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Term 1, Issue 4 Fri 4th March2011 35 Gwendoline Drive, Berwick, 3806 Phone: 8786 9988

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Mon 7th Mar Fri 11th Mar

Grade 5/6 Camp to Cave Hill Creek

Tues 8th Mar


Tues 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th Grade 1/2 Swimming @ Casey Race YMCA & Wed 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th March Mon 14th Mar

Labour Day - NO SCHOOL

Tues 15th Mar

Parents & Friends Meeting @ 9.15am

Wed 16th Mar

Parent Rep meeting @ 2pm

Mon 21st Mar

Annual General School Council Meeting @ 7.30pm

Fri 25th Mar

Whole School 5th Birthday celebration

Sat 26th Mar

5th Birthday Frenzy @ Berwick Fields 10am - 3pm

Thurs 31st Mar-Fri 1st Apr

School Photos

Fri 8th Apr

LAST DAY TERM 1 - 2.30pm finish

Support our 5th Birthday Frenzy by purchasing a ticket/s in this fantastic raffle! All proceeds go to improving the learning resources for every student at Berwick Fields.

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Clean Up Australia Day Today our 938 students all did their bit to support this wonderful environment initiative! Page 1 - Berwick Fields Primary School Newsletter

Hi Everyone. I write my report as I prepare, next week, for an exciting time with our grade 5 and 6 students at Cave Hill Creek Camp, near Beaufort. In 2009 I spent a week there, with previous students, and had a fantastic time! It has so much to offer in terms of engaging activities, a beautiful environment and a place for all students and staff to get to know each other better. In my absence Amanda Ellaby and John Painter will be sharing the role of Principal, so the school is in good hands! This week we have been promoting a number of initiatives to demonstrate our contribution to ‘making a difference’ to the environment we live in and share with others. These were:

Recycled Art Competition


Clean Up Australia Day!

The students in Steve Gilbert’s 3/4B class have been writing ‘persuasive’ letters about ‘Why Clean Up Australia Day Is A Great Idea’ to our Environmental Education specialist Adam Surmacz. They have done a great job and below is an excellent example, from Brittany, of the quality of their writing. I hope you enjoy reading it. Last weekend one of our foundation staff members, Lisa Inglis, married Toby Sargent. Congratulations are extended to them for a wonderful future together. Regards, Stephen

Why Clean Up Australia Day Is A Great Idea Dear Mr Surmacz, I am shocked at how much rubbish I have seen around so I am delighted that you have encouraged Berwick Fields to participate in Clean Up Australia Day. I think it is good to clean up the area because the animals need a healthy clean surrounding, the trees/plants/bushes need to be healthy so there is nice clean air to help us survive. We need the soil to be clean, fresh and healthy in case there is growing plants that will end up in our shopping centres. I am happy that you volunteered to be our Environmental Education teacher so this school is more aware to not litter. Most schools eat outside so usually their school is quite dirty. I love the environment, I don’t litter and I always throw rubbish in the correct bin, so you have done your job well.

Sincerely, Brittany 3/4B

Page 2 - Berwick Fields Primary School Newsletter

Berwick Fielders PA

Aurora for being the ‘expert’ in the grade and helping me and the other Ants out. Good job Aurora! Lucas for always giving things a ‘Red, Hot, Go’ and using your ‘listening ears’ the right way at the right times. Well done Lucas!!


Caitlin for being persistent when learning to write your name. It is great to see you giving it a ‘Red, Hot, Go!’ Taylah for being a super listener. I love that you always have your ‘listening ears’ on and respect your friends and teachers. Thank you Taylah!


Elizabeth for being such a good friend to her classmates and including others in her games! Cameron for showing respect to others by listening carefully to what they say!


Ali for being such an organised member of the class and always taking care of the class belongings! Chloe for showing such amazing confidence out in the playground! Maddison for showing fantastic ‘getting along’ skills such as taking turns, including others and using kind words!


Nickolas for being super organised and keeping our classroom tidy! Caitlyn for being such a friendly member of the Playful Eagles and always letting others join in with her games!


Georgia for having a ‘Red, Hot, Go’ with your learning. I love how you are so persistent and never give up! Harry for entering the classroom with such confidence. It is great to see your happy face every morning. Good job! Matthew for being such a confident Friendly Frog. I am impressed with the way you enter the classroom so independently. Well done!


Ashlee for being a great listener and so helpful and kind. You are so respectful and we love having you in Grinning Geckos! Joshua for always sharing, being helpful and co-operating with all the Grinning Geckos. Well done! Bella for being enthusiastic, happy and always willing to have a ‘Red Hot Go!’ Keep up the great work!

PH & J

Sophie S for always being such a delight to teach! You are so respectful and always try your hardest. Pato for showing respect to your teachers and friends and for being so clever in helping your new friends settle in at school. Lachlan for having a ‘Red, Hot, Go!’ when writing. We love that you persist, even when it seems a bit hard! Grace for coming to school with a big smile on your face! We love seeing your beautiful grin every day. Brodie for the way you look after our classroom. You even pack away things that you didn't play with! Brady for becoming a more confident Superhero and having a ‘Red, Hot, Go!’ at all classroom activities! Page 3 - Berwick Fields Primary School Newsletter

Berwick Fielders 3/4A

Jessy for putting a great effort into her work this week! Keep it up! Jack for always being such a gentleman. What a champion!


Brittany for being a ‘Great Mate’ by helping your friends to catch up on work that they had missed out on when they were away. You are a star, Brittany! Hao for being so brave and confident when arriving in a new country and a new class. We love having you as a Bright Star. Well done, Hao!


James for your persistent attitude to your learning. It is great to see you put in a good effort as you try your best! Grace for your confidence in the classroom. I really love hearing all of your fantastic ideas during class discussions!


Amy for displaying friendliness in the classroom and being a supportive member of the team! Tahlya for her amazing enthusiasm towards our class novel and being persistent in her contribution to the discussion!


Bridget for her organisation and for getting her tasks completed! Alex for being respectful to others and for getting along with all her classmates!


Mikayla for showing us all how organised and responsible you are everyday and being ready to learn. Well done you are a superstar! Reece for being so persistent! We all love to see you giving everything a ‘Red, Hot, Go!’ Keep up the hard work Reece!


Hannah for always demonstrating respect and kindness towards all members of the grade and offering to help others with their learning! Ethan for persisting with all tasks in the classroom and working well with other members of the grade!


Trent for the amazing way you have settled in to Berwick Fields Primary School. Well done! We love having you here! Lachlan for displaying great persistence when facing computer difficulties. Fantastic effort, Lachlan!

Physical Ed Declan S (3\4C) for being a quiet achiever who always gives everything 100% in Mrs Tivendale Physical Education and tries to achieve his personal best in every sporting activity! Bri-

an L (Prep E) for making a great start to our Prep Physical Education lessons. He is trying hard to improve his skills and fitness. Well done Brian! Physical Ed Mr Quirk

Abel Z (3\4B) for showing an excellent attitude when practising skills and for co-operating well with other team members during games! Lachlan R (Prep G) for being an enthusiastic student in our Physical Education lessons. Keep up the fantastic effort!

Page 4 - Berwick Fields Primary School Newsletter

Berwick Fielders Performing Arts Mrs Ryan

Charlie T (Prep H) for being an enthusiastic participant in Performing Arts and for his great singing in our ‘Hello’ song. Well done!

Performing Arts Mrs Lardner

Kaine (Prep E) for making good choices in Performing Arts and avoiding distractions. You were an excellent ‘Doctor’ in your grade’s play. Keep up the great work! Carmel (34H) for continually demonstrating enthusiasm and co-operation in Performing Arts. Your performance as the client in a hairdressing salon was exceptionally well portrayed. Congratulations!

OSHC NEWS Holidays are coming up quick!! You can now book online and secure a spot at Berwick Fields! Yes we run a Holiday program and we want to see you. Come in and collect a program for these holidays or go online and look for Holiday Clubs.On the holidays we have a combination of excursions, incursions and club based days. So come join in all the fun!! Monday





 Faces of CA  Books +


 Faces of CA  Books +

 Faces of CA  Books +

 Faces of CA  Books +




 Car mat + cars  Children’s

 Car mat + cars  Children’s

 Car mat + cars  Children’s

choice colouring sheets

choice colouring sheets

choice colouring sheets

 Zoobs

 Pick up sticks

 Leggo


 Car mat + cars  Children’s choice colouring sheets

 Mobilo  Memory

TUESDAYpancakes for breakfast.

 Faces of CA  Books + couches

 Car mat + cars  Children’s choice colouring sheets

 Monopoly

 Guess who

 Connect 4 Due to weather- Outside play: Parachute, Octopus, Ball Tiggy, Balloon games & Free Play Please note: As part of the Camp Australia Policy all Preps are brought to their classrooms in the mornings and picked up from their classrooms in the afternoon by our Prep Train- We have a driver and stop at the stations (classrooms) to pick up more passengers (prep students).

Our program hours: 7:00am- 8:45am

3:15pm- 6:00pm

For bookings and cancellations call us on 8786 9647 and leave a message or register on the Parent Portal via the website and take care of your own bookings Please Note: For Insurance purposes we cannot accept children into our program before 7am

Thank you, Berwick Fields OSHC Team Page 5 - Berwick Fields Primary School Newsletter

Assembly Highlights

Team of the Week

~Ulysses~ Great 3/4 Sportsmanship Awards

Congratulations! Congratulations Leila from 34H for displaying great behaviour in the school grounds. She received a $5.00 canteen voucher as a reward.

Page 6 - Berwick Fields Primary School Newsletter

Our ‘F

ielder s of th e Week . Congr atula tions!

Page 7 - Berwick Fields Primary School Newsletter

Page 8 - Berwick Fields Primary School Newsletter

Berwick Fields Recycled Art Competition Environmental Education and Visual Arts joined together this week to offer a Recycled Art Competition. Each grade was invited to use any type of recycled materials to create an artwork based on the theme ‘The Year of the Forests’. Mrs Simpson and Mr Surmacz looked at creative use of materials, original thinking and an obvious link to the theme as the criteria for judging each entry. Congratulations to all grades who got involved as the artworks look amazing. They will be on show near the office next week for all to see.

Senior Winner:

Junior Winner:

Principal’s Award:

3/4H – The Forest of Things

Prep G – Forest Puppet Theatre

3/4P – Waterfall in a Rainforest

Certificate of Participation: 1/2K – The Lost Forest

1/2B – Beautiful Trees

3/4K – *Ten Different Entries*

5/6G – Forest Tree House

1/2A – 1/2A’s Awesome Jungle

5/6B – Save the Forest

Prep D – The Windy Flowers

3/4J – The Tree of Trees

Prep E – Why Forests are important

1/2L – The Hungry Hippos Habitat

Jodie Simpson & Adam Surmacz Page 9 - Berwick Fields Primary School Newsletter

Page 10 - Berwick Fields Primary School Newsletter


A huge thank you to the following parents who have given up their time to come and help out in the canteen. They have each received a $5 gift voucher that can be used at the canteen. Unsiat (Syed Prep A), Sylvia (Melissa 56B & Kiara Prep A) Lauren (Raven 34C), Donna (Montana 12L) Kelly (Tyler 56G) If you are interested in joining the “Canteen Team�, see Sharon or Tracey in the canteen, or leave your name at the office.

Page 11 - Berwick Fields Primary School Newsletter

Our next meeting is Tuesday 15th March at 9.15am in the BLC. Everyone is welcome!

To celebrate Berwick Fields 5th Birthday, we are holding a Major Community raffle. This is the 1st time the school has held a major and professional raffle with our own Berwick Fields tickets. Each family received a book of 10 tickets and each ticket costs $2. You can sell to the public or, if you prefer, you can keep the tickets yourself. This raffle is a major way of fundraising for the school. The school has the potential to raise a large amount of funds for equipment and resources, new programs, and things that the students would love to have. Time is running out to purchase your tickets for this AMAZING raffle. How would you like to take the kids to Disneyland, Hawaii or take the opportunity to explore our own wonderful country. You have to be in it, to win it, so don't forget to purchase your tickets and ask your family and friends if they would like some too. All tickets must be returned to the office no later than Wednesday March 23rd. Good luck!

Tuesday 15th March 9.15am in the BLC Free morning Tea. Children are MOST welcome. We will be discussing the 5th Birthday Frenzy, Easter Raffle, Mothers Day Stall and the Dynamic Disco for Term 2. If you would like to join a sub-committee for one or more of these events, or if you would just like to meet some new people, please come along to the BLC (building next to the gym with the butterfly on it). See you there!! Thank you for your continued support!

Wednesday 4th May We would love the assistance of some parent volunteers to help us run the stall this year. We need helpers to assist with set up, selling and packing up. You may be able to help for 1 hour or for the whole day. Whatever time you can spare, would be extremely appreciated. By having many helpers, it takes the pressure off just a few people. We will have a roster placed at the office after our next meeting on the 15th March where can register for the time you can help.

Page 12 - Berwick Fields Primary School Newsletter

Today at Sailability all of the Team Captains went to Lysterfield Lake Park in Narre Warren North. We did lots of activities and learnt lots from Captain Eric about being a fantastic leader. My two favourite things about the day were sailing with Crystal on a purple yacht and playing the rescue game with the mats. In our yacht we went really well and we sailed quite quickly out really far. There were a few times where our boat was at a dead stop. The only not so good thing was that there were heaps of bees in the water and one came into our dingy and caused us to seriously panic. We didn’t get stuck at all which was pretty good. During the last 15 – 20 minutes Crystal and I got into the speed boat with the man everybody called ‘Bee Catcher’ because he was so good around them and whenever one flew onto people he would come and get rid of them. Captain Eric taught us a lot about taking action as a leader and the whole day we focussed on the word ‘ASK’ standing for: A = Attitude, S = Skills, K = Knowledge. He also taught us about acting as a leader and not reacting. He had a lot of fun little games to do and some sand art. The two funny things to me were pushing each other around on billy carts and when Crystal, Jemma and I had to go and rescue Dylan and Elijah on the speed boat because they lost control of their dinghy and it got stuck in the water reeds. They were waiting there for so long that when we finally got to them they were relaxing with their feet up on the boat. by Britney in 56A

Page 13 - Berwick Fields Primary School Newsletter

Page 14 - Berwick Fields Primary School Newsletter

Page 15 - Berwick Fields Primary School Newsletter

Page 16 - Berwick Fields Primary School Newsletter

Newsletter Edition 4