The world is starting to realise the importance of the sustainability and it is trying to apply it “ “That That I'm capable of achieving a lot of things if i put my mind to it and be very personally effective.” “It actually motivated me in the direction on having own business one day” day “Some Some facts about youth's life in the different cultures while we were working in groups discussing and making points.” points. “We We as individuals are important!” important “Operating Operating the company sustainably can actually bring more profit to the company instead of reducing it.” “How to use less energy and find other resources “ “That hat it is amazing to see people, who are really interesting in Global Leadership” Leadership “PwC PwC has great company values” values “Challenges are everywhere, we should fight in order to reach our goals!” goals! “We We had discussion about the GCC region and how they offer the opportunities for the new generation ration to start their own business” business “II got a new perspective overall. During my workshop with Standard Chartered Ch many tasks were given which helped me realize my priorities, which i will be keeping in mind while selecting my career and kind of work i want to go into.” “I got motivated d and inspired by the speakers.” “I learnt the general view about the Human Capital Development.”

Partners’ Evaluation Your overall satisfaction with YLS content (10 max)

8,4 How did the content of YLS meet your needs in terms of space for discussion and connection with students? (10 max)

8,6 Classroom’s logistics and arrangement (10 max)

8,2 Workshop groups: students (major, age, involvement)

7,2 Relevance of YLS themes (5 max): [Human Capital Development] – 4,8 [Sustainability] – 4,4 [CSR and Entrepreneurship] – 5 What is your “AHA” moment after YLS?

“Sustainable growth presented by the Green Sheikh.” Sheikh “It's It's an exciting moment when you fell that you can inspire youth from different background to leverage their full potential and make a difference and an favorable impact on their societies and economies.” “The workshop op was also an opportunities for youth to raise their voices and express their expectations pectations for a better future” “Learning Learning from other organizations organiz and getting ng an insight into other organizations’ organiz views on Human Capital al Development and other topics.” In case of your further interest, how do you see next cooperation with AIESEC? National / Regional Partnership being involved as learning partner (trainings, seminars) Global Internship Program, Leadership Forums and events National Conferences in United Arab Emirates


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AIESEC Youth Leadership Summit 2010 report  

AIESEC Youth Leadership Summit 2010 report

AIESEC Youth Leadership Summit 2010 report  

AIESEC Youth Leadership Summit 2010 report