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My grandfather had an amazing life in the past. His name is Mohammed Saadullah. He was born in March 1926. He used to live in Warangal district. His dad’s name is Mohammed Asadullah and he was a business man. My grandfather had 3 sisters and 2 brothers. He studied in Warangal training school until grade 10. He had to study Maths, English, Urdu, History, Geography and Islamic. After that he went to Warangal College. English and Islamic were compulsory but Economics and Urdu Literature were optional. He graduated from Urdu College in Pakistan after that. After graduation in the 1950s, he became a banker and got married in 1955. He only had one child who is my dad. He used to play hockey, football, chess, cricket and did hill climbing and swimming in his spare time. He’s very important to me because he gives me religious tips about my life and there is one thing he always tells me – education is important!

Done by : Dua Mohammed Fazalullah 6g4

MY Grandfather's Life