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Spring 2019 • Vol. XV Issue 2

Food Fair


NRA Show Buyers Guide Issue

Over 300 NRA Show products inside!

Bluewater Systems 2019 Kitchen Innovations award Winner Bluewater Pro 400. Exhibit 10613 Lakeshore Center

BarMaid Washers The Bar Maid GP-100 Commercial Glass Polisher and CP-7000 Cutlery Polisher make polishing your glassware and cutlery fast and easy, while reducing labor costs. Exhibit 11225 Lakeshore Center

Marrakesh, Morocco Restaurateur Sebastian de Gzell speaks to us about his runaway start-up success NOMAD hidden deep in the Medina…

A Century of Setting the Table for Success! “NRA Show Turns 100! TableCheck Technologies An affordable tablet seating system that does wonders for seating efficiency. Saves money and creates happy patrons too! Exhibit 1460 South Hall

Sterno Products Interview with Sterno’s VP of Marketing, David Amirault, on the innovative Speed Heat System Exhibit 6912 North Hall

In the Pro-Files this issue:

80 / Chef Jeff Danzer, aka JeffThe420Chef

70 / Hunter Hammett Sommelier of Jardinière Restaurant, San Francisco

82 / Chef Burke Reeves – Executive Chef Consultant

Raw Desserts. 54

Ovention Ovens MiLO® uses a first-of-its-kind technology called Decoupled Air and Infrared (IR), the first successful integration of hot air and IR in an oven Exhibit 3220 South Hall

Strahman Valves Ozone can replace traditional sanitizing agents such as chorine and other harsh chemicals, thereby reducing or eliminating them saving the operation costs. Check out the CI Mobile Cart. Exhibit #2480 South Hall

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Food Fair Magazine NRA Show Issue Chicago May 2020  

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