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Professional athletes are often willing to try almost anything in the hopes of improving their performance. As the world of athletics entered the realm of really big money, anything that could give an athlete even the slightest edge could potentially be worth millions of dollars over the course of a career and many more millions in product sponsorship. While most people are aware of the physical practice regimes that professional athletes undertake, many are unaware of the importance placed upon mental preparation. It is mental preparation that often separates gifted athletes from successful ones. Over the past several decades there have been many clear illustrations of how mental preparation, and in particular, hypnosis, have been used to successfully improve sports performance. Scientists in the former Soviet Union realized many years ago that hypnosis was an effective tool for enhancing sports performance. In the early 1950's, Soviet sports teams made extensive use of visualization and guided imagery techniques under the guidance of Sports Performance Hypnotists. Many Soviet athletes traveled with their own personal hypnotist and the results were evident in the 1956 Melbourne Games: Soviets athletes performed at a very high level. During the 1980 Olympic Games, 60% of the Australian swimming team used hypnosis techniques in their training. Those athletes who used hypnosis performed significantly better than their team members who relied on practice alone. The Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls conducted daily self-hypnosis sessions to empower themselves to play basketball at a high level and perform better as a team. The Bulls won 6 NBA Championships during the 1990's no doubt aided by their use of hypnosis and other mind power techniques. Professional golfers are known to pride themselves on their mental training and preparation. Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els, and many other golfers consistently use mental techniques to improve their performance. Tiger Woods has employed a Sports Performance Hypnotist since he was just 13 years old. He often makes comments about trusting his subconscious or following his inner mind and his performance on the golf course speaks for itself. Given the potential benefits and proven record, why would any athlete not use hypnosis? Hypnosis is pain free, calorie free, non-addictive, and doesn't have any of the side effects or questions of legality associated with many other methods of performance enhancement. It's also a lot less expensive and accessible to anyone with a CD or MP3 player. Correctly used, hypnosis often has a positive effect on other parts of an athlete's life as well. Many regular hypnosis users report feeling happier, develop a deeper sense of relaxation, and a better outlook on life. Hypnosis is also very effective for pain management after a long day on the course, the field, or the court. Hypnosis is even more effective when combined with other

advanced mental techniques such as Guided Imagery, Mental Rehearsal, and Subliminal Persuasion. The best part about using hypnosis to improve sports performance is that amateurs and weekend athletes can enjoy the same benefits professionals do. College and high school teams use hypnosis to build confidence, visualize success, develop relaxation, and simply have more fun playing their sport and you can too. The benefits of hypnosis are readily accessible to any athlete. Why would you not use hypnosis?

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==== ==== To truly achive ULTIMATE performance in ANY sport you desire, check this out... ==== ====

Can Hypnosis Really Improve Sports Performance  

To achieve ULTIMATE performance in ANY sport of your choice check this out...

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