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David Matthew Hamilton

3218 N.W. 21st Street Gainesville, FL, 32605


University of Florida Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture

Florida Community College at Jacksonville Associate of Arts Degree

Technology Skills

AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite 3, ArcGIS, SketchUp & Microsoft Office Suite

Phone: (904) 424-2268 Email: Gainesville, Florida May 2009 Jacksonville, Florida May 2005

Work Experience Design Consultant, Student Status Macclenny, Florida Baker County Planning and Zoning Office (Jan 2008 – May 2009) The Baker County Planning & Zoning Director, Ed Preston, served as the client for the development of my Senior Capstone Project. Upon completion of my academic requirements, I was asked to present the proposal to the County Commission. Immediately following the presentation, my project named “Baker County Recreational Trails Phase I” was unanimously voted for approval & adopted into the county’s Recreational Master Plan. The resolution was passed on May 5, 2009. The project is a multiuse trail system that features numerous accessible recreational options while maintaining ecological sensitivity. • Dual mandate considerations that would: 1. Provide accessible recreational opportunities and; 2. Preserve the natural environment. • Smart-trail design utilizing personal knowledge, site visits & geographical information within the state database to develop the master plans for the trails, trailheads & program elements. • Multiple case studies were researched & cited to substantiate the design development process. The many aspects include but are not limited to: 1. Architectural theme & character. 2. Accessible hiking, biking & equestrian user options. • Similar to zoning ordinances, ‘Area Identifiers’ were developed to fulfill the desired goals & objectives to provide access while giving the local Forest department the means to accomplish their mission of preservation. • Further recommendations were submitted to ensure success for the project. Some of the categories are: 1. Desired Visitor Experience. 2. Specific trail design criteria to keep the user engaged & excited. 3. Eco Center programming to provide interpretive opportunities through education. 4. Future connections to complimentary-use facilities enhancing recreation potential & benefits for the citizens & municipality. 5. Pursuing partnerships which would deliver economic benefits.

Work Experience continued

Intern Ocala, Florida Land Design, Inc. (June 2008 – Aug 2008) • Main focus of firm is high-end residential design • Assisted with undeveloped land surveying, conceptual designing and final presentation • Preparation of hand rendered presentation graphics • Evaluated built landscapes through on-site research and analysis in order to establish accurate “As-Built” landscape plans for client submittal to Ocala Planning Office

Intern Fort Pierce, Florida Lucido & Associates (May 2005 – Dec 2005) • Assisted with projects at all phases from conceptual design through project completion including: Commercial and Mixed-Use Developments, Single-family Residential, Entry & Signage Design, Environmental Design, Mitigation Practices & Hardscape Design • Preparation of hand rendered presentation graphics • Evaluated built landscapes in order to reconstruct accurate “As-Built” landscape plans for Port St. Lucie County’s Land Development Office

Hardware Associate Jacksonville/Gainesville, Florida The Home Depot (Nov 2004 – Mar 2007) • Performed regular department activities including customer assistance/education • Verified safety measures were collectively followed by employees & patrons • Evaluated marketing strategies and ensured consistency with the company guidelines

Marketing Associate Sears • Maintained marketing strategies • Administered display arrangements per company protocol • Routinely assisted customers as needed

Sergeant, Dynamic Component Helicopter Mechanic Worldwide United States Marine Corps (Dec 1996 – Dec 2002) • Simultaneously supervised four independent mechanical shops with Collateral Duty Requirements • Served as Marine Liaison for the local Navy Units to enhance communication & effectiveness between branches • Color Sergeant Team Leader~ Coordinated public events featuring military honors • Performed Sergeant of the Guard/Officer of the Day & Public Relation functions • Honor Graduate of professional leadership course, “Corporal’s Course”

Academic Participations

2008 International Garden Festival of Chaumont-sur-Loire, France 2008 Indonesia Study Abroad~Bosscha Observatory Historic Preservation

Jacksonville, Florida (Jan 2004 – Jul 2004)



Contact Information

Brian Nolan, ASLA Project Manager

Lucido & Associates 100 Avenue A, Suite 2A Fort Pierce, FL 34950 Phone : (772) 467.1301 Email : Relationship: Direct Supervisor at Landscape Architectural Internship

Ed Preston Director

Baker County Planning & Zoning Department 81 North Third Street Macclenny, FL 32063 Phone: (904) 259.3354 Email: Relationship: Senior Independent Project Client for design of Multiuse Trail

Fred Halback, Fasla, RLA Landscape Architect/ Land Planner

Halback Design Group Inc 287 St. George Street St. Augustine, FL 32084 Phone: (904) 825.6747 Email: Relationship: University of Florida Adjunct Professor

Les Linscott Associate Professor

University of Florida 354 Architecture Building P.O. Box 115704 Gainesville, FL 32611-5704 Phone: (352) 392.6098 ext. 325 Email: Relationship: Senior Capstone Project Advisor

Mary Padua, ASLA, CLARB Associate Professor

University of Florida 336 Architecture Building P.O. Box 115704 Gainesville, FL 32611-5704 Phone: (352) 392.6098 Email: Relationship: Project Advisor

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Osceola Recreational Experience/Recreational Trails Phase I

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site Design

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Landscape Design

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Rendering & modeling

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Environmental design

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Pelican Center ~ Commercial Shopping Oculina Bank ~ Commercial Service

City Center ~ Multi use Live/Work Civic Downtown Jenkins Road K-8 School ~ Magnet School Initiative

North Hutchinson Island ~Rendered Concepts Raingarden Concept ~ Rendered Graphic & Model

BP Gas Station ~ Commercial Code Compliance Isle of Capri ~ Residential Code Compliance

Wabasso Beach ~ Restoration & Preservation King Neptune Estates ~ Residential Restoration

SENIOR CAPSTONE PROJECT BAKER COUNTY, FLORIDA �Recreational Trail System Phase I� This project was prepared for:

Ed Preston, Director Baker County Planning and Zoning Department 81 North Third Avenue Macclenny, Florida

Under the advisement of:

Les Linscott Associate Professor, University of Florida

In coordination with: Osceola Ranger District 24874 US Highway 90 Olustee, FL 32072

Proximities: Jacksonville = 30 m Lake City = 30 m. Gainesville = 45 m. (approximate distance to downtown)

This project was prepared by:

David Matthew Hamilton Department of Landscape Architecture College of Design, Construction and Planning University of Florida Gainesville, Florida. 32611 Spring 2009


A multiuse trail system designed for federally protected lands, known as Osceola National Forest, within Baker County.

SENIOR CAPSTONE PROJECT BAKER COUNTY, FLORIDA �Recreational Trail System Phase I� Facility Design + Site Equipment + Program Elements + Strategies for Success

+ Integrating Accessibility with Nature-based Recreation

Location Map

Camp Grounds

Ocean Pond

Trail design is more than merely staking out the path itineraries. Shown above a just a few of the categories that were considerably researched & developed into a comprehensive vision of the project. Facility Design- Site Equipment- Program Elements- Strategies for Success-

Displayed the importance of the theme & character of the proposed architecture. Offered many examples of how to successfully achieve accessibility options for all trail types. Presented educational opportunities through interpretative programming. Reviewed favorable partnerships, economic benefits & marketing strategies designed to enhance the perceived public image.

Section 1 has been designated to accommodate the barrier-free trails. Total distance of trails: Pedestrian/Equestrian: 10.09 miles Biking: 8.87 miles

Eques./Ped. Trail Biking Trail Existing Trail Trail Start/End

Low Suitability Medium Suitability High Suitability

Site of proposed Eco Center



Location Map Eques./Ped. Trail Biking Trail Existing Trail Shown in a regional overview is the proposed trail itinerary leading from a major trail head in the south extending to a minor trail head to the north. Total distance of trails: Pedestrian/Equestrian: Biking:


55.5 miles 53.2 miles


Prior to my final academic presentation, I was asked to present the project to the County Commission by the Planning & Zoning Director. My report was warmly received by both the attending citizens & Board of Commissioners who voted unanimously to officially adopt the project & incorporate my Senior Capstone Project into the County’s Recreational Master Plan.

Resolution confirmation compliments of the Baker County Planning & Zoning Office


SITE DESIGN city of fort pierce “Pelican Center�

Site photos display topographical conflicts that needed to be resolved before expansion could occur.

Fueled by the construction boom, the Pelican Shopping Center needed to expand. However, careful site planning was needed to address the already overwhelming lack of parking. A reorganization of the site as well as modifications to existing structures were needed in order to satisfy all necessities for expansion. The final concept also considered future growth potential and left opportunities should the need arise.


This project was developed under the professional guidance of Lucido & Accociates.

SITE DESIGN st. lucie county “Oculina Bank�

Located on the corner of two major boulevards was a small lot the client wished to situate a new bank. The landscaping requirements became an issue when it was realized the square footage of the two story building required more pervious area than existed. The solution to the dilemma was the roof over the drive-thru was specified to serve as a green-roof, capable of supporting soil and drought tolerant plants. Although this remedy did not add natural pervious area, it did reduce the amount of calculated impervious area.

This project was developed under the professional guidance of Lucido & Accociates.



“A locale to shop and dine as well as live and work, the new downtown will create an identity for the city in addition to providing entertainment opportunities for residents and economic growth for business.”

–PSL City Center news release

This project was developed under the professional guidance of Lucido & Accociates.

Promoted to be the symbol of a growing community, was the development of the Port St. Lucie Civic Center. The site offered 60 + acres to be designed for a modern multiuse complex home to residential, commercial and government offices alike. While considering the site’s hydrology needs, a littoral edge compliments the lakes which were excavated to accept the calculated storm water. The street corridors, decorated with a variety of plant life imply a cosmopolitan feel for the active interior environment.


Phase I as of May 1, 2008. Picture courtesy of Aerial Photography Inc. 954-568-0484

LANDSCAPE DESIGN SCHOOL BOARD OF ST. LUCIE COUNTY “Jenkins Road K-8 School� The challenge associated with the landscape design of the Jenkins Road K-8 School was the selection of plant material. The School Board wanted to establish specific views from the nearby road as well as provide plant suggestions for areas in highly shaded areas. To this end, shrubs and trees were strategically placed along the perimeter to offer pleasant views from certain vantage points. Also, a shade analysis was conducted underneath the stairwell locations and appropriate plants were selected to be arranged in accordance to their light requirements.

Photos taken during site visit to determine comprehensive shade analysis

This project was developed under the professional guidance of Lucido & Accociates.


RENDERING & MODELING St. Lucie County “Conceptual Site Plan Concepts” Concept A~ Charpak marker & Colored pencil on Bond paper

Background: A residential contractor wanted to determine if a proposed project met the requirements set forth by the local governing body. An illustration was needed to graphically show how it may appear depending on where the area of construction was to be located Two concepts were quickly developed to illustrate different possibilities. While it is easy to convey the differences with site data such as comparing amounts of available parking, building square footages, etc., these graphic examples allow for quick visual reference for anyone unfamiliar with legal blueprints and plans. Concept B~ Charpak marker & Colored pencil on Bond paper

Concept A Total Dwelling Units: 231 du’s Density: 14.1 du/ac Parking Provided: 463 Concept B Total Dwelling Units: 154 du’s Density: 9.4 du/ac Parking Provided: 310


This project was developed under the professional guidance of Lucido & Accociates.

RENDERING & MODELING University of florida site planning “Rain Garden� Assignment Intent: The introduction of earth manipulation as a tool to influence design. Problem Statement: Storm water from adjacent areas needed to be coerced into a natural filtration system to enhance water quality. Project Goal: The interim destination was to be a nearby sink hole which ultimately deposits into a local lake.

30 scale Rendering~ Charpak markers & Colored pencil on mylar

Determined Solution: Due to the existing slope, minimal effort was to be used in grading thus reducing projected costs while providing the longest route to increase time spent in the filtration system.

30 scale Model~ The chosen media used for construction; Cork, Chipboard, Charpak marker & Acid tape

Final Assessment: The given ecological project goal was accomplished while marinating current pedestrian circulation routes as well as a positive enhancement of the aesthetics.


MITIGATION city of fort pierce “BP Gas Station” Background: The owner did not meet local ordinances as per city landscaping requirements. An initial estimate, based on tree count, estimated the addition of 15-20 more trees and approximately 250 shrubs be planted on the property. After conducting my own site visit, aimed to recalculate the initial estimate using the tree diameter measuring system, it was determined that only 1 shade tree with 3” DBH, 9 Palms and 264 shrubs were necessary to satisfy the landscape code. The station owner was very happy our involvement saved him the added cost of purchasing more trees than was needed.


This project was developed under the professional guidance of Lucido & Accociates.

MITIGATION st. lucie county “Isle of Capri�

In another effort to assist the client, a developer, in curbing costs of a single-family condominium complex, thorough site planning was used in coordination with the mitigation plan. The placement of drives and orientation of the individual condominiums proved crucial in minimizing the mitigation requirements of the site. This project was developed under the professional guidance of Lucido & Accociates.


ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN INDIAN RIVER COUNTY “Wabasso Beach� A local hotspot, Wabasso Beach Park overlooks a beautiful coastline and is home to many nests of Sea Turtles, an endangered species. The park was in dire need of a revitalization effort that would be sensitive to the ecological needs. The site design was contracted to the capable hands of a local engineering firm which, in turn, contracted our office to assume the planting design and serve as consultants for the ecological restraints. The end plan reflects the needs of park users and responds well to the environmental requirements.

Photo: Existing beach flora & nesting area of endangered Sea Turtles


This project was developed under the professional guidance of Lucido & Accociates.

ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN st. lucie county “King Neptune Estates�

Aerial Overview Photography: Phase I Construction

The King Neptune Estates is a luxury town home community situated between the coastline and the Indian River. A concentrated effort was given to designing the littoral edge and views towards the river. This lush area equally provided aesthetically pleasing views and served as a buffer from boat traffic frequent in the area.

River View from Dock

Nature Walk Experience

This project was developed under the professional guidance of Lucido & Accociates.



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